A Movie Theater in a CAN!

A Movie Theater in a CAN!

Hey how’s it going, Dave2D here, so this is a can of Coke and behind it is a can of awesomeness. This is the Nebula capsule made by Anker. it’s a very small projector and I’ve tried a lot of mini projectors before, the Rift 6, the Pico projectors like they’re just- there’s always some kind of deficiency to the product to the point where I just don’t enjoy using it. This is the first one I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. It’s bright, it’s got good colors and it’s just a really solid product, hence the video. Now the three biggest issues I’ve had with mini projectors are number one, brightness, they’re usually just not bright enough for me; Secondly is the color of the image so it’ll just project usually a very like desaturated or a flat-looking image which I don’t like watching and the third one, a big one for me is sound there there’s obviously fan noise that comes from these things because there’s a little lamp in there and they got to cool it off which is fine but if their speakers aren’t good or if they’re not loud enough that fan just drones out everything else that you’re trying to listen to. This thing does not have any of those problems so this thing has your standard HDMI connection so you can connect any kind of media device through an HDMI cable right up to this thing and it also has a dongle with a USB connection so you can connect up a USB flash drive or whatever. But the thing that makes this thing like so much better than most projectors, most mini projectors is the software that’s built into it. This thing has Netflix, YouTube, Plex, a whole bunch of media services available right on the device. You don’t need to connect anything third-party or even a phone to this thing it just literally takes that service, streams it and then projects it onto a surface all in the size of a Coke can. Like how cool is that, right? Okay, another thing I like about this thing, is that the speakers sound way better than I thought they would. Now a lot of mini projectors have this issue with just having a mono speaker and just projecting in one direction. This, they call it 360° Sound; I wouldn’t go as far as to call it that but it’s just a nice sounding speaker system that you can kind of be wherever you want around this thing and it’ll still sound good It’s a 5 watt speaker not huge, not amazing but it’s clean. There’s no buzzing, there’s no hissing, it’s just clean audio at a good volume. The lower frequencies are missing. It’s not great with bass but considering the size of this thing, I mean it’s probably physically impossible to get a good bass out of this thing so I’m happy considering what this thing is. The fan noise is actually pretty average to me, I wouldn’t consider it louder or quieter than most of the many (mini?) projectors that I’ve used but because of the bigger and better speakers, I feel like it kind of compensates for fan noise. The battery life on this thing. They claim 4 hours on the website, I’m getting actually a little bit more than that but I think it depends on what you’re doing with the device so I’m able to get a little bit more than four hours with the thing at max brightness but I’m streaming video. If you have this thing connected to a USB device or some kind of, physical drive that’s feeding the data to the machine I think it’s a little bit less but I’m getting around four hours of streamed content So the image is bright, way brighter than any of the other mini projectors that I’ve tried. it’s rated at 100 ANSI lumens or a 100 A-N-S-I lumens I’m not sure exactly how they describe that thing, but this is literally double the brightness of your average mini projector Often they come in at 50. The colours on this thing are also really good. So that’s something that a lot of mini projectors screw up on, it’s just really muted colours. This thing, nice colours. It’s a little bit oversaturated but considering what you’re doing with this thing, like you’re not watching these like super colour-accurate images. This thing has a nice colour profile. It has vertical keystone correction so you can have it tilted, or even use it on your bed. Now there’s one issue with the image and that is its resolution. So before i looked up the resolution on this thing, when I was just looking at the image on the wall i always assumed that this thing was like 720p maybe even 1080p like my eye can’t really tell when it comes to projection because they’re never super, super sharp This thing is actually a 480p projection and it’s- on paper that’s terrible like that’s straight-up pathetic I think for a lot of people they’re like “Hey 480p? Screw that, not interested”. But visually, it looks totally acceptable to me. If you’re looking for like a 4K super crisp image then, don’t even look at these products. But if you’re just looking for like a large screen with decent image quality, that’s super portable This thing fits the ticket. Okay, in terms of the screen size you can get up to 100 inches, that’s what they say but you got to be in a really dark room to project it like that, but I can get like a 60 to maybe 70 inch (177.8 cm) image without going to a super dark area. So what else is there? There’s a remote, it’s like kind of your standard remote and there’s also an app that you can use on your phone to control the device, and it’s surprisingly good there’s no hiccups, it’s not janky and there is mouse control, it’s actually a pretty good app. There’s some things I don’t like about this thing the big one for me is frame rate so i don’t mind the resolution loss because visually I just- it’s not that important to me at this screen size and at this viewing distance but the reduced frame rate limits this thing for my use so if I’m watching Twitch or even playing games I’m used to just watching things at 60 fps, this thing is not. I want to say it’s like 24 or maybe even 30 frames per second. It’s not really listed in the instruction manual so I’m not sure what it is but it’s definitely not 60 frames per second. Another thing I don’t like is that you can’t log into the YouTube app so maybe they’ll fix that in the future, but in its current iteration because you can’t log in, you don’t see your subscription feed or anything like that. There’s still a search history so you can kind of see the videos that you’ve looked up in the past but there’s no custom feed in the YouTube app right now. OK, my favorite thing about this device though is seriously, this thing paired with one of these things, those like retro gaming consoles from Nintendo. This kind of combination is super fun like this is already a portable system that you can bring around, do whatever you want with it, and then you plug it up to the projector and now you can play big screen Mario Kart wherever the heck you want. It’s freaking awesome. So this is a device that is gonna be different for everyone who uses it some people want something like this some people want to stream from their phone, through AirPlay, Cast on Android. Whatever it is there’s just so much utility with this thing and i think for a lot of people it’s a really good pick up. So this thing starts at $350, it’s obviously not cheap but it’s got a lot of utility and for the right person it’s a really cool device. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it, see you guys next time. (subtitles by p3rs0nn)

