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Aap Ki Khatir Full Movie | Hindi Movies | Akshaye Khanna Movies

“For you, I present
the world of my heart!” “For you, I present
the world of my heart!” “All the desires of my
heart I’ll express today!” “I’ll express today!” “I’ll express today!” “I’ll express today!” “What is love?” “You lose your senses.” “It is a series of
peace and solace.” “And of the passion
of the heart, my dear.” “What is love?” “You lose your senses.” “It is a series of
peace and solace.” “And of the passion
of the heart, my dear.” “With your talks, meetings
and thinking I am..” “I am very impressed.” “For you, I present
the world of my heart!” “All the desires of my
heart I’ll express today!” “I’ll express today!” “I’ll express today!” “I’ll express today!” “For you, I present
the world of my heart! Hey Anu! Good morning! This is Becky your mom. Wake up! I am calling from London
to remind you that today.. ..you have to take the Air-India
flight at 12 noon to London. So wakei wakei Baby. Bye! I am dying to see you. Hey Anu! Good
morning! This is Aman. Aman Mehra from Lokhandwala. I just called to say, don’t be
late. Because I hate to wait. Bye! Hello! Oh! Oh! God! Maya! Maya, I have to talk. You know what happened? Is still confused that
should I go to London or not. But that stupid person
from Lokhandwala called up. Aman from Lokhandwala. Don’t
be late. I hate to wait. Such attitude. ‘Yes I know, we do work
in the same company but.. ..it is such a big company.’ ‘Maya, am I doing right thing.’ ‘I mean, going to
London with Aman.’ ‘I don’t really
know him, you know.’ ‘I have just met
him once or twice.’ ‘And just imagine where’s my
private sea facing cabin on.. ..the 21st floor and where is
his desk on the 10th floor.’ ‘There is a little difference.’ ‘Will it look convincing?’ ‘You know my family.’ ‘If he is such a strict person
then how did he agree to do this?’ ‘Oh! Money! How predictable!’ ‘Now it’s Ok. Everyone
has weak points.’ ‘My weakness is shoes and
his weakness is money!’ ‘It’s all good. But I hope he has not deceived
someone for money. Sure, Maya?’ ‘You are my best friend so I am taking
him with me on your responsibility.’ I guess, I’ll have to trust him. Like I have a choice! He himself comes late
and sends me a message. I hate to wait. Don’t be late. I also hate to wait! Really? We think a like. Hi! I am Aman. Hi! So you have finally come. Do you know that we
are late for check-in? Before check-in,
check the time ma’am. I am not late. You
are five minutes early. Oh! I am sorry! The journey has not even
started yet and you’ve.. ..already started saying sorry? By the way, Maya must have told
you about a small weakness of mine? Yes, of course.. No! Not right now. My job will
start once we reach London, right? And before the work starts
I do not accept money. Professional ethics, you know. But as soon we reach
there you should pay me. See that I don’t have
to ask. I hate to ask. You hate to ask.
You hate to be late. I mean, do you like
anything in life? Yes, I do like something.
– What? Actually, I hate
to say what I like. Shall we? Hi! First class, two. Seat
near to rest room, please. By the way I am not interested
in your like and dislikes. I am just interested in that
in London everybody should.. ..think that our interests
are alike. Understood? Understood! Can I.. Can I
have a window seat, please. By the way, Maya has made you
understand everything, right? Yes, to some extent. By the way who all are
there in your family. In my family.. Mummy, Papa
and my sister Shirani. Shirani! Unusual name. Yes. After my Papa died, my mummy
got married to Shirani’s Papa. But now he is my Papa.
And I love him so much. We both were very
small at that time. I feel that you are
still very small. Your ticket ma’am. Thanks.
– Welcome. Thank you. Destiny is strange. It made your mummy and papa meet. Don’t you think that the
destiny has made us also to meet? May be the same destiny will
unite Danny and me once again. Danny.. Your boyfriend. But what had happened
between you two? I don’t know what happened. He used to love me
very much, you know? I also used to love him very much. But then suddenly.. I do not
understand what happened. He ditched me at
the alter, you know. He left you and you
left London, right? That is the problem with you girls. Home, career, husband,
children and kitchen,.. ..you all can take care of everything
but can not manage a heartbreak. Learn from us. Every 2 or
3 days our heart breaks. But by the weekend it
is once again whole. 4 girls break our heart and go away
then we break 8 hearts and come. Doesn’t matter whatever
breakage is going on inside.. ..but from outside,
absolutely rock solid. The heart is like an ocean
and the eyes are like a desert. Search hard as you can. You’ll
not find even a drop of water. I hate tears Pushpa. Stop being sad You know, you are right. I have to be strong. I should keep smiling always. Can I have a strong
cup of coffee, please? I am sorry. I am a
very nervous girl. Do you know about DVT.
Deep vein thrombosis. The legs swell up and
then the person dies. You have to keep drinking
water and keep moving. Back to business. So you want to show Danny that
I have taken his place in your life. Yes. Because Danny is a very
jealous kind of a person. When he sees you and me together
he will be very jealous.. ..and it is possible that
he will come back to me. Danny! A resident of London, is
a rich and handsome hunk.. ..and I am just an
average looking guy who.. ..makes average money
and lives in Lokhandwala. I am sorry but after seeing
me forget about him getting.. ..jealous, he won’t
even bat his eyes. I know what I am doing, Ok. I just know that I love him
and I want him back at any cost. Much time has passed but still I
have not learnt to live without Danny. Shirani’s wedding is a golden
chance for me and I am.. ..not going to lose it. Like to have something? She will have one Danny! You have a Danny Err.. What drink is that sir? It is very intoxicating.
You get it only in London. Thanks, we don’t need anything. I’ll have a glass of champagne.
– Yes sir. What’s the happy occasion? It is a sad occasion. – Why are you sad?
– But you are. For all your pain one champagne. You are such a pain. Your attention please. Since
we are experiencing turbulence.. ..passenger’s are requested
to fasten their seat-belts. Oh! You are sleeping. Wake up. I never sleep in the
plane and in the day time. Then why are your eyes shut? Listen, we are going to land and
during landing I get very scared. Now you wake up, please. I am getting very tensed.
I mean, I need support. You are scared while take
off, you are scared in mid-flight.. ..and you are
scared while landing too. Can I suggest you something?
– Tell me. Why don’t you wear a
parachute and jump.. ..off the plane. You’ll
feel very light in mid air. Listen, you are not my doctor.
You are an escort. Behave that way. Yes, Boss. Oh! Hold me.
– Ok. I am going to throw up.
– Do it that side. My head is reeling. I am going to die. I am going
to die! I am going to die! Oh! No!
– What’s the matter now? My doctor has told me not to
look at a very beautiful girl. I am just joking. Your doctor must be joking too. No, but he had also
said something serious. That never give your heart
to some beautiful girl. Aren’t you getting a
little too familiar? Can we go?
– Go. Why go. There’s no car? I am sorry, Prince Charles. But for you that
black cab is coming. Oh! A taxi? No limousine etc.. Look, don’t irritate me
so early in the morning. I do not have much time. We are going to Oxford first. Is the wedding being held at
Oxford University, not at home? Oxford Street. You can not go
to my home in these clothes. What’s the problem
with these clothes? They are hip and happening. You are not a University
student who is going to his Prom. The entire high society of London
will be present in this party. I am sorry. But you’ll have to look a little
trendy and classy, you know. I see. Ok. But only for you. Only for you.
