A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words – Part X – The Favorites :)

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words – Part X – The Favorites :)

No peeking how much further So we cleaned out today, we’re gonna enjoy the earth, and then we’re gonna go get some butter burgers That Could be because the earth is flat I Don’t see any curvature yeah that horizon looks very very flat to me I mean, it’s definitely not curving down If anything the horizon is rising to meet our eye line they call it the her Light things can rise up and heavy things can fall down it might just be simply a natural byproduct of weight and density Neil deGrasse Tyson says that the world is perishing chubby chubby chubby czar it’s like pear-shaped Look pear shape to you that looks pretty round to me a perfect circle but to be fair this photo is Photoshop in fact NASA even admits that every image you see of the earth is actually Photoshop it is photoshopped, but it’s it’s has to be All I’m saying is that if they can convince you that the world that you’re living on is not actually what it is and they Can pretty much convince you of anything? the greatest trick the devil ever pulled Was convincing the world didn’t exist 1984 is upon us there’s water there’s deforestation there’s Vaccinations Harvey booth is being monitored. There’s never any more of a psychopaths are posing as leaders And we’re down here debating on whether or not the earth is flat Yeah, but no one can prove it ah on the contrary my friend I intend to put an end to this debate once and for all You

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  1. Potter…you're the best!
    Our Father knew that I was needing a word; something uplifting. I've been feeling alone and in limbo…not a good feeling at all.
    Then BOOM! …here comes Potter's Clay with "The Best of.."
    Just what I needed!
    That intro was fantastic. I never saw it before. Way to go Astro Not!
    Is it just me or does it feel like the "fire" on YouTube is dwindling?
    God Bless you!!! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‘
    Miss you! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  2. Ok….this comment is for all YOU TROLLS out there….
    What I donโ€™t understand, at this point, is how ANYONE with any intellect at ALL can take an honest look into this information and then STILL argue on behalf of/defend the globe model.
    I can see how they might want to postulate that the spinning ball heliocentric model โ€œmightโ€ work as a THEORY…..but I cannot see how they keep from seriously demanding ANSWERS to the complete lack of curvature, the complete lack of ANY experiments which verify the earth is moving, the complete lack of ANY legitimate images of the earth as a ball from space AND I canโ€™t understand how they can still believe the nonsense that NASA has been putting out since the early 1960โ€™s if they simply take FIVE MINUTES to take an honest look at the garbage.
    Finally, what I TRULY WILL NEVER understand is how ANYONE with any eyes at all, could CONTINUE to defend this heliocentric model as though it IS A FACT! What I mean to say is this:
    If the earth IS in fact a ball, then ultimately, it will eventually somehow ANSWER ALL of the numerous โ€œanomaliesโ€ that are clearly evident and all of the ape men that dared to question it will eventually END UP in exactly the same spot that everyone else ends up…..
    But, if the earth PROVES to be a realm, the obvious errors in the heliocentric model continue to PROVE to be just what they appear to be….then please THINK of ALL the souls that will have been put in jeopardy for NO REASON!
    Simplify this debate down to the following analogy:
    There exists an object that one group says is perfectly safe to eat while another claims it is poison and will cause any who eat of it to die….there is NO LACK of other food sources and NO benefit or gain to attempting to eat the โ€œunknownโ€ object. The people who claim this object is perfectly safe to eat are not ALLOWED to actually eat it themselves, only provided literature from the manufacturer that it is safe…..
    WHY would anyone RISK their fellow man by trying to convince them to eat this object?
    Why would any SANE person continue to try and convince their fellow man of the heliocentric model UNLESS they have actually BEEN to space and witnessed it for themselves? Even IF it proves to be correct……do you REALLY believe that YOU have the RIGHT to try and convince your fellow man of something that you CLEARLY have no way of actually knowing? Do you really believe that YOU have the right to espouse a theory that MIGHT cause your fellow man to be condemned for all of eternity?
    Let me go ahead and answer that for some of you that obviously arenโ€™t sane…..you DO NOT have this right. Period.
    So please, go ahead and believe WHATEVER nonsense that you choose….but do NOT try to impose that โ€œbeliefโ€ on anyone else….be honest and admit that their are TWO possibilities and that each individual should be given the evidence for BOTH and then given the opportunity to decide for themselves what they choose to believe.
    We can afford to entertain the mind blowing โ€œconspiracyโ€ enough to truly investigate it….but we CANT afford to simply ignore it and brush it aside if there is ANY chance that it be true. The evidence suggests that we need to discover the truth.

