Aag (HD) – Full Movie – Govinda – Shilpa Shetty – Kader Khan – Superhit Comedy Movie

Kill her! Kill her!
Thrash her! Thrash her! Kill her! Kill her!
Thrash her! Thrash her! She shouldn’t escape!
She is running away! Hey, what happened?
Hey, what happened? At least tell me something.
Hey, why are you hitting this poor girl? This wretched girl
has become pregnant.. ..even though she’s an unmarried! We’ll wipe out this sin from
our village by killing her. Hey, she is a sinful woman!
She is immoral! Kill her! Kill her! Just thrash her! She shouldn’t escape!
She shouldn’t flee away. She is a sinner! Kill her! Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!
Thrash her! Thrash her! Hey, here is that sinful woman! Burn her! Kill her! Burn her alive! According to the today’s news.. ..there is an
adulteration in everything, brother. What are you saying, brother? My business will get ruined!
Don’t talk such things at my shop! Hey, please come, sister Dulari. You have returned after many
days from your in-law’s place? Now what should I tell you, brother? I don’t get any time.
– I see! Do one thing!
– Yes. – Half kilo pulses.. All right.
– One fourth kilo jaggery.. – Yes. And give me one fourth kilo salt.
– Yes, yes, right away. Weigh it correctly. Tell me something, brother.
– Yes, sure, go on. Since I have returned to
the village; everyone sings.. ..the praises of Birju. Birju is so good; Birju is so great! I am fed up of hearing Birju’s name. After all who is this Birju? Birju is an angel in
the form of human being. Birju is the
defender of this village! From the time he has
arrived in this village.. ..the villagers have
stopped locking their houses. Since how many days he is here?
– Just around six months. Where has he come from? No one knows where he hails
from or why has he come here? If we ask him, then
he never tells us. We feel that he is
some guy in distress! Hey, what a distressed person! I feel that he is a big fraud!
– Oh God! Shame on you! Gracious me! What are you saying, sister Dulari? Hey, I have seen
several such fraudster! There is no dearth of
such frauds; who pose.. ..themselves as good
persons and cheat the villagers. Run! Run! Run! A mad bull!
Run! Run! Run! Flee! Hey run, the mad bull is
charging towards here! – Munna! Munna! Hey, move from
the middle of the road. Munna! Move back! Move back! Munna! Brother, who is this angel? Hey sister Dulari, he is our Birju! Forget about the
villagers; even the animals of.. ..this village love him. Please forgive me, O God. Now if I will take
anyone else’s name after God.. ..then it will be Birju’s name! From last six months; that
dangerous criminal has escaped. I regret about this thing. That you all are
unsuccessful to trace him till today. But sir..
– I don’t want any explanations. Sir, it’s not so
easy to recognise him. Before running away;
the culprit had burnt.. ..all his photographs.
– I know that, officer. And I even know this very
well that the photograph we.. ..have got from his college file.. ..is not totally clear! And yes! What
happened about that sketch? The one which I had told you
all to meet his relatives.. ..and sketch it out? Sir, this is that sketch. Oh shucks! Ouch! Hey, don’t touch me!
You are very bad. Why did you tie me
up with this chain? I can’t even go anywhere. And more than that. I
can’t even touch this flower. You can definitely
touch this flower, Laxmi. Oh wow! Really!?
– Yes. I will untie your chain;
after that you touch it. – Yes. All right? So you have untied my chain!
You have untied my chain! I am so happy; you untied my chain! ‘Hey you! So will I press her feet?
– No’ ‘Hey, I will not press his feet’ ‘In fact; I will tie
a chain to your feet’ ‘For your lifetime! Understood?’ Greetings, Thakur.
– Greetings. Greetings, Thakur. Greetings, priest.
– Greetings, Thakur. Ramadin, if God wishes;
then just wait and watch. Our daughter will live very happily.
– Yes, yes, why not, sir? Dear Radha! Dear Radha!
– Yes, father? Hey dear, I am very happy today. Ask me why?
– Why, father? Hey, because I have
fixed my daughter’s marriage. And that to with whom? With Thakur of Rampur.. ..Mr. Gajendra Singh’s son
Mr. Narendra Singh. Why not? Why not?
After all she is your daughter! What’s the matter, dear? Are you unhappy with this proposal? My happiness lies in
your happiness, father. Where is Madhav, dear?
Go and call him too. Let me also tell him this good news! You scoundrel! I have told you to press my feet.
And not to stroke them. Don’t you have any strength or what? Press them properly. Hey, what are you staring at? Brother, father is calling you. All right, I am coming. Come on; go now. Bring my hookah!
Come on; get up. Oh shucks! What have you done this, madam? You have burnt your hand? You scoundrel! Rogue! So
you dared to touch my sister? So you touched my sister!? Now I won’t spare you alive. Sir.. You scoundrel! You touched my sister!
I will just kill you. Get up! You wretched slave! So you
dare to do such a thing! You touched the
daughter of our family? Get up! Get up, you scoundrel!
I won’t spare you now. You rogue! Today I will kill you. No brother! No brother!
– Hey, you move back. I said move aside! Leave..
– Hey Hariya, Ramu, Shankar.. Get hold of him! You scoundrel! You rogue! No! Move aside! Otherwise I
will even kill you today. I will give up my life, Sire. But I won’t allow you
to take anyone’s life. You lowlife! Beggar! So you will challenge me? The son of the chief
head of this village!? So you will fight with me!? Hey no! Please wait son!
Please stop! Dear, please stop. It’s enough!
It’s enough, dear. Hey, please forget it, Sire.
– No! I will cut him to pieces. Hey? Just because the whole
village sing you praises.. ..you will try to challenge me? Me!? Hey, what do you think? That these villagers will
make you the village chief? In the place of my father? If I don’t make these very
villagers throw you out of.. ..the village, then
don’t call me Madhav Singh! You scoundrel! You rogue!
Shucks! Shame on you! Let’s go..
– Since four days this is happening. What did the doctor tell you?
He doesn’t even give peace.. Oh God! I am done for! I am done
for! – Hey? Hey? Hey, what’s wrong? He is such a strange mad patient! I haven’t given him
any injection yet. And he screamed and ran away. I am not able to
understand that why don’t these.. ..villagers allow me to
administer the injection. Next! Greetings! Tolaram. Hey, what’s this misbehaviour? One says greetings, Siyaram. And you are saying,
greetings Tolaram. No! No! In fact I am greeting
you and saying my name Tolaram. I see! I see! So this is the matter. Okay tell me, what
problem do you have? I have a problem that is
kind of vulgar to describe. Show me your hand. Oh, oh! So you might be
having vomiting and diarrhea. Shut up! It’s the kids who
do the vomiting and diarrhea. Will I have vomiting and diarrhea? Then you might be
having a lot of shivering. Your body might be
shivering in such a way.. ..as if the separated tail
of the lizard. – Hey no! Why are you shaking the separated
tail? No such tail is shaking, pal. All right! All right then tell me;
what disease do you have? I am feeling shy, doctor. Oh yes! So you have some sexual disorder!
– Yes? Listen.. Hey, why are you
talking such vulgar things? Don’t you have any
mother or sisters at home? Listen.. Hey, I have.. I have everything. Please don’t talk
such a thing, doctor. Hey, then you only tell
me; what disease do you have? I am telling you. I have a problem at that place.
– Yes? In my eyes!
– I see! As soon as it is 12 o’clock.. ..then an X-ray machine
is installed in my eyes. And I see the person in
front of me totally naked. Oh! I see! I see! I see!
So you see everyone naked. – Yes. It’s a good joke!
It’s a very good joke! No, this is not a joke! What are you saying, doctor? This is my ancestral disease. Why are you searching in this book?
You won’t find it in your book. You will find it from me. Okay, fine. Tell me;
what happens to you? Hey doctor, I have a lot of trouble. As soon as it is 12 o’clock..
– Yes? Then the person who is
standing in front of me.. – Yes? Yes? – Then one by one
all his clothes disappear. Really!?
– Now take your example. If you stand in front
of me at 12 o’clock. Then this coat, this shirt, this
pants, everything will disappear. And I will see you
only in your underwear. That too only if you have worn it. Very good joke! A very good joke! I like it! I like it! Hey listen; brothers.
A new patient has arrived! He has an X-ray
installed in his eyes. He says that at 12
o’clock he sees everyone naked. Yes, naked! Oh shucks! Shame-shame! Hey, why are you looking down?
Look towards me. What should I look towards you? You are standing
wearing a torn underwear.. ..and you are telling
me to look towards you. Yes? Torn underwear!?
– What else? How did you come to know that
I am wearing torn underwear? Aren’t you wearing blue underwear
with green and yellow lining? Hey? Oh shucks! How did
he come to know about it? Didn’t I tell you a while ago?
– Hey you.. close your eyes. No! No! If I will close my eyes then
it will create a bigger problem. Then even the underwear
will disappear.. ..and I will see you full naked! Good grief! Then please hide
your eyes with your hands. If I will hide my
eyes with my hands.. ..then I will see the scene
behind that wall. – Really!? Yes. Shall I tell you?
– Yes. Hey, what happened? Shame-shame! God
forgive me! God forgive me! Doctor, do you have poison
along with you? – Yes, I have. Why?