– Taxi! “For you, I present
the world of my heart!” “For you, I present
the world of my heart!” “All the desires of my heart..” “All the desires of my
heart I’ll express today!” I’ll express today!” “It is only sometimes
that you find love here.” “This life will take many turns.” “But your eyes should not avert.” “It is only sometimes
that you find love here.” “This life will take many turns.” “But your eyes should not avert.” “How should I tell you?” “My friend, how should
I make you understand?” “You will not find
a companion like me.” “For you, I present
the world of my heart!” “All the desires of my
heart I’ll express today!” I’ll express today!” Wow! The house is very beautiful. My family is even more
beautiful than this.. Listen, your work
is about to begin. You hate to ask and
I hate to be reminded. Your money. Rest
after the work starts. Ok. Boss. Can I count it? I become breathless even
before climbing the stairs. My mom is still young and
beautiful, these stairs.. ..are the ones that
have become old. I have been waiting for you the
whole night looking at the stars. My daughter. –
Mamma. – Come here. What happened, mom?
Why are you crying? I am seeing you after 3
years. Let me at least cry. Not for me, for Shirani. Save something for
her send off ceremony. How are you? I am happy. Mom, he is Aman Mehra.
And she is my mom. Greetings.
– Hi. Nice to meet you. He has come with me from Mumbai. He is a really good friend. I see! I am very
happy! I am very happy! Why didn’t you tell me before? I gave you such a big
shock when I left from here. So I thought I will give you
a surprise when I come here. Nice! Pleasant surprise! So handsome, what do you do? Love. With my life,
my work and my friends. And my friend’s mother too. Good! You will gain
by befriending me. I rule this house.
Come on, my dear. Let me introduce you to my
dear, dear husband. Come on. Come on, here I go. Darling! Look who is here! It has been 15 years. I have
not looked here or there. But only at you. Okay at least now
look, who has come! Father. Are you still angry? Of course I am! And I
have every right to be! Please Arjun, this is not the time to be
angry it is the time for peace. Meet him. Aman.
– Mehra. Aman Mehra. Aman Mehra.. you are..
– Anu’s boyfriend. Your dear child’s beloved. Mom, where is Shirani?
– In her room getting ready. I will just go to meet her.
– Okay;. Shirani! –
Hey! – Hey Anu. You have come! I’m so
happy, I missed you. It is my sister’s marriage. I was
bound to come. – That’s right. And what about me? Hey, Meghna! How are you? Single. Without a boyfriend.
– Not again! You know me! 2 days without a
boyfriend and I start feeling sick. Now I am fainting. Stop it! She started
again! I am so sorry. Well. There is no motivation
without rotation. All of these scandalous
conversation later. First I want to know
everything about Kunal. How long have you known Anu? Exactly since the
time has known me. How many days? 1 year 2 days.
Including the holidays. Where did you meet
her for the first time? Exactly where she met
me for the first time. Where exactly? Exactly. In darkness. – In darkness? Nobody
was there in the night. I was with Anu.
And Anu was with me. And there were other people too. What were those other people doing? Waiting. For what?
– Of the electricity. Electricity. What
were you guys doing? We both were shouting. Shouting? Why? Two people who are stuck
in the office lift.. ..are bound to shout
and not make picnic. You were stuck in the office
lift. That is so funny. Where did you meet
for the second time? On the stairs.
– Stairs? Yes. After that we
stopped using the lift. After meeting on the stairs,
we gradually became friends. I see! And since we were working
in the same office.. ..we started enjoying
each other’s company. And one fine day it happened. What? Love. We fell in love. I still remember it was a Sunday.
– Okay. Normally people fall in love
and then enjoy the holiday. But I fell in love on a holiday. How does Kunal look like?
– Smart. Very smart! Is he simple or naughty? Simply naughty. No! Is he romantic? Just enough! Perfect! Very important
thing! How is his dress sense? Kunal is a very nice guy.
He is very nice. I love him. Forget all these things! Tell me what have you
got for me from India? For you.. a very pretty Punjabi suit.
– Okay. And for me a very
handsome Punjabi boyfriend. A man! A man! Anu! Yes!
– I am dying to meet him! Now a very important question.
– Yes, sir. Suppose you have a daughter. Then what type of a groom
will you select for her? Like me.
– Okay. Like you! Now coming back to
the original question. What is your educational
qualification? A to Z in English. -No, no!
Don’t give me smart answers! What is your qualification? London has become a tough
city to flirt. You are right. Oh my God! Hot dude!
Ladies, I am going. Bold and beautiful! She will
slander the families image. Listen Anu, kunal is a Gujarati? Its fine. Whether he is Gujarati
or Punjabi, its no big deal. But if he is foolish,
then it is a very big deal. But you know Anu,
I am really lucky. I have got a life
partner like Kunal. You know what, Shirani. You
have always remained lucky. You ask so many questions, sir. I am the girl’s father! I
am bound to ask questions! Aman! Excuse me!
What are you doing? Don’t push. – What are you doing?
What are you doing? He has come here to enjoy. He has not come to take admission
in Harvard business school, you are taking his interview. Not only interview, I will take
a written test too. Don’t forget. Before too a guy has broken
my girl’s heart. Understood! I won’t let this happen this time! I understand, darling. I understand.
– I don’t understand. Right now Shirani
is getting marrying. We will deal with this later. Okay! Okay! I got the
point! Where is Kunal? He is inside with the boys. Good! Good! Come! Come! I am going to introduce you
to my other son-in-law. Okay. It was a pleasure
talking to you, sir. Yes! Yes! It was a pleasure! Shirani is so pretty
since her childhood. Kunal, you are a Gujarati. Then why are you
marrying a Punjabi girl? It is the world of remix Sonal
It makes life more interesting. Kunal, come here. Anu. Hey, nice to meet you.
– Me too. So how is he?
– He is great! My name is Kunal. Just kidding. PJ isn’t it.
– Bad joke. But I still love you.
– I love you too. You are very gorgeous.
You are gorgeous. Obviously! Whose
sister is she, Kunal? Not mine! Not mine! She is your sister-in-law. –
Meaning like my better half? Hey! Your house is in New York. And
your house is in New Jersey. Oh, my sexy
mother-in-law. God bless you, my son. Not son,
son-in-law! If you made me your son, then
there will be a grave trouble. Sexy
mother-in-law. Even sexiest
sister-in-law. Hey! You never give me any compliment.
– I don’t? No. – You are the sexiest one.
Don’t make it up! Anyway. She is Shirani. My sister. So nice to finally meet the bride.
And the pride of the Khanna family. So lovely compliment. Kunal.
My to-be husband after 3 days. And he is Aman,
Anu’s Mumbai friend. Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. My Lokhandwala instinct
says he is a nice man. What? You said something? His Lokhandwala instinct
says you are a nice man. You are so funny. Come. I am so glad she found somebody. Even if he stays in Lokhandwala. Did papa ask you something? He asked so many questions!
That old man is very cunning. Hey! Don’t say
anything about my dad! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
But your mom is too good! I know! -Such a sweet old lady. Sorry. Friends, relatives and
family. Who says that I am old? Only because my daughter
is getting married? Marriage is such a
short and sweet word. But for Indians it means so much. I think in the whole world,
India is the only world.. …where marriage and its
celebration goes on and on. In that wonderful tradition
we have called Kunal.. ..and his family two
prior the wedding.. ..to stay with us and
to celebrate with us. Today I am delighted! Because my Shirani
has found a nice guy. Yes, I mean that
Kunal! I mean that! And my other daughter..
my other daughter.. ..has returned from
Mumbai with her friend. Anu, come here. I want to
introduce Aman, her friend Aman. Aman Mehra from Lokhandwala. Lokhandwala. Kunal, I am here! Hey, Danny! Danny! – Hello
buddy. – Thanks for coming! Ladies and Gentlemen,
my friend, Danny. Hello everybody. Hello. Sorry, I got late. Forget it. You are always late. What do you mean that I am
always late, you know the traffic Hello Shirani.
