Aan: Men at Work | Full Movie | Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Lara Dutta

Aan: Men at Work | Full Movie | Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Lara Dutta

Yes, I’ve sent four boys to Nepal. As soon as they reach,
take their passports and put them in some guest house.
– Greetings. Greetings.
– Greetings. Yes. Thapa, I’ve been
in this business for 12 years. Don’t teach me what to do.
Yes, okay. Change the chip.
Use the Mumbai one. Yes, Mirza. Sit. What happened? We had to take 100 million from Desai,
the builder from Ghatkopar. He’s asking for more time. These builders make more buildings, but donít take much
protection from us. Make him understand that
if he doesn’t pay on time it won’t take too long
for Pathan to blast his slab. Yes, Pandey, what is it? Do you know Raeez?
– Yes. The film producer.
He’s asking for two million. The shooting for
his film starts tomorrow. Raeez won’t mend his ways. Four of his movies have flopped
and yet he’s making movies on credit. Why do these people make movies? For picnics with the heroine? I can’t understand
this passion of plywood. Boss, not ‘plywood’, itís Bollywood. Really? Yes? Bollywood! Are you more knowledgeable? Do you know English?
– No, boss. Do you want to get into movies?
– No. Yes? Which wood then?
– Plywood. Louder. It’s raining outside.
– Plywood. Greetings, boss.
– Keep that one. What happened?
– What else? We’ve got information.
Raghu Shetty’s men are going to kill someone
from the Walia Group. Shall I kill him? Pump bullets in him? Cool it. You’re just like your father.
You are very hot tempered. So what do I do? Ravi Shetty is a very big rascal. We’ll have to teach him a lesson. Mirza, call him up. Hail Lord Shiva! Boss, Pathan had called up. He said that if we touch anyone
from the Walia Group everyone will be in trouble.
– Deal. Swear on your life, Pathan! Why are you acting up,
hiding in Pathanwadi? It’s nothing! He has the support of the minister,
Manik Rao, and Walia. But their government
will not last for too long. They forget that we have
the support of Gaikwad and Yadav. What if they are in the opposition? Why are you so tense? Don’t stop our boys. Tell them to go and fire a couple
of rounds on the Walia Group. Okay, boss. After the firing they’ll get scared and money will start pouring in. ‘Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.’ ‘Welcome to the most prestigious
event of this season.’ Hello, Mr. Waman. How are you? Mr. Tripathi, how are you?
– Good. Where is Mr. Walia?
– He’s on his way. Do you also bet on horses? Tripathi!
I’m not interested in gambling, but I am interested in girls. Come, darling. Greetings, sister-in-law. She’s not your sister-in-law. She’s a pleasing woman.
Do you get it? Mr. Walia. Hello, what is your name? Roshni, Mr. Oberoi
is arriving this evening. Receive him from the airport
and go directly to the farmhouse. He’s a very special guest for us.
Okay, darling? Right, I’ll do that.
– You’re looking gorgeous. Thanks.
– Good morning, sir. Excuse me, I’ll meet Mr. Merchant.
– Okay, darling. Sir, Iíve brought some nice things
for your VIP guests. They are upper-class. Talk to Tiwari. Thank you.
– Yes, sir. Come, darling. I’m dead sure about Black Sheep.
He’s definitely going to win. That’s the one!
That’s going to win! Hi, Pradhan. How are you?
– Hi! How are you?
– Fine. Thank you. What’s up?
– What’s up with you? Hi!
– Hi! Congrats on the new textile mill
at Nashik. Itís in the news too much!
– Thanks! Mr. Merchant has called you
in the Presidential booth. I’ll meet him after the race.
Come, meet Mr. Pradhan, the chemical tycoon. Roshni. Hi! Nice to meet you.
– Nice meeting you. Darling, which horse have we bet on? Thunderbolt.
– Thunderbolt! You’re making a mistake, Walia. Today belongs to Black Sheep. Because Pradhan has bet money on it. Isn’t it?
– We shall see. All the best. Yes!
– Come on, Thunderbolt! Come on! Come on! Come on, Black Sheep!
– Come on! Wow!
– Oh, no! Come on! Did you see that, Walia?
You’re losing! Black Sheep is ahead! Remember, Pradhan always bets
on the winning horse. Oh, my God! Bad luck! Sorry, Pradhan.
That’s the difference between us. You always bet on the winning horse. And the horse I bet my money on has to win. Yeah!
– Okay! Better luck, man!
Better luck next time. Excuse me, darling.
I have some important work. So I’ll see you later. Okay?
– Okay, bye. Pick up the phone! Call Manik Rao and Pathan! Don’t move! Don’t touch me!
– I’ll deal with you! Come to the police station.
– Easy, easy. Are you coming or not? Don’t push.
– Hey, move! How dare you shoot at Mr. Walia! I’ll break your arms! I’ll break your arms! Your boss, Raghu Shetty,
is behind bars and you’re still acting up? What did you tell him? What were you told? Walia is our man.
Don’t mess with him. You tried to extort money from him! You tried to kill him? That’s enough! That’s enough! Finish him! Be wary of what time it is.
– Greetings. Please sit. Mr. Manik Rao,
in the past eight months Mr. Gautam Walia
is the fourth businessman who has been attacked
by the underworld. What are your comments about
law and order? These small incidents
are a daily affair. The police are doing their job. And the law and order of things
is perfectly fine. You say the situation is normal. But the increasing
extortion threats on the business community
and the film industry show that the underworld
is growing in strength. It’s nothing like that. Those who have received
extortion threats have been given
government security. Now, as far as underworld
activities are concerned all of you know very well that for the last four years ever since I’ve taken
the reins of the Home Ministry criminal activities have decreased. But I promise that
in the coming days the underworld
will be completely wiped off. Greetings.
– Greetings. Thank you, Mr. Manik Rao,
for putting Raghu Shetty behind bars. He dare lay his hands on you, Walia.
He had to go. Rest assured. Yes, today is the opening
of my new hotel. Don’t forget to come this evening. How can I not come to your party?
Has it ever happened? “Intoxication.” “Intoxication.” “Intoxication.” “Intoxication.” “Intoxication.” “Intoxication.” “Intoxication.” “Intoxication.” “Intoxication.” “Intoxication.” “Intoxication.” “A Juliet has offered her heart.” “She has destroyed the entire place.” “A Juliet has offered her heart.” “She has destroyed the entire place.” “People die for my eyes.” “They live everyday just looking at me.” “The intoxication has taken effect.” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Hope is an excuse to live for.” “Those who sleep are the only
ones that have dreams.” “A searing pain runs
through the heart.” “The hearts of lovers
are sold everyday.” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” How are you, Hirachand?
– I’m fine. When did you return from Surat?
– Two days ago. Please sit. Walia.
– Yes, tell me. What is our financial position?
– Yes. The 1.5 billion you’d given me has been transferred
to your Swiss bank account through an unofficial channel. Manik Rao’s commission of 700 million
from government land has been transferred
to your joint account in Singapore. This is the situation. If there’s anything else,
please let me know. Hirachand, we need a lot of money. Elections are due in six months.
– Yes. And we don’t want to form a coalition
government like other states. Don’t worry about that. What am I here for? Send whatever amount to
whomever you want. This kind of money is peanuts for me. That’s all right.
But what about the matter of the Chaddha brothers
and Judge Sahni? Yes, judge. What’s your problem? What can I say?
I have a major problem. On your bidding I had decided in favour
of the Chaddha brothers in the dispute case of slum land
near the airport. I was to be paid
two billion for this. They have sent only 300 million
up till now. Today the market value
of that land is four billion. Should I chase him around
to receive my payment? Or should I do my work?
I’m not a beggar. Neither are we.
We are businessmen. I had told you that
there are problems. We need some time. But nobody is willing to understand. Walia, don’t think that
weíll get scared. If you have links
in the state cabinet then we can reach the centre. How dare you turn away
from your word? You and your company
are indebted to me. Maybe you don’t remember. Remember the owner of
Vishal Builders? People think he was killed
in an accident. But I had a major hand
in his death. And, you know, I have a principle that I don’t forgive a mistake. What’s your problem? You don’t have a license and
you were also talking on your mobile. So what will you do?