– Then drink one glass immediately. No.. but what happened? Because on that side
your assistant is.. smack.. I see! I see! Hey?
So he is smooching.. ‘Your hands are so fair-fair!’ ‘Let me make you wear
the green-green bangles’ Hey? Hey you! I will
teach you a good lesson. You rogue! I won’t spare you now.
So you were flirting with my wife!? I was just.. Didn’t I tell you the right thing? You had said exactly
the right thing. This means you see all of us naked? Hey, I see you full naked. Oh shucks! Flee from here!
Flee from here! ‘God! What type of naked family
has my father given birth to?’ ‘One brother has the disease
of seeing everyone naked’ ‘While the other brother has the
disease of walking in his sleep’ Snore! Snore! She doesn’t allow me to
sleep the whole night. ‘She keeps on
snoring the whole night’ ‘As if there is some problem
with her respiratory system’ ‘Get lost!’ ‘God save me from such a wife!’ ‘She is a woman or
some trouble! Huh!’ Ouch! What are you doing,
Kalua’s father? ‘Now hear this! Along with
snoring she now has the.. ..disease of talking in her sleep’ ‘Hey, God save me from such a wife!’ Hey, please leave me, darling. I am not in a mood for it now. Hey, I will just
improve your mood now. Hey Bhola you!? So you
dare to do such a thing? Gracious me! It was Bhola! Oh, God! Where am I?
– Where are you? You are right here, you scoundrel. But within some time you’ll die! Hey, don’t spare, Kalua’s father?
– So you dare to do such a thing? Hey, don’t do such a thing!
I am very sick! Please leave me, brother. Hey, I won’t spare you today.
I beg in front of you. Hey, hey what is this!
– Please let me go.. Hey Kalua’s mother,
this rogue is giggling me. Hey, where are you fleeing away?
– Hey, don’t spare him today. Hey, I will not
spare you alive today. Hey, where are you running,
you scoundrel? Hey Datta! Why are
you thrashing my son? Hey Datta, why are you
thrashing the poor fellow? Hey let him beat him.
What difference does.. ..it make to you?
– Hey shut up! Brother.. Datta.. what
had he done after all? Hey Lala, what he had done?
– Yes. He has done this thing. That he was embracing my
wife again and again.. ..and kissing her.
– Kissing.. her!? This scoundrel! Hey, thank God
that I woke up from my sleep. Thank goodness! Otherwise I
wouldn’t have been able.. ..to confront anyone at
the village out of shame! I will teach him a good lesson.. Hey mother, in fact I
say that take a shoe.. ..fix a horseshoe in it and thrash
him black and blue. – Hey no! No! He will get us humiliated and
throw us out of the village. Hey Tole..
– What!? Tole!? Yes! The scene which you view daily
at 12 o’clock at the river bank.. Hey, that is my disease. Yes, you take the advantage
of your disease. With that does the respect
of the family is increased? Err.. I.. I don’t go anywhere.
– Hey, that day at 12 o’clock.. ..weren’t you
watching that Murli’s wife? Oh God! Shame on their father! Hey, even their father had
the sickness of these two. Before dying he divided
his disease between them. Now if he would have
divided the property. Then we wouldn’t have
been in this situation. Mother, why don’t
you get them married? They both will stop flirting. Now who will make them understand? They tell me that until they
don’t find their dream girls. Till then they won’t marry. ‘The earring fell down, O dear.. ..at the market of Bariely’ ‘It fell.. it fell.. it fell..
it fell.. it fell.’ Hey, where has the
earring fallen down? Both the earrings are present here. Oh shucks! Hey you!
– Yes? He was singing a song.
– Okay – What? Let’s go. – Hey, what did
I know that this is a song? Who are you all?
– O God! We are from the
drama company, brother. It is our profession to go to the
village and perform dance and sing. My name is Mutthu
Krishnan Swami Pillam Pillai. I play the harmonium, brother. My name is Ganpashen Gupta. I am a singer. I sing
very beautiful songs. Let me come to your village once. The whole village will go
mad after my songs. Yes! You all can’t enter this village.
– Why can’t we enter, brother? Because the outsiders are
forbidden to enter this village. Oh shucks! This is too much! You look worst than a sweeper too! And he considers
himself as the landlord. Let me also see to this! Just how
won’t he allow us to enter here? Come along with me.
– Yes. Hey? If anyone even takes one step
forward then I’ll break your legs. So will you break our legs?
My name is Bijli! On every graceful
dance gesture of mine.. ..several people are flabbergasted! And the one who gets me;
he is reduced to nothing. You are not so mind blowing; that.. ..you can arouse
this strong hearted man. Hey girlie, who are you
and why are you arguing? I think he is some
important person of the village. Sir, we are poor
people of the drama company. We told him to ride
us across the river. Then he proudly said
that he rules the village. And without his wish;
nothing can happen here. She is telling a lie, Sire. I had just told her
this much that outsiders.. ..are not allowed in this village. Who are you to take this decision? That who will come to our
village and who won’t come? Don’t forget that you are
only a servant of our village.. ..and nothing more! Understood? Move aside from the front. You please come with me. Please come. Be carefully. “She is a young unmarried girl!” “She is mind blowing beauty.” “She is a young unmarried girl!
– Yes! Yes! Yes!” “She is mind blowing beauty.
– Yes! Yes! Yes!” “She is a ravishing darling.
– Yes! Yes! Yes!” “She is dear to all of us.
– Yes! Yes! Yes!” “What a beauty! Oh wow!” “Wow! What a style of walking!” “She is just superb!” “She is incomparable!” “She is a young unmarried girl!
– Yes! Yes! Yes!” “She is mind blowing beauty.
– Yes! Yes! Yes!” “Constable! O constable,
you please file my report.” “Eight to ten guys
are harassing me.” “Eight to ten guys
are harassing me.” “O constable, you
please file my report.” “Eight to ten guys
are harassing me.” “Eight to ten guys
are harassing me.” “You all are a big fraud!” “Why are you all harassing me?” “The girl is alone; and
the lane is isolated.” “Why are you holding
and pulling her drape?” “I feel afraid!” “Hey, I feel afraid!” “Hey, I feel afraid and
my heart throbs so fast!” “Eight to ten guys
are harassing me.” “Eight to ten guys
are harassing me.” “I will make you wear the bangles.
– No! No! No!” “I will get the blouse
stitched for you. – No! No! No!” “I will order for the skirt!
– No! No! No!” “I will make you my bride!
– Hey, shove off!” “What hair! Oh wow!” “What cheeks! Oh wow” “From the time I have seen
her; I have lost my senses.” “She is a young unmarried girl!
– Yes! Yes! Yes!” “She is mind blowing beauty.
– Yes! Yes! Yes!” “O such fair youth and
this drenched body.” “Now my youth is not
under my control.” “I knew desire has
aroused in my heart.” “What type of effect
is this on my life?” “What should I do?” “Hey, what should I do?” “Hey, what should I do;
this eye flutters of mine!” “Eight to ten guys
are harassing me.” “Eight to ten guys
are harassing me.” “She has bathed at the river.
– Yes! Yes! Yes!” “She has come from the heaven.
– Yes! Yes! Yes!” “She is like an exotic dessert.
– Yes! Yes! Yes!” “She has entered my heart.” “She is a young unmarried girl!
– Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!” “She is mind blowing beauty.
– Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!” “She is like an exotic dessert.
– Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!” “She is a ravishing darling.
– Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!” Keep awake! Keep awake! Oh wow! Hey? This.. hey? Oh
my God! Good grief! Oh no! I am ruined!
– Yes? She is ruined!? Oh shucks! I am ruined! Oh God! Hey? Bijli is ruined! Bijli is ruined! She is ruined! Hey, who is ruined? Who is ruined?
– Who is ruined? Hey, who is ruined? Who is ruined? Bijli is ruined!
– What!? Hey, did you rape her
while walking in your sleep? No! I was awake the whole
night looking at her. – Yes? Did you rape her? No, I had gone to attend a
funeral of an eye doctor. Then who raped her?
– Come on; let’s go and ask her. Hey, what happened
to you? What happened? Hey shut up! I am ruined! But who ruined your
life; will you tell us that? Everyone ruined me.
– Oh shucks! Everyone ruined her? You!? – O God, hey when
did I ruin her life, brother? Even I didn’t ruin her life,
brother. Even I didn’t ruin her life.
– The question doesn’t arise at all! I am really very unfortunate! Here there was enjoying themselves. And I didn’t come to
know about it at all! Did the villagers ruin your life?
– No! My companions ruined me.
– But what did they ruin? Hey, they looted all my money. So they looted your money!? Hey, to hell with you,
you scoundrel! Oh sorry! Where.. where is
my brother? – I am here. They robbed the savings of
my whole lifetime. Oh mother! Hey, what are you doing? Sister, now where
should I search for them? I don’t have anyone in this world.
Where should I go now? And where should I live?
– You come to our house. We have a lot of place in our house.
– Yes, we have a lot of place. Really?