– Hi. Hey, you wanted to
complain about me. Go on. If I want to complain
then I will do it alone. Who knows maybe someone has some
complaint against you also. -Me. Well said! Well said!
– Come on! She knows you well! he is the guy, after patching
up with me I will break apart. Shut up! Why has he come here!
I will throw him out! Please, he is our
son-in-law’s friend. The bride’s family has to take care
of everything during the marriage. But I don’t want him here. Relax Arjun just relax, relax. Anu. Hi. Hi. How are you? Good. And you? I am great.
– Good! You are looking pretty. As usual.
– Thanks. You too are looking good.
– Thank you. I like that.
– That’s how I am. Anyway, I want to talk to you. I think.. Anu, what are you doing here? Everybody is waiting
for you. Come on! Lay off Danny boy. How can you even talk with Danny? Now you have Aman. He is smart, handsome..
and he is a bit sexy too. What do you think? Will I leave Aman
and go back to Danny? Please! There is such huge
difference between Aman and Danny. Hey, what are you both talking
about? Let me also hear. Just general things. Female talks. Listen Anu I am really sorry. Kunal and Danny are really
best friends you know. Or else I would have never
called him in the marriage,. It doesn’t matter.
I am so over that I have forgotten
him. So don’t worry. Really?
– Yes. I am so happy for
you! I am so stupid! I should have understood
that after seeing Aman. Talking about me? Right? No. Excuse me. Seems like I
have interfered you sisters. Not at all. After coming in, you are
asking whether you can come in? Very bad! – That is not a
gentlemen thing to do, darling. Nobody is perfect, darling. If you had been perfect, then you
wouldn’t have given consent to marry me. That’s a point. Hi.
– Hi. Are you a relative? Kunal’s neighbour from
London. Danny Grover. Aman Mehra from Lokhandwala. Nice to meet you. I am Kunal’s good friend. Nice to meet you. I
am Anu’s boyfriend. Hi! I guess, you guys have met. Aman, my boyfriend.
Danny, my ex-boyfriend. Anu praises you a lot.
– Really? I never lie! She praises you
so much. You must deserve it. I should praise you, darling. When you are in front of me,
I cannot see anything else. Love is blind, am I right, Danny? I don’t know. Excuse me. He went away. He got jealous. I didn’t realize that. After all it the London cold. The atmosphere won’t change. You will have to do something. Stupid! Okay! Focus!
Focus! Danny! Danny! Danny! Look, Anu. Your room.
Just how you had left it. Now darling, I stay in London. But the foundation of my
cultures lies in Ludhiana. This is your room. And Aman dear, your room is there. And this connecting
door in between. Let’s just keep it that way. Okay. Anu, don’t be naughty. All right. Why did you close the door? This door will remain
closed from both the sides. Any problem? No. You might find it strange. But the truth is that I am scared
of sleeping at any new place. You see if the door is open then I
too will be able to sleep properly. I understand. But I am sorry.
This door will remain closed. Yes, there is a window.
You can keep that open. Okay! Good night!
– Why will I keep the window open? I will not die of cold,
but I will die of cold. You can’t die. Till the morning,
you are save. I promise you. Okay! Okay! Okay! It’s your house. Then your rule will reign. If you need anything in
the night, then do knock. Please, feel at home. Shirani, tell me one thing.
– Yes. You are so beautiful. Nobody fell in love with you?
– No. Shivani, there is such huge difference
between you and your sister, Anu. You are a simple, sweet
and conservative girl. And she is a modern, outgoing
and don’t care for you attitude. And in this thing, you
didn’t even talk to me. And your sister has got
her boyfriend from Mumbai.. ..and he is living in her room. I don’t know what
is going on there. You have a dirty mind. They must be sleeping
in their separate rooms. That’s it, Kunal. I promise you. They must
be sleeping in one bedroom. No, they must be talking. I don’t believe that!
I am telling you! They must be doing something! Who is it? I can’t sleep. Will you listen to
me! I can’t sleep! Then why are you ruining my sleep? I want to talk something
urgent about Danny. We will talk in the morning.
-No, we will talk right now. Do want the remaining money or not? Why will we talk in the morning? Till the morning we will talk.
– Okay. The night is still there. And
there are things to talk about. The wedding guests
have to still come. Shut up please. Okay. Start.
– Yes. Where was Danny born? Where did he spend his childhood? Keep quiet! We have to
talk about something urgent! You.. did you like meeting Danny? Did you see something in his eyes? Did he feel something? Does he still love me? Tell me, Aman. Speak with your
mouth, not your nose! Oh God, Aman! You are such a jerk! Can you please
stop! I hate snoring! I hate snoring! Fine! Fine! I am going to my room! But I can’t sleep with this sound! Stop this sound! If you stop snoring.. then
I will give you extra money. Wow! I had heard that money
can keep people’s mouth shut. And it has made him
stop snoring. Jerk! Stop it, Aman. Fine! Fine! I will take back
the money that I gave you! And this time I will send
you back in the economy class. Catch this! Good catch, Aman! Nick, you are out! I don’t have such good
fate, Nicky caught by Aman. But for you, I don’t
mind getting out. Hey, Danny. It is your turn to bat.
– Yeah. Aman, come bowl. Come on, start. Hey! Hey! Hey! Just a minute! No running on the wicket.? Is this how you wish
good luck in London? Listen to me! Hey, you guys! Cricket
is a gentleman’s game. So no cheating
allowed on the pitch.. What is the problem, lady? The other name for cricket
is passion, wild passion. Kunal is right, Shirani. There is enough of passion in
me for cricketers, not cricket. Shut up, Nicky! Aman, you have to bowl. Let me warn you before that.
I am the opening batsman of LCC. LCC is London Cricket Club. I am also the strike bowler of LCC. Lokhandwala Cricket Club. You will strike such a
ball, that Danny will make 6. Match fixing! But why? Because I know Danny very
well. He likes to win. And when he wins, there is
a cute smile on his face. He is so cute. I can’t lose. I am sorry.
At least not in cricket. You will do as I say. Do you want the
remaining money or not. Is this blackmail? This is the game of love.
Do as I say! Ready! Ready! Good luck, Danny! May the best man win!
– Thank you. Kunal are you going to
field or not? Come on. Danny getup. Way to go, Danny. Aman! Thank you. Lokhandwala Cricket Club. Not bad. Come on now, next one!
Next one! Next one! Cricket is the
religion of us Indians. And we cannot betray our religion. Sorry! Never. Now it is my turn to bat. I will bowl now. Go, Danny boy! Go! Go!
Get him the way he got you Bowl him out! Just a minute, love. See to it that you get out. Whatever you say? Hey, Aman! That’s super six! Great shot! Baby, I too will play!
Mama will also play! Oh God! You will also play?
What will you play? The children are playing Cricket. Let us also play our cricket. Veer Arjun, the
children have grown up. I am still a child. Give me a kiss. The censor will cut it. The censor does not cut anything,
it has become very liberal. Your ring tone also
rings at the wrong time. Since childhood to 55
years, it has been ringing. This is London’s most famous club. Yes, like Enigma in Mumbai. Something like that. Anyway, Nicky gives the
best parties in London. What are you doing? I am from Lokhandwala. I don’t
get to see all these things. Don’t stare! And don’t stare
inside too! Okay! Let’s go. Come. They are real boyfriend
and girlfriend. Not like us. So don’t try and get too close. You are not allowed
here if you are late. I am sorry. It was not my
fault. It was his fault. You will surely be
punished for that Aman. Punish your cousin
I have come to enjoy. Not a bad idea! Hey girls! He is the man!
