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A Film by Diamonds Productions and X Collabs Arnesh Bhowmik (The Editor of this Movie): Detective Wayme Omkaar Nerurkar: Anthony Williams Madhav Padikkal: Roger Williams Kaushik Uppuluri: John White Naha Darshan: Oliver Williams Vaibhav Narayanan: The Butler Paidi Pardhasardhi: Inspector Lucas A Whole New Story This short film is about a simple murder gone wrong. The Setting is at a huge mansion owned by Roger Williams, a huge businessman. He has two sons, Anthony who works in his father’s company and Oliver who is currently unemployed and has no money. pasta really dessert even certain sugar
that’s all hello daughter
can you come as me to give you some important documents yes bye no way cockroach oh are you okay oh I
thought you just to look at my son oh is it you know I’ll go back to sleep here the second you see you have some panic attack yes so actually I don’t attack the wins
all the skills so that one I will let you talk about that
but it’s completely Amish Oh oh oh so I want anybody to come into
this room after this conversation now you may go out of the room as requested sobbing investigation plan right let’s
go before Charlie I um yeah Daniel’s other family members Leffler anyone watch my best friend Anna Yano John like that’s all I wanted to know and I’m
Shirley you easy buckets this is the easiest murder
case which I ever sold of course Oliver is the murderer Vogel has been
poisoned by 59 drug which is very a deadly poison what that is not possible
yeah look Oliver is currently unemployed and his heart has literally no money
so probably if you get a month it will be a good son
poor boy there’s no what he wanted his fortune very passionate let me tell you
what I am why never search in the room I took a
sample of the coffee and gave it to my own Chester for testing in the results from the test it was
found where the coffee did not contain any spinal switch not at all it just
contain a single sleeping drug that can never kill Roger also I thought some white colored drug
in gorgeous cover I said that do for testing that guess found out that the
folder contained strychnine did kill Roger now the question is how did Georgia die so easy now the question la la Lala la única you

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