Actor Fred Willard Arrested For Lewd Behavior In Hollywood Adult Movie Theater

Actor Fred Willard Arrested For Lewd Behavior In Hollywood Adult Movie Theater

actor fred willard was caught and fifty
people you care in hollywood which by the way is a theater for adult films and
you got caught there with his hands down his penis accuses the cake now i guess i’m sure in by that before
and knowing the that what what was the says about on how you felt was a brief
recess and uh… is strictly prohibited that uh… you’re
not supposed to something that i mean it’s appointed another so the point of these things
packed purcell that’s what got me computers for watch it at home uh… saleable i’d feel horrible for him
he’s a terrific actor terrific guy uh… and one of the cops to emulate
perverts talking out this theater kuwaitis happening inside the religious
set then arrest everybody geckos inside now so that the air as a defense have a happy with her so of
might general cecil misses leno let him go
cares man to some real criminals who we did a
story estimate for show about this these that two guys who shot a couple of other usc students bank there is a witness who said that for months idea show you who they are on
pace because they had done a previous shooting always one of them out policy those guys lead to waste your
time if i were is stalking at adoptee drawing up pervert that the promise of fred willard when he
was he’s a man and he’s doing whatever he does a maybe syllabi said do it in a public funeral in the
commissioner on bundy but dennis on my business and shouldn’t be the cops business the
people who are guilty here as a police not willard

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  1. when you think about it…not wacking off and sending out horny guys should be illegal they should ATLEAST get a handjob preferably from a woman, but there are times your gonna get stuck with the creepy janitor guy

  2. Hey Fred, in case you didn't notice it is the 21st century and we have these cool things called computers. In addition to being a productivity tool it also displays porn. Lots of it! And most of it is free Fred!

  3. Alright folks, you see what happened here? Someone didn't show their grandpa how to use a computer – and now the poor old man is going to be embarrassed for the short remainder of his life.

    Please, for the love of grandparents everywhere, sit them down and have "the talk". At the very least show them how to use email, then send them a link to RedTube or something.

    Poor old man!

  4. Only those who are between 2-7 believe rules/laws are absolute. Ever hear of the spirit of the law? Anyways, what I don't understand is how such places still make enough money to exist as we have the INTERNET or adult video stores where we can take or have the porn at home. Maybe there's something about the communal watching or to see it on the big screen that's enticing. Who knows. I don't get it but all those there were guys. I wonder if he got caught by a cop or an attendee/employee?

  5. right on Cenkie, let the guy go! nothing wrong with his shooting his load on the guy seated ahead of him, it's all washable

  6. "Sgt.Miller we need you for a dangerous under cover operation, you will infiltrate a porn theater, youll look for exposed penises and collect evidence, but dont get into masturbation, or youll cross to the other side of the law."

  7. I still do not comprehend it, and I am glad I do not need to worry about it. 😉 That said, I would probably not go into a theatre to watch porn if I ever visit the states…

  8. Yes, ofc. 😉 We don't have porn theatres here in Norway, to my knowledge. It is possibly the least important thing we do not have your country has haha.

  9. The cop arrested him because Fred turned him down. Fucking cop looking for status. Hey, guys! I just arrested Fred Williard! I am the bomb! A few days later the cop is at the theater getting head in the men's room.

  10. Obviously there was another cop in the adult theatre trying to jack of and after being put off by Willard, arrested him.

  11. the jaywalker refused to give his ID and then he pulled away repeatably and even backed away as if to run. the tazing is justified and deserved.

    now i dont know the circumstances of the adult theater issue… but as long as he wasn't doing it in front of anyone on purpose and intended to clean up his mess – then whatever, but if not then jail is needed to knock some sense into him.

  12. People who go to porn theaters are whacked in the first place. That guy is REALLY fucked up! haha! He's rich, got plenty of money to buy some whores…..what's wrong with that dude!?.

  13. man, this is a crime? lol
    common, let him jerk, it's a porn theater not a kindergarden
    but, as cenk said, what are cops doing there?! "phil, jay, you gotta head to the porn theater and get us some wankers!"
    this is insane

  14. some people are exhibitionist. Plus i imagine these places exist for people– especially gay men to meet up.

  15. I'm absolutely shocked and disturbed. No, not that he jerked it in an adult movie theater. But that he doesn't know you can jerk it all day long at home for free at, Who doesn't know that?

  16. Kudoes to Cenk, police are not ALWAYS heroes who ALWAYS do the right thing. Can anyone tell me who the "victim" of Willard's "crime" is? Just like w Pee Wee,Im sure there was a vice squad of morality police staking out a porn theatre with night vision goggles. What do you call ppl who abuse thier authority to humiliate and extort money from good men like Fred, who would never hurt a fly!?!?

