a Memory of Madrid | Short Film (Nikon D5500)

a Memory of Madrid | Short Film (Nikon D5500)

So… A while ago my friends and I stepped on a plane To go and visit Madrid There wasn’t much planning that went into the trip… We figured we’d just land check into our youth hostel and then make it up as we went along I’d been traveling quite a lot in the months before and I also had to deal with my camera that got stolen on an earlier trip so the money was running out but I decided to go ahead anyways with the trip and it’s a good thing I did this trip was one of the most fun things I did all year and I have some great memories of my friends and I messing around there, meeting some fun people and seeing lots of cool stuff and so, even though I was pretty much broke by the time we got back you know what they say Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer and I couldn’t agree more a Memory of Madrid

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  1. Such an awesome video! Love everything about it– storytelling and editing. Definitely subscribing. Hope you'd sub back. 🙂

  2. Sick intro man! And I really loved the documentary at the beginning man 🙂 Really loving these type of videos so really enjoyed it dude!! Can't wait to see more!!!

  3. I love this!!!!  I've always loved telling stories through video, and you nailed it! Beautiful work! New subscriber 🙂

  4. Wow, I love your shots and edits!! Well done 🙂 I really like the story telling in the beginning too! I am just starting out and have so much to learn! I have subscribed and can't wait to see more! Keep it up 👏😊

  5. Such a great message accompanied by some stellar videography. Keep on spreading the knowledge and sharing your stories man, I love it! If you get the chance, pop by my channel.

  6. Such a nice storytelling!! Love your cinematics 😍 such a good thing that you went on this journey ☺️
    I created a video about Madrid too, haha 😂 (coincidence bc I don't have many videos at this point haha)

  7. Your edits and text display are 🔥

    And I found you from a GaryVee video, what's your favorite lesson from Gary?

  8. Bro, youre super talented! Keep up the great work and keep on traveling! It was awesome meeting you at Vidcon. Thanks for being my 800th SUB!

  9. I really love when people push the envelope with video creating and actually put in the effort to produce something from a personal feeling. really enjoyed this, and i hope Madrid was awsome.

  10. Loved the overall editing style! I've just gotten a Nikon D5500 as well and am slowly starting to get into video editing, so out of curiosity sake, what are those "swoosh" style of transitions called?

  11. Probably one of the most organic, creative and thoughtful intros I've ever watched. Awesome video.

  12. Awesome film! Music choice is really good. Do you remember what was the FPS this shot in? 30 or 24.

  13. wow man , I can see the effort you've put into this video…you've gained two SYRIAN subscribers now 😂❤

  14. cool video as always!! please come to visit Indonesia there's a lot of beautiful place you can take especially Bali 😉

  15. I love this!! The combination of story telling and visuals afterwards is very cool! I also love Madrid, such a nice city to be!

  16. I mean investing in some stocks can make you richer. Especially if you have experience. So that quote isn’t really 100% true😂

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