A Murder Mystery Game Show (ft. Josh, Grant, & Rekha)

A Murder Mystery Game Show (ft. Josh, Grant, & Rekha)

(dinging) (upbeat music) (rock fanfare) (upbeat game show music) – Get ready for a Game Changer! Tonight’s guests, coming in all the way from New York City, it’s Josh Ruben! Coming in at eight foot, 14 inches, it’s Grant O’Brien! And coming in despite having
two other Dropout shows in post-productions, it’s Rekha Shankar! And your host, me! I’ve been here the whole time! This is Game Changer, the only game show where the game changes, every show. I’m your host, Sam Reich. I’m joined today by these
three lovely contestants. Now you all understand how the game works. – No!
– I don’t. By design, I think.
– You didn’t even say how– – You’ve been trapping
us in a room of secrets. – That’s right, our players have no idea what game it is they’re about to play, the only way to learn is by playing, the only way to win is by learning, and the only way to begin is by beginning. So without further ado, let’s begin. – [Sound Mixer] Hold! Hold, sorry. Got a sound issue here. – [Sam] Oh. – [Sound Mixer] Josh? Yeah. Can you come over here,
I gotta fix your lav mic. (Josh mumbles) – It happens in the world
(yawns) of production. – [Sound Mixer] Just give
me one second. (grunting) – Hollywood, California, am I right? (lights click off) (all gasping) (man screaming) (thudding) (beeping) Players. There has been a murder. (thunder rumbling)
(dramatic organ music) – [Grant] No kidding. – Yeah, no (beep) – It is your job to figure out whodunit. Was it the sound mixer? – No no no, it wasn’t me, I swear!
(dramatic organ music) – Was it the production assistant? (dramatic organ music) – Oh god, oh no, this
is all too heavy, man! – Was it the production designer? (dramatic organ music) – This is not the kind
of art I had in mind! (sighs) – Was it the script supervisor? (dramatic organ music) – I’m on book. – Or was it the producer of Game Changer? – Whoa, whoa, whoa!
(dramatic organ music) Don’t look at me! (Grant wheezing) – We are, you spoke! Well, you all have scripts. – We need our scripts, Rekha! You know, this script’s
came in very last minute, it’s too much to ask everybody to memorize all of this dialog.
– Oh, I get it! – Now this will function like something of an adventure video game. There are lines of dialog here that you will need to unlock, until you’ve gotten all the clues. Once you’ve gotten all the clues, you will know who the suspects are, and only then will you be able to decide who you think did it. Whoever’s right will win the game. – Are there points? – There are no points in this game.
– Okay. – No!
(Sam laughs) – For now, you may address any one of these crew members about the murder. We are going to start with Rekha. – Uh… The producer. – Listen, I just can’t believe something like this happened on my watch, on a game show, no less! I’ve produced disaster scenes that are less disasters than this! Word travels fast in
Hollywood, California. (mysterious music) My career is over. – Okay.
(Rekha laughs) – Grant? – I feel like there’s a
clue, but I don’t want to say it out loud–
– There’ll be lots of clues, throughout.
– Because then I’ll tell Rekha what the clues are. – But we can just work together, and then we’ll share the prize. – (laughs) I love the lazy resolution! – I don’t hate that. So the last thing that the producer said was “Hollywood, California.” – Not Hollywood, Florida. – So you’re right where I’m at. (Rekha sputters) And the last thing Sam said
was “Hollywood, California,” before all the lights went
out, seamlessly, in the– – Hollywood, California is a trigger word! – Hmm, production designer. (mysterious music) – I don’t even know why
we’re debating this. The sound mixer was standing right next to the victim when he was murdered. It’s definitely the sound mixer! But he’s a weird dude. I heard he breeds rottweilers. Adopt, don’t shop. – He breeds rottweilers? – Now, you may ask the script supervisor about the issue of
proximity to the murder. – So when you say ask them. – ‘Cause I’m not asking anything, I’m just pointing, and then
they’re saying something. – Yeah, because I had a question for the production designer. If you could be any
animal, what would it be? – A snake. (dramatic organ music) – Ooh! – In the grass? – [Grant] There are snakes. (laughs) (all laughing) – Okay, I will ask the script
supervisor about proximity, ’cause I don’t know what the
(beep) that question means! – As script supervisor– – Mm-hm.
– Okay, it is my job to watch the action carefully. Now at the time of the murder, the only people that were near the victim was the PA and the sound mixer. I’m not saying they’re the murderer, I’m just pointing that out, as script supervisor. – So, PA. How close were you to the murder? – Okay, look. (mysterious music) I’m supposed to be
nearby the action, okay? In case anyone needs batteries
or water or anything, okay? Speaking of water, are you
guys okay on water, though? Does anyone need water? – Josh left his. – Well if you have water,
just be sure to mark it so people know it’s yours, you
need a marker for that one? – I would love a marker. – Mark it, please.
– Look at the marker, Grant! – [PA] I don’t wanna have to get new ones. – Actually. (mysterious music) – Okay, it’s an unknown brand. (Grant sniffing) (Grant sniffing) I would like to ask the sound mixer. – I know this looks bad, but I didn’t do it, I swear! (sound mixer stammers)
(mysterious music) I got nothin’ against Josh, all right? I think he’s great! He just had a sound issue! Seriously, that’s it! – What was the sound issue?
– Honestly. I saw somebody run out onto the stage, stab him, and then run
off, but it was so dark, I couldn’t make out who it was! Please, look, I can’t
go to jail, all right? I got seven rottweilers at
home I gotta take care of! – Oh my god. – That’s the most suspicious dog. – Grant. – Script supervisor, whatcha got? – (chuckles) As script supervisor– – Uh-huh.
– Okay, I oversee the script. All right? And you wanna know something ironic? This was supposed to be
the murder mystery episode. It says it right here. Game Changer, Murder Mystery.
(tapping on clipboard) All right? (chuckles) Of course, someone was
not supposed to die. (mysterious music) Yeah, that may be obvious, but it’s my job to point out the obvious, as script supervisor. – Why do you keep talking like that? I’m taking notes on this water bottle. (Sam guffaws) Hey, producer. What’s goin’ on? It seems like you’re doing
your job pretty badly if someone actually got murdered. – Yeah, so this was supposed to be the murder mystery episode. One of the other games this season, the game of prizes, was
way, way too expensive. – Yeah, we (beep) heard about that. – Dinner at a Michelin restaurant, right? Trip to Big Sur? – Uh-huh.
– Yeah, I (beep) heard! – Yeah, so this was supposed to be a very cheap, cheap episode. – Oh, great. – Sorry guys. (mysterious music) So we were just gonna mic up the crew, and then go get a murder
weapon, that’s it. – Ooh, a murder weapon.
– Can I ask a followup? Are there prizes? – There is a prize at
the end of this game. – Ooh-wee! (Sam laughs) – And can we ask what the
murder weapon was gonna be? – Um, it’s my turn. – We’re trying to do
the same (beep) thing! – Hey, what was the
murder weapon gonna be? – Listen, there’s only
so many pages of this! (all laughing)
(Grant clapping) You can’t ask anything, Grant! – If you could be any animal, what would it be?
– It’s a snake, for sure! – Thanks for watching that
preview of Game Changer. If you liked it, I have great news, there is way more of it you
can watch over on Dropout. Go to dropout.tv and start
your free trial today. (upbeat music) If you do, I’ll give you 10 points, right out of my own pocket. I can do that. I’m the boss. – I kinda wanna know more
about the murder weapons. (mysterious music) – That knife is not on set anymore, okay? – What the (beep)?
(Grant stammers) – A man is dead! – Okay. – I mean, the knife was returned. – J’accuse! – It should still in the returns box. (Grand and Rekha screaming) – Something happened!