Want to have some fun! But I am only one. Okay, done! But one by one. Nice one.
– Nice chest. Nice lips. From head to toe, I am nice. I am very solid.
Made in Lokhandwala. Why are you feeling so jealous? I am not feeling jealous. The more you spend money and
boyfriend the more will you get Let’s have our fun. Let’s
go to Shirani. Come on. Hey!
– Hey, Anu! You are in a good mood today. Why are your spirits so high? You too have a drink. Like me, you too will get married. No, no! Me and drinking!
I can’t handle it! Anu, you don’t want to
be a part of my happiness? Come on! Just a one. Okay! Fine! But only one! For you! What kinds of people
have come in the party! Look, that person from Lokhandwala! No matter what you say! All the girls are having
fun! Apart from one. Who? The girl who left you
and went to Aman. Anu. Jealous? Jealous! – Yes.
– Me? – Yes. Why? If Anu likes him, then fine. But there is something
that I don’t like. I don’t think that man is nice. What rubbish! What rubbish! A nice cricketer can
never be a bad man. No matter what you say, Danny.
There is something in Aman. He leaves his effect
wherever he goes. You know, medicine,
alcohol or people.. ..the things that effect
the most at a short time.. ..are not nice. Anu.
– Yes. You did the right thing
by bringing him here. He is a nice guy.
– Yes. Everyone also likes him.
– Really? You both look good together. Are you serious about Aman or not? You like Aman a lot, don’t you? Did he say anything to you? I just thought. Could be! Do you want to marry him? I don’t know. I have still
not decided about that. Think about it. Look, Shirani. You should
marry the guy whom you love. Come on, Anu. You have
fallen in love before too. Did you marry him? No, am I right? You should marry the
guy who loves you. Not the one whom you love. Anu.. I want to tell you something.
– Tell me. Anu, I want to tell you.. Wow! Two sisters together! Both are drinking together.
What is going on here? If you have not
noticed, Aman.. whatever. This is a pub. You get
only wine. Nothing else Tell me the truth. What
are you guys talking about? Shirani was going
to tell me something. And you interrupted. Tell me, Shirani. What
were you going to say? You were going to confess
something. Am I right? No. Nothing like that. My drink is over. I
will get another one. She was going to say something.
But she changed the topic. She is very smart. Shall I tell you something?
You will be happy to hear it. What?
– Danny is looking at us. Don’t look there! Look at me! Otherwise there will be a blunder! He is damn jealous.
– Really! I think he will do something. And if he did something,
then I will not keep quiet. I won’t spare him. “Check it out.” “Hey.. beloved is amazing.” “Hey.. beloved is amazing.” “Hey.. beloved is amazing.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “I like your face.
– Face.” “I like your eyes.
– Eyes” “I like your smile.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “Hey.. beloved is amazing.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “I like your attitude.
– Attitude.” “I like your talks.
– Talks” “I like your jealous.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are my solace. You are
my craving. You are my desire.” “Wherever I see..” “My mad heart says.” “Paradise lies in your arms.” “I am in your trance.” “My desire is to win you.” “I like your face.
– Face.” “I like your eyes.
– Eyes” “I like your smile.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “Hey.. beloved is amazing.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “I am here. You too are here.” “Desires have aroused.” “Without saying, all the stories
of the heart are expressed.” “We both are discussed, beloved.” “In the liveliness
of the jamboree.” “Our love is discussed.” “In the streets and lanes.” “I like your attitude.
– Attitude.” “I like your talks.
– Talks” “I like your saunter.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “Hey.. beloved is amazing.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” “You are exuberant.” Get a life, dude. Get a life, dude Beloved is amazing! Hey, beloved! Girls of this generation! If you can’t have a grip on
yourself, then why do you drink? Hey, don’t give a
lecture. Hold my hands. Is that so? First
time it has happened.. ..that a beautiful girl
is asking for my hand. Take this. Hi, gorgeous.
– Hey! Today I don’t feel like
going to my bedroom. What? I feel like sleeping
in the car over there. You feel like sleeping
there? What mood is this? You! I told you I am in the
mood! Now don’t spoil my mood! Fine. Anything for you. Let’s go. No. Today I don’t
feel like walking too. Pick me up in your arms. I never do weight
lifting before sleeping. I will give you
extra money for that. I do weight lifting
before sleeping. Let’s go. Anu.
– Yes. How do you feel in my
arms? Are you happy? I feel happy! I feel so light! Feeling so light. She is very heavy! Hey, I am not heavy! Okay! What is your weight?
– Only 50 kg. Liar! It won’t be less than 500 kg! Hey!
– Hey! I will beat you! You need a lot of money
for that. Let’s go! What are you doing! I am going to jump! If I don’t do that, then
our image will be slandered! I don’t know about that but
you will surely break your leg! Why? Of course! Yes! After
all you are jumping! Anu is not a child. She understands what is right
and what is wrong for her. And Aman is such a nice
boy! I trust him completely. Now come on! Come on! It is
time to sleep. Come! Come! This ring tone will bring
trouble into my life! Come on! Come to bed! Okay! Now you can sleep
here. Sleep well. Goodnight. Hey! Where are you going? To my room. I am
feeling very sleepy. But I don’t feel like sleeping. So you sit here and
talk sweetly to me. Sweet talks?
– Yes. By the way, even if you talk
bitterly then I don’t mind. What will I talk at
3:30 in the night? You are so unromantic!
Fine, just praise me. Praise me so much that
even the moon feels jealous. By the way, tips for the future.
– Okay. Girls like to hear their praises. Even if they don’t
deserve to be praised. Hey! What do you mean to say? Don’t you find me hot? You
don’t feel that I am hot? I don’t know. I never
saw you in that way. Then do it now. Okay! Okay! You are
hot! You are hot! You are very hot! You are very hot! And I think that you are hot Danny
– Danny? I think you are very hot, Danny. You are very hot,
Danny! You are very hot! Good morning! You get up so late in the morning. And I don’t sleep well. No matter how tired I am or
how late I sleep in the night.. ..I wake up at the same
time in the morning. Would you like to have
something? Juice or.. Last night.. did something
happen in the car last night? Yes. What? Love in the car.
– What? I said love. But it was done forcefully.
– You mean you.. I didn’t force it.
You were the one. – No. Yes, you! You forcefully
tried to do it. And I was imploring to
leave me for God’s sake. This is sin! This is sin!
But you didn’t listen to me! You lost your sense.
And I lost my respect. What limits did you cross? You are crossing your limits! The limits that you took me to! And what could I have done? After all even I am a man. I
mean I am human being after all. If any other person
had been in my place. I will kill you! I will kill you! Don’t kill! I was just kidding!
– Kidding? Nothing happened! Relax!
Relax! I was just kidding! By the way, I could have done too. But that wasn’t in my contract. By the way nothing is for
free in this world, darling. Nothing is for free in this world! What is this!
– An accountant’s account. Last night I drove
the car form the pub. That too without a license.
Fees for that. You fell down from the
car. Fees of picking you up. Then you told me to take
you to the vintage car. Fees to carry you in my arms. Then you told me to
talk about dirty things. So more charges for that. Then you pulled me towards
you. You pounced on me. You removed my shirt. I have
written all the accounts. Reducing the TDS and adding the
Sales Tax. Please pay in cash. 5000 pounds?