– You’ll have to pay a fine. Do you know who I am? I don’t care.
– I’m the son of M.L.A. Mr. Mhatre. Got it? Sir, you will have to pay the fine. I told you, don’t mess with me.
Get lost! Who are you?
– Hush! You crook! Don’t act like the lord of this city! Show these mannerisms
to your stooges not to senior inspector
Vikram Singh from the Crime Branch. If you ever do such a thing again I’ll beat you black and blue. Let me take you to your father. I’ll take you on a tour
of parliament. Let’s go! Yes Goswami, this is Khalid,
from the Crime Branch. Yes, greetings. Listen, friend. Please print my picture
in your newspaper. Yes. No, I’ll do one thing. The next time sir Nayak
does an encounter I’ll take a dead body, put my foot
over it, and take a few pictures. Put it in your newspaper. I will. I’ll give you Rs. 5,000. Yes. Even I need a promotion. I’m hanging here
as a head constable for too long. Okay? Farewell. What’s your complaint? Sir, my wife has run away. What are you saying? Wonderful! What did you do?
Tell me too. This is the Crime Branch.
Don’t lodge such complaints here. Thereís a banyan tree
at the curve up ahead besides where you see
the number sixteen. Go and register it with Shinde. Shinde?
– Yes. He’s an expert in catching wives. His wife had run away five times. Really?
– Yes! Go on. And listen. Tell him properly whether your wife
is fair or dark complexioned was she fat or slim,
male or female. Male!
– Go on, you fool! Namdeo?
– Yes, Khalid. Are your pockets empty?
– Why? I want to spit.
– Don’t joke, Khalid. Don’t you know it was
in the newspapers yesterday? What?
– Chewing betel leads to mouth cancer. What are you saying?
– Yes. Oh God! I’ll stop it from tomorrow.
– Chewing betel? No, I’ll stop reading the newspaper.
Silly! Leave this vice, and start
drinking milk from tomorrow. You know, yesterday a man died
in my locality while drinking milk. How? He was drinking milk,
and the buffalo sat on him. Khalid, you’re too much! Hello. Yes, sir. I’ll inform sir Appa right away.
Yes, sir. Shoot him! Run! Run!
– Stop! Run! Run! Run! I will kill her! You try to act smart.
You want to be a gangster? I’ll kill her, sir! I’ll kill her! Will you be saved, if you kill her? You seem new in this business. What’s your name?
– Hemant Pandey. What?
– Hemant Pandey! Hemant Pandey. Your name is not in my list. Have you joined recently?
– Yes, I’ve joined recently. If you’ve joined the company
recently, then leave it quickly. Go on. I said, let her go,
or else I’ll shoot you. Let her go!
Give me the revolver and surrender. Quickly! Rascal, you’ll live. Go on. You think Appa is a fool? Appa has come from Mangalore. Pandey? Walia, I’m losing a lot more men
in this city. You know Pathan’s anger, don’t you? Restrain the police.
– Pathan, don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.
Don’t worry, we’ll talk later. How long will the police
continue this bloodshed? No comments.
– Sir, please. For how long will the police do
what it wants? You have to answer
the common people. Stop!
– I said no comments! Sir, please! Bloody media! Please sit. Please sit down. When will you understand
your responsibility? The human rights guys term these
encounters as police tyranny. If you can’t improve the image of
the police, at least don’t spoil it. Sir, they were Pathan’s shooters. If I had let them go..
– Shut up! I know you. You never catch anyone alive. Do you want to be a media star
by doing this? I’m sorry, sir. But the people who I killed had extortion and murder cases
against them. Instead, I’m being questioned…
– Stop it! Vikram, you’re his senior
in the Crime Branch. You should explain it to him. Please forgive him. He is young.
He is hot tempered. If he doesn’t fight
or kill at this age then what’s the use of his youth? Stop the philosophical talk. Listen! Next time,
you better be careful. Understand!
– Sir. So then, how was your day? As any other day. Did something happen? You look a bit off today. Should I tell you something?
– Yes. When you go to work
in the morning I’m worried all day. I wait for you to come back
and pray all the time. You focus a lot on your job
and your duty. Can’t you give a little bit to us? After all, who else do
we have other than you? I understand, Janki. But what can I do? This job… First they bind my hands and then they tell me
to catch the culprits. Janki, if one senior officer comes
forward and frees my hands I’ll rid this city from
the concept of muscle power. Are you one of Ramji’s men?
– Yes. Have you come for the goods? Are you one of Ramji’s new men?
– Yes. Are you scared of the police
that you’re hiding yourself? Tell Ramji I’ve got the plates to
make 1000 rupee notes, not 500. Understood? Take this booty worth 50 million
and leave. And tell Ramji I should get
my commission by evening. Brother Manjeet!
– What is it? This Crime Branch official
was watching us. We found this on him. Azim, bring him here. Come! You are a police man,
aren’t you? I’ll handle this rascal! Were you spying on us? Who else is with you? Don’t you know who I am? I’m the big boss! Tell me who is with you. Tell me or else I’ll put
the remaining five in you. What are you staring at?
Blow him away! You want to be a gangster? You can never be one. Congrats, Patnaik! You’ve broken the spine of the gang.
– Thank you, sir. Well done!
– Thank you very much. Sir, just a couple of
gang members are left. As soon as I catch them, the gang…
– Don’t worry about that. The new officer will take care of it. New officer? Why sir? You’ve been promoted
because of your good work. You’ve been transferred
to the Mumbai Crime Branch as DCP, crime detection. Sir, should I consider it a promotion
or a kick-up order? What has happened to you, Patnaik? Do you know how much money
has to be paid for this posting? Your money is saved. The bribes
you’ll get is icing on the cake. Tell me something. How much did you get
to move me out of here? Patnaik, manners! Take this.
These are your transfer orders. Okay, sir. If this is the result of working
honestly, then it’s all right. Here is the file. Sir! Roshan, this is too much. Can’t you take care of the work
if I come to Pune for a few days? You know the show is due in a week
and it has already been delayed. Now listen. Arrange the clothes
and coordinate the models. I’ll arrange everything else
once I come back. Okay, listen. I’ll call you back. Kiran, actually…
– Enough! I came to Pune especially from
Mumbai to spend some time with you. And we had talked
about this a week ago. At that time,
you said you were relatively free. Om, do you know how many
fashion shows Iíve adjusted? And you’ve changed the time thrice
over the phone since morning. Why are you silent now?
– I’ve been transferred. Which city do I have to go to now? Mumbai.
– There, now even Mumbai will… Really? I love you, Om. Rascal! How dare you use a
razor on my man? Where is Mangesh?
– I don’t know. Where is Mangesh?
– I said I don’t know! Sir, don’t lay your hands on me, I know law too. What did you say, sir? Nothing. I’m really scared. Another goon knows the law. Sir, why don’t you too
act according to the law? Should I?
– Yes. Get up! Get up, you rascal! Khalid?
– Yes. This isn’t a service revolver, is it? No. But it gives excellent service. Fire one bullet and two get killed.
And the third dies out of fright. Wonderful! So Khalid, what did you see? Sir, I saw that when you were
asking him questions he was acting imprudently.
– Then? Then you told him to give you
some respect as you too are human. Then?
– Then he said you aren’t human. You are a policeman.
– Then? When you gave him a final warning,
he moved forward with a gun. Then?
– You shot in self defense and Pawle got killed
because of his own error. Just like everyone else. All this happened legally, right?
– Totally, sir. Undoubtedly. Then arrange to send his
dead body for post mortem. Yes, sir! Do you always piss before you speak? This is a police station.
Not your in-law’s place. Who will clean it? Tell me. You’ll find Mangesh
in Lakswadeep Bar. Khaild?
– Yes? Who’s on night patrol?
– Mr. Vikram. Sir, Mr. Vikram has caught
Mangesh Ustra. There you are, Appa!
Go, have some fun. Mangesh boss! Rascal! How dare you yell! You mess with the police! You think you’re gangster? The police is the only
superior power in Mumbai. Understand? Superior power! Understand? You hit my man?
