A Few Rules to Know to Survive in College Dorms

A Few Rules to Know to Survive in College Dorms

Are you a first-timer moving away from home
and right into the jungle that is college dorm life? It might get tough, but have no fear – as
long as you pack a survival guide with you, you’ll be just fine! A survival guide, like this one here… 1. Accept that sharing is caring. To avoid lots of frayed nerves, learn to accept
some universal truths: the Earth goes around the Sun, spring always follows winter, and
… other people in the dorm will use your stuff. They often won’t even ask for your permission. But think of it in this way: the more you
give, the more you’re entitled to borrow! 2. Protect your favorite mug. If there’s one thing you just can’t share
with others, it must be your favorite coffee mug… or thermos…or bucket! When polite requests don’t help, protect
that holy grail with a legit padlock. Attach it to the handle of your mug and through
the bars of your dish rack. Voila, now only a person with the key (you!)
can sip sweet caffeinated nectar from it! 3. Get a laundry buddy. On-campus laundry normally costs money. Unless you have enough clothes to last until
your Thanksgiving trip home, you’ll have to use those paid services. Offer a friend to visit the laundromat together
– it’ll save you cash and provide an excellent bonding opportunity. Nothing brings people together better than
watching socks spin in a washing machine… 4. Make the most out of your hair dryer. Sometimes you don’t have time to head down
to the laundry room. You have to be at that Art History exam in
20 minutes! Buuut you have no clean socks. Well, you can wash them in the sink, ring
them out, and wrap each sock around the end of a hair dryer. There ya go – clean dry socks in 3 minutes! 5. No iron? No problem! Alright, so what about when your clothes are
covered in wrinkles? (Because you don’t hang them up – they
live scattered around your room!) If you don’t have an iron, just pour some
hot water over a garment and let it hang dry. You can also hang it up nearby as you take
a hot shower! Speaking of which… 6. NEVER forget your shower shoes. You’re not just sharing a room with other
people, you’ll also be sharing a bathroom. Shower shoes – they’re a must. Not unless you want a nasty case of foot fungus. Ew! 7. Keep an eye out for student specials. No don’t actually take your eye out, just,
you know, watch for them. You’re a broke college student living on
Ramen, so you’ll be looking for ways to save money. Probably for that reason, most dorms have
weekly events with food and drinks that cost way less than the same kind of fun off campus. But you can find good discounts out there
too! A lot of museums, movie theaters, and the
like offer student discounts and deals. 8. Two words: free stuff! One of the first things you should do as you
arrive at your new home is to find out where the Free Stuff shelf is. A lot of students leave really good treasures
behind when they move out of the dorm. You can find anything from dishes to disco
balls. Many people also move on without grabbing
the books they’re done with. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a needed textbook
for this semester? Sometimes you can also find canned food there! Watch those expiration dates! 9. Take part in as many activities as you can. There’s always something going down on campus,
so don’t ignore it by staying in your dorm room like a sleep-deprived hermit crab. The more active you are, the more opportunities
you have to meet new people and add a few good things to your resume, not to mention,
you know, having fun! After all, when do you think you’ll have
another perfect opportunity to discover a passion for double-contrabass flute? Probably, never. 10. Get up-to-date with pop culture. You don’t want to be that one awkward person
who doesn’t get any Billie Eilish lyrics or Game of Thrones references, right? Hey, if you could recommend some shows or
music for out-of-the-loop college freshmen to check out, leave them down in the comments! Anyway, popular music and whatever’s on
the screen these days is an endless conversation and bonding opportunity. 11. Spend some quality time with your roomies. Those weirdos are basically your family now. To avoid sibling rivalry, make sure you include
some time together in your busy schedule. How you spend that time is up to you: a study
group, a Monopoly night, watching a movie, laundry day – the sky is the limit to what