– Yes. 5000 pounds! It’s good that I didn’t
cross my limits, ma’am. Otherwise think how much
you would have had to pay. Even after taking a loan
from Reserve Bank of India.. ..you wouldn’t have
been able to pay me. You know I am so stupid! I thought you can
understand my pain. That you are my friend! If you get my love, then you
will be the happiest person. But I was wrong! You
want only money! Money! That’s all that matters! Right! You want money! Fine!
I will send it across! But I will always remember! This is only a business deal! Strange girl! At
times she says go away. At times she says come near. Confused! But I like her. Anything for this girl. Only for your sake.
Only for your sake. Love is in the air. Be it romance or dance.. it
is essential to have rhythm. Rhythm is all about the
intimacy between 2 partners. The more intimate they
are.. from body.. and heart. Such a romantic guy He says such nice things. He only says nice things. Romance is that which between
you and me and Aman and Anu. What are you doing? What is Danny saying?
It is twilight. It is a romantic ambience. Danny is talking about me. Or else about Kunal and Shivani. They are getting married.
We are not getting married. Don’t try to take a chance on me. I only do one thing at a time. Let aside the dance, I will
try to take a chance on you. Oh really! What happened? Anu! Anu! Are you okay? Are you okay?
– Its nothing! Thank you! Nothing! Nothing! “Oh baby!” “Oh baby!” “Oh baby!” “Be as you are.” “This is what I want to tell you.” “Be as you are.” “This is what I want to tell you.” “I want to tell you, beloved.” “I love you for what you are.” “I love you for what you are.” “I love you for what you are.” “I love you for what you are.” “I love you for what you are.” “Oh baby!” “I love you for what you are.” “Oh baby!” “Oh baby!” “Love me for what I am.” “I will love you for who you are.” “Oh baby!” “My heart is lonely.” “The destination
of my heart is you.” “My heartbeats say.” “That you are immersed in me.” “Oh baby!” “My madness.” “Has crossed its limits.” “Now my sights see.” “Only you in all the moments.” “Be as you are.” “This is what I want to tell you.” “I want to tell you, beloved.” “I love you for what you are. “I love you for what you are.” “I love you for what you are.” “I love you for what you are.” “Oh baby!” “I love you for what you are.” “Oh baby!” “You drive me wild.” “You drive me crazy.” “I love you so. Oh baby! Baby!” “You drive me mad.” “You drive me crazy.” “I want you so. Oh baby! Baby!” “You drive me wild.” “You drive me crazy.” “I love you so. Oh baby! Baby!” “You make me mad.” “You make me crazy. “I want you so. Oh baby! Baby!” “Oh baby!” “In my feelings.” “Is your reflection.” “In your arms.” “Dwells my solace.” “Oh baby!” “Now it will never break.” “These lovely affairs.” “You may try it, beloved.” “Complain as much as you want.” “Be as you are.” “This is what I want to tell you.” “I want to tell you, beloved.” “I love you for what you are.” “I love you for what you are.” “I love you for what you are.” “I love you for what you are.” “Oh baby!” “Everybody.” “I love you for what you are.” “Oh baby!” “I love you for what you are.” “Oh baby!” Tell me one thing, why did
you come to London with me. Shall I tell you the truth?
– Yes. When I had spoken to
you for the first time.. ..there was something
in your voice then. What? Desperation? No, hope. The hope to lead
a love filled life. To get something after losing something.
– Wow! Great! So I said yes. And mind you..
we didn’t talk about money then. After that you offered me and I didn’t
refuse. That is a different matter. So basically it was
because of my voice. I have a very touchy
voice. I understand. After all you are from
the marketing department. So be it the company’s
product or your problems.. ..you can do the marketing. You know, Aman.. at
times you talk very well. You should have been in my
department. Marketing and Sales. Even you are not any less. You
should have been in my life. But this is not possible. Correct. This is not possible! But we can still be friends,
what say. – That’s it? They have come! Why are you pulling my pants?
– Stop it. Bade papa, look who is here.
– Greetings. You took so long.
– Sorry. I had some urgent work. Doesn’t matter, at least you have come.
– As soon as I heard.. ..the news I took the
first flight from New York. Look, even they are coming. Look, how their car is working.
I hink it needs repairing. We have reached! We have reached! Hang on! Look! Look! Listen, we are going as guests.
So let’s behave as guests. Papa! Don’t gobble up the food. You keep on munching this. Did the petrol get over?
– No, Mama, please no Punjabi.
Don’t talk in Punjabi. Praveen uncle, you talk in
Gujarati. No bad English. Okay. And Sushi aunty, please
don’t pass any silly comment. Aunty! Aunty, laugh less. Please. They have stopped
there, I am just coming. Hold it father.
– Hold it? It’s Shirani’s marriage. Okay! Okay! Later. Shirani is getting married. Is this our son or someone else’s? We’ll find that out later,
first let the wedding take place. You take this.
– Mama, what are you doing? You drive ahead! You have been conceived
in this atmosphere. You are a fool! Don’t talk like this. It means
something else in Punjabi! Come. Let’s go. Hi! Come! Come! Please everybody quiet. Come on mamma, come on. Hello. Greetings.
– What are you doing? He is greeting you. It’s so great! Shah family
meets Khanna family!.. Gujarat and Punjab is in London! You have met my mama and papa. He is my uncle. Praveen uncle. Hello. I am Praful.
– Don’t talk like a fool. I see! Mixture of
English and Gujarati. His English is not so good I am Jane. You are Jane. I am Tarzan. Nice to meet you. Hello! Hello!
– No, no! And who is she? She is another fool! I see these are two foolish ladies! They are my aunties.
Pushi aunty and Sushi aunty. They both are street
brokers in Paul street. What are you saying?
What are you saying? I mean brokers. Brokers! Brokers! Sushi, Pushi, you both
very happy, aren’t you? Hello Sushi, Pushi. Lovely to see you! Is this Shirani’s sister? What’s here name?
– Anu. She is nowhere to be seen. I think she has not come
for her sister’s wedding. Aunty! Dad! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! All the
introductions are over! Only my brother’s wife
is left out! Come here. Move a bit. You too come. 1, 2 and 3. Now embrace each other. Yeah! Dear, I have been playing
chess since my childhood days. I am playing it for the first
time. That too in my youth. Then you will surely loose. Whether I win or loose. I
just want to play till the end. Very good! Cheers, dear! Cheers! Nimmi, we are so lucky. Our children, though
they are modern …still they believe
in arranged marriages. Otherwise nowadays
children.. Everything is fast! What are you saying? Today’s generation have
no guts. They have no guts. I had guts. 30 years back. 1975. In the Patiala station,
I saw my husband. I pounced on him and
I kissed him like this. In 1975?
– Yeah. It was an emergency. What emergency was that! You should have
controlled yourself. We have heard that
Shirani and Anu.. They are stepsisters. You have heard it right. By the way even we have heard.. ..that you both have
still not got married. And if a thing is kept in the house
for long, then it gets spoiled. This is what happened
with my computer. The software got erased gradually. Same Sushi, Pushi. Tina, I love New Yorkers. Shirani, to be a good cook, it
is important to have a nice heart. My thinking is different. You need that to be a good husband. How sweet? No way! After marriage
you only are going to cook Kunal! Kunal! Kunal! Give me food! Try to diet, papa. What snack! I am tired of that snack!
– Nothing will happen papa. Nothing has happened
dear until now. What are your plans after marriage? What everybody does. I
will go for my honeymoon. I will have children I am asking about
Shirani’s marriage. Back to Lokhandwala! I have to live and die
there! Where else will I go! That Lokhandwala concrete
jungle. -Fantastic place, sir! Everything there is made up of
steel, be it humans or houses. Made of steel! Good. No matter what the problem is
they are not afraid of anything. Anu’s cell is ringing! Hello!