– This is mass torture. The policeís watering hole.
– You hit Appa’s man? You hit Appa’s man? Hit him again! Hit him again! I’ve made it a habit to join jobs
in new places. You get to know the truth. What is your name? Tell him your name.
– I’m asking you! What’s your name? Khalid.
– What? Khalid.
– Spit the betel outside. Go! It’s done. I swallowed it. On taking charge, let me tell you there are some responsibilities
attached to this profession. And I hate people
who are irresponsible. These people may be criminals,
but they are human. Even they have some rights. Did you remember the joke?
Tell me. Come on, tell me! Share with me.
I want to laugh. It is a joke, sir. Those you call humans,
are Pathan’s shooters. For them, killing someone
is a trivial matter. These rascals should be crippled. Shut up! Just shut up! And you! Instead of pacifying them
you were eating peanuts! Why hit these small-time goons? If you want to show your strength
then catch their bosses. You don’t know these bosses. Their contacts are above the law. Inspector Singh, maybe both of us
have studied different books of law. As far as I know,
no one is above the law. You may all go now.
– Sir. Listen!
Bring me the files on these bosses. What do you call them in Mumbai?
– Bhai (Gangster). Bring their files to me.
– Yes, sir. He’ll be in big trouble, sir. He tells me to spit the betel out. It is worth Rs. 15,
and I got it for free. Is it something to spit out? He’s still inexperienced. Let’s see how long he lasts. You’re having betel again?
Let’s have tea. Everything is in my hands.
Just a minute. So it is up to me. Excuse me. What is it?
– My wife has gone to her mother’s. Arrange for a maiden or two.
Make my day! Your wife goes to her mother’s
and you trouble me. What can I do? I can’t bear it. Okay, move aside.
I’ll make arrangements. Go on.
– The one in blue! Really? But you can’t be wrong. Manik Rao! How are you? Everything okay?
– Walia, your parties are always
very interesting. If it’s Walia’s party it is
bound to be interesting. Hello! Manik Rao, today is a
good chance to talk to Pradhan. Walia, it would be better
if we talk today. Manik Rao…
– Sure, drop by. Oh really?
– Good evening. Excuse me. Hi, Susan.
– Hi! Manik Rao wishes to speak to you. Excuse me.
– Yes, sure. Don’t worry.
– You’re very kind. I will just… Manik Rao!
How is your government? It’s smooth sailing
for my government. If you join us, it would be glorious. What was I saying? Yes! The petrochemical plant worth
60 billion near Hazira in Gujarat I want 25% of its shares.. in my son’s name. You want a partnership? You’re very intelligent. Our relationship will be
strengthened with this. We can do business
together in the future. Mr. Manik Rao, I respect you. But you know my support
and loyalty is with the opposition. With Yadav and Gaikwad. They’ve been in the opposition
for four years. What’s their worth? We will form
the next government as well. You will benefit,
if you help us. Excuse me.
I’m a businessman, not a politician. It may be a habit for you to
change friends and parties. Not mine. Good day. What did he say?
– He didn’t accept it. Don’t worry. I’ll appease him. Walia, you’d better make him
understand. Enjoying yourself, baby? Come. Hi Pradhan! This is Roshini.
Ajit Pradhan. Hi!
– Hi! Who doesn’t know him? Well, hope you’re having a good time?
– Great time! All right, boy. Keep it up. Mrs. Simmons! Just excuse me. Yes, carry on. Mrs. Simmons,
where is your daughter? Looking gorgeous!
– Thank you. Would you like to go for a drive? Khalid, it’s my turn.
– You’re my friend. Whether I go or you do,
it’s the same thing. No!
If you’re my friend, come home. Have tea and snacks.
Thereís no friendship here. Bye. Smarty, you’re obstructing the law! I’ll lock you up
for obstructing the law. I won’t spare you! Khalid, Peter will go next. Move! Is your name written in there?
– Yes! And if it isn’t, I’ll write it down. If you are a cop, then I’m also
the driver for the High Court judge. I’ll write the names
of my entire family! Write it down!
Make noise in there. Not here! Smarty! Come on out! Khalid, Iím stressed. You were there for half an hour
and youíre still stressed? Itís another kind of stress. In there, against my wife’s name,
my phone number is noted. Really?
– That wretch has written ‘Rs. 50 only’ against
my wife’s name! What are you saying? Just Rs. 50? That’s too less. Don’t worry. Take some charcoal
and add a zero to the 50. It will be 500. Matter is closed.
– What 500? Khalid, does my wife…
– Sorry! This is terrible. Sorry. Let me get a hold of this writer. I’ll write off his death certificate! I know who has written it. Really?
– Yes. Who?
– Peter. No, not Peter.
– What do you mean, ‘No?’ He’ll write it today as well.
– What? You don’t believe me? Then let’s hear it from
the horse’s mouth. Peter, please don’t write it. I will write it! I’ll write it a
thousand times! Am I scared or what? There you are. This rascal! I immensely pacified him outside to not write such things
about Tawde’s wife. At least not Rs. 50. He said he’s going to write
Rs. 5 today. How can one afford Rs. 5
in such costly times? He’s dead, Khalid!
I swear he’s dead today! Don’t stop me! For my wife’s sake. Don’t interfere. He’s dead today. I’m a cop. Don’t worry.
I’ll come in the end. Break his head! Peter, come out!
– Who is it? Let me wash up! What did you write?
– What are you doing? Let me take the box!
I yet have to write it down. Hit him! Heís writing a
small amount! Hit him! Champak, get the newspaper. Will you read all the news yourself? And bring me some tea.
– Okay, sir. Strong tea!
– Here it comes! Greetings, Mr. Vikram.
– The welfare fund installment. What welfare fund? If you take it you’ll hurt
your conscience. If we don’t,
how will we pay the informer? From our salary? Take this, Khalid. Distribute this amongst
everybody as usual. That’s all right.
But who will give it to our boss? You.
– Me? Want to get me killed?
I’m a family man. You give it to him.
It will be appropriate. I don’t like his face.
You give it to him. Oh no, friend.
He doesn’t like my face. Do one thing. Ask Mr. Vikram. One doesn’t throw stones
at a sleeping tiger. You’ll be hurt if it claws you. And he’ll not stop at that. Stop your poetry!
He is sitting in the Irani Hotel. Give it to him. Don’t be scared.
Go on. A constable is expendable. You’ve made me the sacrificial goat. Okay, farewell. Sir! Greetings. This… What is this? Currency. Currency? Money. A bribe? It’s not a bribe.
It’s the public welfare fund. It’s for us. It’s like every time. You know Khalid, I can suspend you
for this action of yours. I…
– Pick it up! Why are you scolding
this poor man, sir? Even I think this is
an informer welfare fund. To maintain an informer. You know how much salary
a constable draws? Its Rs. 5,328. No sir, four pennies less. Its Rs. 27 and 96 paise. The municipality sweeper
who sweeps the streets earns more. They have to run their homes
with this money. House rent, children’s education daughter’s marriage
and father’s medicine. With this money,
how will they survive? And you know very well
how many policemen are getting tired of life
and committing suicide? They are weak! A policeman doesn’t work for money. But for the respect and dignity
attached to it. For the glory of the department. It’s all about sacrifice and honour. If you have a passion
for earning money go and sweep the streets. Waiter! He is a strange man. First, he doesn’t let us litter
and then tells us to sweep. He’s too honest to be a policeman. We’ll have to tolerate him. Serve us bread and butter! Khalid!
– Sorry. Let’s go. What do they think of me? A common police officer
offers his senior a part of his bribe as if he’s
offering him a part of his duty. What do they think? Job, uniform,
every man has been bought. Everything is for sale! I feel these people should be…
– Om. Why don’t you leave behind
your job when you come to meet me? At least make me feel your duty
is not a barrier between us. “A complaint against you.” “A complaint against you.” “I never had any. Nor do I have now.
