A Deep Dive into the “Raw Water” Craze | The Daily Show

whether it’s smart, sparkling, or secretly vodka,
it’s all around us. But a new movement believes
that just like Trump, we’re drinking water all wrong. The so-called raw water trend. Something called raw water. -Raw water.
-Raw water. Techies in San Francisco are guzzling it
by the gallon full, and stores that sell raw water
are running out. LYDIC: From Bernie Bros
to Silicon Valley, raw water
is the health trend of 2018. And leading the movement is the clothing optional
founder of Live Water, Mukande Singh. I couldn’t wait to see what this raw lifestyle
is all about. Oh. You wore clothes. We’re not doing… Okay. What exactly is raw water? So, raw water is unsterilized, pristine spring water that still has a lot
of the healthy probiotics in it. There are probiotics
in Live Water? Like the stuff that Jamie Lee
Curtis keeps on pushing? Yeah, this is
the healthiest choice for water. Live Water’s thousands and
thousands of customers agree, even though the mainstream
is pretty skeptical. Water is water. It’s… doesn’t have probiotics
in it. Damn it. Clothes again. (groans) Why shouldn’t I drink raw water? You could get sick. People going out and drinking
from streams is risky. But some might say
that raw water is the most pristine water
you can drink. It might be. But how do you know
what’s upstream from it? There might be animals
contaminating it or human waste contaminating it. Okay, but what are
your qualifications? A doctorate in molecular biology and a master’s
in public health nutrition. Okay. Touché. And Mukhande’s qualifications? Uh, I’ve studied a lot of yoga and self-meditation
and journeying. Okay. But even without
mainstream degrees, Mukhande’s business
is skyrocketing. After all, he’s selling the one
thing that lasts forever. So, Live Water is freshest
within one lunar cycle, because it can turn green
if the water gets too hot. I’m sorry, I thought I heard you
say that the water turns green. It turns green
because there’s healthy… microbes in it. I’ll be right back. Got it. Healthy water
should turn green. Well, no, it shouldn’t. -Hmm?
-Water is water. It’s clear. It’s-it’s clear
until one lunar cycle. -Are you following?
-Not at all. Most people in the world
would give anything to have a clean water supply. What’s wrong
with turning on a tap? I’ll ask the questions here. What’s so wrong about tap water? So, tap water has a lot of synthetic things, like fluoride and chloramine. -Oh, my God.
-Fluoride? We put fluoride in the water
to prevent tooth decay. These are great
public health achievements. Okay, so fluoride is good. No, fluoride makes people
more docile. It’s a-a mind control drug. The government is controlling
our minds with fluoride? They could be. Oh, shit. What mind control drugs? That sounds like something
someone would say who’s being controlled
by the mind. I don’t understand what the… I don’t even understand
the question. I mean, this guy is
a-a charlatan who’s part of
a whole anti-science movement. But if fluoride being
a government-induced mind control drug
is anti-science, where is Live Water getting
all these science-y charts and evidence? There’s a lot of evidence
to support that if you just go
to the third page of Google. The third page of Google? That’s where it
really makes sense. When you say “evidence,”
do you mean “conspiracy theory”? It’s not a conspiracy
if it’s true. You know, 9/11,
I think we all know what-what really happened there. What really happened there? Go to the third pa-page
of Google. Okay. So I did. But the only thing
I discovered about 9/11 is that
it’s Ludacris’ birthday, and the only thing I discovered
about Live Water is that… Holy shit!
How much does this cost? 2.5-gallon glass jugs
are $22 each and then $12 to $16 per jug. So, basically, it’s like
the cost of a bottle of water and then lighting $28 on fire. It’s a new idea.
I can understand why there might be hesitation, but I recommend people try it. Well, just like I told Wolf
Blitzer at that cocktail party, I’ll try anything once. So I agreed to venture deep
into the wilderness. So, here is
our beautiful spring. LYDIC:
This is where you get water? -You want to try some?
-Yeah! I’ll wait for…
You go first, and then I’ll… I’ll get right to it. (slurps) Oh, God. Please don’t let there be
a dead body upstream. (slurps) Tastes good, huh? -Tastes like water.
-Yeah. With, uh, healthy probiotics
and minerals in it. Probably a little bit
of animal poop. Just say, hypothetically, I tried just a little bit
of spring water. What’s the worst thing
that could happen? You could get dysentery,
you could get cholera, you could get giardia. The Oregon Trail diseases? Oh, God. All the Oregon Trail diseases and all the new ones
that have come since. Does someone have… a bucket? In the end,
much like the Oregon Trail, raw water and
other anti-science movements will probably forge ahead. But, as for me,
I feared a different fate.

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