– Hey, no. No, actually the
space behind our well.. Dear, from today you
will live at our village. And all these villagers
will build a house for you. Yes! Yes! Of course, yes. Hey? Do the work. Oh! You all are taking so
much trouble for my sake. Hey, there is no trouble
at all, my darling queen! Just give me one hint. I swear I will give up
my life for you. Yes! No! No! Don’t do such a thing. If you will give up your
life; then instead of my house. We’ll have to dig
your grave. I swear! ‘O what’s the use of a
door at my brother’s room?’ ‘Yes, at my brother’s room.’ Hey, can’t you see or what? Then stand carefully;
it is falling down. Hey, whose door have you brought? I have uprooted the door of my
brother’s room. Good grief! But why? Actually he has the habit of
walking in his sleep. – Yes. So he gets up at midnight;
dash with the door and.. ..starts licking the ground.
– Oh God! One day he dashed in such a
manner that his face went flat. We didn’t come to know that
where are his mouth, eye and nose. That’s why I uprooted it.
– You have done a good thing. Shall I bring the roof top also?
– Oh, no, no. Then at least give me some work. Hey, now what work
should I give you know. ‘Hey, bring your cot
nearer; I am feeling cold. Hey, whose cot did you bring?
– This cot!? It’s my brother’s cot! Then he? Hey? Then
where will he sleep? Who? My brother?
Hey, when does he sleep? The whole night he keeps
a watch outside my room. Because I have the
disease of walking in my sleep. I see! So this is the matter!
– What else? The cot was lying empty.
Mother was telling me to sell it. I used to say that let it be!
When my brother will die.. ..then it will come to use for
taking him to the graveyard. But now you have arrived. So I thought that until brother
is taken to the graveyard on it. It will be useful to you. That’s why I had.. – So you will
take me to the grave yard? Yes? Hey, you and here!?
– You scoundrel! You rogue! So you will take me
to the graveyard? Yes? Hey you! Oh shucks! Hey Lala, from where did you
come to get thrashed by the shoe? Hey you brat Tole..
– Hey, please forgive me. Did the shoe hit you mildly? No!
– Where are you going alone? Not alone! I have brought an army! An army!
– And where is this army going? To thrash their
respective husbands! – What!? It’s better that I am not married. Come! Come! Thrash them
a lot! Don’t spare them! Now only a little work is
remaining to be done, Bijli. Yes! Here Bijli’s
house is being built. And there is told you to wash
the latrine; then you refused. Just wait! I will get
the house made just now. Hey, what are you doing? Hey, I will just get the
house built. Come on. Come on. Hey come on. Hey Lala, don’t you have
any work to do? Hey, thrash him black
and blue! Hit them! Yes, thrash them.
– Hey, what have you done this? You have made them flee away.
Now who will build my house? Here you talk about
building your house. And someone there is
thinking about settling your life. Who?
– Thakur Madhav Singh. Yes? – Hey, he will keep you
like a queen! Like a queen! Look at this! He has
sent 1000 rupees for you. Take them.. or the night. Lala! Go and tell your Thakur. Bijli is a dancer and a singer. And not a prostitute! Understood!? Hey, I have seen several
cheap girls like you.. You lowlife..
– You scoundrel! You rogue! Help! Help! Hey, I
am done for! Help me! Someone save me! Ouch! Oh shucks! One shouldn’t chain the
sea and a beauty, Lala. This wretched girl hits a lot! Sir, if you listen to my advice. Then do whatever you
want to do; just like that. Really!?
– Yes. Hey! Let me also see that
how much vigour she has! Hey you! Untie her! Hey, didn’t I tell you to
do everything keeping her.. ..in the same position. Oh! You are very beautiful! Wow! Ouch! After today even you will remember! That you had met a brave man! The ones who take the help
of others to rape a girl. They are not brave men, Sire. Leave the girl. Thakur, leave the girl, Thakur. Thakur! Thakur, please leave the girl, Thakur.
– Please leave.. Thakur, leave the girl, Thakur. Thakur, leave the girl, Thakur. Thakur, leave the girl. Thakur, leave the girl. Thakur! Your father has done
many favours to me. That’s why I am
making you understand. Leave the girl. Thakur! You manner less fellow! If not about your own self;
then at least you should.. ..have thought about
your father’s honour. The people will tell this only
that the girl whom a father.. ..has given support; the son
cast an evil eye on that girl. You have reduced the respect
of your ancestors to nothing. Hey! Untie the ropes. Dear, I ask you the
forgiveness on the behalf.. ..of my treacherous son! Dear Birju.. ..take her to her house safely. If you listen to me; then
junior Thakur is at no fault! It’s this evil girl who is at fault! She has influenced
all the men of village. You are right, aunt. From the time Bijli
has come to our village. My husband is least
bothered to come to me. Hey, what should I tell
you about my husband, sister? I keep on sighing the whole night. But neither that
wretched fellow talks anything.. ..nor does he looks towards me. He just turns his back
towards me and sleeps. Yes! Hey, she has created a
fight among my Bhola and Tola. The whole day they keep on
arguing taking her name. I am fed up! Aunt, now we will
definitely have to do something.. ..about that evil lady.
– Yes. Huh! Look at this! We just mentioned her name
and she is present here! Hey, I looked much more
beautiful than her in my youth. Shall I ask you one thing, sister? Yes, ask me. Please tell me
something about Birju. What do you want to know? This only.. that who is he?
And from where he has come? And.. why has he come? Have you started
liking Birju or what? Yes! Think something just like that. Huh! Birju is not so compassionate. He is a stone-hearted fellow! Yes! Huh! If this beauty is converted
into burning desires of love. Then forget about human beings! Even a stone-hearted man is
aroused! Yes! – Hey, I bet! He won’t get impressed by you. And if he gets trapped by me.. ..then you all will give me
all the information about him. And what if he is not trapped? Then I’ll do whatever you say! Hundred percent!?
– Hundred percent! I see! Birju, today I have decided
to give my life to someone. Yes? And I think you have
decided to take someone’s life. Firstly you never look towards me. And when you see; then
you give such a fiery look! I think you have some
old relationship with fire! I see! Hey, at least listen to me. Why are you harassing me? After all what do you want? I want your love. The game of love is
very dangerous, Bijli. Sometimes the lover himself is hurt. Hey, what about feeling hurt? If you will show such
ignorance towards me.. ..then I will definitely die! Yes! As soon as I come near to
you; I suddenly get aroused. Kiss me and satiate, Birju. “Come on; embrace me, O darling.” “Come on; embrace me, O darling.” “A sweet desire arouses, O darling.” “Please come; O my beloved.” “I am feeling
desperate without you.” “I keep on counting the
days of your arrival.” “Come on; embrace me, O darling.” “A sweet desire arouses, O darling.” “My eyes are intoxicating.” “My lips are very inviting.” “At least give me a look.” “O my adorable darling!” “The beauty of my youth.” “Such arousing desires.” “Now they are no
more under my control.” “Now, oh sweetheart.” “What type of sensation is this?” “What type of effect
is it having on me?” “I spent the whole
night keeping awake.” “Come on; embrace me, O darling.” “A sweet desire arouses, O darling.” “O someone says it’s here.” “Someone says it’s there.” “You tell me, my
stone-hearted lover.” “That where actually
I have the pain? – Gracious me!” “What should I tell
you my condition?” “How should I make you understand?” “O beloved, I hope
I don’t die suffering so much!” “What type of desire
has been aroused?” “My whole body is
burning with passion.” “I won’t be able to
survive with you.” “Come on; embrace me, O darling.” “A sweet desire arouses, O darling.” So this babe had
gone to impress Birju! Now you are entrapped
in our trap yourself. Listen Bijli,
you have lost the bet. Now you will have to
do whatever we say. Yes! What will I have to do? You will have to tie a
Rakhi to all the males.. ..on the day of Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi!?
– Yes! And one day all those brothers will
get you married to some good lads. Hey, it’s 12 o’clock, Lala. Mrs. Lala will get
tired waiting for you. How much more will
you make her wait? Hey, let her get a little desperate!
Let her suffer the sweet pain! They say that one should eat a
hot sweet after cooling it down. Otherwise the tongue gets burned. Hey Mr. Lala, we
have heard a lot of.. ..praises about your wife.
– Yes. – Yes. They say that no female is so
beautiful in seven villages. Yes! Yes! Hey, please praise her
beauty a little, Lala. Hey brother, now what
should I praise about her? I am a man from a
respectable family. – Sure. In our family before
marriage the bride and the groom.. ..don’t even see each
other’s face before marriage. But I have heard that she
is very beautiful after all! ‘O God! He is such a
handsome and strong young man!’ ‘Today I will enjoy myself a lot’ Greetings! Ouch! Hey, what are you doing in my house? Hey, what are you doing in my house? Oh shucks! Hey get up! Hey, what are you doing in my house? Hey you!?
– O God! I.. where am I?
– Where are you? Yes? – Hey, after ruining
my life you are telling me.. ..that where are you? Help! Save me! O God! You naive, don’t
dare to hit my husband! Hey? So you call me a naive? Yes, you are naive!
Your father is a naive! And your whole family is lame
and crippled! Thrash him! Yes thrash him!
– Thrash him more! Take this! Take this!
– Oh I am killed! So you dared to hit my husband.
