8 Easy tips that will improve your pictures on the Samsung S8 & S8+

8 Easy tips that will improve your pictures on the Samsung S8 & S8+

Hey guys EBPMAN here and it’s been several weeks that I’ve been living with the Samsung Galaxy s8 a matter of fact this weekend I was at a Cubs game and had many friends at least four friends that were there present each of them having an essay and I noticed that there were things they didn’t know about the camera they were taking pictures but really not taking advantage of all the capabilities and thus very simple things that they can do to get better pictures so today we’re going to do a quick 8 things you should do how to get the best photo experience when using deff 8 so let’s check out these tips they’re the ones I share with my friends and I’m sharing them with you so the first tip is how do you start the camera quickly given the fact that you don’t have a home button well you can set this up so that when you press the power button twice it goes into camera mode let me show you how you do that to find this feature you’re going to go into settings and after choosing settings you’re going to type in camera a little closer you can see that this is a quick way to find it and you go into quick launch camera and what you’re going to do here is you’re going to make sure you notice how it kind of popped in here you’re going to make sure that this little area right here is on that gives you the ability to press the power button twice to get into camera mode so my next tip is all about selfies so now to access a selfie mode all you would have to do is you just swipe up and you go into selfie mode as you can see right here the problem as you can see from this footage it is very narrow so you’re not getting a wide area if you go into settings you’ll notice that there’s a picture size if I change picture size and I change it to 16:9 and I go back what you notice is now there’s a wider area being covered so once again that’s a quick way where you could get a wider area now keep in mind that by doing that you do reduce somewhat the resolution but not substantially from your camera now there’s another way to get a wide-angle selfie and let me show you that now to get that wide-angle selfie if you go here for a second you’ll notice that their selfie and then there’s wide selfie the other area just expands the image here you can see a lot more but in this area this is almost like a panorama shot so what you could do is you can press the photo button take the picture and then you could pan to the left and to the right and by doing this you’re going to capture everybody in the photo now the last step about selfies is this little button right here you know if you’re in a dark area very few people remember to turn on the flash by turning on the flash when you hit the selfie photo option what will happen is the screen will turn white it will illuminate the area that you’re in and then the photo will be taken and you’re going to get a better photo so here’s one of the photos we took at the game this was a selfie it was not the wide-angle selfie that I showed you but it was a 16:9 you know aspect ratio photo and it included us completely as well as a larger portion of the background now these settings can also be applied the 69 16 by 9 ratio can be included in photos now the photo quality you could obviously zoom in and get some really nice quality out of this but let me show you the difference with your camera you can run into the same situation here so notice this is a 4 by 3 and if I switch over this is a 16 by 9 so once again same photo I try to keep my hand as still as I could you’ll notice how much I’m covering on the left side on the right side and now look at here how much more you could be adding covered all you have to do is change those settings and again here you see those settings for the rear-facing camera this is the version of the photo that had kind of the cropped sides but it was still really crisp and clear and then I switched it over to the 16:9 9.1 megabits or megabytes and I got the wider shot now in the past when you wanted to zoom in while taking a picture you kind of do one of these things right to take the picture and now what you could do is right here in this area you can actually go up and go down and then once you have the right magnification you take the photo ideas zoom it and click so now let’s talk about filters lots of filter options so what you can do is by swiping over you’re going to see all these filter choices and you may want to rearrange some filters that are your favorite I really like black-and-white photos so you know when I tap on that it changes to black and white this one kind of brings in some color you can see that differencing these two but they’re not always going to be placed in the order of your preference so all you have to do is press and hold on the filter and then you can drag it and put it in the place that you want it to be that makes it a lot easier so that when your going to take a photo you can quickly find the settings that you want now you do also have the ability to add more by clicking on that plus sign you’re going to go into the actual this is the Galaxy App Store and download more filters that you can apply and I’ve brought some in so if I come back to that setting right there you’ll notice this memory one this is one that I brought in because it has the ability to bring in some color but also bring in some black and white so lots of filter choices you don’t have to stick with the ones that are there and you can also rearrange them now additional filter options are that you can find is you’ll notice that we were up here for a second you have the classic colors if you go here this is going to also change some of the colors and how the schema is so and anything about is you see that happening in real time you do have the ability to add in this case effects so you can add words so Cheers so you see this a lot an Instagram and on Facebook so you’ll be able to do that you also can add you know faces so you know once you’re on the character I don’t know that it will do this you see this a lot on snapchat but what you can do is using these as overlay on the person who you’re taking the photo and after three people you can do this you can actually do these overlays so you’ll be able to have almost like a snapchat type of experience now the last thing when it comes to filters I just wanted to show you is you can also get more filters just by hitting the plus sign so here you have animal masks Halloween masks angel eighty masks you could and there’s also going to be more and more being created now that this is a new feature available with the s8 and si plus so experiment and then also download more if you like now another thing I wanted to show you is the shooting modes and there are a lot of different shooting modes I’m not going to go into pro there’s panorama which allows you to shoot a panorama shot you can experiment with that there’s also their slow motion there’s hyperlapse animated gif a food one that you can use but I wanted to share one that gets a lot of hype geese on Apple and it’s a shame because Samsung had this well before a lot of the Spartan moons started to implement now I’ll just be fair and effective Apple has the best implementation when it comes to the selected focus capability and what selected focus is going to do is going to give you the image that’s closest will be sharp and the background image is going to be blurry so what you do is you just go into focus of the item that you want to keep sharp you tap on it and you have to be steady and then you hit it and what it will happen you’ll notice here on the side how it’s doing this this little thing it’s kind of creating that that blur so now when you go in here you’ll notice he is in focus but everything else is blurred out and when you tap you can actually I’m switch between fire focus and also a pan focus so you notice how it’s changing so you’ll be able to get that blur effect let me show you how it looks with photos pictures and some other things that I’ve take now one other thing I just wanted to highlight with this photo is I did not use selected focus but you’ll notice how the background is blurred and that was simply the fact that I was close enough to the to the drink when I took the photo that the rest got blurred out so you don’t always need to use selective focus to get that bokade effect in the background now one last thing I wanted to mention about selective focus is that selective focus effect is also available for selfies so if you’d like to take a selfie picture and have the background blur you can do that as well now something else I wanted to add another feature and this becomes very very useful especially when you’re photographing kids so I have nieces and nephews and you know if they’re playing a game and I want to be able to track what they’re doing and still keep them focused I enabled this feature right here which is tracking autofocus and the neat thing about this is that it’s going to keep the subject that you tagged in focus as you’re taking pictures or as you’re recording so for example I’ll select this guy right here and notice as I’m moving him around you’ll notice that the focus window remains on this character so imagine if you have your niece or nephew is twirling around running around and you wanting to take them your dog your pet this is going to allow you to keep them in focus at all times and all you have to do is enable that feature so those are my tips and tricks getting the most out of your phone with the Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus again not everything that the phone can do but the things that I find explaining and teaching my friends and family how to use that makes their life so much better richer when it comes to photography using the smartphone if you have any comments or questions leave in the comment area below if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and as always don’t forget to share and subscribe thanks for watching

