A United Kingdom Official International Trailer 1 (2016) – David Oyelowo Movie

A United Kingdom Official International Trailer 1 (2016) – David Oyelowo Movie

Father will hate him on sight. He’s cleverer than him and his black. She might change her mind. I’ve met the man I want to spend my life with. Are you insane? White, British and she’s a salesman’s daughter. My grandfather was a king. I am his heir. I have a responsibility to return home to my people. I will never achieve anything worthwhile if I leave my heart, Here. I am the Government’s in Southern Africa. The policy of apartheid you know this word if you choose to marry the leader of an African Nation you will be responsible for the downfall of the British Empire in Africa. Have you no shame? Over two decades of preparing you to be our king. This is how your face me. How long before the village dust gets in her eyes? I am told that you no longer wish for me to honor my duty as your king because of the colour of the wife I have chosen. Who do you think will accept you? You belong to the whites, But they won’t want to either. I am ready to serve you because I love my people. I love this land. But I love my wife. Now you will see how an empire defends itself, Mr. Connor. I misjudged this coming. We have concluded that you should be exiled. I belong with my people. Prime minister the whole world is watching. No man is free who is not a master of himself. She’s stronger than either of us suspected. It is time for us to create a new nation. For us to be the masters of our own fate. It is time. Did I ever tell you I didn’t just marry you for your good looks? Liar. (Laughing)

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  1. Great cinematography and the depictions of bechuanaland seems almost accurate. A few inaccuracies. Firstly it was a British protectorate not a kingdom so Seretese Khama was not the "King Of Bechuana". He was chief of the Bamangwato ( A large tribe in Botswana). It is misleading since no single homogenous nation existed , rather there are many tribes within Botswana's borders who are not Bangwato and have their own totems and royal lineages.Another point which is true but is often deemed controversial, the real indigenous people of that land are the Koi and San who are still not recognized by the government. In this movie they dont even exists.I find it hypocritical that he is fighting for equality between blacks and whites but fails to ever deal with the original San people's plight. Lastly, The main actor may be a good methodical actor but he fails cringingly at speaking in a motswana accent. (at times he sounds more like a Nigerian rather than a southern african). This detail may not matter to the world but to anyone familiar with that part of the world, it is actually painful to hear him speak. His sister Naledi looks and sounds more like a motswana. He also looks nothing like a motswana, nor does he have any resemblance with the real Seretse khama. Just google the pics for yourselves. it is really a poor depiction of Seretse Khama.

  2. T'CHALA IS THAT U!!!!!!! Well I hope Wakanda is doing well👍. WAKANDA FOREVER!!

    *I thought that this was funny because I'm from West Africa.
    West side, The best side.

  3. The colour of your skin NEVER defines you Im so happy I can live in a time where being a sexist and racist puts you to shame and not like back in the day where even being friends with someone of colour put you to shame

  4. I love this movie please Hollywood I want to see more like this I’m mixed race and I have a white mother and black dad and I love “mixed couples” the best in the world in my “opinion” that shows how good human beings they are and they don’t treat anyone else any different

  5. All these racists in the comment section below are so stupid asf. Like, what is it to you that a black man and a white woman love each other? Like, I don't get it why so many people get their panties in a twist JUST because two people love each other, like wtf????? People, I swear..

  6. I watched this movie in the cinema about two years ago with my then boyfriend, now husband. He's Nigerian and I am Swedish, he was sent back to his country 7 months ago. It hurts so badly not to see him. I think about him all the time and I miss him so much. I am lucky that we can talk on the phone everyday. I can't wait til the day when we're finally reunited. I will never give up on him,us or our marrige, I will always love him, no matter what.

  7. Great to see a black woman as a director and who directed such a – imo – positive movie. About unity and what links people together. Also I loved the delicacy of the romance between the two main characters and that does not hide all the political plot. I was very glad to discover Amma Asante's work here and to see again David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike who I each appreciated in other movies 🙂

  8. Oooooh boy I saw the thumbnail and immediately went to see the race comments. Did not disappoint

  9. I wasn't sure about this movie. Couldn't have been more wrong. It's a beautiful and touching film. I loved it

  10. People keep hating not understanding that this brave and unapologetic interracial couples are part of paving the way to the freedom to not only love whom ever we want but been seen as equals

  11. White film again. The other ethnicity is a royal and wants to marry the white one. It happens in Native American films with so called Indian princess, and also in films featuring Asian woman.

  12. Another anti white pro black movie….god this is getting boring.

    History is written by the victors.
    Winston Churchill

  13. I don’t know. Movies like this is almost like slasher movies. There’s thousands of them. It’s getting old. And it’s not even just interracial movies altogether. It’s just black and white interracial movies. Try Native American try Indian. But anything that involves white or black people it’s just old.

  14. Just look at Egypt, Saudi arabia and sudan you will understand mixing with ugly, low IQ blacks will be destroy your civilisation. No wonder both western europe and US economies, society and infrastructure has been going down last 40 years. They have been doing this because old colonial establishment still wants their old markets in sub saharan africa, they want to kick out china and they want to create more markets in their own nations in western europe. The white western europeans needs socialism to stop this madness or economic nationalism .

  15. I'm white and I have nothing against black people. I think we are all eaqal and it doesn't matter if you have white skin or black skin we are all humans!

  16. I just came here to take a glimpse at an actor I liked . Instead I found myself in the middle of helter skelter verbal race war. Appalling. 😐😐😐

  17. It's always hard to live when u r d8ffeent not just ricism but gay marriages and such things o guess. By the way people blame get hate comments but u didn't see any of those 😂😂😂

  18. Hhh let the white dudes be mad,But let's not forget how they cheered when they saw Loving!it means they love black women,and as long as white chicks can love us,things will work out!its just a matter of time

  19. I can’t blame anyone, l am not seeing any color and I don’t care your damned character, attitude or b*llshit behavior today all l am seeing is one human beings!!!

  20. Free choice is free choice but I would disown all of them.. I will not insult my ancestors by killing my line and dirtying my blood. We will survive we will continue and we will always be abundant.

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