– I’m killed! I will break your other leg too.
– Help! Save me! I will teach you a good lesson. Hey leave him! Hey leave him! Hey daughter-in-law, don’t you feel
ashamed of hitting your husband? If he is my husband
then who is he.. ..who was celebrating
the first night with me? Oh shucks! He is Bhola!! Hey thrash him! Thrash him! Catch him! Catch hold of him! He shouldn’t escape!
Catch him! Catch him! Hey save me! Help me! Hey please save me!
Help me, Tola. Help me. Please save me,
they are thrashing me. Hey Mr. Data, they are thrashing me. Hey catch him!
He shouldn’t run away! Hey, calm down! Calm down! Why are you thrashing him? Hey, what difference does
it make to you.. ..if they are thrashing him?
– Yes. Hey, it makes a difference to
both of us; they are hitting me. Hey, it’s good they
are thrashing you. Hey, what are you looking at?
Thrash him! Thrash that scoundrel! Hey, but why to beat him?
What has happened after all? Will you tell me something?
– Hey, if we won’t thrash him.. ..then shall we worship him? This wretched fellow was sleeping
with my newly wedded bride! – What!? Hey, shut up!
– This is a very bad thing. Hey, I will thrash
him black and blue. Hey, you just keep on bragging. You never thrash him.
– Hey, move aside from front. That day you were making a
lot of fun about me, Lala. That Bhola is sick!
He is sick! Didn’t you? You were supporting
him a lot, weren’t you? Then why are you
getting so angry today, Lala? Hey, why won’t he get angry? Does a man marry everyday?
– No. Is the wedding night
celebrated every night? – No. Who got married?
– I did! Who spent the money?
– I did! And who was celebrating the
wedding night? – This scoundrel! Does he have the right to do
everything? That too for free? Tell me? – Hey brother,
actually I reached on time. Otherwise he might have celebrated
the first night with my wife. That too without me.
– Hey, he is a big flirt! Every night he sleeps with
someone’s wife or other. Today thrash him
and kill him forever. Yes, if today I don’t
break his hands and legs. Then don’t call me a brave son! Come on!
– Attack! Come on! – Thrash him!
Beat him! Kill him! – No Lala. Hey brother, only 24 hours
are left for the marriage.. ..procession to arrive.
Hurry up! Work faster! Where has Kishen gone? Hey Mr. Lala..
– Yes, Thakur? Mr. Lala, nothing should
lack in the welcome and.. ..respect of the groom’s party. After all it is the marriage of
Thakur Madan Singh’s only daughter. Of my darling daughter! Leave me! I said leave me! I say leave me.
– Leave her. Move aside from our way.
We have decided to die. Mr. Thakur, this is the
precious diamond studded necklace. It will suit dear Radha a lot! Dear Madhav, go and call dear Radha. Let’s see how this necklace
looks on my darling daughter! Yes, father. Did you fell in love with
her just for this reason? That one day you should push
her in the well and kill her. Hey, if you have
supported her like a brave man. Then face the life also like
a brave man. It’s a shame! After all.. after
all what do you want? I just want this much that you
both elope from here during.. ..night and get married. Radha! Radha! Radha!? Hariya! Shankar! In brother Birju’s presence; it is
very difficult to cross the river. I will get rid of
this Birju very easily. You both cross the river. Who’s there? Who’s there? It seems that both of
them have crossed the river. Birju’s boat is
also not present here. This means Birju only is responsible
in making both of them run away. We gave you shelter in our village. And you deceived us. Because of you we won’t be
able to confront anyone. I will be humiliated
in the whole society. Mr. Thakur, I am defender of
the respect of this village. And not the one who ruins it. And I promise you; that if
I am not able to bring those.. ..two in front of you
by tomorrow morning.. ..then I’ll behead myself.. ..and decorate it on the
wall of your mansion. Brother Birju! In spite of your presence;
how did sister Radha elope? I won’t spare anyone of you alive..
– Wait, Sire! I have fulfilled my promise. Now ask them that who
helped them to elope? What’s there to ask anything now? This scoundrel Kishen
has humiliated our respect. Kill this evil man. Thakur! If anyone
tries to harm them. Then I swear by my mother.. ..I will thrash everyone black
and blue at the mansion. Hey you scoundrel! After all what do you want? Their marriage! The other customs and
rituals were over at the temple. Only the sacred rounds
were left to be done. Come on priest, recite the mantras. Come Kishen!
– This can never happen! The daughter of an affluent
family can never get married.. ..to a low caste ordinary servant! The high caste people can
never have relationship.. ..with the low caste ones! It can be possible, Mr. Thakur. It can be possible! Just forget about your high
status once; and ask your daughter. That how much she loves Kishen. Believe me! She will confess
the true feelings of her heart! Who are you to interfere
in our personal matters? I am telling you that go
away silently from here. Hey girl.. hey? This
is our personal matter. No one will interfere in middle. You get lost from here.
Just go away. Hey girlie, don’t tie the knot. No marriage will be performed here. This is the matter of love, Sire. If it is solved with love
and affection; it’s better. First I will deal with you! I am telling that stop the
marriage, you scoundrel. Priest, recite the mantras. Keep on reciting
the mantras, priest. Move back, Kishen! I won’t allow this
marriage to be solemnised. Come Sire. Come and bless
the bride and the groom. Sire! Your father
has a heart attack! Father!
– Father! His treatment can’t be done here. He will have to be
taken to the city. I will make the
arrangements right now. Doctor..
– Yes? The city is very far from here. There is a danger
in taking him there. You do his treatment right here. Sorry, I can’t take a risk!
He’s got a serious attack. No doctor, this is
not a serious attack! Am I the doctor or you? What do you know about a
heart attack? You country brute! You are trying to teach
me about medical practice? Yes, I can teach you about
major and minor cardiac problems. But right now I don’t want to
waste time. So just to do this much. Only injections
Morphine and Patlae are given. And for your kind information;
these two injections are available. At every general and
municipal hospitals. Understand? This is that morphine injection,
you stupid doctor! You wretched ones give
bribe and become doctors!? Don’t worry.
– Brother Birju! He will gain
consciousness after some time. Okay? Bijli! Bijli! Dear Bijli!
Bijli! Bijli! I will bring her
here as my bride, Bijli. I will bring her
here as my wife, Bijli! Tolaram!
– What is it? I have told you several times. And today I am telling
you for the last time. And I am telling you
for the final time. That move aside from my way. Hey, what a way do you have? You walk on any path while
walking in your sleep. What path do you have, idiot? The way to Bijli! Bijli!? What do you have
to do with Bijli, stupid? Hey, she is the queen of heart! An apple of my eye!
The peace of my mind! The coolness of my stomach! My..
– It’s enough! What is this, you idiot? How many times I have warned you
to gargle before taking her name? Otherwise her name gets dirty. And when she comes in front of you
then spread yourself like a carpet. After all; she is your
future sister-in-law. She is not my future sister-in-law.
She is your future sister-in-law! Didn’t you see that? She looks
towards me with so much love! So what happened? Ever sister-in-law looks towards
her brother-in-law with love. What!? So today the
decision will definitely be taken! That whose sister-in-law is
she; and whose wife is she! I agree to it! Come on!
– Let’s go! Are you fighting
with a sword or a broom? I will cut it off! I will cut it off!
– Then cut it off! Yes, I will cut it off. Okay, cut off my neck with the
sharpness of your broom. Then you won’t be able to
eradicate my desires from my heart. Bijli belonged to me in past. Don’t move forward.
– Bijli belongs to me at present. Don’t move forward.
– Bijli will always belong to me. Don’t move forward.
– Hey, shove off! Hey, what happened?
Why are you creating a scene? Hey? Hey why do you
keep on fighting everyday? Hey? get off my neck. Leave! Get off his neck! Hey, you are the
elder one. At least you leave it. ‘Swami, do you see this?
Did you see that?’ ‘That how your worthless
sons are fighting like beasts!’ Oh God! – He is not God;
he is Bijli’s brother! Just look, how he is staring! Hey, what kind of man you are?
– You threw so much turmeric! It’s good that my
clothes aren’t spoilt! It didn’t scatter me, did it?
– No. Bijli’s younger brother!? Now look
at this! Bijli’s yellow brother! What is it? What is it? Whom do you call a brother? Hey, why are you tearing
off each other’s clothes? I had just stitched the new ones. Oh God! What should I
do about these children? Hey Bijli, so you have come!
Welcome, please come in. Come, come. Even
you all come inside. Hey, just look at Tola and Bhola! Brother Bhola!
– Hey, she is calling you? Come.
– Lets go. Brother Bhola, I have
come to tie a Rakhi to you. Hey, forward your hand now. Hey? Where is brother Tola gone?
– Hey Tola!? Hey, he might be gone this side. Go; catch him and bring him also here.
– Yes, tie a Rakhi to him too. Hey wait! Just listen..
I am seriously ill! And I am very disturbed! Hey, please don’t do that!
Hey listen.. oh no! Yes!
– Oh my! Hey, why did you all
tie so many Rakhis? From today all
these are your sisters! All these will do,
but not this Bijli! Even Bijli has become
your sister! Understood? Hey, why are you twisting my ear?