And never will.” “In love with someone else.” “In love with someone else.” “I never was. Nor am I
and nor will I ever be.” “A complaint against you.” “I never had any. Nor do I have
any now. And never will.” “In love with someone else.” “I never was. Nor am I and
nor will I ever be.” “These days and these months
will pass by.” “These moments and this time
will scatter away.” “But love will never lessen.” “We will never get separated.” “We will never get separated.” “In love with someone else.” “In love with someone else.” “I never was. Nor am I and
nor will I ever be.” Sir, this area belongs to Yusuf,
Yusuf Pathan. He used to sell tickets
for the film ëSholayí under the table,
at Minerva theatre. He earned a lot. He started showing his muscle power and heís the biggest gangster
in Pathanwadi. This area belongs to Raghu,
Raghu Shetty of Shetty company. There are many bars which serve
quarter bottles of liquor. He has been arrested
twice under TADA. He has four full murder cases and
two half murder cases against him. And this area belongs to Sameer,
Sameer Kashmiri. He used to smuggle watches
at Crawford Market. He made money in powder later,
in drugs. He has been arrested
in the ’93 bomb blast. The case is still going on.
– Excellent! Which gangster does
the rest of the area belong to? Sir, this area belongs
to a female gangster. Meeraben Joshi.
She’s a very dangerous woman. She has even slapped a policeman
a couple of times. Shut up! If these areas belong to gangsters,
which is our area? This is our area, sir.
This is our area. Where we are standing right now. Comfortably and safely.
No tension nor pollution. Totally safe and sound. Have you taken up this job
to stay safe and sound? If you sit idle in the Crime Branch then today
there are four gangsters. Tomorrow there will be eight. Not eight, sir. Eighty. And then 800. Only if our hands
are tied like this and if we can’t do anything
about it. If you want the answer to this
question then ask your superiors. Ask your colleagues. Take a close look inside
this department. And try to understand the system. You’ll get your answer, sir. My duty is done.
I will need to leave. Jai Hind (I salute my country)! Does he work according to the clock? And he spends his working hours
eating peanuts. Was he born like this? Once upon a time he was the hero
of our Crime Branch, sir. Yes, sir. He used to work 24 hours. When his vehicle passed any road
within his section the strongest would
wet their pants. I’m sorry, sir.
I mean, they would get scared. He used to do his job
with his heart and soul. But what did he get? Even his wife left him. He had decided to change the system. The system changed him. Our system is something like this. And on top of that,
Walia, Pathan and Manik Rao. These three have come together and… I’ll take your permission
to leave, sir. Yes, Om. Appa is going on
an encounter once again. Trace him down. I’ll do it right away, sir.
Right now. Nayak! Count them, sir.
All four of them. No less. Khalid, they are humans, understand? Give them some respect. Ask them what liquor
they want at night. Indian, Chinese or… Sir, they are pests. They kill people for Rs. 5,000. Killing them isn’t a crime. It’s social service! Nayak, the service revolver
which you’ve put in your pants is not for playing games
to shoot wherever you want. Sir, this is not some miniscule game. They have the full support
of people like Walia. With their help, he runs his
underworld network. Tomorrow, he will send lawyers
and get them out. They will go out and
murder four civilians. Who will be responsible
for their deaths? If you have a passion for
encounters then leave this job and join those gangsters. You want job satisfaction,
don’t you? Go, shoot with them. Move! Did you say something? Nothing, sir. What is left to say? Good!
– Sir. Is he a police officer
or a health minister? I mean,
he tells you not to eat peanuts. He tells me not to eat betel.
He tells him not to phone a friend. He tells Appa to become a gangster. Looks like I’ll have to find
another job. I swear. Yes, Khalid,
if this situation persists then in the future there will be
only one police officer in the whole police department, Om!
– Absolutely! Say Patnaik.
– Yes! Come, let’s have a drink.
– During the day! Break the law to save the law. It seems like a bad joke. When a person receives power,
he becomes a beast. Have you taken up the responsibility
to fight against the system? There are others who do this job. Yes, Kiran. The rest of them
just do their job. Sir! Sir!
– Greetings, sir! Finished! I’ve received information
that four of Pathan’s shooters are hiding at the timber mart
in Mahim. Let’s go! Did you say something? He said, ‘Why catch them?
Let’s just shoot them down’. Right?
– I spoke in Hindi. And you can understand
the language. Come on. Come, Khalid.
Let’s fulfill the boss’s wish. Let’s conduct a raid. Run! Catch them all! Catch them!
Come on, everybody! Move! Move! Catch him. Take him away.
Come on, catch him! Come on, boss is catching them.
Come on, catch them. You go there. You come here. Bring him! Quickly! Hit him! Take him away! No, sir! No! Sir, heÖ It’s me. Sir, they are poor workers.
It’s none of them. Greetings, Patnaik.
I’m Yusuf Pathan. Congratulations
for your new position. Heartiest congratulations. I’ve heard a lot about you. Sir, you will get nothing
by troubling these poor people. They are all workers here.
And nothing is illegal here. I don’t know why the press
is calling us gangsters. I respect you very much.
You can ask Vikram. Ask Appa. Ask your department. I always donate for good deeds. I donate at the Ganpati festival.
Every Friday I feed the poor. All kinds of donations. What you callÖ Social service. And that’s why many
people respect me. I have connections at the top. If you are in trouble at times then
let me know. I’ll do whatever I can. Can I tell you something, Pathan? Our weakness is greatly responsible for your strength. But not all men are alike. See this baton? The government doesn’t give this
to us to play with. The day I get furious
I’ll beat you up black and blue. Both your eyes will pop out. And you always mention,
you know, these politicians you know, these businessmen. I’ll strip and thrash them and
drag them afterwards. They’ll be dumbfounded! And yes! I’ll definitely take your
procession through Pathanwadi. Remember this. Come on! Let’s go. Boss, he said too much. The soda has value
only when it is in its bottle. When the cork is removed, all the froth is out
and all that remains is… Water!
– Water! Send money to Kelkar.
He had tipped us. I’m having a headache.
Get me something to drink. Yes. Mr. Vikram, our new boss has guts. He has guts of steel. Yes, he is. But if steel is hit by water,
it doesnít take too long to rust. But, I pray he doesnít. Pradhan, think again. Manik Rao will be upset. I don’t want you to get into trouble. Youíve threatened me so sweetly,
Mr. Walia. Tell Manik Rao that nothing
can be done. And yes, it would be better
if you don’t waste your time and my time
by talking about this again. He won’t agree. My information is accurate,
Mr. Manik Rao. Recently, Pradhan has paid
1.2 billion to Yadav and Gaikwad. And it’s just the beginning. The matter is not about
his money power. It’s the lobby behind him. You’re right, Hirachand. Or else at the time of elections
we’ll be pondering if weíll be buying their MLA’s. Only to find theyíve already
bought our MLA’s. Yes!
– Thereís no honesty in politics. That’s why it’s very important for
Pradhan to be with you, Mr. Rao. Right!
– I don’t know why these people don’t understand this. We always have to use
crooked ways to get work done. It seems that I have to give
this job to Yusuf Pathan. There’s only one thing
to understand, Pathan. I support Yadav and Gaikwad. I don’t know why Manik Rao
doesnít understand this. Mr. Pradhan, today Yadav and Gaikwad need you.
You don’t need them. How can you talk business
to the opposition the way you would talk
to the government? I don’t want to learn about
business from a black marketer. Why are you messing with us? The boss is trying to tell you
something, don’t you get it? Look what heís saying! This is not a road-side shop. This is Ajit Pradhan’s house. If you don’t have manners then
at least lower your voice. Let it be, Mr. Pradhan.
He’s childish. Nothing! Let’s go. He’s very childish. But you too are acting childish. Small mistakes make you
suffer huge losses. Who are you threatening? Wait till we form the government
after six months. I’ll get you two encountered first. Then you and your crazy brother will be found in a sewer
like dogs. You are childish! I had warned him. If you are, then you are. Let’s go. Come on.
– He abused us! Yes, sir. Sir is here. Sir, one question, please. As you know, Mr. Pradhan was a
well-known celebrity in the city. Yes, sir. He had fairly good
political connections. That’s why this case has been
handed over to the Crime Branch. Sir. All the best.
– Thank you, sir. Make it fast.