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  1. This thing paired with that thing. I only need to know one thing… Where they are..
    Does this thing have an Led bulb? Let me know in the comments.
    Peace ✌️ out people

  2. So… you would… copy a 10GB movie to a USB flash drive, then charge it up and take it to an abandoned building that has no TV or electricity, but perfectly white walls? 😀

    I think I'll go to place that has electricity and a TV and stream from my phone instead. Cos then it has heating and somewhere comfy to sit for two hours. 😉

  3. Very interesting video! I'm doubtful about the comments on 2:30 . Streaming content is usually much harder on the battery of the device than playing it off a solid state drive. Wireless data transmission can be energy-hungry.

  4. Make a review of the Nebula Capsule II. I found this one too be way to dim for certain content so I returned it because I hated the low brightness. Nebula Capsule II is twice as bright

  5. 24 fps for $399 no thank you, I could have compromised on the 480p but that price for that low a frame rate I'll pass. Good vid, good find though probably good for just streaming

  6. Why would streaming use less battery? Running the radio antennas for wifi uses lots of power, where as running a couple microchips on a circuit board in a flash drive….not so much….

  7. I bought a used Epson power light 95+ used (16 hours on bulb) for $80 which is 3000 lumins (30x brighter) and can easily display a 140 inch screen. If you really want a projector go used on eBay.

  8. 1000 ansilumen was borderline acceptable 15 years ago.

    And this is 100 ?!
    Thats like the shittiest cheapest crap in the 1990's

  9. God I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Your voice is so soothing. You could be doing videos on any topic, I’ll be tuning in!!

  10. That thing is super expensive…you can get HD mini projectors that are a lot cheaper – granted, they are not as bright but the contrast and quality of image is better…the advantage most other cheaper projectors have is they dont pretend the speakers are crap, hence why you can plug in headphones or separate speaks to overcome that issue.

    if this was $150…then great…it will be a fantastic buy… but it's not worth the $350 price tag.
    In fact, if you don't mind having to plug the projector in then you can pick up very cheap projectors which better brightness for a fraction of the cost.

  11. if this was around 100 mark id say it would be worth it but with only 480 im not soo sure if it was maybe it was 60fps

  12. I live with my girlfriend on a tiny apartament in Tokyo, would anyone recommend this, to have a decen sized screen to see movies, and play some games? (our current monitor is 20 inches) space is important here haha…

  13. Maybe consider scripting the video, so you don't end up saying "this thing" hundreds of times 🙂

  14. Damn a lot of commenters here would suck on The Price Is Right. $350 was exactly what I thought. I can imagine waking up Christmas morning and playing Mario Kart with this, or taking this on a trip. Good find 👍

  15. I rather get a £100 which has 4k, wifi, high lumens, bluetooth, rechargeable and built in apps which that one in the video plus you can sign into youtube. If you can't sign into YouTube then its basically pointless. And that thing for £350 is not worth it at all, just waste of money.

  16. Dave, you are a very cute asian.

    However, I think that you have sold yourself in order to promote this item. This is a vibe I get.

  17. I thought this thing was like $60 the entire video and when I heard 300+ I just thought why would anyone buy this piece of garbage I mean it would be good for $50-60 but not $300 if I was going to fork over that much money I’d buy a amazing gaming monitor and just use the screen on my phone for portability

  18. Lacking way too much in the feature-set for $350. I think this should start with this feature set for ~$100-120 and then at higher price points for better resolution and higher frame rates. That said, if price were no issue, in its current form it would be great to bring this camping or to a cottage.

  19. "so this is a can of coke, and behind it is a can of awesomeness" nervously giggles like he just got divorced and is going through a mid-life crise

  20. For $350 you could buy a cheap 60" 1080p TV. I don't really see the utility here. If they increase the brightness so you can get a bright 80" image with 720p resolution and keep the cost under $500, then they would have something here.

  21. The most important info for a projector is to notify what are the ASNL lumins. To be able to watch at day time with no need to have the curtains on the brighter the picture the better. That however depends of the lumins. It doesn't matter if the projector has fulll hd or 100 inches of the screen. If the lumins are not enough for brightening you will not enjoy at all. For a disent day time picture you need at least 500 lumins. If the lumins are for example 50 or 100 the picture will be good enough for a screen of 12 to 18 inches maby. Always check the lumins when you buy projector! All the full hd performance and the inches size depends from that.

  22. $450 US down here in Australia! Everything is more expensive down here except wine. I got it though. I need it for work and can claim it on tax . I got it for work but find myself taking it everywhere with me. It really is good. The 480p is fine. Just like he says in the video , it’s not super crisp but it’s fine. How long til this technology is part of you phone I wonder?

  23. a 60+ inch tv on the go to watch / play wherever you want…. and people still complain about things… 😀

  24. Anyone knows how to put international firmware on it? O bought it in China and i can't use it as i want.

  25. Based on your perceptions, I am going to try it. I need to project at least 60 in. PowerPoint and YouTube presentations to be seen by 20 people around a long table. There are no outside windows and the lights can be cut off. Hopefully, I can project onto a light beige wall at one end of the room, using my Note 9 as the source. I don't like the 480p, but you say it is Ok. I love the small size. If it proves inadequate, back it goes. Thx for the review.

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