– Don’t you feel ashamed? Come on; we’ll go and
settle in some other village. Shut up! You keep on
blabbering something. Come on; let’s go. We have to go to
other houses too. – Yes, let’s go. Hey, be careful! Don’t
tie Rakhi to your husband! Today you are looking very happy!
– Yes pal. Just look; today my
sister has tied a Rakhi to me. I don’t have any sister at all!
– Hey wait! Wait! Please wait! Hey, why did you interrupt us?
What work do you have? Hey because we want to
tie a Rakhi to all of you. Who will tie a Rakhi to us?
– I will tie it. Oh God! Good grief!
Flee from here! Hey, catch hold of them!
Catch them. Hey, why are you running, brother? A very dreadful thing has happened!
– What dreadful thing has happened. Hey, she is tying a Rakhi to everyone.
– Who? Hey that Bijli! – Hey, this is
really a very dreadful thing! Hey run from here! Flee from here! Catch them! Get hold of them! Hey O Bijli! O Bijli! Tie a Rakhi to him too
and make him your brother! Yes! Tie him! Tie him! Oh no, we are done for!
We are ruined! – Birju! Birju! Come here, please come. What’s the matter, mother? Hey come on; I have some very
important work with you. At least you come with
me first. Bijli.. – Yes? Hey, just tie a Rakhi to him too. Yes, yes, I am tying it. Hey, come on; tie it to him.
Why are you making the delay? Why aren’t you
tying a Rakhi to Birju? Who is he of yours? – Yes? What
relationship do you have with him? “O girlie! O fair lass!” “Hey, at least tell us
this much; please don’t hide.” What relationship do you
have with that crazy man? Yes, what relationship do
you have with that crazy man? O Girlie! O fair lass! Hey, at least tell us
this much; please don’t hide. What relationship do you
have with that crazy man? Yes, what relationship do
you have with that crazy man? Now what should I tell you?
How should I tell you? Just how should I
reveal this secret to you? Hey, how can I tell you
that; I am feeling very shy! Even my eyelids
droop with shyness. O girlie! O my beloved! My darling! I have adverted my youth to you. Even my eyelids
droop with shyness. I have written a love story. Get lost; you mad girl.
Don’t ever follow me. I won’t be influenced by your talks.
I won’t lose my life knowingly. Hey get lost! Just get lost! Instead of falling in love
with you; it’s better that I die! O crazy girl. O girlie! Hey, how will you
escape you, crazy girl? He will trap you in his arms. Yes, he will clasp you in his arms.
– Oh shucks! I will panic first;
make him desperate. And then I will embrace him.
I will die in his love. I will definitely get
his love and show you all. O I will definitely get
his love and show you. O girlie This girl is a crazy mad lover! After all who will
make her understand? The love story she has!
– No one will ever understand it. If she will go on
the path of love. Then she will face
a lot of trouble. If she won’t pay heed
to our advice. Then she will repent in the end. Just how should I
make you understand? What is my helplessness? My life is very lifeless! And your dreams are full of life. I will shower a lot of happiness on
you. I will take all your sorrows. I will just sing in your love. And I will become
your devoted lover. O my prince charming!
Now don’t go away. I have come only for you. And my beloved;
this life of mine is only for you! O girlie! O fair lass! O girlie! O girlie! Come on; take this
water and gargle now. Come on; let’s go. Take this, Laxmi. Eat food. I don’t want to eat food. If you won’t eat food; then
this flower will wither away. That has already withered away! Don’t weep! If you will eat
food then a new flower will bloom. A small, cute little one! Just like you!
– Really! Yes! I feel a lot like
eating sour things. Will you bring raw mangoes for me?
– I will just bring them. Oh you are very bad! Laxmi, my name is Bijli. Will you tell me something? What is your
relationship with Birju? Who is he of yours? Yes? I enjoyed it! I enjoyed it!
I enjoyed it! I enjoyed it! Oh God! I think this girl is mad! You are very sweet! Yes! All right. Tell me something. Why does Birju hide
you from everyone? Who!? The one who has gone to
bring raw mangoes for you! The raw mangoes! – Yes. – Will
you feed me the raw mangoes? ‘O God! Now how should I
inquire from her that who is she?’ Tell me; will you
feed me the raw mangoes? There is one way out. Okay, so will you pluck
the raw mangoes yourself? Yes, yes, I will pluck them. All right, then come. Let’s go. Come on. Come on. Wow! Just look; there are
so many raw mangoes here. O God! Shall I
pluck the raw mangoes? Shall I pluck them?
– No! They are hanging very high. I will pluck them.
– Hey, that one! This one? This one?
– Yes. Yes. Oh God! Oh wow! Err.. now.. now this one! Laxmi! Laxmi! Laxmi! Laxmi! Catch us! Catch us!
Come on, catch us! Yeah! Hey please catch me!
Come on; catch me. Shall I also play with you all? Hey mad girl!
A mad girl! A mad girl! He is mad! He is mad!
Even he is mad! I haven’t seen her
at the village before. Even I haven’t ever
seen her, brother. I don’t know from
where she has come. – Yes. She is a strange girl.
Just look at her. Hey, she really looks mad!
Where has she come from.. She is a mad girl!
She is a mad girl! What are you doing? She is
a very strange mad girl. Hey mad girl! Mad girl!
Mad girl! Mad girl! Hey children, move back.
– Get lost from here. O God! It’s her last month,
she’s about to give birth. – O God! Aunt, she is an unmarried girl.
– She is an unmarried girl!? Oh yes! There is no
vermillion applied on her forehead. And she is
expecting a child!? O God! Hey? Hey, my walking stick!
Hey, what kind of girl is she? Hey, give it back to me.
– Hey, please bring my stick back to me. Hey, she is not wearing any
‘Mangalsutra’ around her neck too. Hey, she is an evil
doer; a sinner! Thrash her! Thrash her! Thrash her! What are you saying?
– Hey, get lost! Hit her!
– Yes hit her. Where did you come in between? Move! I beg in front of you. Don’t hit! Thrash her! Hey, she is a mad girl! Hit her! Why are you all thrashing her? Brother Birju, do
you know him or what? Hey, what will he tell you? I will tell you that. The woman that doesn’t have
vermilion and’ Mangalsutra’ on her.. Who else she can be
other than his keep? You scoundrel, she is my sister.
She is my real sister! Understood? You are no form of God! That her sins will be wiped
out just by being your sister. If you want to save yourselves from
the chastisement of the family God.. ..then kill this sinner just now.
– Yes! Yes! Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!
Kill her just now! Or tell this man to leave the
village immediately forever. Yes! He should leave the village. All right. Please
give me some days time. I promise you all. That after that I will leave
this village forever and ever. Come Laxmi, come my sister. Hey waiter, give me a quarter.
Give me soon. Will you eat something or.. Who says that after drinking.. Get up! Get up soon Get up, get up soon! Just get up! Who are you? So you didn’t recognise me?
– No! No!?
– No! You are the one who
don’t remember anything. And I am the one who
hasn’t forgotten anything. It’s you who had sold off
an innocent girl.. ..for the amount of 100,000 rupees. And you did so many
atrocities and cruelties to her. And I am the one! Who used to suffer with
the feelings of helplessness! Remember you oldie, try
to remember that flames! That fire! Recollect your
every misdeed and every sin! Raju!?
– Oh yes! So you remembered it! So
you remembered it, Jagpal. Raju! Raju! Did you remember it?
– Yes! Where is Suryadev Singh? He might be present at the police
station. – He is not present there. Then he might be present at his home.
– He is not present there too. Then.. I don’t know about it.
– Tell me. I really don’t know, dear.
– Hey, now tell me. I don’t know where
is Mr. Suryadev Singh? I know that you won’t
tell me the truth, Jagpal. I know that. Because.. ..because I don’t have so much
strength in my hands.. ..that I can make
you confess the truth. Yes Jagpal, I hate.. I
hate these hands of mine! These hands these hands were not able
to get the love of my dear ones! These hands couldn’t get
justice for my dear ones. These hands were not able to strangle
yours and Suryadev Singh’s neck! I.. I hate these hands of mine! Look Jagpal, that how today
I will cut this hand of mine.. ..with my own hand. No Raju!
– Just look at it, Jagpal No Raju!
– Just look, now I will cut my hand. No, Raju! – Hey, just look!
Just look! Just look!!! Can we know that from where
are you coming at present? How will a culprit himself
say; that he is coming after.. ..committing a murder? Who has told you that I am
coming after committing a murder? I have told them. Inspector Barkha Sharma! Just now I have received
the information from the.. ..headquarters that
Jagpal has been murdered. This is the same axe, isn’t it? With which you murdered Jagpal? Will you still say that
you are not a murderer? Yes! I am a murderer! I have committed a murder! And until I won’t kill one
more sinner and take my revenge. I won’t rest in peace! I am not a criminal. In fact to fulfill the dream
of my late parents.. ..I wanted to become a doctor. My sister whom the people hit
with stones addressing.. ..her as an evildoer and a sinner. She was not a
lifeless girl like today. In fact, she was a smiling,
cheerful and a girl full of life! I used to forget all
my sorrows and troubles. When she used to address
me as a brother with love. ‘Brother! Brother Raju..