  3. Great vid and certainly hits alot of high points but I'd suggest XI to include some of the bmlsb69 channel's atmospheric lensing / magnification pictures along with still of Eric Dubays zoomed in sun set recently and some of the mirrored stars in the northern and southern horizon the taboo conspiracy channel has been sharing.

  4. one of the best flat earth fact files to put scientists to shame ! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa………

  5. The fake baal earth globe has been in circulation since 1492. Most of the world is under mass delusion and lives in rebellion against our CREATOR.

    Everything in creation testifies to our CREATOR as the author and owner of HIS creation. Reality is a miracle. Life is a miracle. Reality is a miracle that needs no substitute by fantasy. Never worship the creation only our CREATOR. HE WHO IS SELF EXISTENT and ETERNAL.
    YHWH (ื™ื”ื•ื”โ€ฌ) Yahuwah

    Exodus 20.

    1. I am YaHuWaH (ื™ื”ื•ื”โ€ฌ) your Elohim (ืืœื•ื”ื™ื), who brought you out of the land of Mitsrayim (Egypt), out of the house of slavery. You have no other mighty ones against My face.

    2. You do not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of that which is in the shamayim (heavens) above, or which is in the earth beneath, or which is in the waters under the earth, you do not bow down to them nor serve them, For I, YaHuWaH your Elohim,am a jealous El, visiting the wickedness of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing kindness to thousands, to those who love Me and guard My Commands.

    3. You do not bring the Name of YaHuWaH your Elohim to naught, for YaHuWaH does not leave the one unpunished who brings His name to naught.

    YaHuWaH Elohim means: The Mighty, Powerful One, I Am He who exists (eternally). Who yokes Himself to His people to teach and guide them how to walk through life.

  6. Brought a smile to my face thenk you keep er lit ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ’ฉ

  7. Great work! I had no idea about that Felix guy changing the emblems on that capsule…pure, brave talent!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. So…NO ONE has circumnavigated the earth north to south, for real? I find that very odd indeed. And yet, lots of stuff on the web that say otherwise, however much of a stretch the stories may be. What excuses do people give for not being able to do this?

  9. Cool video , I'm curious about the source of information for the moon starting to glow in 1977 ? Its the First time I've seen that.

  10. My spirit has been telling me for maybe 3 years since awakening that what the Bible says when it describes the earth as being stationary on foundations is to be believed and not to be deceived! Great compilation on these truths, TPC!

  11. "Honey, please wake up our son", I loved it! Great work, many thanks. Just one very minor point – at 9.40, that should be "cylinder".

  12. "Inertia dampers,……engage!………….engage!!…………engage inertia dampers!!!………….."

    "Inertia dampers are no longer phenomenally nominal, captain".

    "Beam me up!……………………………………beam me up!!………………………………………….beam me up!!!………..

    "Can't do, captain, our atomic scanner is currently reading nothing but empty space".

    "What's happening, why has the Enterprise curled into a ball?"

    'The Enterprise only appears spherical captain,….it's the space-time-warp-engine playing tricks with your eyes captain."

    "We've found the floor of the universe captain."

    "Then soon we shall find the top."

    "What's outside the walls?"

    "There is no space outside, captain………it's 100% full of wall."