you can do. You’ll need to live with these people for
a while, so you might as well get friendly! 12. Make your own movie theater. Going to the movies can cost an arm and a
leg, even with those awesome discounts for students. Do that too often, and they’ll nickname
you “stumpy”. So bring the fun to the comfort of your own
dorm by DIYing a movie projector! All it takes is a shoebox, a magnifying glass,
and your smartphone. Cut out a hole the size of the magnifier in
the shoe box and fit the glass in. Insert a cardboard divider, and prop your
phone up against it. You’ll be able to move this piece to control
the distance between the phone and the magnifier in order to focus the image. Now turn off the lights and enjoy the show
with your roomies! 13. Make your own meals as much as you can. If I could describe most college students’
diet in just 2 words, it’d probably be FAST FOOD. Sure, it might seem cheap and convenient,
but eating out for each and every meal will bust both your wallet and your waistline. To avoid putting on the Freshman 15 (and to
save some money!), cook for yourself in the dormitory’s kitchen! It’s there for a reason! …Just be careful – you wouldn’t wanna
set off the smoke alarms at 4am. True story for another day… 14. Keep your dishes clean without washing them. More cooking means more dishes to do, right? Not necessarily! Just put some plastic wrap on your plate or
bowl first. You can throw it away when you’re done eating,
and your dishes will be spick and span! And if you’ve never heard of spick and span
– it just means very clean. 15. Use tricks to get your alone time. There will be times you’ll get annoyed with
people surrounding you 24/7. It’s perfectly normal. Instead of getting mad and confrontational
(remember, you still have to live with these people, and some of them might know martial
arts!), just take a break from them. Pretending you’re sleeping, studying, or
putting in your earphones at the sight of others are those subtle hints you want to
be left alone. Most people can read them. You’ll probably be perfectly fine and up
for a chat again in a few days. 16. It’s okay to say “No.” It’s perfectly fine to politely decline
when someone is inviting you to the 5th party this week, and you really just wanna chill
or study. Study? Yeah. It’s also okay to say “No” when your
roommate asks to borrow some money for the third time in a row and they haven’t given
you a cent back so far. Don’t be too afraid of coming off as selfish. Besides, learning to say “no” is a great
skill for adult life. Otherwise, you might get taken advantage of! 17. Make friends with the dorm staff. People who just run past the guards or never
say hi to the cook actually miss out on a lot of cool perks of dorm life. After all, it’s the guards that can let
you come back much later than curfew! A cook can drop an extra piece of steak onto
your plate just because you’re the one person who’s ever friendly with them! So be nice to them and engage in small talk
whenever you have a chance. 18. Know where to hide stuff if you have to. In case your dorm has weird policies against,
say, using hair dryers or irons in the room, you need to know where to hide them in case
the warden pays you an unexpected visit on their daily rounds. Remember the Shawshank movie and Andy Dufresne’s
posters? Uh huh. I’d also recommend finding a place to hide
your snacks away from your roomies! 19. Learn to sleep with any noise level. This one is probably the most essential trick
for your survival. You’ll have to learn to sleep in any conditions
and any volume of noise during your college years. Because if you fail to do it, you’ll probably
get no sleep whatsoever. As hard as it sounds, try to take your mind
off the annoying noise and your plots of revenge. Imagine you’re in some calm place that makes
you feel happy, like a tropical beach. Meditation apps will help you get those dreamy
background sounds of the ocean or simply white noise. Finally, exhaust yourself throughout the day
by exercising or spending time in the sun, and you’ll have no trouble falling asleep
no matter what. And, well, if none of that works, earplugs
will do the trick! Bottom Line: keep your eyes open and your
roomies might also teach you some neat tricks you’ll remember the rest of your life. I can’t tell what those particular tricks
are, but trust me, they’re unforgettable. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
you’ll enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