– Hey, what is it?’ ‘Come on drink the milk. I am
getting late to go to college’ ‘No I don’t want to drink milk’
– ‘Brother, please drink the milk’ ‘Why do you insist on me
drinking the milk everyday? ‘You need it more than me’ ‘You study; you do all the household
work’ ‘But you go to the college’ ‘And yes! The milk in this house is
not brought for me’ ‘But for you’ ‘And you study so hard with
those books from medical college’ ‘You give tuitions at the evening’ ‘And do a part time job at night’ ‘You need it more than me’ ‘All right; do one thing’ ‘You drink half of the milk
and I will drink the other half’ ‘You will have to
drink all the milk’ Do are you drinking it
silently or shall I give you a slap?’ Hey, no.. no.. please
don’t cry, don’t cry’ ‘Drink it! Drink it! Drink more of it’ You have drunk all of it?’
– ‘What else could I have done?’ ‘You had scared me so much!’
‘After all I am your younger sister’ ‘That’s why you scold me so much’ ‘Let sister-in-law
arrive here once. – So?’ ‘Then you wait and watch!
– What?’ ‘That just how will you
obey her orders? – I?’ ‘You will become your wife’s slave’ ‘Me? So will I do slavery?’ ‘You will definitely do that’ ‘She will call the day as
night; and you will call it night’ Hey, we’ll see! We’ll see!’ ‘We’ll see!?
– Yes!’ ‘Hey, I can see
everything clearly now itself’ ‘You are sweeping the
floor; washing the utensils’ ‘What did you say?
– No! No!’ ‘You brat! You brat!’ ‘So I will do the
sweeping and cleaning?’ ‘Hey, where did she go away?’ ‘Hey, not only sweeping
and cleaning’ ‘You will even cook
food day and night’ ‘Hey, I will twist your ears
in such a manner. Laxmi!!’ ‘Hey wait! Wait Laxmi!
– No brother! No! Laxmi!’ ‘And you will even
press her feet at night’ Yeah! So what were you saying?
That I will press her feet?’ ‘Hey, I won’t press her feet’ ‘I will tie a chain at your feet.
– No. No!’ ‘For all your lifetime. Understood?’ ‘Yes? So tell me now’
‘Who will become whose slave?’ ‘She will do my slavery or
I’ll do her slavery? Yes?’ ‘Brother..
– Yes?’ ‘College!
– Yes?’ ‘It’s ten o’clock!
– Oh college!’ ‘You slave of your wife!
– Hey you.’ ‘No! – So she calls me
a slave of my wife’ ‘Me and a slave of my wife!?’ ‘Now look at this! No one is
able see properly nowadays’ ‘Oh shucks! All my
books are spoiled’ ‘But thank goodness! It’s better
that they are saved from the water’ ‘Yes? A girl here.’ Parul, you and here? ‘It’s getting late
to go to the college’ ‘Hey Dolly..
– Yes, Bobby’ ‘Just look there. How is she?’ ‘She is a beauty!
– Shall I harass her?’ ‘Yes! Tease her!’ ‘I like such angry and
beautiful girls very much’ ‘Please come, darling’ You idiot! So you dare
to harass my sister?’ ‘A poor guy’s sister is born
to be harassed, you scoundrel!’ ‘You are a bad man!’ ‘Yeah! I am a bad man!’ ‘Shame on him! Bobby is
such a treacherous man’ ‘He whistled at the sister
and thrashed the brother’ ‘He thinks that all the girls
of the college belong to him’ ‘If only someone would
have taught him a lesson’ ‘Where are you lost, friend?’ ‘Don’t you want to
deposit your fees?’ ‘Yes, I want to deposit them’ ‘Fees! Fees! Fees!’ ‘Did your father leave
back some treasure and died?’ ‘That is should pay for your
fees for my whole lifetime?’ ‘Why do you taunt us about our
father on everything, uncle?’ ‘Don’t forget that he
had left a bungalow.. ..and millions of
rupees before dying’ ‘And all that you have wasted in
drinking liquor and gambling’ ‘What did you say?’ ‘I waste the money?
I am a spendthrift?’ ‘You scoundrel! From
today you won’t study’ ‘Go and search for some job for
yourself. Just get lost from here’ ‘Please don’t do such
an atrocity, uncle’ ‘If he will leave his studies;
then his whole life will be ruined’ ‘Really!? If you love
your brother so much.. ..then why don’t you take up a job?’ You don’t cry, sister. To hell with these studies! I will do a job, sister.
Not for me; but for you! To.. to take you out of this
hell; I will do a job, sister. Why are you weeping so much? Here, take the money. And go and deposit
it at your college. Why are so afraid of me? You are wearing the ring of my name. Hey you are my future-wife! If you will get so scared then how
will you celebrate the wedding night? Hey welcome, welcome; son-in-law! Why are you standing? Please have a
seat. – I have not come here to sit. I have come here to inform you that
I am going to my village for a week. And as soon as I return back
from the village; I will marry her. Hey, you have already made
her wear the engagement ring. Now wait for some more
time for the marriage. The elders and the old ones say
that patience is very rewarding! Hey you scoundrel,
come here! Who whistled? I didn’t whistle!
– Who made the whistling sound? I didn’t whistle.
– I will just kill you. Tell me. Come here!
– No! No! I didn’t whistle. I whistled at her! And for this; you
should be grateful to me. Because what such thing
does your sister possesses? That someone may
look at her and whistle? You scoundrel! You
dare to do such a thing? You humiliate my sister
in front of all of them? Yes! Yes! Only the sisters of
you rich men are respectable! Because the sisters of poor
people are low class girls. Anyone can humiliate
them whenever they wish! You scoundrel! So you are
comparing my sister with.. ..these cheap girls? Hey, what the hell will
your sister be equal to them? Hey for these poor girls;
their respect only is their God. But the sisters of
rich ones like you. Hey, everyone knows
about them. Everyone knows! They flirt with so many guys. They have so many illicit
relationships.. ..and pose themselves
as innocent ones. Understood?
– You bastard! Leave him! Leave him! I said; leave him! Leave him! No Gulle, No! You don’t touch him. No Shankar, No! Don’t touch him. I am more than enough for him! Sir, sir! Sir, please save me. Just look; he is
coming to thrash me, sir. Sir, just look he is
coming to thrash me, sir. Sir, please save me, sir.
Sir, just look. You used to harass my daughter,
didn’t you? – No sir, not me, sir. You only used to whistle
at her, didn’t you? No sir, I didn’t do anything. Now for God’s sake
allow me to do my work. And allow him to do his work.
– Hey no, sir. Sir! Shall I tell you something? Yes? Now what should I tell you?
I don’t even know your name. Parul, you don’t think that.. ..I will have sympathy towards you
after hearing this story of yours. I don’t have sympathy
towards you. I am in love. When I saw you for the first
time; I felt at that time only. That you only are my life! You only are my love! And if even you love
me; then tell me, Parul. Will you marry me? “You are present in my eyes.
You are present in my breathings.” “You are my life.” “You are near to me.
You are my destiny.” You are my worship. This is the first love. This is the consent of loyalty. You are all my happiness.
O beloved! O beloved! Please don’t scatter your
silky hair in this manner. Please don’t increase the
desperation of this heart more. O darling, why do my
eyelids droop with shyness? Why can’t I express you
the feelings of my heart? This is only the
way of expression. It is the
intoxication of the lovers. You are my unawareness!
O beloved! O beloved! What condition has
my love made of mine? How should I tell you my
condition, O heartless lover? O’why do the desires of getting
your love keeps on increasing? Why don’t I get peace
now even for a minute? The serenity only lies here. There is spring season
even in the barren one. You are my love of life.
O beloved! O beloved! You are present in my eyes. You are present in my breathings. You are my life. You are near to me. You are my destiny. You are my worship. This is the first love. This is the consent of loyalty. You are all my happiness.
O beloved! O beloved! Hey, what drama do you
keep on doing? Come on now. Waiter! Oye waiter!
– Yes, sir! Have the hotel authorities
given you this pant or.. ..have you borrowed it from someone? Yes? Tell me. Please don’t kick me, sir. Hey, you are a poor man. You get yourself used
to getting kicked. Yes! Hey pal, what might
be his salary? Yes? Well, around 1000 rupees per month.
– That’s it? If he wants then he can earn
1000 rupees in just one day. Yes! But what will he have to do? Every night he will have to
leave his sister at my house. And take her back in
the morning. That’s it! That’s all! Take this, the advance! 1000 rupees. If they are less, then tell me.
I’ll give a thousand more. If it is not enough then
tell me! I’ll give you one more. Hey, don’t touch her! Don’t
touch her! It was my fault. I said too much! Sit down! Sit down. Hey Ravi.. listen pal,
I am sorry. Okay? We both study at the
same college, pal. Sorry! Bring three beers,
pal. Please! I am sorry, pal.
– Thanks. Do you have a match stick? Catch that wretched lady!
Catch hold of her! She shouldn’t escape on any rate! Hello? Hello,
Ramnagar police station? Err.. please listen!
Mr. Suryadev Singh has arrived there. Inspector Suryadev Singh!