    "Well, dig a hole in it!"

    "There's nowhere to move it to, captain……..maybe if we bring the wall inwards…………it's,….it's……not made of stuff……….it's absolutely unchangeable in every way, captain".

    ๐ŸŽต"Star Trekking ((??across??)) the universe, only going forwards cuz we can't time reverse."๐ŸŽต

  13. I'm generally a serious person, TPC, but your brand of sarcasm hits the spot! These are some of this most humorous, compelling points everyone needs to consider. Thank you for your work and ministry! And loved the music!

  14. …[ A Question on the Question]: Ummm ,when the Question is asked:
    . "How Many 180 degree lines doe it take to make a Sphere? " 3:04
    …Are these the Top part OR the Bottom part OR the End part OR (perhaps) the Pear Shaped part???

    …Peace'n may God Bless. …

  15. Thank You and Blessings From Australia, The Humour was brilliant,, NOW this one I can repost, I love the way I am supposed to be living in Australia???

  16. Hillarious!!!!!! Its really time to mock this HUGE deception……all we can hope for is that more people start to think again, instead of swallow all that comes their way……
    Ever thought of how disgusting these space suits must be inside? when they havent showered for weeks/months and just climb into them again and again and again……..YUUUUK!!!!! must smell like human vaste!!?? And where are all their important scientific discoveries that should come out of this??????????? Velcro??? Come on……show us a tomatoplant that have been growing i zero gravity for years. where is it?? Show us the really important stuff that could save us all…..stop showing us people hanging in strings doing backflips or that fiddles around with water. And that thing with water, arent you highly trained engineers?? where are your comon sense whit ALL these wires hanging loose everywhere, and use of water…. no risks at all!!?? Nothing you cant fix by taking on one of these really disgusting suits and do some space jogging, right!!?? STOP LYING……WE ALL UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS NOT TRUE……YOUR MAGIC DOESNT WORK ANYMORE…….AND DONT EVEN THINK THE IDEA THAT ALIENS ARE THE NEXT THING……..its really time to come out of the closet, stop fiddling around with your balls…..
    Much love and peace my friend

  17. I know the Red Bull jump was fake. I must assume the Zenith logo move at 11:25 was photo shopped. Could you provide a link to that?

  18. Moved me to post on social media. Very well done, funny and concise. Shows all the major flaws while subtly explaining why they are hiding the truth in plain sight. To control us and persuade us to deny Jesus Christ.


  19. The Potters Clay,
    Thank you for the time you take to create and share these videos with us. Your labors are greatly appreciated and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts…
    May our Father in Heaven above bless you and keep you safe and until our Saviour the Christ Jesus, our Messiah gathers us together, peace be unto you always… YOU are something special. Your work and videos are extremely important and help so much in awakening those still in a slumber… I pray you truly understand how incredibly invaluable they are. Thank you. God bless you.

  20. Oh my goodness! I wrote a paper based solely on biblical verses regarding flat earth and lo and behold you showed me one I missed! Job 38. So, thank you for that. I thought I had them all. Oh well. It is much appreciated and I pray people will some day awaken to the truth – God is right over our heads! Thank you once again Potter; you're the best! May the Lord God always protect and bless you and yours.

  21. Why should your claims be more valid than the 'official' ones? It's all just blah, I tried looking up 'proof' from either side, again, all just blah without anything really convincing.
    I don't trust either side! Whoever tells that they're holding the absolute truth are most likely liars or idiots!
    And what's with all that religious nonsense?

  22. POTTER… As someone whom has died twice in my life & returned, I KNOW that, God is watching YOU, your work and the divine truth you have tried and continue to try, to share with your fellow man, in a world full of lies & deceivers! And like a good parent who sees their child choose to do the 'right' thing, whilst the other children misbehave before their unconcerned parents… God silently smiles, as a righteous feeling of pride fills his heart and he thinks to himself… "That's My Boy!"…
    May we ALL learn from your example & aim to do the same in our own little lives, in our own little ways! GOD BLESS YOU!

