A Sci-Fi Short Film : “Sight”  – by Sight Systems | TheCGBros

A Sci-Fi Short Film : “Sight” – by Sight Systems | TheCGBros

excellent perfect good job excellent well done level completed welcome snail zombies from your backyard. life is a journey and in this journey you all want to do more experience more feel more and live with no boundaries and why shouldn’t we? sight systems presents: Sight Seeing feel free to go anywhere Reminder: date at 9 pm Choose your outfit Patrick? Patrick? Oh, hi Hi Daphne, how are you? sorry. it’s okay you look great thank you love your jacket thanks it’s actually, it’s uhh, it’s a sports jacket so that’s official that it looks… what do you mean? sorry? what’s the difference between sports jacket and a normal one? Ahh.. I guess a sports jacket is for people who want to look good even when they’re chased by the police Anyway… I hope you’re hungry, this place has the best burgers in town Oh.. Actually, I’m a vegetarian Oh.. Yeah… Oh, really? ‘Cause you didn’t say it on your profile so… well, I don’t write everything on my profile Uhm.. Oh, you wanna go somewhere else…? No, no, its okay. I’ll find something on the menu well, how about a glass of wine for starters? yeah, great So… …are there any other things in your profile that you didn’t write about and I should know or..? Aren’t you scared by jogging by yourself in the city? not really Besides, I’m about to hit level 5 on marathon Master Pretty impressive! I know What is scary though on my last route… my sight crashed so scary, I didn’t see anything, I couldn’t find my way home sight doesn’t crash Oh it did I was totally lost, I didn’t see anything that doesn’t happen since our last patch do you work there or something? really? yeah.. but.. Wow, what do you do there? nothing serious, I’m just a simple engineer I read about your company in the news is it true that you guys implant stuff… and manipulate people’s sights? no, it’s a bullshit but anyway, I don’t wanna talk about work Not when I’m here with such a pretty lady (laughs) You know you really get me… You know, I can tell what you’re thinking right now really? what? Well, we finished our drinks, what are we going to do? (Laughs) How about if we go to my place, for a nightcap Well, if you’re so good at reading my mind, you should know what I’m going to say. Here it is Make yourself at home nice place you’ve got here It’s alright I guess A toast… For… …A perfect night (Glass clinking) Why aren’t you drinking? what’s that? a dating app? No no no no no Oh my God, I can not believe this, just my luck, a freaking game junkie Disgusting! Wait! Do not touch me, you creep! Pathetic. I said wait Now, let’s try this again.

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  1. Perfect! But it was inspired by Black Mirror Series or it has inspired that one? Congrats! This movie is one of the best short scy fi movies that I watched.

  2. Hey CGBros! Just wanted to let you know that I showed this short to my sophomores as part of our unit on dystopian literature. That's right, you were part of a discussion that invoked Brave New World, Wall-E, and somehow even Macbeth. We had a fascinating discussion about whether or not augmented reality IS real. We talked about everything from Pokemon Go to hearing aids, whether or not we "cheat" by using our digital selves to hack into our personal relationships, and the degree to which the gameification of life threatens to trivialize it. Awesome stuff! We're all looking forward to more.

  3. Why is that such a bad thing, it low key would be cool. And im a programmer (kid with computer and basic c++ knowledge) so i would be fine. And at the worst a rape happens every now and then but the uses would be awesome.

  4. I want to see someone from the past walk into a room to just see people staring at blank walls. Also it would be fun if someone tried to reprogram someone from the past who doesn't have one.

  5. bet you they injected mini robots in the ir body that are 100 times more capable of doing all that!!! or just us in the future

  6. Can I have one? And also the ability to time travel, tech wings for flight, and I guess the power of invisibility?

  7. Today, 5 years after this film was made, a company named Omega Ophthalmics is developing an augmented reality capsule that could be placed directly into an eyeball. After seeing this film, I think I'll pass on getting one implanted.

  8. Allowing corporations who own such a technology, to be able to control humanity would be fatal, the human biology is perfect as it is. Peoples imagination seems to be becoming devoid as it is filled with a universal technocratic interaction which has no soul. To give that power away to a world based on fear, competition and war, is fatal. But it is put up to be cool. Whilst greater issues of poverty and famine are ignored we are being bred as sociopathic nihilist entities longing for entertaining distractions, that cure nothing in essence and send us backwards further.

  9. Brilliant glimpse into the future. When I first saw it I thought this was definitely where we're headed and now (almost 6 years later) we can see the early developmental steps of it happening. Another good parallel glimpse of this tech is the excellent book Daemon by Daniel Suarez originally published 2006. Well done CG Bros!

  10. then i can send a mlg virus to anyone's body, then they will go mad, their eyes will see flashy images and chaos, and they will hear loud and disturbing sounds, they will fall down and laugh… until they die by stroke or until i command the virus to stop.

  11. Great piece of work. The only thing thaz bugs me is her reaction when she sees the wingman app. I don't think that a person living in that world and also using the sight would be THAT appalled by it. Id expect it to be more of the new standard. Or if only he is able to have one of these apps since his system is clearly superior she wouldnt even know how to react because she doesn't know it.
    great shortfilm though!

  12. Totally awesome. I've watched it a million times. Woah, today I noticed one error! At 1:48, when he's frying the egg, above where it says "Stage Two: Scramble Egg", the Chinese still reads "huang-gua" ("cucumbers" — obviously an oversight left over from Stage One) when it should say "chao jidan". Sorry guys, point deducted. Do it over again. Repeat Level.

  13. Similar theme as the Black Mirror S3E1 but it's more shocking! Like this ending, it got me thinking what the company would do later? Turning everybody into android? That's terrifying

  14. Concept is Great! Audio is poor, lighting is somewhat amateur and the directing is really bad. There were no emphasis of the evilness of the character and the video game scene was unnecessary. The ending scene was filmed so poorly and ended so quickly.

  15. This short flim was bad ass and I enjoy the plot and the actors are incredible and the future is now I'm looking forward to the future 😊

  16. I don't get how he's able to command her to stop. Does the Sight system also hijack your motor functions? Obviously it taps into the auditory cortex because I didn't see any external speakers or earphones. And she did complain that a glitch one time took out her entire visual cortex. I suppose the base jumping simulator the guy was playing earlier was a bit of foreshadowing because otherwise how would Sight know how he is moving his body to control his in-game avatar?

  17. 1.8m views and only three comments? Are you all hiding in fear of our future?
    Brilliant piece. Could have been one or two minutes longer and have some more darkness to it, but otherwise I enjoyed watching. Thanks.

  18. Wenn man die Entwicklung nur in den letzten 100 Jahren bedenkt – leider erlebe ich das nicht mehr.
    Hammer Clip!

  19. Where can I get the Wingman app? Asking for a friend, lol. Also I love the implementation of games into everyday life, like the chopping veggies and cooking game.

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