A Very Drunk Jim Narrowly Avoids Getting Arrested – The Jim Jefferies Show

A Very Drunk Jim Narrowly Avoids Getting Arrested – The Jim Jefferies Show

But I’ve never been arrested. Not once in me life, right? And I was stumbling along Speedway when I was living in Venice. And I was walking along. And I was fucking just like, stumbling like this, right? And there was a cop car that was just following me at my speed. And so you’re like – what do you do? If you run, then you’re in trouble, right? If you stop moving, you’re in fucking trouble. So you decide to just sort of steady-up your walk. Like, alright… Maybe this will be alright. And then the fucking cop car comes out and it was like, “wooo!” like this. And then I go, “me? Me?” “You wanna talk to me?” And the guy goes like this – he goes, “yeah, get in the back mate. You’re too drunk.” And I went – and I was right near my house. I was like, “but I just live… in that house there!” And he goes, “do ya, mate?” He didn’t say “mate.” He wasn’t an Australian cop. He goes – He goes, “do you?” And I say, “Yeah, that’s me house. I’m almost home. I’m almost home. I won’t be any trouble to anyone.” And he went, “oh yeah? Why don’t you go in your house?” And I was like, “alright.” And I walked up with a key. I walked up with the key and I put it in. They thought I was lying! No, it was my fucking house. The key turned and then I went, “wooo!” I have no idea why that’s an entertaining story, but – Evidently, it’s a relatable one.

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  1. hello everyone! Sad to see such an amazing show go, but thank you to the cast and crew for all your hard work anyways!

  2. Can't believe this show is over. I literally started binge watching this gold content a month back. Gosh you can't have anything nice anymore can you 😓

  3. It's ridiculous that Comedy Central is cancelling this show, while garbage shows like tosh.0 keeps on racking new seasons

  4. I'll miss you a lot mate, I'll still follow your socials and just keep active man. You're great and no the show never sucked!!!! 😁

  5. Comedy Central, you suck. You cancel Larry Wilmore, & now you cancel Jim Jeffries. Any of your real talent that you haven’t fired doesn’t hang around long. All your great talent leave for other networks & or platforms, & are hugely successful ( Steve Carmella, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Samantha Bee to name a few). Trying to figure out your long game 🤨

  6. I walked into the neighbor's house by drunken mistake and used the restroom. I noticed the tiles were different. "Holy shit." I finished and left. Nobody noticed. Lock your doors, folks. 🙂

  7. Don't know why this show was never nominated for an Emmy.. This show is brilliant! I preferred over Trevor's or Oliver's show

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