– Bring it here, quickly. That’s why I tell you if you want to eat kebabs
then eat it in Mahim. You’re right. It tastes very good.
– Yes! What’s wrong with him? What happened, boss? What else? Pradhan was swearing
at my elder brother. He called us ‘black marketers’. He was showing us what heís made of. Now this businessmen will know not to mess around with me. Forget it, boss.
– How can I forget? Forget it? There is a very hot girl
at the Blue Bird bar. Very sexy! Really? Is she very hot? Yes? Then letís go. We’ll have fun there.
– Come! “Firefly.” “Firefly.” “Firefly.” “Firefly.” “Firefly.” “I’m wearing shiny anklets.” “Firefly.” “This is not love, but a storm.” “Firefly.” “I’m wearing shiny anklets.” “This is not love, but a storm.” “My beloved,
you are very dear to me.” “My beloved,
you are very dear to me.” “This is the moment for you.” “She’s wearing shiny anklets.” “This is not love, but a storm.” “I’m wearing shiny anklets.” “This is not love, but a storm.” “It’s weak. It’s a killer
and it’s merciful too.” “It’s very difficult to make him
understand.” “My love, you are very dear to me.” “My love, you are very dear to me.” “This is the moment for you.” “She’s wearing shiny anklets.” “This is not love, but a storm.” “I’m wearing shiny anklets.” “This is not love, but a storm.” “These eyes are playful and exotic.” “The world is crazy
about this sizzling body.” “If you don’t have
the passion so let it be.” “If there is passion, come to me.” “My love, you are very dear to me.” “My love, you are very dear to me.” “This is the moment for you.” “She’s wearing shiny anklets.” “This is not love, but a storm.” “I’m wearing shiny anklets.” “This is not love, but a storm.” “She’s wearing shiny anklets.” “This is not love, but a storm.” “I’m wearing shiny anklets.” “This is not love, but a storm.” What happened? Zohra, take off your anklets wear your clothes and get real. Umrao Jaan! You consider yourself to be
the actress, Rekha? Get out of here! Come on! Like to watch the dancing, don’t you? Do you want to be a man? You call yourself a man? Should I make you impotent? Out of my way! Come on! Come on. Thank God, sir.
– Sir, Yeda has escaped. Tell the control-room
to put up check posts. Yes, sir. Appa, tell the police
to do the body count. Yes, sir. Sir. There are a few more
in the washroom. Go, look. There too. He is wearing a denim jacket
and a denim shirt. His jeans are also torn
from the left side. There are blood stains
and flour on his face. As soon as you get any news,
call me on the wireless. Okay. And listen..
– Sir, we’ve received permission. Check-posts have been put up. What next, sir?
– Over. Sir, do you recognise these two? He’s Qureshi and he’s Kadam. Do you recall?
You had told us to let them go. I had done so. If I had killed them at the airport Khalid wouldn’t be
lying dead like this. Khalid wouldn’t be dead! You are responsible for his death! They didn’t do anything. You teach everybody
the rules of the law. Then teach these corpses. Our Khalid will come back to us! Our Khalid will wake up again!
Khalid will come back to us. He has two little kids. Our department will take care
of them, won’t they? Your law will take care of him,
won’t it? Hello! Hello, control room. This is inspector Patil from
the Versova Police Station. Hello. D.C.P. Patnaik here.
– Yes, sir. Do one thing.
Send an ambulance over. One of our men is dead. Yes, in Blue Bird Bar. Do it fast.
– Okay, sir. Okay. Almighty! He has taken the wrong person! I’m extremely sorry. Khalid has left a huge
debt on my shoulders. Mother! Father!
– Almighty! Mother! Mother! Mother! Yes, your information
is always right, isn’t it? Sir, believe me…
– Listen! When you raided
Pathan’s timber mart that information was also
accurate, wasn’t it? And now you want to
raid Pathanwadi? No. I won’t permit you to do it. But they have killed one of our men.
– Don’t be sentimental! Your adventure can create
communal riots. Sorry, permission denied. Is that clear?
– Yes sir. But sir, if I hadn’t listened
to you that day then Khalid would’ve
been alive today. Om!
– Sorry, sir. I’ll follow your orders. Then what can we do? If the commissioner
is not happy with it then we should close these files. We’ve not joined the police force
to make the commissioner happy. We’re Crime Branch officers. We won’t bow down
to anyone’s pressure. Now, whatever happens,
we’ll deal with it. What is the status
of the Pradhan murder case? Tell me. The rest of the people
have been identified but there’s one more person who appears in every picture. But, hasn’t been identified yet. Sir, this is the actress Mallika. She has an affair with
Pathan’s younger brother, Yeda. Currently, she’s outdoors. He’ll definitely try to meet her. That’s why it’s necessary
to keep a watch on her house. We have a nice long list
for the inquiry. But no one will reveal anything. They may not be afraid
of the police right now. But at least they’ll feel that the police force
has become more attentive. And out of fear, they’ll make
an error at some point or the other. Let’s go. Yes, I’m at Haji Ali. Yes, it’s over. Yes, stop him there. We’re coming. We’ve just moved out. Sir, give way. Feed the poor.
– Yes, boss. Give it away. Where is Yeda? I don’t know. Itís been a
long time since he left home. I’m not related to him. Make me a betel leaf mixture. Pathan, your brother
has killed too many policemen. He’ll surely get killed. But whoever has tried to
help him will be killed first. I’m sorry. I’m also sorry for the death
of the policemen. But why are you
interrogating me for that? I have nothing to do with him. Okay. Itís okay, Pathan. But you still have one responsibility
towards your brother. Keep things ready for his cremation
because the day I catch him I won’t arrest him. I’ll kill him. Do whatever you want with him. Find him first. Inform us as well if he is caught. You’ll get the news
of his death in the newspapers. But remember this,
we’ll make your life like hell and you’ll beg for mercy. What are you staring at? You’re also on my list. On the top. Okay. Okay. Let’s go. Didn’t you hear? Come on. I know nothing
about the Pradhan murder case. He was just my friend. You’re uselessly wasting
your time and my time as well. Do you recognise him? No. Look carefully. You know all the famous people
of this country. Sportsmen. Film stars.
Businessmen. Politicians. Look carefully! I meet so many people.
That’s why I can’t recall. Yes, sometimes
I remember their strength. Maybe you don’t have manners
to speak with the police. I have seen the policeís
manners and misbehavior. The people, because of whom
you are acting so arrogant will have no influence
in this city anymore. You are just a small fish. Roshni Verma! I know you very well. You belong to a respectable family. Right now you are on a high. When you come back to your senses you will fall flat. And you’ll realise
that life’s a bitter truth. Get a hold on yourself. There’s still time.
Do it before it’s too late. Look at this picture carefully. Do you know this man?
Who is this man? I don’t know.
– You don’t know? You are happily talking to him. This man is standing in front of you
and you say you don’t know him? Gautam Walia attends so many parties.
I meet so many people. How can I remember everyone? It seems that youíre losing
your memory, Walia. Then you won’t even remember
that 18 years ago I had arrested you on drug charges
at your cottage in Madh Island with your 20 girlfriends. Then you should also remember that you couldn’t keep me at your police station
for more than ten minutes. Time is all powerful, Walia. In 18 years there are many changes. I promise you,
in our Crime Branch in my interrogation room, you won’t last for more than
ten minutes. Because over here the police baton
will be most generous. Understand what I mean? Come, Vikram! Waman!
I’m asking you for the last time what do you know about
the Pradhan murder case? I know nothing, sir. Pradhan was a big celebrity
and I don’t know who he dealt with. How can that be? You and your girls were always present
at Pradhan and Walia’s parties. That’s right, sir. But the girls go inside
the room, not me. Now how would I know
what happens inside the room? And since cell phones have arrived,
my job has become much easier. Sir, itís time
for my personal responsibilities. It’s Saturday.
I have to go to the temple. Let me earn my bread.
Let me go, please. It seems he won’t speak so easily.
– Sir, I… We have to call Nayak. Nayak! Nayak? Mister!
– Yes. Who is Nayak? Nayak? Appa Kadam Nayak.