  23. AMAZING! As usual ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love you brother! I will be mirroring this video on my channel, and I have shared it on every platform I have! Your work for the Lord will not go unrewarded! I love you my brothers and sisters, stand strong in the Lord, for He fights for you! I am sending lot's of love and prayers your way!! *SUPER HUG*

  24. Who are these 11 people who didn't like that video .. good music good video quality , and informative … Strange

  25. Waking up to the reality that the Earth is flat and covered by a dome has been a lonely experience. Everyone from friends at church, co-workers and family alike have written me off as someone who has lost it or has joined some new cult. Even my church elders have demanded that I keep silent about this truth, to which, I could not submit.

    Ever since God woke me up to this last August, Iโ€™ve had this vision where new FE believers can have a place where they can find support when backed into corners, demanded to answer the many questions we have all been bombarded with; A vision where they can read testimonies from others who have endured similar persecution. A place like this will even surprise many when they find out there are others like themselves within their own city; Individuals they would never have met if not for the discussion board they were part of.

    I just finished this โ€œBiblical Flat Earth Awakeningโ€ discussion board yesterday.
    Please visit the page, look over the forums Iโ€™ve started with and let me know if you think you could contribute towards building a much broader discussion board. Iโ€™m not looking at this as โ€œMYโ€ project but the project of the entire community of this God ordained awakening.


    Thank you, and may the Lord you according as you seek Him.

  26. The Way Sun Rays Thru The Clouds Touch Earth Prove The TRUE Distance Of The Sun. %100. There Is No Curvature To Cover The None Virtical Rays


    Compass (Come-Pass) Is Pointing To Our Way Back Home Right Now. North Pole. AURORA/TREE OF LIFE We Are On Flat Earth Under The Firmament/Dome Covering The Heavens From Earth.

  27. Everyone here is stupid please go to space and see for yourself Elon musk will soon be making mars liveable.

  28. This video still doesnโ€™t explain sunrises/sunsets, day and night, where lava come from and what does NASA gain from lieing to everyone about the earth being flat.

  29. Lol, I like the skit in tue beginning. I know the feeling of being the only person in the room who seems to notice or care. Just another day in the life.

  30. Armstrong: "That's one false step for man, one giant hoax for mankind"
    Houston: "We (will) copy you Neil, mission accomplished"

  31. sadly ive grown quiet about my awakening to the truth. It didnt take me long to realise that even the people closest to me had absolutely no interest the minute i even suggested the earth is flat. Im glad i can see the reality of it all, just sad that so so many people are still completely blinded by all the lies.

  32. there,s a way to prove it once and for all , but its difficult . get the strongest telescopes , and depending on the distance they can view , divide the earths surface between the distance the telescopes can see 360 degrees , make strategic check points , and go to each checkpoint and see if you can see the other checkpoints in that location , if you can everywhere , and there,s no curve ,then you will have your answer .

  33. 11:52 I think that Flat Earthers should stop acting like they know it all. The Moon "glows" only when seen from far away but when you zoom in on the Moon, then what do you see??? Hello? Any light? No. It's dark on the surface of the Moon. So perhaps the atmosphere layer has something to do with it? As well as some special reflective/fluorescent particles the Moon is covered with? I'm still convinced that the Moon reflects the light from the Sun, there is no other way. That's why we see the shadows of those so-called craters on the surface of the Moon. But most Flat Earthers don't wanna listen and don't want to use their brain for a change because the Bible says the Moon shines with its own light… My God, people grow up already! It's a very nice video, don't get me wrong, it's just I don't like this "know it all, Jesus is the only way and the Bible is the Universal truth" attitude of fanatical and religious the Flat Earthers. Keep your "God" to yourself. He has nothing to do with it. Can you vouch for him and the Bible? How sure are you that Jesus ever existed? Do some research for crying out loud. I have news for you – he was made up! I'm so sick and tired of this religious fanatism of most Flat Earthers. You act like Globbers, but instead of NASA you have Jesus and the Bible. So pathetic. Grow up! Honestly!