– Hello. Maya here. Maya who? Wait! Hold on! Is everything fine? Yes, everything is
fine. Any problem? Is anybody suspicious?
– About what? You are crazy man! About whether you are what you are! About what I am.. I will tell her who you are, sir! Maya, Aman here. He was Anu’s papa. Have you understood, Maya? Oh shit! Oh shit! I am
sorry! I am really sorry. No problem. Okay, see
you. Okay. Bye-bye. She works in the office.
She is Anu’s good friend. My move. I have understood your move The problem is that you don’t
think that I am smart enough. Look, I doubt you. So tell
me what the truth is. Come on! I think my plight is
like my Queen. I am stuck. I have come to London not
just to attend this marriage. But I have come for some
important official project too. So? – Sir, the problem is that
Anu doesn’t know about this. In fact she doesn’t doubt me. Sir, Anu too was working
hard for this project. But the company has selected me. And I don’t want Anu to know this! If you think that what
I am doing that is fine.. ..then please don’t
tell her about this. The story is getting
more and more interesting. There is a new twist in
/the story. A new twist. What you are trying to tell me
that has another dimension to it Check. Think about your
move. I will just come. Why have you come here?
Why don’t you go from here? I told you whatever
happened between us.. ..that was just an
infatuation from my side. And infatuation! That’s all! For you it was an infatuation. First crush is foolishness. Shirani Please. Till now whoever has loved
you he has loved you immensely. Till now whoever loved. Loved me a lot.. …this is the first time. I have loved someone
more than he did. I can’t forget you Shirani.
– But I have, Danny It is just a coincidence that
you are Kunal’s close friend. I can do nothing about it. Maybe it is not
coincidence. It is destiny. Maybe it wants us to unite again. I have not come to attend
this marriage Shirani.. I have come to give our
relationship one more chance. Please try once more, Shirani! There is nothing more dead
than a dead relationship, Danny! Please believe me!
– Please Please stop it. Stop it, Danny! Please stop it. Stop it, Danny! Hi. Wonderful! I was giving tips to Shirani. About Kunal’s likes and dislikes. She loves him a lot. And I was explaining to her
as to how to handle Kunal. After all he is my good friend. Don’t forget what I said.
I will see you later. Pleasant surprise! See you later! We will take it for a
spin on of these days. We should, while we are all here. I don’t know where we will go? Isn’t she a beauty. Hi, Anu.
– Hi. Excuse us for a moment
please, shall we. Okay, guys. Let me tell
you the rest of the story. Hi.
– Hi. Good to see you back in London. Was London incomplete without me? Maybe. Anu, actually I want to tell
you something. – Tell me. Look.. sorry. Look, Anu. Only you. When I saw you for the first time.. ..my heart said that I love you. Everybody think
like this. You know. And I am not the first
man to think like that. So the first time I met you I understand.. What are you saying? First
tell me what do you want to say? I am really confused. It is confusing. Listen. What? I want to hide certain
sorrow in my heart. Otherwise your near ones
are the ones that are hurt. Do you understand?
– I understand. Can I trust you? You know, Anu. You are a nice girl. Don’t ever become bad. Things happen in love. I
agree that you love me a lot. And I broke up with you. There was a reason for that. I didn’t do it purposely. What happened? Aman
is looking so worried. Come on, Anu. Here I
am talking about us. And you are worried about Aman. Aman is my boyfriend, Danny.
I am bound to be worried. Boyfriend. Excuse me! Aman! Aman!
– Yes, Anu. Anu, come on! Listen to me please! Aman, what happened?
You are looking so tense. I am an intense actor. So
at times I do act seriously. Don’t jest. Now everything
is becoming fine. Danny was trying to talk to me. I didn’t give him a chance. Aman, I think I should
tell him everything. No, no. Don’t do this. At least
let your sister wedding get over. No. It is enough. I think now the time has come
to tell everybody the truth. Bottoms up once again Pick up the drinks. What I am saying!
– What are you saying? It’s enough.
– Why? That High Commander is sitting
upstairs, she will create problems I am not afraid of
the High Commander. “And by the way,
which peg is this?” If the High Commander yells then… …we will say that
it is the 3rd one. But this is the 2nd bottle. We will tell her that the
1 st bottle was a fake one. What problem is there?
Tell me one thing. If I get angry then I
will give her a tight slap. You are trying to scare
me about High Commander. Will she listen to my lie? “Yes, she will. If she doesn’t
then I will give her a tight slap. ” Her mother too will agree!
Her daughters too will agree! Everybody will agree! Did you say daughter?
– Yes. I remembered something. Then tell me. I love Anu. That had happened before only. But I have realized it now. You realized it very late. Better late than never. Let’s have the 10th drink
to celebrate this occasion. Make another peg. I will have to open the 3rd bottle. We will say that the
first 2 bottles was fake. No problem in that. Where are you? How much will you drink? The guests are
waiting for you. Come! What are you doing?
– She is yelling at me. Are you coming otherwise
you will not get any dinner. Uncle, you were saying that
we shouldn’t fear our wife. What is there in saying it? A person can say
anything after drinking. I am not afraid of anyone. I know what you are doing! You are giving a lecture
to your son-in-law… …as to how to handle your wife. People are hypocrites. We should not talk while eating!
But we can eat while we talk. Good Joke! Now let’s eat the Punjabi
food in Punjabi style. No! No! No! We will
eat in Gujarati style. We Gujaratis start
our meal with sweets. Kunal and Shirani
going to get married. Let us begin by
eating something sweet. My daughter-in-law will tell
how my son proposed to her. Such sweet talks! Dear, talk something sweet
so that I feel content! “By talking sweetly and
meeting for a while.” “By talking sweetly and
meeting for a while.” “He gave me assurance.” “My beloved took away my heart.” “Oh Lord, my beloved
took away my heart.” “My beloved took away my heart.” “Oh Lord, my beloved
took away my heart.” “It is difficult to spend
such romantic twilights.” “Why these chasm doesn’t bridge?” “There is chasm in closeness too.” “Why the fervors don’t wane?” “With God’s grace, my life
will be filled with love.” “My love will also blossom.” “By talking sweetly and
meeting for a while.” “He gave me assurance.” “My beloved took away my heart.” “Oh Lord, my beloved
took away my heart.” “Give a sign with your eyes.” “Covertly talk what
lies in your heart.” “Give a sign with your eyes.” “Covertly talk what
lies in your heart.” “Give a sign with your eyes.” “Covertly talk what
lies in your heart.” “How do I tell you what
the plight of my heart is?” “Now I can’t endure it.” “Only you reside in my heartbeat.” “In my breaths and my reflection.” “I won’t know what it is.” “There is fervor in
my heart all the time.” “You are the antidote
of my pain, beloved.” “By talking sweetly and
meeting for a while.” “He gave me assurance.” “My beloved took away my heart.” “Oh Lord, my beloved
took away my heart.” I want to tell you something. I know. Don’t you want to know
what I want to tell you? I know. What do you know? That you are sorry. Actually I am sorry too. For what are you sorry? For harassing you,
for troubling you. You know, Danny. Its time… …that I tell you my secret. Aman.. Is not my boyfriend. I had brought him from Mumbai
only to make you feel jealous. I can’t believe it! No, Anu. You are wrong.
– Okay. I don’t want to hide this any longer.
– How? I had a relationship with Shirani. We had a relationship.. …after you left. I have been coming here for
the past few days.. for Shirani. Not for you. Anu, before you came
back.. I thought that.. ..everything is over between us. But the matter proceeded. And I searched for
the chance to tell you. Anu! Please forget me. Please forgive me Anu. You have got to move on in life. Just forget me. Anu! Please listen to me. It was important to tell you!