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  1. i know nobody will see my status but sometimes when i am bored, i go into the garden, i cover myself in earth and i pretend i am a carrot.

  2. 8'14"? Is Grant really that tall?

    Production designer is H-O-T with capital F

    making them read their scripts , just sensas… well done.

  3. If you had told me that I would see josh again in a college humor video, I would have asked you to leave the room and report immediately to the principal’s office, where you would face a quick and highly invasive punishment, but alas, I would have unjustly punished you. Dear friend, accept my apologies as one would accept that we may never prevent this world from diving deeper into the abyss of darkness that is death.

  4. With the beard josh looks like a dad whos way too tired to be chaperoning on his daughter rehkas field trip with grant the substitute teacher😂

  5. Get the questions right… if you can figure out what they are. Gamechanger, a new game show from DROPOUT! Sign up today: [ http://bit.ly/2mFOG1x ]

    Become a member of our channel today [ http://bit.ly/2kpp0oz ] for access to OUR ENTIRE DROPOUT LIBRARY (including full seasons of WTF101, Dimension 20, Um Actually, and more)!

  6. rottweilers are actually a very gentle and incredibly smart breed. It's the owners fault for making them into a bad reputation breed, because they are treated like a viscous animal instead of a family pet.

  7. Please please please get speed controls into the Dropout video player, I would binge literally everything on the damn platform if you just gave me that sweet x1.5

  8. This was a lot of fun. Would have loved this with three contestants where the contestants as well as Sam are also potential suspects.

  9. That was actually hella funny, esp the last line where dude is like listen grant there’s only so many lines here 😂

  10. I have dropout out but I usually see the videos on YouTube first because I'm just on YouTube more and I riot everytime I have to go over to drop out

  11. Put the link to the dropout episode in the description please, I can't be bothered to go on the site, log in, search for the episode and then play it.

  12. Honestly drop out international is a joke. Can't find this episode and can't get help from the discord as no access. Time to unsub for a few months. Really wish they would get there act together

  13. spoiler for full episode

    grant did incredible at acting with rehka even if he was part of it the whole time, was also very caught off guard when the reveal happened

  14. I feel like Sam has been explaining the last few games a bit too much. The last one woulda have been way funnier if without explanation jess was just told “a bubble wrap suit” and had to figure out what to do about it, this one would have been a lot funnier if josh had been murdered and no further explanation was given

  15. Knowing that Josh is 5’7.5 I hypothesize that Grant is 6’3-4. Bc sewing them next to each other that’s about how it looks when I stand next to my friend that is 8 inches taller then me.

  16. Still calling out College Humor for not having this variety of shows when they launched the subscription service. I quickly got tired of paying for things that were already on YouTube. If you wanted my money, I should have had access to shows like these.

  17. This, coupled with Adam Conover's Twitter thread re: Facebook, is what pushed me off the fence. I'm subscribing to Dropout tomorrow.

  18. Isn't the point NOT to explain the rules? I feel like this was just a game of murder mystery, there's no other gimmick to it that makes it interesting

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