A Christmas To Remember – Hindi Romantic Short Film

A Christmas To Remember – Hindi Romantic Short Film

[Music] Is it your dog? Mam, is it your dog? Yeah! Why? What happened? Actually, he was roaming around alone outside I thought he belongs to a good family Hmm…My child is from a good family Yeah..Nobody was around, so I thought it might be your dog. Yeah People from good families don`t look good wandering on the road All is a game of luck or else who wants to wander like this Everybody wants to be safe at their own homes You are absolutely right Ok….I`ll make a move Sure Hey Listen! Let me know your name Saif Saif Ali Khan No…Only Saif Nice name and…what`s your name? Rehana It`s a nice name Ok then, I`ll make a move mam Ok Sure Music Hi Hi, How come you are here? Yeah! I was here for the jogging Ok You know, wait is such an easy word but it`s really difficult to do I don`t know I wanted to sit apart from the crowd So I thought, I should come here In the hope that maybe I will see you here again No,no its not like that Really…..OK What do you do? I am a struggling Guitarist WOW That`s great So bring your Guitar here sometine, let me also listen Of course… I play so much that atleast I can earn bread and butter. I`ll be playing Guitar at my friend`s place today on the occasion of Christmas Eve. Will you come there? To be very honest I am little scared of these parties & crowd Let`s do one thing…why don`t we celebrate Christmas together Sure Do you like Wine? Yes Then it`s ok! So, will you… come to my apartment? Ok..Are you sure? Should I come? Yeah sure Ok done! Ok..Please share your number with me Yeah [Music] [Door Bell Rings] Hi Hi Welcome Merry Christmas Saif Merry Christmas…Please come in What is this? This is for you WOW Watch Yes Thank you so much Rehana By the way, I have also got something special for you Thank you Saif I am so happy Saif I have never felt like this before Me too Rehana And thank you. I am glad that I met you Rehana Ok, leave all this. Just a moment Music Wonder how you met me sweetheart Everything seems to be so new as our eyes meet. Your restrained smile and your agile heart are they real or just momentary It`s a trap or just a moment Ok! I must go. My little Bruno, my doggy is alone Please! Stay for little longer Ok tell me where do you stay & what do you do? Should I tell you the truth or lie? If I`ll tell you the truth, then you will never meet me again. It will never happen There was a situation which forced me to become a Sex worker But now, I am not into all this See, I told you na, that you will not meet me again No, there is nothing like that Let`s go, it`s too late. I`ll drop you at your home Hmm Let`s go Merry Christmas Saif Music The number you have dialed is currently busy The number you have dialed is currently busy The number you have dialed is currently busy [Music] There was no promise that I could find you, but yes prayers will always be with you Was it the magic of your simplicity or my lonliness. I will always cherish and remember that Christmas.

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  1. I didn't expected this from pocket films Atleast…..m lil dissapointed…. Want more good contents…. I appreciate actors…👍

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