I had to tell you! What happened, Anu?
Why are you crying? Anu! Anu! Relax, please.
Anu, just calm down. Danny told you everything? Anu!
– You knew this! Anu, I just wanted to protect you! Listen. Apart from me, everybody knew? Anu, just calm down! Please! I am sorry. I had to tell you. Aman! Why did you do this? I told you everything
because I trusted you, Aman. What did you get by
telling Anu all this? Shirani, I told her. What!
– I told her! Anu! Anu! I had to tell her this! Hey, Shirani! Your
guests are sitting there.. ..and you are enjoying
here being the host! That’s not fair! I will just come. Where are you going? Danny, what happened? Any tension?
– No. There is a wedding. There
are bound to be some crying. It is emotional stuff. If there is emotional
stuff between 2 sisters.. ..then why are he running? Whom are you running away from? All the people whom
I trusted! You too! You too hid this from me? Yes, I hide this from you!
– Why? Because I can’t see
you breaking down! Oh really! The person who was
greedy for money.. ..when did he started
understanding emotions? I am sure Shirani must have given.. ..you loads of money to keep quiet. She lightened her heart
and you got money! Right! Anu.. whether you believe me
or not but the truth is that.. ..the past few days
have changed my thinking. After meeting you I understood.. ..that money is important to live. But love is the necessity of life. Doing this charade of love has
made me fall in love with you. You don’t love me. You pity me. You must be wondering that
this poor girl is so alone. He needs some support. But I don’t need
anyone, Mr. Aman Mehra. Do you understand that?
I don’t need anybody. And as it is, when
everything is over.. ..then let us end this
charade between us. Anu, please. -The deal is over! You will go away right now. Just get lost! Where are you going?
– I am going back to my home. You mean London in Lokhandwala. Come on, buddy. It’s too late. The fight is tomorrow
in the morning. And the cab will not
take you so far away. By the way why are you going? My work is over. What do you mean my work is over? My marriage is not over. And till the time my
marriage is not over.. ..you can’t leave this place. You have to stay. I know that you
and Anu had a fight. But fight happens
because love is there. And love is there
because there are fights. And it is quarrels that
strengthen the love. Come on! Stay on! If you don’t want to
stay here, then fine. You stay in my cottage. Come on. Come on. What are you
thinking? You got to stay! Okay! For me. Thank you.
– That’s my friend. Anu. Are you afraid.. that I
will tell Kunal everything? Don’t worry, Shirani.
Your marriage is tomorrow. Make the arrangements. Joyfully. After all you are my sister. And how can a sister..
wish another sister ill? Because, what I did
with you that was wrong. That is what I
can’t understand why! You knew everything,
Shirani. Then why? Because we all are humans, Anu. And humans commit mistake. After you left.. we and Danny got attracted to each other. I lost my senses. I didn’t realize
where I was heading. And then Kunal came into my life. And I came to my senses. I realized that I want to spend
my life with a man like Kunal. Anu, Danny has come
here because his ego.. ..can’t accept the fact that
somebody has rejected him. He forgot that I
have forgotten him. After that whatever you
say.. I will accept it, Anu. So easily you gave me your
justifications Shirani. If you love Kunal so much,
then why are you betraying him? Why don’t you tell him the truth? I am afraid that I might lose him. I will tell the
truth to Kunal, Anu. But.. I will tell the truth to
Kunal. But at the right time. And obviously the right time
will be after marriage? Right? What will poor Kunal do then? I am sorry, Anu. I have nothing left to tell you. Just go! Anu, don’t be so harsh
on me! Please, Anu! Shirani Please.
– Mama. Please, dear. Leave. Please. Dear, come. Come. Anu! You know, Anu.. Shivani
is not my daughter. That’s why I always loved her more. That’s why I couldn’t understand. Please don’t hate me, mom. No, darling, no. What happened with
you, that was wrong. But dear, that’s life.
And it has to go on. Tomorrow your sister
is getting married. We have to be matured.
We can’t create a scene. We have to bid Shirani farewell
joyfully from this house. This is what your papa wants. Okay. Sure? Yeah. Sushi aunty Pushi
aunty, stop boring this is a Indian wedding. You are not supposed
to do all this. No drinking. And control your ring tone.
– I am controlling. We are the girl’s family. So what if we are the girls
family.. it started ringing again Very soon we might become
the guy’s family too. There is still chance. Come here my darling. What will everyone think? Remember the first wedding night? You just kept on eating.. We were lying on one side and
the plates on the other side. I was afraid Kunal will
be born with a spoon.. Keep quiet, you fool!
– Not fool! Danny boy, Check
this beauty out, man! Pure Vintage!
– Superb man, superb. It belongs
to my father-in-law! Whether it’s your father-in-law or
mine it is one and the same thing. Kunal!
– What the hell! No, papa! We share a relation. You are my son-in-law.
I am your father-in-law. Can’t I hold you tightly?
– Sorry! Sorry! Tell me about your ring tone. Do you want to put me into trouble? Please. Please. The thing is that you have to
put it in your pant’s pocket. Not in the shirt’s pocket.
– Why? As soon as there is a reaction,
the ring tone will ring. What is the ring tone? ‘Veer Zara’.
– Which one? What are you all doing? Nothing. We were just talking. Which is the ring tone
after seeing both of them? Seeing both of them..
‘Dhoom Machale’. We will also have fun. Come on. How disgusting! Which ring tone after
seeing sushi Pushi, uncle? The mobile is on silent
mode when I see both of them. Naughty boy! Oh God! Oh God! He is funny! My father-in-law
is crazy. He is mind-blowing! – How will
your father-in-law be like? I am still searching. Let
me first find the girl. Will Sushi aunty and
Pushi aunty be fine? Get lost! – Hi. Looking so pretty.
– After all whose niece she is. When did I say that
she is not your niece. You have still not left? I was about to leave,
when I got another work. And you know that
I am a useful man. Who needs you here? Kunal. He requested me to act
like a wedding guest.. ..as there are less guests. So I decided to act. I
am not doing it for free. I will get two times meals
and alcohol. Good deal. When acting is done too much,
it is called over acting. Whatever drama had to happen
with me in this marriage, that is done. Now please don’t create any
other scene, just leave me alone. Anu.. I am still here because of you. I don’t understand
whom should I trust? Trust yourself. You have so much within
you.. look at that. I know. What happened with
you that was not right. It is not that nobody loves you. Your parents are
there. Nicky is there. I am there. We all love you so much. Can’t you trust us? You don’t want to listen
to all this, do you? Maybe you are right. Maybe it is time that I left. Anu, if you pass through
Lokhandwala then do remember me. I tried my best. Maybe I am Mr. Wrong. No, Mr. Lokhandwala.
You are Mr. Right. And its high time my
daughter realize that. But she will not
listen to her mummy. She will only listen to her papa. Veer Arjun, where are
you? Where are you? “My heart is searching for
the same carefree days.” “Lost in the dreams
of the beloved.” Papa. “My heart is searching..” You are sitting alone? There is a wedding in the house. The guests have
come. Why is this so? Just like that. Aman is nowhere to be seen. He had to leave. He must have gone. And you didn’t stop him? I didn’t think there was any need. You know what your problem is?
– Dad! Just a minute. For you I am still a Punjabi
guy who makes everybody laugh. It is 99.9% right too. But I still have a 0.1%
serious personality with me. So today I am going to say it. You know what your problem is? You don’t recognize
people properly. In the past you did the wrong thing
by having a relation with Danny. And today you are doing the
wrong thing by losing Aman. Whom you think is a
just a hired fool.. ..he is not a hired
fool, he is a winner. Bet your heart on him and
you will win. I challenge you. I love this boy from
Lokhandwala. He has so much guts. Dear, don’t let him go. – Dear, I know that I am not
your real father. – Papa! But today I am saying
this as a father. Stop him. Don’t let him go. He is waiting for you in
the cottage. Go. Stop him. Are you sure? For your sake. Shall I go?