– Okay! Encounter specialist. He has already killed 56 people. He is not a Nayak (Hero),
he is a Khalnayak (Villain). Be careful! All the best!
– Yes. They give me all the dirty work.
Where is he? Him? Greetings, sir. He’s already beaten up.
Why should I beat him? Okay! Namdeo! Bring the wet towel. Give me the revolver.
Fast! I have other work too. Not your service revolver.
That one. How many have we killed ? The other one.
Do you want us to get caught? No, sir! Is it loaded?
– Yes! Sir! I’m a religious person. I have to go to the temple.
Let me go. The road has been dug up
near the temple. There’s a lot of traffic.
I’ll send you to God from here. I don’t want to go to God! I have kids. I’ll tell you my story.
Don’t shoot me. You were just saying
you wanted to go to God. Okay! Sir is here.
Tell him everything. Good boy. Tell him.
– Come on, speak. I’ll tell you.
– Quickly! Sir, there were some
business tensions between Home Minister,
Manik Rao and Mr. Pradhan. Don’t drag me between
these politicians and businessmen. I’m very poor. Let me go. Go away! Take him away,
he doesn’t know anything. Don’t take to me Nayak. We shot an arrow in the dark,
and it hit the target. Yes! But one thing is clear. Walia and Manik Rao are somehow
involved in the Pradhan murder case. And if this is true, then we’ll be transferred
by morning. Because the Home Minister
calls the shot here. We won’t give him
the chance to do that. Let’s try it once. Salutations, sir!
– Salute, sir. Just a minute, sir. Can you brief me on the progress
in the Pradhan murder case? We will solve this case. Right now I can only say that
many politicians and high-profiled people
are involved in this case. Can you tell us their names, please?
– They… Maybe you don’t like our faces. It’s not like that, sir. That’s why you want me and
my team to be transferred. Please spare the police. What happened
to your liquor supplier? Everything is ready.
Why are you worried? You know him, don’t you?
– No, I’ve never met him but I took his number from
the minister’s diary and called him. Why are you worrying? Look, the minister is
extremely furious. All the arrangements
should be perfect. All the arrangements will be perfect. Go to the washroom.
It’ll ease your tension. If anyone asks, just mention my name. Go and don’t worry.
– Okay! What youíre saying is nonsense. The minister calls and
the liquor supplier doesn’t turn up. How can that be? Yes, how are you?
– Fine. Where is sir?
– Do I look like the madam to you? I asked how you are.
– Fine. You have immense
difficulty with English. How are you?
It means, ‘Who are you?’ Okay, you are asking that. Look, I alter peopleís
moods at social events. So, you are the one.
The supplier! Come here. I was waiting for you. This is Mr. Walia’s dinner party. Lunch will be served soon.
Where’s the stock? The stock is ready.
Just tell me how much. Look, everything should be
imported. All pure. Don’t worry about the quality.
Tell me about the quantity. The minister will need four.
– Four? Yes, four. Together.
– Four together? He’s very fond of it, man. When he arrives he’ll ask for one. Then before food,
weíll have the second one. The third after dinner
and he’ll take one home. At home? You have to spend
the night somehow. All night. But his wife..
– They are famous people. Whatever they do,
they do it secretly and in the open. Not like us, on the sly. Sometimes even his wife joins him. What are you saying?
– She is a great lady. She has told the minister
to do everything in front of her. Sometimes she brings it.
– She herself? Yes! There is too much competition
in this business. You have to keep some stock at home. What will you do if you wake up
at 2:45am in the night? You have to take it. Sir, keep my card. Refer me to him.
I’ll give you brand new items. I’ll do it.
But you have to take care of me too. 100%! Do you also want imported stock?
– No, not imported. I don’t get on a high.
I’d like local. I also have local. All rustic. Just speak and she’ll jump on you. Okay, absolutely free for you. Really?
– Yes! Should I call you tomorrow?
– Okay. We haven’t met today.
– I’m not here. What a man? Like Aladdin’s lamp.
Tomorrow I’ll drink a lot. Apte, you have these habits too? I’m very fond of it, Tripati.
But I can’t afford it. The deal was a steal! Forget that.
What happened to the liquor supplier? Was he your father? It’s him. He supplies something else. What?
– Girls! Why didn’t you tell me before?
It’ll ruin my name. Now what should I do? Even the commissioner is here.
You wait here! In your department any officer.. ..can become a hero
in front of the media. What kind of a commissioner are you? But sir, listen to me.
– What should I listen to? Whatís wrong, Mr. Manik Rao? Why are you angry?
The commissioner is one of us. What can I tell you, Walia?
You know the situation. The media and
the high command people are putting too much pressure on us. What’s the big deal?
Commissioner, come with me. Come! For you and your officers I have some business plans,
retirement funds. Yes, I’m coming.
I’ll call you later. Hey, brother! Hey, brother! Mallika called.
Sheís here for the night. She’ll leave at night
for shows in New York. Should I meet her? What? Should I go or not? The police are
keeping an eye outside. Why take the risk? Forget it! Why worry about the police? It’s still day. I’ll return quickly.
I’ll return before dark. Let me go! You don’t understand what I’m saying. It’s a risky matter.
The police are outside. Have I ever refused? Have I?
– You haven’t, but.. You were 14 years old
when I got a girl for you. The girl was elder to you.
You were so shy. Brother!
– And today you are asking my permission!
The police are outside. To them, youíll be going out. You see, I’m not 14,
but 28 years old now. I’ll come back quickly.
I’ll be back in an hour. Go! But take four to five men
with you. And be careful. And take that Titanic car
so you can’t be seen. Take that one. I should take the Titanic car?
– Yes. So I can’t be seen?
– Yes! It’s not ‘Titanic’! It’s tinted! You’re very sweet.
But I’m smarter. What?
– I’ll return soon. Good-bye! This is Vikram Singh reporting
from the Blue Diamond building Lokhandwala Complex. Right now, Yeda has come to
meet Mallika in this building. I think on the 20th floor. Yeda is hiding at Mallika’s flat
in Lokhandwala. Kelkar, get the force ready.
Come on, let’s go. Hello, brother! The police force has moved out
to nab Yeda. I can’t do anything. Listen to… Hurry up! Sir is waiting there.
Hurry! Take the car. He’s upstairs. Let’s go. You, go that way.
– Yes, sir. And you, upstairs. Who is it?
– The bouquet delivery guy. Come on, get up!
Your bosses are here! Got it? Come on, get up!
Weíll show you the lock-up. Where is Yeda?
– I don’t know. Where is Yeda? Where is my gun? Boss, the police have
surrounded the entire building. Baba is inside! He is trapped inside!
– No, boss. And you tell me there’s no way in? Take the car towards the back.
– Open the door. Take the vehicle back.
– Baba is trapped in there! Hurry up!
– Don’t take it back! I will deal with them. You rascal! I will… Take him. Patnaik! What will you do? Take me to the police station? I’ll be out on bail in ten minutes. What are you worth?
Your honesty is worth just 500 bucks! What will you do? Bash me up? Did you forget Khalid Ansari? He died a dog’s death! Are you listening? Where is Yeda? Upstairs. Upstairs? Good! Very good. Down with Mumbai Police! Down with Mumbai Police! Down with Mumbai Police! Down with Mumbai Police! We’re not going to suffer
police atrocities anymore. In the name of encounters they…
– Sir, just a minute. Can you come over here
for a moment, please? Whenever such an encounter happens you come down here to protest
for human rights for criminals. But when a policeman gets killed or gets injured in an encounter,
you don’t bother to meet his family. Because you don’t have this
circus of yours over there. The media, the T.V. cameras,
the newspapermen are not there. You sit in your
air-conditioned offices publish gangsters’ photographs on the front page of newspapers
and make them heroes. And who bothers about us policemen? You create associations
for the welfare of animals. But you don’t promote any organisation
for the widows and their children of those policemen
who died on duty. You attend Valentine’s Day
and Friendship Day functions but never celebrate Police Day. Because you’ll never get free wine,
food and women in a police party. You fool! Just get lost! Or else I’ll beat you up
black and blue. Brace yourself, Pathan.
It was destined to happen. Very true, Pathan.