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  1. After spending 5 years on Campus without seeing none of the things mentioned above, i can easily say its 100% not worth the trouble to stay on dorms.

  2. Whoever is reading this COMMENT ๐Ÿ’•
    Don't try to
    Read more

    Whoever is reading this comment I wish that you will be very happy and successful in your life ๐Ÿ’• because you are born to win and you will rise and shine in your life ๐Ÿ’• so never give up ๐Ÿ’• and you will be unstoppable ๐Ÿ”ฅ

    Best regards from the small youtuber ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  3. Sharing is caring , buy those big bulk packs containing about 100 smaller packets of nick-nacks(chips) , its the best way to share snacks without it costing you a small fortune , hide the good stuff away
    Dont leave anything you are not willing to loose in out in the open where it can be taken , unless you have a considerate room mate that takes care of your stuff as well as he does his own
    Dont borrow more money than you are willing to loose.if you have a room mate that makes you feel bad for saying no ask for a transfer. and the same goes for borrowing stuff, phones, laptops, tools, headphones, earphones(gross) , in 99% of cases I always had to borrow something back or go on a treasure hunt after finding out that person borrowed it to someone else.
    Door locks are not foolproof , most yale door locks can be opened by sliding a standard credit card shaped object between the lock mechanism and the door, invest in a lock with a deadbolt designed to counter such tampering
    Padlocks are not foolproof , and most can be opened by slapping the padlock body with the heel of a shoe or hammer , and in most cases the lock wont show damage , the person in question will even be able to lock again without you realizing the intrusion , get a discus lock for your padlocking needs.
    Hot showers are a blessing wake up 15 minutes before the normal wake up clock to get adequate hot water , this depends on the dorm setup but in most cases you have one of those gigantic geysers.

  4. I never know college has a shower rooms when I go to college I need to shower there I guess thanks for letting me know

  5. Using clingwrap every time you eat on a plate is just a waste for the environment. Just wash them yourself it doesn't take long

  6. can u also make a vid about "Get up-to-date with pop culture".like phase or things u must in order to get up to date with pop culture, like what i love u 300 means?

  7. At 2:49 did u seriously had to put your logo in there?? O and btw i enjoy all ur vids

  8. Who eIse ls A True fan ;)?โค๏ธ


    lm ล›uรŸรŸing to everyone that ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ this and turns on my post notis๐Ÿ”” and subscribes to me.

  9. I have valuable things in my room that was stolen like a giant coin. Being at your house is WAY cheaper and go to a local colleage, and easyer to do work.

  10. Brightside: If you learned somthing new today give this video a like
    Me: brightside, I wanna tell you somting. I always learn somthing new with you. Thx for being the best yt evr!!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  11. I never really understood the whole dorm culture Americans partook in. I mean here in Canada even if someone moves to a different province to go to a specific school, we mostly find landlords who are okay with renting rooms for students….plus people who do end up living in dorms move out after their first year the latest. Because for one, there is a 1 school year rule (you move out after you finish your first year of college/university). Also, it's waaaaay cheaper to rent a room at a near by house.

    Anyway, that's just my two cents.

  12. Oh I thought the video was going to be about how to survive in dorms when something bad happens ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  13. Oh we didn't have to worry about college and well public school was probably cheaper then daycare and probably just as awful

  14. It would've been nice if this video would've been around in 2003 or so. Also, if the school has a dining hall, and offers a meal plan, I highly advise taking advantage of that. As for a show to catch … this might be for a date night, but go to the theater, and catch a performance of Chicago. I liked it. And to tie it in with the discount thing, where I attended college, students could go to the local performing arts center, and purchase tickets to shows. Though this had to be done in person because a student I.D. needed to be checked. It was worth it though as tickets that were typically $60 or so were discounted to about $30 – $45. I earned my degree (B.S.) in 2007. So, I'm not sure what the rate is now (or if it's still offered).

  15. Another method for ironing clothes is put some hot water in steel bowl and press it on clothes this method is used in india

  16. The world is choking in plastic and bright side is telling people to put plastic wrap on their crockery because their too lazy to wash up! ๐Ÿ™„

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