– Yes. “I will not be able
to live without you.” “I will die.” “I will not be able
to stay away from you.” “I will not be able
to live without you.” “I will die.” “I will not be able
to stay away from you.” “Say that you love me, beloved.” “Express it, beloved.” “Say that you love me, beloved.” “I will not be able
to live without you.” “I will die.” “I will not be able
to stay away from you.” “This ambiance, this destination.” “Is the ocean of my emotions.” “The footstep of fervor is saying.” “I love only you.” “The world of my desires.” “My happiness lies in you.” “Know this, beloved.” “I don’t love anybody else.” “I will sacrifice my life on you.” “Take any trial you want.” “Say that you love me, beloved.” “I will not be able
to live without you.” “I will die.” “I will not be able
to stay away from you.” “I will not be able
to live without you.” “I will die.” “I will not be able
to stay away from you.” “Say that you love me, beloved.” “Say that you love me, beloved.” I don’t know why, Danny.
But I am very nervous. Friend, don’t be tensed. If you commit any mistake in life.. ..then you should
do it confidently. Have a drink. You will never
understand, no thanks. Kunal. Shirani is calling you. Now? I don’t understand these women. I think she is up to some mischief. Guys, I will be back. Yes, ma’am. How can I help you? Kunal.
– Yes. I want to tell you something. sThanks to you! What? Yes, Kunal. Now I can’t hide it
any longer from you. Now whether you accept me or not.. ..it all depends on you. So this is what was
troubling, Anu. Now I know. Both of us didn’t know about it. You have made a mockery of
me in front of everybody! I will not spare Danny! No, Kunal. This is
between you and me. If you want, you can leave me. Don’t make a mockery of yourself. If I want to live my life ahead. Then we will have
to forget each other. What you did to me. Now I will not listen to anybody. Hey, did you see my son Kunal?
– Why? The wedding ritual
is about to begin. And he is nowhere to be seen. He will come. Look, there he is. Kunal. What happened to him? Yes, son.
– Dad. So you are one my good friend. Yes. I am. Then what is that? Danny, I have asked you something. Kunal, whatever happened. It happened before our friendship. That was the past. You can’t flatter me with
your sweet talks. – Kunal! Kunal!
– Dad, please! Calm down! Calm down!
It is your wedding. It is a party tonight. I am not going to relax.
– Kunal, relax. I am not going to relax, Danny! Relax, Kunal!
– Shut up! Don’t create a scene. I am going to create a scene.
– Hey! Hey! Kunal! Hey! What is going on? Don’t worry! Since childhood.. ..my son has been
running after friends! He has thrashed them a
lot. I have thought him. Come on! Let’s have some dance! What is happening? Leave everything on Lord. He has gone running and
he will come back running! It was the past, Kunal! Do hell with your friendship! Kunal, behave yourself. It your marriage. It is party
night, what are you doing. Aman, explain to him!
– What are you doing? He is a scoundrel. You
don’t know what he did! No matter what he did, you
can’t raise your hand on him! You say whatever you want to him. You run away! You run
away! You run away! What are you doing? Danny! It is futile to apologize, Shirani. Get up and hug me at least. I committed the mistake. And everybody is
being punished, Anu. Nobody is being punished, Shirani. In fact today everybody is happy. Because today is your wedding. It was, Anu. Now it is no longer. Kunal loves you a lot, Shirani. He will surely come back. Maybe I am the first
man in the world.. ..who is breaking his marriage
10 minutes prior to the wedding. And that too with a
girl whom he loves a lot. Am I right? I do love her. You will also break
Shirani’s heart. It is very easy to
sympathize when.. ..you are not going
through it yourself. But to be in that person’s shoes.. that is a different story. What do you think? My heart
is not broken after all this? No man can endure
an affair between.. ..his to-be wife and his friend. Kunal. By leaving Shirani you
will punish Shirani.. and yourself too. Because you still love her a lot. When Danny had met Shirani.. ..at that time Shivani
had not met you. And since the time
Shirani met you.. ..she didn’t feel the
need to see another man. Because she is love.. with you. I don’t have much
experience in love. But I do know this much. Every lover.. knows how to forgive. Look, Shirani. Again I lost him. Love came.. it touched
me and then went away. And instead of stopping him.. I made him go away. If Aman loves you.. then
he will surely come back. True love always comes back. You always said that. But Aman, you have explained to me. But you too love Anu. Why are you running away from her? Because she doesn’t love me. No, buddy. She must
have changed by now. Now maybe she loves you
and she is waiting for you. It is futile, buddy. She
doesn’t know how to love. She only knows how to yell. Did you forget what I told you? Love exists because of quarrels. And quarrels exist because of love. And quarrel only strengthens love. I forgot. You are right. Then shall we go. We will not walk.
– Then? We will run! Hey! Wait! Wait for me! Eyah! My son has come! My son has
come! What did I tell you! Yes, God delays
but He doesn’t deny. Yes. 2 guys had gone.
And 2 guys have come. So what if they are different.. Shirani.. oh sorry. Mr. Lokhandwala.
– Yes. Made of steel. Try me. Shirani. When you were with
me I was not afraid. Today I am. Will you be always with me.
– Always. Will you thrash me? You already started thrashing me! Will you marry me? What are you saying? I am always yours. I love you Kunal. Why did you come back?
– For you. Here too.
– That is not in my contract. A new contract from today. New terms and conditions. That’s right. New
terms and conditions. Anu! Aman! Friends, today is my
daughters’ reception. As a father, I am
feeling very emotional. This is an important
occasion for me. For me too. Give
me some credit too. Fine, you too. Mr. New
York, Mr. Lokhandwala. Keep my daughters happy. Don’t worry, sir. Your
daughter is my wife. Mr. New York, love my daughter. Sir, round the clock.
You don’t worry. Friends, whatever I had,
wealth and children.. ..that I gave to you. Now I have this ring tone. Look, marriages are made in heaven. But ring tones are
made with Arjun papa. Thank you sir, thank you. Aren’t you ashamed? You
gave it to your son-in-laws. There is no shame
in giving ring tones. We enjoy it. For whom is all this? For you! Fool, what are you saying!
– Hey! “I have become your lover.” “What do I tell you what is
the plight of my fervour heart.” “You are always on my mind. You are always on my mind.” “You are always on my mind.” “You are always on my mind.
You are always on my mind.” “My beloved.” “How do I spend these
moments waiting for you?” “You are always on my mind. You are always on my mind.” “I have become your lover.” “What do I tell you what is
the plight of my fervor heart.” Hello. –
Hi. – Hi. I have been walking for a long
time. Can I get a ride, please? We are three sisters,
Zilly, Billy, Millie. Whom would you like to ride with? What?
– Three sisters. He seems descent. Zilly, Billy, Millie First two sisters and now three. Oh God! Promotion! For you. “I remember you. I
wait only for you.” “Without you, I find no solace.” “My desire has become crazy.” “Show me your face, beloved.” “I have become your lover.” “What do I tell you what is
the plight of my fervour heart.” “You are always on my mind. You are always on my mind.” “My beloved.” “How do I spend these
moments waiting for you?” “You are always on my mind. You are always on my mind.” “I have become your lover.” “What do I tell you what is
the plight of my fervor heart.” “You are always on my mind.”
“You are always on my mind.” “You are always on my mind.”

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