A Christmas picture of Charles Dickens

A Christmas picture of Charles Dickens

Hi, this is my snow enveloped portraiture of
Charles Dickens in oil pastel and you can buy this as part of a fine art print. This is the 13 x 19 inch version, and it’s actually a detailed composite of several oil pastel works put together.
It’s a very Christmassy piece of art that would make a really special and vintage looking
addition to your Holiday decorating and what about a gift for someone you might know who
is just a Dickens buff or maybe just likes the Victorian era or lives in a house that
has that kind of style to it. So surrounded by these candlesticks, it’s like he’s in a
cameo shaped almost, brass or golden round frame with his name, drawn in oil pastel again
in wonderfully warm red against the white. And that would be a really festive piece of
art by itself, and then you’ve got all this illustration and the drawings of holly along
with this quotation from “A Christmas Carol”.

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  1. How could I have a snowy drawing of Charles Dickens without "A Christmas Carol" quote drawn in too?! #charlesdickens #christmas #achristmascarol  

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