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  1. Pretty sure that when you set the photo to 16:9, it only crops in the picture. It cuts out some of the photo vertically, and doesnt capture any more horizontally. 16:9 fitting the entire screen only gives the illusion that the photo is wider, but it really shouldn't be. As you've said, the resolution is less, and that's because it crops the top and bottom while retaining the same pixels horizontally 🙂

  2. the best way to take a selective focus photo (aka bokeh) on the s8/8+ switch the camera to pro mode, then tap on AF it will switch to MF (manual focus), keep the subject you want to be in focus centered and adjust the focus level down 🙂 until you see the background is blurry which is the bokeh effect. IMO though this better than having two lenses like Apple does.

  3. I cant believe samssung LOWERED the resolution down to 12 MP. The picture quality is BAD. I had an s6 an upgraded to an S8. Almost every picture I take on the S8 is grainy when zooming in just a little., and that's bad for me because I need great photos.

  4. i have problem with my S8 when taking selfie in low light without flash, my pictures came out extremely grainy. reason i don't use flash is because it has enough light for a great picture as i've done this with my old iPhone 6. but now with a new s8 picture is horrible. please help

  5. Thanks so much! I am nervous about taking some family beach photos with my s8 next week so this was helpful. Do you have a video where you go more in depth with the pro settings?

  6. I bet the fact that the person shooting this is talking about his galaxy. While using a apple phone 😂😂 the apple fan people will be looking lol

  7. Every time I take a selfie with the flash on I get this bright yellow screen with a white flash sign in the middle. How do I turn it off I have an S8 Note

  8. Sometimes I use selective focus, there are some parts that not blur, like on the edge of your head or shoulder. Any tips to avoid this?

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