A Botched Gender Reveal | The Daily Show

A Botched Gender Reveal | The Daily Show

A story about a gender reveal
party that turned into a disaster. And I mean
it started as a disaster because it was
a gender reveal party, but things only got worse
from there. They thought they’d planned
the perfect gender reveal. Then this happened. REPORTER:
Gender reveal gone wrong. MAN:
Oh! Mitch! Strikeout! This couple can’t pop
the big balloon. Instead, this happens. -(shouting)
-Not her! Oh, my God! Bye-bye, balloon. Dad makes chase but
can’t make it over that fence. (laughing) Oh, man. All right, kid, I don’t know
if you’re a boy or a girl, but I do know
your dad’s a little bitch. That’s what we learned. (applause) (cheering) They… You know, what kills me
about this video is they went after the balloon like it was the only way
to know their kid’s gender. Like, ten years from now,
the kid’s gonna be like, “Mom, am I a boy or a girl?” They’re like, “We’ll never know
until we find that balloon.” And the balloon,
the balloon flew away like it was woke as hell.
The balloon was like, “I reject the premise
that this gender is something
that can be predetermined…!” (applause) That was wild. I’ll be honest with you. I… Like, I actually think
gender reveal parties are dumb. I don’t know
why anybody does them. They’re played out now. Like, no one cares what gender
the kid turns out to be. Well, like, what we need
to have… We need
to have dad reveal parties. That’s what we need. Yeah, it’s a new thing
I thought of, right, where the mother invites
the potential fathers, and then the DNA test is
in the balloon. That’ll be way more exciting,
and you still have a surprise. (applause) And you don’t lose anything.
You don’t lose anything. There are still gonna be sticks, and someone will definitely
still be jumping over a fence. Someone will be like, “James, you said
you were just a friend!”

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  1. At least this one didn't hurt anyone I suppose. People have been getting way out of hand, using explosives and fireworks that have caused massive forest fires.

  2. Gender reveal parties are ridiculous and I'd bet everything I own that this idea was created by a white woman with too much time on her hands.

  3. I keep imagining a Swiss person at an American "gender reveal party". Oh, pink baloons! Congratulations, it's a boy! Blue baloons? It's a girl! ^^
    That would give everyone something to think about.
    Also, don't you guys have "baby showers", too? How many parties can you throw for a kid before it's even born? Just throw a party if you want a party, don't buy in to every commercialised ploy.

  4. Honestly, though, whatever happened to normal baby showers? You don't need to have some big reveal to throw a party.

  5. I'm not shocked Trevor thinks they're dumb. You don't have kids moron! Let people live their lives and do what makes them happy. Stick to doing comedy that's actually funny.

  6. Trevor, you're just a fucking bully. So what?! If they're having fun let them enjoy that. You don't have to call random people a "Bitch" to get your laugh for mistakes or accidents. I respected you for spreading the word about Trump being an Narcissistic Bully. But now you're doing it as well.

  7. Boy/girl we know they won’t be athletic what so ever 🙄
    Dad’s reaction time: bad
    Dad’s speed: slow
    Dad’s jump game: non existent 🤦🏾‍♀️
    Mom: picked a terrible “athlete”

  8. People who do this are really sad and pathetic. You don't have 2 have a dumb ass party to reveal something God has already revealed. Only a dumbass does this. This new generation is so dam lost and lame.
    Just sad.
    Oh did I say SAD!

  9. This is the ONLY time when Trevor is somewhat funny. But the political garbage that he does and pokes fun at is utterly a disgrace, inappropriate, and he should be ashamed of himself.

  10. Actually it's sex reveal parties, because you won't know what gender the kid is gonna be until around puberty when the self image settles…

  11. Parents: this gon' be cute
    Balloon: don't assume its gender
    Parents: we planned this for likes
    Balloon: gurl, bye
    Parents: WAIT!
    Fence: watch my primitive technology stop your primitive idiocy

  12. because baby showers were becoming too femme, Dad had to get in the act, so now we have Gender Reveal Parties. think about where all the plastic and paper and rubber and waste go after these parties, that's right in the shit can, where that load should have gone instead of Egg Hunting. anthropoid hominids breeding beyond survival.

  13. MIB – Confirmed UFO sighting out of Area 41!!
    Fed's be like – Security high alert!, wait is it our jurisdiction or theirs?

  14. Little bitch.. Little bitch.. hit his dick on a fence… – signed the Big Black Balloon – this years booker price winner.

  15. 🗣Trevor, you owe me $1.00 for every word of profanity you speak. 🤔 I have determined, as long as you owe me, I'll never go broke.
    Your tongue needs healing. You are so funny without the profanity. 🤣🤣🤣 You are just funny!! And I might add, very cute. 😊

  16. I never heard of a gender-reveal party, so I thought this was going to be about some reich wingers forcing people to strip to determine whether they were trans. I mean, given who the president is, something like that would not surprise me.

  17. Actually, in Brazil, there are Dad Reveal Parties.

    * https://revistacrescer.globo.com/Curiosidades/noticia/2019/07/cha-do-dna-cansei-de-ouvir-ele-dizer-que-nao-era-o-pai-da-minha-filha.html .

    * https://youtu.be/c9U6Tx852l8 .

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