  34. Thank you for doing this video. The information about the moon got me thinking: If the moon is truly smaller than the earth, wouldn't the footage of the horizon on the moon show a more pronounced curvature than that of the horizon of the "globe" earth? But no, the footage of the moon shows a flat horizon. I do not believe we went to the moon; the footage just shows how much satanic deception we are being fed.

  35. MAGIC GRAVITY is always the card that's pulled out to explain almost ALL the anomalies of the heliocentric lies and deception.

    The fake gas giant Jupiter is a major blunder in scientism's deception bc it also defies the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

    Low air pressure does not mean gases won't disperse into a vacuum without absence of containment.

    It's not 'pressure' along with 'magic gravity' that causes rise or fall, it's simply mass/weight (lightest to heaviest) -observable/repeatable fact-NOT just theory.

    If earth itself allows heaviest/densest materials-metals, rocks, minerals-to settle deeper down than lighter, less compacted materials, then why does some hypothetical 'force' get undeserved credit for it.

    If 'gravity' was an actual 'force' it would require a 'power source'. The very meaning of 'force' implies this, but the pseudoscience wizards and priests are unable to provide or define the 'power source' for 'gravity' outside of gobbledygook/math explanations that mean they really don't know. Even Neil DeGrasse Tyson stated "We don't know what gravity is!"

    To call 'gravity' a 'force' would mean it has an innate ability or power over ALL matter, ie, over both the upper atmosphere, birds, insects and vegetation; and, pretty much everything else below, pulling it ALL down to earth indiscriminately.

    Theoretical 'gravity' neither has a brain or tangible/detectable presence to remotely establish its existence, ie, it cannot be observed except in 'theory'-a 'theory' as Newton himself stated in a letter to a close colleague (citing it as an 'absurdity') but we never learnt that in school.

    A magnet (natural or man made) has limited 'force' to pull ONLY certain metals toward itself, leaving other metals out of its power-not because it has intellect to decide, but because of its innate magnetic properties alone-fact NOT theory.

    To assign 'gravity' a universal status it must require some intellectual, empathetic/selective power over ALL matter-a totally flawed hypothesis, because it clearly can't do what it's falsely credited with.

    But no matter what proofs are offered to disprove the heliocentric lies, the pseudoscience wizards and priests will always come up with another more ridiculous (unprovable) discovery to counter any real silence and logic, eg, 'gravity waves' that are now the 'unholy grail' to further advance the helio-deception.

    Mythological 'gravity' can't keep water on a spinning ball at any low rotational speed, never mind 1038 mph that the pseudoscience wizards claim earth is spinning + rotating + vortexing + whirpooling + hurtling 1,300,000 mph in tail of a mythical milky way galaxy (1700 x speed of sound or 7000 faster than a speeding bullet!)

    Humpty Dumpty science that's a house of cards!

    ONLY density/mass/weight is tangible, observable and verifiable as to what falls and what rises. Call this by any other name except 'gravity', bc without the numerous impossible and fallacious attributes bestowed on 'gravity' by calling it a 'force' – it logically does not exist.



  36. You want to see flat earth without a weather balloon and a go pro?
    Check the moon out,thats no moon! Looks like a reflection of our earth to me,reflected back off the waters above.
    I cant proove it 100% but nasa cant proove they landed on a reflection either.

  37. Question: Why would they lie about the shape of earth?
    Answer: To deny the existence of God and cast doubt on the bible. The bible is truth.

  38. How funny that there's a pureflix commercial before this video that is advertising for a film called new world order

  39. I absolutely love your videos, Thank you! Please tell me who plays the guitar in them. You? ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

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