  17. Willard is 72 years old. He should be commended for being able to get it up and masturbate in public.
    God Bless Fred Willard, his penis and his lack of social embarrassment!
    Hell, I can't even pee in a public toilet.

  18. LAPD & NYPD:
    Spend Morning at a Donut Shop (Arrest people for talking loudly and take Bribes from the Mafia).
    Spend Noon at a Marijuana Dispensary (Arrest Marijuana Users and bring in DEA to Raid Marijuana Clinics not Bribing the LAPD).
    Spend Afternoon going after Muslim Restaurants, Mosques and Muslim Businessmen, Label them all as "Criminals/Suspicious".
    Spend Evenings Arresting & Tasering Occupy Protesters.
    End the Day Giving Traffic Tickets and Arresting people Watching Porn at Porn Theaters

  19. Seriously??? I'm definetively with Cenk on this one… and by the way, why the hell do such intimate idiocracies of a single individual always gain so much attention at the first place, solely because the subject involved is a celebrity? What do I care?

  20. hahaha! You might have a point, but still…lots of whores would do that old guy for a hundred bucks. I know some around where I live who would. ha!

  21. Fred should've gone to STUDS in WeHo. It's anything goes there. No hassles from WeHo sheriffs. My girl & I might go tonight, in fact.

  22. There are health issues associated with males discharging seminal fluid inside businesses open to the public.

  23. I'm sure the cops weren't "stalking" the theator Cenk….come on… It was probably the result of complaints.

  24. Health issues? Are you kidding me? What are you going to make opening doors or pressing elevator buttons illegal? Not anywhere near as bad as spitting. Give me a break. This is all about shaming people for being human.

  25. Are we still living in the seventies? It was pathetic enough when Paul Reuben did this shit back in the early nineties. It's STILL ILLEGAL, and you'll go to jail for it, you fucking uncivilized savages. 🙂

  26. About 95% would be in jail.I would be on death row.The other 5% are people super religious people like TIm Tebow

  27. Cops suck they need to stop harassing people who don't commit serious crimes they need to get child molesters murderers not people who are not hurting anyone

  28. Why not? I'm sure you've jaywalked at some point or another. Some laws don't necessarily take every possible context into account and there's a pretty strong social convention that we're expected to not follow them all the time. Prostitution is one of them, we all know it's illegal but there's a huge "blind eye" thing going on in most places. This scenario is probably one as well. I don't believe for a second that they don't expect men to do that in these places.

  29. There's a vast difference between civil disobedience and just being a dick. IDK maybe they should all stage a massive jerk-in, I don't really care. But saying that arresting someone for doing something ILLEGAL makes the cops perverts is ridiculous.

  30. I so totally agree with what is said on the video..Cops deserve the black eyes and put downs they get because of their ways in situations like this!! When cops set up and stalk people to "take them down" for doing so called "LEWD" behavior, it proves they are not not doing their job. And most of the cops involved in such stupid takedowns are waaaaay more guillty of crimes than the one they are trapping. This is why we call them PIGS!!

  31. Well, what I can't get is why jerking off in a porn theatre is somehow wrong. I'm sure it goes on all the time. Porn is for jerking off and nothing much else.

  32. I think some people wonder why it's illegal in a porn theatre, that's all. It probably goes on all the time. I wouldn't want to be the cleaning crew, but still, can anyone sit through an entire porn film and not get ideas? Funny story, anyway!

  33. u can even download it these days lol, just look up bookworm bitches on TPB (copyright infringement, but @ least I won't get arrested 🙂 ).

  34. Somebody needs to bring Mr. Willard into the 21st century and show him how to use the internet. Adult movie theaters are kind of obsolete now.

  35. It wasnt gay porn, so Willard is safe. At worst he was very naieve. And what a pathetic waste of tax payers money that cop is/was who arrested him!

  36. My question is, do they really need a no pets allowed sign? Are they afraid they will pull their pants down too? I say leave him alone, it is an adult theater showing adult movies, if they don't want a guy to get excited, maybe they should start showing The Sound Of Music or The English Patient…those two movies will keep every man limp & turn a woman into the driest desert ever! Seriously, if he was only forcing his hand on himself, then isn't he the one who should decide to press charges?

  37. Is it a crime to watch pornography? Is it a crime to entertain oneself publicly? Is it a crime to ejaculate on an usherette? Oh…

  38. Everybody makes a mistake sometimes. I hope they don't come down hard on me, and let him have a happy ending — in the privacy of his own home.

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