From the city! Sir! Sir, there is a
phone call for you. Hello? Inspector
Suryadev Singh speaking! Yes Surya, I am Bobby speaking. Yes Bobby, tell me. So
how are you, my pal? Hey pal, everything is not fine. Err.. err.. no one is
listening to us, is anyone? No! You tell me without
worrying for anything. I have murdered a boy. But the problem is that one
girl has seen me murdering him. I ran behind her too. But..
but she ran away in a car. But Surya, I have noted
down her car’s number. Good! Listen friend, I am
getting married next month. Please arrange for
some 500,000 rupees. Okay? Just think that the
arrangement is made. Then just think that
even your work is done. Sir, the dead body
whom no one comes to take. I mean to say that what do you
do about the unknown dead bodies? We burn them at the
government crematorium. I see! I see! Sir, then please do me a
favour and burn this dead.. ..body at the crematorium. What! No! Please don’t do
such a thing, uncle. This is not an orphaned dead body. He is my brother! So you sleazy girl! How dare you
doing this shame with me? Come on. No uncle..
– Come on. No uncle, no. Uncle, please listen
to me. Uncle, please. Hey, your brother is dead!
– Please uncle.. my brother! Hey, get up! Come! – Uncle! Please
leave me, uncle. Uncle, please! Raju! Raju! Raju, they will burn my
brother at the crematorium. Raju! Raju!
– Don’t weep, Parul. Don’t cry. Hey, leave her. I say; leave her. Or
you will be in trouble. I swear! I really got scared! Hey, leave me! Hey! Hey Raju! Hey? Hey Raju! Hey, I say leave me. Leave me. Where are you going? I am going with Raju.
– With what right? With the right of
being his future wife! Hey, you don’t know
that police officer. When he will come to know
that his dream is shattered! Then that heart broken
lover will burn everyone alive. A fire! Hey move aside! Come on! Raju! I see! So he is your boyfriend
with whom you are flirting? Yes! Now do whatever you want to do! “I am your lover boy;
you are my lover girl.” “From has this villain
come in between us?” This is love!
– Yes, yes, this is love. This is love!
– Yes, yes, this is love. Hey you are my lover boy
and I am your lover girl. From where has this
villain come in between us? This is love!
– Yes, yes, this is love. When two lovers meet each other. Then the jealous people envy them. This is love!
– Yes, yes, this is love. When two lovers meet each other. Then the jealous people envy them. Why do the people hurt the others? When the lovers are
loyal to each other? This is love!
– Yes, yes, this is love. This is love!
– Yes, yes, this is love. Why is the world an
enemy of this love? Of this love! Yes, of this love! I will never leave
the embrace of my lover. Of my lover! Friends, of my lover. Hey, you don’t stop us;
because we never stop. Hey, we never accept
defeat in front of anyone. Hey, I am your sweetheart,
you are my darling. Hey, why does he make
an argument with us? This is love! Yes, it’s love. This is love! Yes! Yes!
This is love! Hey, on one side is
the delicate girl. And on the other
side this handsome guy. From where has
this wicked man come? Don’t spare him! Oh yes, don’t spare him. Hey, just get lost! Hey, you evil man! Oh you loathsome fellow! May you get ruined! Let the lovers meet each other. You will be benefited. You will benefit!
Yes, you will benefit! When the kids will be
born; they will bless you. They will bless you.
Yes, they will bless you. Hey, why are you harassing us? Why are you stubborn on yourself? Please agree to us, dear one. Forget this false
expectation of yours. He is your prince charming
and you are his dream girl. Come on give me one loving kiss. This is love!
– Yes, yes, this is love. This is love!
– Yes, yes, this is love. This is love! Yes, yes,
this is love. This is love! Yes, yes,
this is love. This is love! Yes, yes,
this is love. This is love! Yes, yes,
this is love. This is love! Yes, yes,
this is love. This is love! Yes, yes,
this is love. Brother..
– Yes? Brother..
– Yes? Brother, please drink the milk.
– No, I don’t want to drink milk. Good children are not stubborn.
Please drink it. Hey, I don’t want it.
– Please brother, drink it. No! No! No! When she is requesting you with
so much love then please drink it. Yes, yes, why not? I am drinking it. Hey, give me. Huh! His wife’s slave! Do want to press your blouse?
– Yes. Give me. I’ll do it for you.
– No, no, I’ll do it myself. Hey, please give it to me. It
doesn’t matters! Give it to me. – No! Hey, please give me. Oh, oh! So you are
pressing sister-in-law’s blouse? Yes! I thought that I will
press this too altogether. Yes, yes, clean sister-in-law’s
leftover utensils also altogether. All right, I’ll do it.
– No! What!
– No! No! And also polish sister-in-law’s
sandal altogether, brother. Hey, I won’t polish her sandal..
I will give you a good thrashing. What happened?
– Something is burning! What is burning?
– Sister-in-law’s blouse? Blouse!? Blouse! Blouse! Oh! What have I done? What’s this, brother?
You burnt sister’s blouse? Now what will she wear?
– You give her your clothes? My clothes!? My clothes
won’t fit sister-in-law. You do one thing. You buy some
new clothes for sister-in-law. And a bridal outfit also with that. A bridal outfit!?
– Yes, a bridal outfit! You and sister-in-law
get married immediately. Marriage!? Hey, I am feeling so shy! Give the bride’s hand
in the groom’s hand. Stop this marriage! This marriage can’t be solemnised! You had seen this boy
murdering Ravi, didn’t you? Yes! Of course yes! This woman is lying! The court will make the decision
about the lies and the truth. Arrest him!
– Inspector!! Brother!
– They are trying to frame me! Inspector! Oh wow! Sister, I don’t know this.. ..that what benefit did
you get by telling this lie? But I know this much.. ..that this lie of yours has
snatched away everything from me. Hey come on.
– Uncle! Brother!
– Come with me. – Brother! Please leave me, uncle.
– Remove this bridal outfit. It doesn’t suit you. Come!
– Uncle! Tell me. Tell me; will you
marry that inspector or not? Tell me. – If I will
refuse; then will you thrash me? Yes! Yes! Yes!
– Ouch! Then what are you
waiting for, uncle? Thrash me black and blue! Uncle, I have my lover’s swear! I won’t even utter a word of revolt! Even I promise you! Today I
will thrash you very badly. Accept your crime! Otherwise I will kill
you in this remand room. You did engagement with
Parul against her wishes. With an illegal manner! In spite of knowing
that she is a mature girl. You tried to kidnap
her from the college. In an illegal manner! And now to get her you want to get
me the punishment of being hanged. That too in an illegal manner! But you are in no
fault in this, inspector. Because you yourself
are an illegal child! You are the result of the illegitimate
relationship of your neighbours. You scoundrel! You will see the consequences
of my misdeeds at that time. When I will marry your lover girl. And bring her here, at
this place in front of you. Take 100 rupees, priest. Recite the mantras in a short. Hey pal, just wait
for some more time. I will go and decorate your wedding bed.
– Give me a cigarette, friend. Inspector! Inspector!
My brother is innocent. Please.. you please release him. Otherwise that scoundrel
will marry my sister-in-law. Hey, how did you come inside?
– Come on; get lost from here. Inspector, I beg in front of you. Please release my brother.
– Hey, just get lost. Hey girl, give me the revolver. Hey girl, return the revolver. I am saying return the revolver. Tell me. Tell me, where
is my brother? Tell me. I am telling you. I am telling. Carry on with the mantras, priest. Parul!!! Parul!!! Parul! Hey Parul!
– Raju! Yes! Hey Parul!
– Raju! Yes? What happened? Raju!
– Yes please tell me. Raju..
– Yes, tell me. Raju!
– Yes Parul! Hey Parul! Parul!? This is the first love. Didn’t you trust me this much? This is the consent of loyalty.
– You didn’t even think this much.. ..that what will happen
about me after your death? You are my life. You have shattered all my dreams. You have ruined all my desires. She won’t burn alone
on her funeral pyre. Even you will burn along
with her, you scoundrel! Even you will burn along
with her, you scoundrel! Mr. Suryadev Singh! Your
wedding bed is very isolated. Doesn’t matter if you
are not able to celebrate.. ..your wedding night with Parul. You celebrate your
wedding night with his sister. No! No! No! No one will dare to touch my sister! No! Leave my hand I say. Leave me. Suryadev Singh!!! No one will dare to touch my sister! No! No! No! Brother..
– I will kill everyone!!! Oh brother.. Suryadev Singh!!! Laxmi! Brother, please save me!
– Laxmi! No! No! No! Laxmi! Laxmi! Brother!
– Laxmi! – Brother!! Laxmi! No! No! No!!! Don’t move forward!
