AAYU KA HOTEL | #Funny Types of people in hotel | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi friends We are in Shimla today and there is so much snow and we will show you how people have fun in hotel not people I am going to have fun Yes you will do it Surely like this video It is so cold and subscribe if you have not There is so much snow here Yes sister this is a nice hotel, we will stay in this Sarovar Portico yes it is nice, come sister Aayu it will be so much fun their is snow fall too yes I am also coming, wait for me Hello welcome Ma’am we need your best room in this hotel okay, you will get the best room We have the best executive suite Sweet room, yes I like sweet room oh Sweet does not mean sugary Please fill the form I do not know how to do this you only do it Mom will fill it Here is your room key, your room number is 1101 which is on 2nd floor you have to take a right turn from the lift Huh? 1101 Mom this is not good, I want 1111 room number Thank god he asked for 1111 not 9999 yes come on This is my room, 1101 Yes mom, I know everything give it to me yes mom him, he knows everything Great Aayu seriously knows everything Then you put it like this this is such a nice room, such nice bed This is such a nice bed This is so fun, it is such a soft soft bed and such nice cushions I will lie down here all day As soon as Aayu came, he started his fun Room is really hot Fun has begun Room is hot too Great, sweets Mom I will eat this Yes they have kept all this for you only What do you want to eat? Great a sofa Extra bed and study table Pihu even the hotel crew knows that you have not completed your home work that is why they have given a study table huh? mom who goes to shimla and do their home work? So what? Study a little Pihu No I will do it at home We are here to have fun, not to study He has gone all mad after seeing this snow Trampoline with snow I am jumping on the trampoline Monkey leave it alone No I will not leave it You will fall down This is called rope climbing This a snow slide There is so much snow sister Sister, I will make a snowman Aayu it is getting really cold let us go Aayu one thing Oh, stop now These are my glasses and this is mom’s cap and this mom’s scarf and earnings and we have made the nose with chilli and added snow on it Isn’t our snowman cute? there is one thing lacking in it what? a mouth yes, how will he eat a chocolate then? If our snowman is looking cute, like this video It took us half an hour to make this snowman and our hands froze while making this snowman If I did not had gloves my hands would have gotten numb my hands are like ice they would have gotten covered with ice then even I would have become a statue like him He is totally stupid Sister our room is this way Where? It is written over here See this 1103 here 1101 over there you are stupid From 1101 to 1103 is over there No here You go this way, I am going over here Oh no Are you in a hotel for the first time? Let here go, she will get lost I will not get lost, I am going to my room 1105? huh? 1106 1107 I think instead of sister I am the one who has gotten lost Sister I am coming Did you find the room? Sister I went to see the rooms 1101 Oh great That is so nice Sister come Where are you going? Sister there is an activity area for us First ask, what if we get lost I know everything Mom we are going I know everything you just come with me wait a little Aayu ask them first come, sister see this activity area yes come sister, come it is there Sister see a table tennis Air Hockey Carom Football This is not football it is called Foosball oh Sister should we play air hockey? Start Aayu score a goal you did not catch it yes goal I will do all the exercises today these are for adults move from here No sister I will use it Ayu Okay, let us go I was anyways unable to do it Gym is for adults, not for us It is for us too Do not fool me See this is for Dad and this for me Aayu Aayu come You do not let me exercise properly I came here to do something Come if you want to, I am going bye Oh God Wait I am coming too Sister I will definitely get on this Aayu how many times should I tell you Aayu your hands can not even reach their Why are you moving backwards? Are you stupid? OK like this Sister see I now know how to use this Aayu please let us go from here Gym is for adults, no I am going by Oh God What is sister’s issue Sister does not want me to have a body like a Bollywood actor Sister must be scared after so much exercise Mom yes, son I am hungry I want to eat something There will be lunch in some time We will go down and eat when it gets served I want to eat right now oh OK You can order whatever you want Menu card and phone are there I will go and get the purse from my car It is going to be fun today I will order a lot of things from menu card and no one is here to stop me Hello I am speaking from room number 1101 I want to eat a vegetarian sandwich and Noodles Send them fast Hello Send some rice Yes I am speaking from room number 1101 Hello Send Ice cream I am speaking from room number 1101 Send a juice So you know I am from 1101 bye Hello Hello Yes, good evening sir May I come in Great the sandwich looks tasty and french fries too What is in this? Noodle, that is nice I ate a lot today My stomach is full and I feel satisfied Now I will sleep for a bit Aayu come downstairs, the lunch is served Lunch why? I had my lunch and dinner both Meaning? Mom when you will go down stairs they will tell you everything, Good night Good night Aayu do you want to eat or not? No I do not want to Aayu yes I won What is this? You are always on your phone at home and now here too See it is such a nice weather outside We should go and play outside It is so cold outside I want to stay in the blanket There is such nice snow fall out there We will have a lot of fun It is very cold outside No television and phone here Give it to me, give it back Give it I am not doing anything Yes, you are just here to sleep in a blanket You should have slept at home only There is so much snow I am having so much fun playing She is having fun outside She is enjoying, and he is sleeping in here See even sister is cold that is why I am not going, I will get cold What should I do Aayu? I do not understand Come Pihu we will go and enjoy again We will lock him in the room Oh, so they will lock me Sister come let us get our food No I will wait for mom and dad, you go OK What happened Aayu? Aayu, there was nothing good to eat There was salad only What should I eat? You stupid You only went to the salad counter you did not go beyond that There are more counters too Yes so many It is good that you told me Otherwise I would have gotten to eat salad only today I am going to get the food fast OK go Great cottage cheese Add this too and add this too and this too and surely add this also These desserts here this is my favourite Fruit custard surely add this too Sister I am back Now it will be fun You have got so much food Will you eat this all today? yes I think this is your food for all week Look at your jacket look at its sleeves It’s okay sister even he thinks it is tasty let him eat My bag is packed Are your bags all packed? Are you ready? This towel is really soft Can we take this? No son We can not take any of the hotel stuff with us But things in this hotel are for us only Yes these things are for us but these are for us to use in the hotel These are not for us to take home But Mom I really want this No, son This is a bad habit Aayu what did you learn today, tell your friends? that we should never take hotel stuff with us to our home Yes because they are for using in the hotel and not for us to take OK, bye

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