Abandoned | A Messenger Short Film

Everybody has a hero. Mine’s my dad. Since mom died, it’s only been us. He has a way of filling my life with color. “Dad! Which one?”
“That one.” Sometimes I don’t understand his advice, but I trust him. And what always brought us together was our love for running. One day, I’ll be faster than him and when
I am, I’m gonna win every marathon in the world. “Abby? What’s wrong, champ?” Or at least that was my plan. I’m losing my sight. “And real quick, read to me the lowest level that you can see on there. What it’s called is intraocular melanoma.” Eye cancer. “Unfortunately, you will lose your vision.” That was the day my father disappeared. “Dad?!” “Wakey, wakey! Ready to run champ? Come on.” I thought he would always be there for me. I guess I was wrong. “Dad, where are you? Dad? You abandoned me. Where are you, dad? Where did you go? Do you not love me anymore? Am I still beautiful? Are you no longer proud of me? How could you leave me when I need you the most? Dad? Dad? Dad, why did you leave me? Abby thinks I’ve left her. And as much as it pains me to hear that, she’s right. I’ve left her. “The best that we can do is save the actual eye so that cosmetically she doesn’t lose them. “That’s my girl. That’s my girl. That’s my little girl.” “There are support groups and I know
this is a very difficult time…” “No!” I”ve left her to realize she’s more courageous than she ever imagined. I’ve left her to discover how beautiful she is from the inside out. I’ve left her to challenge herself in ways she never considered. I’ve left her to discover how strong she really is. “Abby! Whoa! Abby, it’s me.” “Dad?” “It’s me, baby.” “Why did you leave me?”
“I was right here, I was always here.” “Where did you go?”
“I was always here, baby.” “No one believes in you more than I do. You know that.” “Think about how far you’ve
come.” My dad says he gave me what I needed, not what I wanted. “Ready?”
“Yep!” “Folks, what we’re seeing here is amazing. This is a testament of true love…” Love is allowing someone to see there true worth and beauty. I used to think my dreams were over, I thought I’d never run again. And even though I can’t see my dad, I know he’s guiding me the entire way.

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