The inevitable can’t be avoided. Pathan, you said you had
nothing to do with Yeda. What are you doing here? Have you arranged for
the last rites before coming here? He is talking too much,
brother Pathan. Something should be
done about these cops. Hush! This is a morgue.
Don’t make any noise. Or else, instead of taking
one body back you might leave four more behind.
Hush! A person normally loses his
senses in too much excitement. Yeda forgot this fact. But you shouldn’t. The police will surely face
the aftermath of my brother’s death. This is a promise. Pathan, you’ve made arrangements
for your brother’s last rites but who will make arrangements
for yours? God be with you. Come on, guys. Dear, have this.
– No, mom. Look, heís not having his milk. What happened? Rahul.
– Explain it to him. Come on, have it. Janki, where is my purse? You’re very stubborn.
– Mom! Janki! Mom!
– Move in, Janki! Mom! Mom! Anyone there? You shoot at a kid? You shoot at a woman? Papa? Mom! Morning, sir.
– Sir. Sir.
– Morning, sir. Morning, sir.
– Morning, sir. The Holy Gita says if someone tries to kill you
or your family killing him isn’t called a murder,
but itís self-defense. What’s the use of being so sad? Itís time to act.
Enter their dens and kill them. And don’t worry
about the personís status. I’m with you.
Go and get the scoundrels! You’ve turned it into a circus! Do you own this police department? Did you forget who got you
this position and how? Were you qualified to be
a commissioner? Tell me! If not for Manik Rao you’d still be rotting
as a mere assistant in some forlorn village of Dhulia.
Got it? And, today you dare lay
your hands on my men! My men? I’ll remove you from your job and guarantee that you wonít
get another job. Understood? Khurana,
stop this drama of yours at once. Stop this facade or else I’ll get you transferred
to a Naxalite area. You’ll rot there your entire life. Shut up! Transfer! This is the only threat
you can issue! Asking if Iím qualified? Have you forgotten? You used to collect protection money
from Dadar’s vegetable market. Twenty five years ago, I had arrested you for
selling fake mark sheets. How dare you threaten me! Me? Khurana! I’m not going to get pressurized
by you, Manik Rao. My post may change but yours can be snatched
away anytime. Don’t threaten me with transfers. My team and I will call a
press conference and resign. Then try explaining it to the press
first and then to the public why the entire department
resigned together. Have you forgotten that
elections are in six months? Let’s see who lands up in Dhulia. Threatening me with transfers! And listen! Pathan is one of your men, isn’t he? The force may have already
reached Pathan Wadi by now with his arrest warrant I told you to increase the rates. Quiet, dear!
– Boss, the police is here. Police?
– Yes boss, the police is here! So? Why are you jumping around? Tell the neighbour
to get milk for him. Hurry up!
– All right. Get it! Get it! Pathan! Come on. What am I saying? Quiet, son.
– Come on, Pathan! Inspector! Vikram sir!
– Trying to act sassy! Come on!
– Let me go. What have I done? Come on, or else you’ll get whacked! I’m coming.
– Acting sassy! Pathan! You call yourself the gangster
of Pathanwadi? Didn’t I tell you Iíd drag you
from here? Well… Very fond of showing
muscle power, aren’t you? Come, Iíll help you forget about it. Relax!
– Come on! I had asked for milk for the baby. Feed the baby and don’t worry.
I’ll be back. Yes sure,
he will return after 14 years. The kid won’t even
recognise you then! Come on! Why are you angry?
Did you quarrel with your wife? ‘Yusuf Pathan’s arrest broke
the back of the Mumbai underworld.’ ‘Mumbai Police stopped
all illegal businesses in the city.’ ‘They arrested all small and
big-time criminals of the underworld.’ ‘They have evidence that
Manik Rao and Gautam Walia are’ ‘hand in glove
with the underworld.’ ‘The police is tightening
their grip on them’ ‘and the troubles for
Gautam Walia continue to mount.’ I had told you not to involve
Pathan in Pradhan’s situation. The Crime Branch
interrogated me for 20 hours. That’s why FERA and enforcement
agencies are hounding me.. and Pathan has also been arrested. If he reveals everything,
all of us will be in trouble. And what about the illegal
business which he used to handle? And all you do is threaten
the government with your resignation. Walia, relax! Sit.
Why are you getting anxious? These cops are joyous
is they win small battles. The public should feel there’s
someone whoís serving the country. Now the question is whether Pathan
will confess to everything. He will not utter a word. And if he does,
we will deal with it. That leaves our illegal business… WellÖ Apte. Okay, sir. Walia. Welcome, Raghu. Forget it, Walia.
Forget past enmities. I made arrangements for his release as soon as Pathan
was put behind bars. He was tired of working
for the opposition. And was not reaping any rewards. Now, he will work for us. He will handle all of
Pathan’s businesses. Right, Raghu? Go on. Be seated. Pathan, you are of no use
to them now. Your friends have betrayed you. Moreover, Raghu Shetty is out of jail and is relaxing
at his Dongri slum. Manik Rao, the person
that you think is your friend has asked your enemy
to take your place. I know you won’t believe me. Here. This is today’s newspaper. Raghu will handle your entire
business from Chira Bazaar to Dadar. Manik Rao,
you’ve shown your true colours! You have no other
option but to approve. How will I benefit? Itís a minimum sentence. That’s my promise. I have a condition.
– Speak up. After my case is over I should be safely sent to Nepal
along with my passport. You fool! Do you really think
we’d be so lenient with you? Do you consider us
policemen to be crooks? Appa! Hold on! Om.
– Sir! What do you think? Let’s accept it, sir. It is a dangerous promise to make. How can we send him to Nepal? Sir, I’m only talking
about making a promise and not fulfilling it. You are saying this?
– Yes. Sometimes one has to enter a
no-entry zone to catch a criminal. Okay, Pathan.
We accept your condition. Pathan, we are searching for him. What do you know about him?
What is his name? Hirachand Mehta. He’s a stockbroker by profession. But, actually, he’s a big illegal
money transfer agent. He handles the illegal
transfer of money for Walia, Pradhan and Manikrao. Catch him and you’ll get complete
details of their criminal activities. Where can we find him?
– Surat. Surat?
– Heerabaug society. Okay, get ready to go to Surat. Sir. Is it okay, Hirachand? Don’t worry, Mr. Agarwal. I’ve been in this money
transfer business since 15 years. Your job will be done.
Your money will be delivered. Yes, just a minute. Yes, Mr. Walia. Hirachand here. I’m here at Raghu Shetty’s bar
with Mr. Agarwal. Should I come today to meet you? Hirachand, I’ve told you so many
times not to call me on my mobile. Walia is really strange. Everyone is here. You’re coming
for the prayer meet, aren’t you? Mama, give it to me.
– Okay, talk to Rahul. What?
– Papa, come quickly. Walia’s phone has been tapped
in the recording room. Please come soon.
– I’ll call you later, okay? ‘Yes, Mr. Walia. Hirachand here.’ ‘I’m here at Raghu Shetty’s bar
with Mr. Agarwal.’ ‘Should I come today to meet you?’ ‘Hirachand, I’ve told you many
times not to call me on my mobile!’ Oh no! Come on! “Hail Lord Ganapati!” “Hail Lord Ganapati!” “Come soon next year!” “Hail Lord Ganapati!” “Come soon next year!” “Hail Lord Ganapati!” “Come soon next year!” “Hail Lord Ganapati!” “Hail Lord Ganapati!” “Hail Lord Ganapati!” “Hail Lord Ganapati!” “Come soon next year!” “Hail Lord Ganapati!” “Come soon next year!” “Hail Lord Ganapati!” “Come soon next year!” Come on. Take him away. Go on. Appa! I am okay. Appa. Take him away.
– Appa… It’s hurting badly, isn’t it? I won’t let you go alive from here.
– Ke… Finish him! What have you done?
– Raghu, shoot him! Let go! Come here, Kelkar! Rascal! You’re coward! You’re killing a brave man! If you want to kill me,
then shoot over here. Only then I will die! Shoot! Give it to me, I will shoot him. Shoot! Shoot! Salute with weapons! Fire! Your husband was a
very brave officer. The police will always
remember his sacrifices. The whole police fraternity
is with you. If you need anything,
tell us without any hesitation. Iím not worrying about what I need. I am just sad that there’s one less soldier
in my family. I want you to make my son
a brave officer like Appa. Where are you going?
