A Monster Calls Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Felicity Jones Movie

A Monster Calls Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Felicity Jones Movie

Okay… You ready? There we go. What colour is that? Brown. Yeah. Maybe if we take a pencil… …and then we make a face… …And then we see the life in the eyes. Life is always in the eyes. There’s our monster! How does the story begin? With a boy… Too old… To be a kid… You’re coming to live with me. Don’t touch anything. Too young… To be a man…. I no longer see you. What did he do? He called… For a monster. Woah. Woah, indeed. I know everything about you. The truth that you hide… The truth you dream… I’m sorry you have to face this… But you have to be brave. Do you understand? What shall I destroy next? Break the windows. Break them yourself. It’s okay that you’re angry. I’m angry too. And if you need to break things… By God, you break them! [screaming with fury] I wish I had a hundred years… A hundred years I could give to you. I’m afraid. Of course you are afraid. But you will make it through. For this is why you called me. Come on.

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  1. Damn did everybody cry watching this? Im about to watch it, and if i cry Im gonna let you all know…BRB 😳

  2. This is a love letter for all the isolated and hurt.

    I've only been able to shed 1-2 tears at a time in my life.
    I opened watching this movie and accepted love and cried for hours.
    I love you.

  3. Didn't read the book yet, but watched the movie and every now and then I come back to this trailer because I think it's one of the best movie trailers out there.

  4. Just finished the book.
    The film seems okay. But seems like they changed a lot. Especially at the beginning.
    And where's Lily?

  5. When I was eight years old I found out that I had autism and then months later that my mom had cancer. Kids at school used to bully me because my mom was bald (and yes, they knew about the cancer) and because I was weird. I had a teacher who was really unhelpful and was honestly just as much of a bully as those kids. I would escape by reading comic books and I used to fantasize that my favorite characters would come and cheer me up. My mom ended up getting rid of the cancer and I’ve grown a lot in terms of my disability but that had to be one of the worst periods of my life. I’m saying all of this because I saw so much of myself in this film. I wish it existed when I was that age because it probably would’ve made that period so much easier.

  6. Every single time I come here just to see a glimpse. I lost my mother at age 6, and up to this day, I still hold her tight!! I literally broke down into tears watching this movie. The emotions run deep within this film for me. "I'm afraid." Of course, you are afraid, but you will make it through…

  7. Arrrgh! My teacher's going to show us this on Friday! (I'm writing this on April 3rd 2019) I can't wait!!

  8. Everyone should watch this movie. What a fantastic, effective way to put the guilt and grief over death into a story.

  9. I haven't had the courage to watch this movie since it was released…gosh, I've even cried during the trailer. :'(

  10. Just cried reading the ending of the book, and now I know I'm preparing myself to watch the movie… such a beautiful story.

  11. "I wish I had a 100 years. A 100 years I could give to you"…
    Now excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep…..again!

  12. I was gonna watch this with my mother who’s sick with cancer.
    I can tell I can’t watch this with her, but I sure will once I’m alone.

  13. The scene with the boy and the "monster" at the tree/graveyard near the end followed by the scene in the room with his mother at the end are heart wrenching if you have experienced something similar.

  14. I just finished the book…And how the hell do Patrick Ness expeckt me to move on with my life!!! Like.. I don't know if anyone can relate.. but… this is a life changer. I just got a new favorit book. So how do I get over this? Maybe I should just do the same thing as Conor does in the book?

    "Conor held tightly onto his mother.
    And by doing so, he could finally let her go."

    ME: Holding the book tight.

  15. Okay – just watched this on Netflix. I cant remember ever crying at any film, but at the end of this I had big tears rolling down my face. Its a great film but be warned!

  16. so this trailer has 8.4 million views and came out in 2016 and until now, i’m reading this as a class novel only to find this NOW?? and i didn’t even get a trailer for it once??? amazing, i want to see this

  17. My mother died of cancer when I was ten. I’ve seen this movie like 5 times and I’ve read the book twice and honestly this totally resonates with me. The part were she says “I wish I had a hundred years… a hundred years I could give to you” I always shed a tear. It’s hard but sometimes you just have to let go because no matter what “You will make it through.”

  18. Me encantaba la escena del libro cuando harry le dice que lo ignorará… En el libro era épico…
    En la pelicula bueno, no llego a mis expectativas

  19. I’ve never watched the movie before.. But the book is just soo sad that I cried soo much reading it. So I bet the movie is probably going to be as sad as the book.

  20. Liam Neeson voices the monster, he’s also in the photograph in Grandmas house hugging Connor’s mum when she’s little so I’m assuming he’s Connor’s grandfather!

  21. We all have to say many goodbyes in life, but only their bodies have died, the real them & us is our spirits, that live inside our bodies, when our bodies die our spirit, if we love & choose Jesus goes to heaven, where we get our new bodies, our loved ones & our animals we love sooo much, they can still see us on earth from a portal in heaven…they never leave us 😘😘😘💟🌟😍 a beautiful beautiful movie 😢😪🙋‍♀️ now i know i will smile again…one day 😃 💟🌟

  22. I don't think they could have found a better group of actors for this movie than the ones they got. To tell such a beautiful story with the amount of feeling and emotions that it has… omg, I'm forever thankful that this movie reached me. Hope you all heal <3

  23. I remember watching this in theaters and I was surprised that only a small amount of people were present but had so much noise because of all the sobbing

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