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  1. They should make a part 2 of the son’s reaction when he finds out that the dad reported him to the police thinking he was the shooter😶

  2. The dad on the phone had the exact word for word conversation the Eric Harris's dad had with the police on the day of the Columbine shooting

  3. I nearly cried for the dad I love him he’s so nice
    The ending omg 😮
    Btw people always beg for likes saying

    “Like this video I wanna see how many likes I can get”
    But guys

  4. This was very well made! I subscribed and I’m currently binge watching your videos. Keep up the good work, i appreciate that your using your platform to educate people on the seriousness of metal illness. Very few people shine light on this matter. Keep it up look forward to watching your channel grow and get the attention it deserves!

  5. sooo

    the school shooter has opened fire at Lincoln high, we are at Lincoln high where the shooter has opened fire, we are behind the van near Lincoln high where the shooter has opened fire

  6. (SPOILER)

    I like how they didn’t make him the shooter. I like how they didn’t try to prove “video games cause violence”

  7. me thinking it was the dad

    After the dad saw the computer:
    It was that dumb slut Katie…

    Dad sees all the guns:
    Oh my God- the son gonna me kinda pissed

  8. you take someone’s life
    they will never have kids
    they will never graduate
    they will never get married
    People that do school shootings are sick. Just because you get bullied,hurt, or cheated on. Doesn’t mean you take someone’s life.

  9. Don’t do that to my heart, man. I thought it was the son. The moment I heard “dad?” I cried. This is an amazing film. My brother was in a school shooting at his high school. The principal was shot in the arm and the assistant principal took him down. Nobody else was hurt. I was on lockdown at the middle school, and my brother wouldn’t answer the phone. The fear of not knowing if the people you love are safe is so hard. This film showcases that perfectly. This is amazing.

  10. Cops: don’t call your kids in the middle of a school shooting

    Parents: calls anyway

    Kid: shooter finds them

    Parents: omg whyyyyyyyyyyy

    Cops: some students send the only reason your kid was found was because their phone was ringing

    Narrator: and this was the moment they knew they f**ked up

  11. Can anybody explain the movie to me? xD

    Ps : I liked this video but I just can't understand it but if I can't understand it, it doesn't mean I hated the video. I just need a quick explanation of the story.

  12. And there's the video games of course its a good short film but if your gonna include a game don't include 1 that's been banned in a lot of countries

  13. There was a school shooter at my best friends school Richway High School on Santa Rosa California today. Rip to the one kid that the killer took his life

  14. Is nobody going to mention he couldn't find the gun cabinet key at the start, then magically remembered where it was???

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