What is going on? Don’t be so stupid! Don’t be crazy!
Think rationally! Those people want us
to commit an error. The media is hounding us. The human rights guys
are already after us. I am elder to you. So I’m speaking to you
as an elder brother. The principles which you
wanted others to follow you want to betray
those principles today? And think about it. How long will it
take for this case to be solved? We have almost solved it. The minister has been
waiting for a long time. When will Mr. Walia come? Why are you so tense? It’s my sister-in-law’s
birthday tomorrow. What? I mean, it’s my marriage anniversary. I donít know what to gift
my wife to make her happy. Give her a divorce.
She’ll be very happy. It seems like youíre
very unhappy with your wife. No, my wife is very good.
She obeys my every command. If I tell her to bring hot water
at 3am, she brings it. To bathe? I have to wash the utensils, don’t I? Don’t tell anybody. Does your wife know English?
– No, my wife is a villager. She’s from the village?
I thought she was your wife. Shut up! It’s useless to talk to you. Mr. Walia is here. Welcome, sir. Thank God Kelkar informed us. Had they caught Hirachand,
we’d be in deep trouble. Thank you. We can deal with trouble,
but what do I say… Your girlfriend, Ms. Roshni… She has been in touch
with the police. I saw her at the funeral too. I don’t know what they
talked about but Mr. Rao,
if we don’t pay attention to this it will be a problem. This government may fall. You bloody… Are you sleeping with the police? Did you forget? You had come from Delhi
to become a heroine? Even after visiting several studios
and producers, you didn’t make it. Out of pity, I gave you shelter! I did! Today you roam around
in high societies just because of me! Rich people respect you,
just because of me! Only because of Walia! Don’t shout! I’m your mistress.
Not your wife! And if I reveal everything,
you’ll have nowhere to hide. You’ve used this woman from
the streets for your own benefit. And who are you? Agent, middleman, broker! To me, you’re just a glorified… Very good, Mr. Walia! Iíve heard a lot about your wealth. Today, I saw an example
of your bravery. What are you doing here?
– I haven’t done anything until now. But go away from here quietly. Because if I’m forced
to do something you’ll regret it
for the rest of your life. I don’t know why small
police officers like you don’t understand their strength. What are you so proud of? If cowards like you can have pride then why can’t
police officers like me? Walia, raising your hand on a
woman is the first sign of cowardice. Vikram Singh!
– Shut up!! Go away from here quietly, Walia. Or else instead of going home
in your Mercedes youíll need to leave
in a municipal ambulance. Bye, sweetheart. Rascal! You were right, Vikram. The intoxication has ended. I have come face to face
with lifeís realities. The person you are searching
for is Hirachand. A money transfer agent. You’ll find him at the Flying Club. Walia is sending him abroad
on his private aircraft. Hello! Namdeo, listen.
– Yes, sir. Hello. Yes, Mr. Walia. Don’t worry.
We are in the aircraft. Hands up! Crime Branch. Patnaik!
You have a policeman in here? You smarty! Keep the engine on.
We have to follow him. Take it up! Take it near the left wing
of the plane. Push him! Come on! Run! Drop the gun! Drop the gun! I said, drop your gun! Come on. Take me outside! Come on!
– No! What have I got into! Kelkar! Thank God you are here. Save me or else
these policemen will kill me. Hirachand, if I leave you alive I’ll also get caught for Khalid
and Appa’s murder. Understand? To hell with you! Kelkar, why are you taking the trouble? Your role is finished now.
– Sir, you… Kelkar, these policemen… Catch all of them!
– These police men! Sir, I didn’t do anything. This… Come on! Come on! You rascal! What should be done
to such a traitor? Should we arrest him so that he gets
bail with the help of his lawyers and gets a chance to kill honest
policemen like Appa and Khalid? No! Such a lowly wretch shouldn’t
be suspended. He should be dismissed. Dismiss! ‘Mumbai Police registered a charge
sheet against Manik Rao and Walia.’ ‘But the entire system is corrupt.’ ‘The court rejected the evidence
submitted by the police.’ ‘And all the witnesses
changed their testimonies.’ ‘The strange thing was that the police
were called to the witness box’ ‘and they were questioned.’ ‘It seems like the police
may lose the case.’ The court will announce
the decision after lunch. What do you want after all? You’ve said whatever
you wanted in court. Now, just wait for my decision. Okay? Please go.
– Forget it. Even we don’t have a lot of time.
Right? Before announcing your verdict,
meet your old friend. Mohite! Your friend, Yusuf Pathan. Judge? I was getting scared needlessly. I was wondering
where theyíre take me. I was stressed.
My blood pressure shot up! May I sit? There is nothing to worry about now.
Heís my old friend. I was needlessly scared. I have full faith on his
judgment and intelligence. And he fulfills his promises. Remember Malhotra’s case?
You had decided in his favour. He didn’t give you 80 million so you asked me to kill him. His brother had to pay the money. And the land deal next
to the airport? He had given that decision
in our favour. The builder got all the slum land. You must have earned something
like 200 to 300 million. Didn’t you?
Did you forget about it? He is involved in huge scams. Chadda from Bandra! Khan!
God knows who else! Mhatre! Dayashankar!
Where are you? Stop! The public court is in session!
Go away. What do you have to say
about this tape? Your old business deal
with him is recorded on it. Would you like to hear it? Pathan! Even after knowing the police are
responsible for your brother’s death you are on their side? I was out of my mind! When people like you and ministers
can change their stance why can’t I? Even I know how to strike a deal. Pathan! You are betraying us? You won’t be spared! And you didn’t do me a favour. I have saved so many of your men
from T.A.D.A. and M.C.O.C.A. And in deals worth millions. What the public calls scams! You, Manikrao, and Walia earned
a lot of money because of me. Have you forgotten? And you are threatening me with
the help of Pathan! Forget it! If you have Pathan, I have the pen!
The power of the pen. I’ll dismiss you in no time. Please leave. Let me work. ‘I have saved so many of your men
from T.A.D.A. and M.C.O.C.A.’ ‘And in deals worth
thousands of millions.’ ‘What the public calls scams!’ ‘You, Manikrao, and Walia earned
a lot of money because of me.’ ‘Have you forgotten?’ What a move?! He said too much. You’ve been fooled. There was nothing on the tape.
Now everything has been recorded. Before announcing your
verdict please think about what will happen
if the public and the bar council know about this. Judge, we can play this tape
in court if we want to. But after that, one billion
people of this country will no longer believe
in the legal system. Therefore, as a good and
true citizen of India I request you to give your verdict.
Give it very quickly. And after giving your
verdict you should resign. So that this decision becomes
the last decision of your life. May I leave? I have to get ready to go to Nepal. Leave after 15 or 20 years.
– Why? Leave with me! You’re betraying me! Betraying Pathan! Did you really think we’d let you go? Mohite!
– You’re joking, right? Take him away!
– Patnaik! Go on!
– Vikram, sir! Take him away! Go on!
– What… Take him away. Lock him up.
– I helped you! ‘Considering the testimony
of all the witnesses’ ‘and the evidence,’ ‘this court decides that
Manik Rao, Mr. Gautam Walia’ ‘and Hirachand are guilty
for all the charges that’ ‘have been levied against them.’ They were the conspirators
of the Pradhan murder. Whatever illegal deals
they have been associated with We are doomed! They should be investigated properly. Congratulations! Kiran…
– There’s no need to say anything, Om. I’m really proud of you. We’ll meet this evening. We have passed through a
pretty difficult phase. Sir, this is just the beginning. There are a lot of names left
in Appa Kadam Nayak’s list. I was too naive and
honest in my work. I need to be a little assertive.
Let’s go. “I love it!” “Intoxication!” “I love it!” “Intoxication!
– I love it!” “I love it!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Intoxication!” “Firefly!” “Firefly! Intoxication!” “Firefly! Intoxication!”

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