Don’t move forward! Don’t touch me! I.. I
will tell my brother. Don’t ever touch me! No! No! No! No!!!! My Laxmi.. my Laxmi had gone mad. And on the other side the police
was following me very strictly. I roamed from village to
village along with my sister. And then I got
shelter in this village. I was waiting for my
sister’s delivery of the child.. ..burning in the
desire for a revenge! Because I had read
somewhere in a book. That sometimes a mad woman
gets rid of her madness.. ..after the delivery of her child. But she!? She revealed the
secret of my sister and.. ..made me helpless to take
the revenge before time. And now I will wish that
you leave your weapon and.. ..surrender yourself to the law. I promise you. That I will get
justice for you from the law. What law are you talking about? Once you should believe
that prostitute, brother. The one who dances at the brothel. But now that law who is in
favour of only the wealthy ones! But why don’t you
all understand this? That Birju is a murderer
in regard to this law! Hey, even Lord Ram had killed Ravan. So will your law punish him too? And even Lord
Krishna had killed Kans. So does your law has this much
courage to hang him too? Yes? I don’t want to see Birju getting
the punishment of being hanged. For this I need your help. Because the police will
arrive here within some time. Now whether the police
arrive here or the military. To save Birju’s life; every man
of this village will bet his life. Yes, yes, we will even
give up our lives for Birju. Yes, yes, we’ll even give up our lives.
– We’ll give up our lives. Hey, then why will we lag behind? Even we will unite with
you all to give up our lives. Yes, yes, we will
give equal support. Yes, yes, even we
will give equal support. We will give up our lives for Birju. Surround the village
from all the four sides. Some of you go from this
side; and some from that side. And some of you follow me. Brother Birju! Mr. Thakur. The police have surrounded the
village from all the four sides. You scoundrel!
– Hey what are you doing? He only had raped my sister!
I won’t spare him alive! Suryadev Singh! So you raped my sister, didn’t you? I say move back! According to my report;
you have come to arrest him. You have no right to thrash him. You informed me; your duty is over. And don’t you forget.
I am your senior officer! Understand? Huh!
– You better understand! Villagers, I have to write the
statement against Raju, this is Birju. Who will write it?
Who will write it? You will write it? I am an illiterate fellow,
inspector. I don’t know to
read and write at all! You know it, don’t you? No.. I don’t know to write.
I know only to read. So you know only to read?
– Yes. So you don’t know to write,
you scoundrel! Is there anyone at
this village; the.. ..one who know to write? Is there any such
person at this village? I know how to write. Tell me; what do I have to write? Well done! This country
needs people like you! The one who help the law! Well done! Write down! A dangerous criminal named
Raju was hiding at our village. And we all villagers killed him. Shame on him!
The wretched scoundrel! You know how to read, don’t you?
Come here and read it. The one who had come to
arrest Birju, this scoundrel.. This wretched inspector
Suryadev Singh tried to rape.. ..the village girls under
the intoxication of liquor. That’s why we all killed
this inspector together. Inspector, go away from here.
Go away from our village. You scoundrel! You rascal!
– Leave him! Hey inspector! Actually I had a
misunderstanding that Birju.. ..wants to become the village head. If I would have heard
his dreadful story before.. ..then instead of Birju;
I would have killed you. Yes, I would have really
killed you! You rascal! Because of corrupt people like you.. ..the innocent subjects of this
country have lost their faith in law. To get justice for Birju,
even if I have to kill you.. ..then I won’t regret about it. You foolish girl! If you will
kill me; then the law about which.. ..you are speaking in favour. The same law will give you
the punishment of being hanged. If my life comes
to any use to Birju. Then I’ll think I am married to him. Now first of all; I will shoot you. No!!! Birju, don’t spare this scoundrel!
Hey move aside! Hit him! Catch him! Birju! Birju! Hurry up; come soon. Your sister is very serious! Birju, run from here. You won’t get any benefit
by thrashing and killing.. ..the villagers, inspector. Every child of this village
knows that where is brother.. ..Birju hidden himself. But you.. no one will tell you that. Hey, you will definitely tell me! No! No! No! Please
don’t thrash my husband. No! No! No! No!
Please don’t thrash him. Will you tell me;
that where is Birju? Control your hands, inspector. Otherwise you will fall in trouble.
– Why you, idiot? So you have a lot of
affection towards him? Is he your brother-in-law or what? He is not my brother-in-law. In fact; I am his brother-in-law. He is my sister’s husband. It is my duty to defend him. Then it is your duty to
protect your sister’s respect also. Inspector! You scoundrel! So you dared to touch my sister?
I won’t spare you alive today. I won’t spare you. I will kill you.
I will kill you mercilessly. Sir. Sir, we have found the
whereabouts of Birju. He is hiding at one
house at the village. Brother Birju, the police has
found the address about this.. ..house and the
police is coming this way. No! No! No! Dear Birju, no! You go away from here. Laxmi’s life can face
a danger. Go dear, go. The marbles are over!
– Yes. Shall I bring eggs from inside? Hey, the eggs will break.
– Yes? Come on; let’s go inside. Come on. Move aside from our way. Otherwise we’ll shoot all of you. So you have come to
arrest our Birju!? Throw the chilli powder on them!
– Oh Yeah! Hey? Where are you running
here and there like wild beasts? Sir, one man sees everyone
naked after 12 o’clock at night. Hey? Did you find Birju? No sir, the villagers threw
chilli powder at our eyes.. ..and let Birju run away from there.
– What!? So Birju ran away!? Birju escaped!? Now you unfortunates ones
also get lost from here! Let the villagers go to hell! I don’t want a single
person at this village. Thrash everyone and gather
them at the village square. Go now! – Come on; hurry up.
Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on. Constable 906 reporting, sir. Yes, instead of arresting
Raju; to take his personal.. ..revenge inspector Suryadev Singh.. ..wants to kill him
in a fake encounter. But this is not my order. This is my order; that you stop him. How should I stop him,
Commissioner? Firstly he is our senior officer. Secondly he is crazy
for taking revenge. When the villagers stop him; then
he does atrocities to them also. So I am reaching there. But listen.. before I reach
there; you all arrest him. This is my order!
– Okay, sir. Over! Oh God! Mother, I think her
labour pains have started. So she is alive! Then I will come to about
Birju’s whereabouts very easily. Dear, she is expecting a baby. Please spare her, dear. Please spare her. So shall I spare her?
– Yes. So shall I spare her?
– Yes. Just how should I spare her? How should I spare the
mother of my pre-born child? I can never spare her. Move aside! Hey, don’t do that.
Please don’t touch her. Come! I won’t leave her!
Move old woman! Hey, what are you doing this?
– Move aside. Come!
– Leave her! Hey, what’s this happened to her? Hey someone please come for help. Move aside! Go away from here.
Everyone go away from here. Hey, don’t fire the bullets. Tola, if the bull goes wild
because of the sound of the.. ..bullet then no one
besides Birju can take him.. I see! So this is the matter! Now I’ll see that how
doesn’t Birju come out! Where is Birju? Where is Birju? Hey, he is Birju’s fan! For him forget about Birju;
his stick is more than enough! Oh! So he is Birju’s fan! He is Birju’s fan!
So he is Birju’s fan! Birju’s fan!? Who else is Birju’s lover? I am his lover. I am his lover. I am his lover! And
even this brother of mine! We all are his fans!
– Yes, we all are his lovers. Yes, we all are his lovers.
– Yes, we all are Birju’s fans. We all are his lovers.
– Yes, we all are his fans. Yes, we all are his fans.
– Hey Birju! Birju, run from here. Birju, flee from here.
– Birju, run! Birju, run from here. Birju,
run! Birju, run! – Hey, catch him. Birju, flee from here. I have brought you
all here purposely. So that Birju can take his
revenge with that inspector. Just a little time more, dear. Get up! Hey come on; hurry up! Hurry up! Hey someone bring hot water soon. Thrash this scoundrel, Birju. Don’t ever spare him. Move aside! Everyone
move aside soon. Take this. Yes! We have brought
this hot water, aunt. Thrash him! Thrash
this scoundrel, Birju. Don’t spare him. Thrash him harder! Hit him, kill him.
– Yes, thrash him! Thrash him! A little more time! A
little more time, dear. Thrash him! Thrash him!
Don’t spare him! Don’t spare him. Hit him, Birju. Don’t spare him. Hey Birju, hit him harder.
Don’t spare him. Hit him, Birju. Thrash him, Birju. Now just little time, dear.
Just a little more time. Bear the pain for a
little more time, dear. Laxmi! Good grief! Laxmi! What happened to Laxmi? Yes? Why aren’t you all
telling anything? Yes? Just look at her! Just look at her! Just look.. Laxmi.. Laxmi.. Oh God! What has happened this? Oh my Laxmi! Laxmi! Hey, don’t do this thing?
– Hey, what are you doing? Please stop. Take away this scoundrel.
Take him away. Please allow him to perform
the funeral rites of his sister. What should I allow
him to do, old lady? Let him.. let him perform the
funeral rites of his sister, dear! I beg in front of you. All right; I’ll allow him to perform
the funeral rites of his sister. But after that.. he will die! And I will perform
his funeral rites. ‘Brother, now you won’t tie
the chains to my feet, will you?’ Hey scoundrel, hurry up! This is the funeral
rites of your sister. And not her marriage! Commissioner sir.. I was not able to perform the
marriage rites of my elder daughter. But I want that I should
perform the marriage rituals.. ..of my younger
daughter with my own hands. That’s why you get our
Birju released from the law.. ..and send him back to the village. Dear, we will wait for that day. When you both will be
bonded in such a relationship.. ..which is always rejoiced;
and not grieved about!

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