Adults And Elders React To The Day They Were Born (Movies, Music, Gas Prices?)

Adults And Elders React To The Day They Were Born (Movies, Music, Gas Prices?)

– (FBE) So today, you’re gonna
be reacting to various things from the day you were born.
– No [bleep]. Okay. – No way.
I’ve always wanted to do one, ’cause I don’t–
it’s really cool. Oh, I’m excited. – I love this.
I haven’t ever done this. I’m so happy to do this. – It should be interesting.
I mean, the actual day I was born, I don’t
remember much. – (FBE) To start, we have
the top song from the week you were born
to play for you. – Dope.
Okay, cool. ♪ Dale a tu cuerpo
alegría Macarena ♪ – Ah, ♪ cuerpo es pa’ darle
alegría y cosa buena ♪ ♪ Dale a tu cuerpo
alegría Macarena ♪ ♪ Hey Macarena ♪
Dude, this makes me so happy. I love that this was the song
that was popping because this still is an anthem.
If you are at a party and you want people to dance,
play the Macarena and you got everybody
on the dance floor. I definitely remember
this one growing up. My grandma has a–
she owned a beauty salon and I remember
I had to have been six or something like that
and they were teaching me how to do the Macarena
in the salon. ♪ (Latin music) ♪ – I love Latin rhythms.
That’s– wow.
Yep, I am familiar with that song actually.
I just love Latin rhythm, so I was a huge fan
of Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine
when they came on the scene and yeah, I just–
it’s great music to move your body to. ♪ As I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death ♪ ♪ I take a look at my life
and realize there’s nothing left ♪ – This is Gangster Paradise, right?
I don’t know who this is by. I’m surprised it was rap.
I thought it would have been a pop song of some sort.
I guess I didn’t know how big of a song this was
back in the day. Maybe would have expected
some Tupac or something. – I love Peggy Lee. ♪ My pocket needs some money
so I can go into town ♪ – My dad went to high school
with her. He was in the same grade
as her brother and then she was a couple
years behind. ♪ Mañana ♪
– Oh, that’s a good one. That’s a good one.
That sorta sums up my life. Mañana.
♪ Mañana is good enough for me ♪ That’s a cool song,
’cause she’s so cool. – (FBE) Up next, we actually
have a trailer to show you of the biggest movie
released the week you were born. – Oh my gosh, movie released
the week I was born. I feel like it’s a Disney movie. – Well I know film noir
was real big back then, but I don’t know if that
was the biggest film of the year was film noir. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – Not as a Stranger.
One of the greatest pictures of all time.
I like the way they put that. Some of the most memorable
love scenes ever filmed. Yeah, there weren’t many
memorable ones up until that point
or you wouldn’t call them love scenes in today’s world.
Produced by Stanley Kramer. Directed by Stanley Kramer,
wow. Interesting.
It definitely has that whole feel of that time period. – Universal.
– (man 1) A very important commodity in business.
– (man 2) Mr. Cullin, I trust this guy
with my life. – That’s Adam Sandler.
– (narrator) They were partners. – (man 3) Uh oh,
we got company. – (man 2) Smooth and easy.
– Oh my gosh, he was so little. – (man 4) You have the right
to remain silent. – (man 2) How can you
do this to me? – Yeet.
Wow, this looks– oh my God,
oh my God. – (narrator) Bulletproof.
– I’ve never even heard of this movie, I think.
That’s interesting. – (man) Apollo 13 flight
controllers. – Ooh, Apollo 13. – (man) Houston,
we have a problem. – This is a classic.
This is a great movie. – (man) We don’t have
that much time. – I think I’ve–
I also think I’ve only seen it once and it was
in school, but I remember really
liking it. I dig the movie more
than the song, but pretty solid two choices. – (woman) You’re not
going now. It’s my birthday.
You promised. – (man) I promised?
I promised what? – (woman) You know, Marcus.
You promised last year. – They’re husband and wife
in real life. Florence Eldridge
and Frederic March were married for years
and years. He was one of the great
actors of all time and worked right up until
he couldn’t work anymore. I have no idea what
that’s called. I’ve never seen it.
– (FBE) It’s called Another Part of the Forest.
– Oh, that was a big play first on Broadway
and then they made it into a film, okay. – (FBE) So next up,
we’re gonna have you guess the prices for certain items
on the day you were born. – Okay, cool. – Okay, the Price is Right. – (FBE) So first up
is gas prices. The current cost of gas
in the US averages $2.49. – I’m sorry.
I live in L.A. What? – (FBE) How expensive do you
think it was the day you were born? – I’m gonna guess $0.14 a gallon. – $0.37.
I think it was that cheap back then. – Even when I started driving,
you could get gas for 25 or 35 cents a gallon
when I was a kid. $0.08 just for the hell of it. – The average when I was born,
I’m gonna say was $1.19. – (FBE) So when you were born,
the actual price of gas was… – Oh wow.
More than I thought, wow, ’cause it stayed pretty stable
’cause I do remember seeing $0.29 and $0.35
on signs. I’d be doing a lot more
weekend trips if it was $0.29 a gallon. – Oh, I was way off.
Wishful thinking, I guess. – $0.26 and it had to be,
’cause they drove those big old cars that got
two miles to the gallon. – $1.23, not bad.
I was literally in the middle. Not bad.
If you find a pump today that was at $1.23,
you’d never be able to get to it because
there would be people literally waiting in line
for hours to get to that. – (FBE) So next up
is the average price of a movie ticket.
– Oh, okay. Now that was still cheap
when I’d go to matinees on Saturdays. – (FBE) The current average price
in the US is actually $9.03. – Okay, I don’t go
to the movies, but I feel like last time
I went to the movies, it was 13. – (FBE) How expensive do
you think it was when you were born?
– $0.25. – $5. – $4.50. – I’m guessing it was
maybe 35, 40 cents. – (FBE) It was actually…
– Oh, pretty close. You can’t take a girl
to [bleep] dinner and a movie. You’re spending $1000.
4.35 is much more reasonable. – I’m getting really close to these.
I said 4.50, 4.42. 8 cents off.
It’s reasonable, I feel like I see it.
I’m not surprised. – Oh, it was 40.
Oh well, that’s still a deal. You could sit and watch a movie
multiple times. You saw usually just one
movie but you could sit there and watch it three times
if you wanted to without being pushed out
of the theater, so my parents would just
drop me off and I’d stay there all afternoon. – $0.50, okay not too far off.
We did the drive-in a lot as a kid. We lived down the street
from a drive-in. The line of cars was down
our street just to get in to the drive-in when
it opened. It was a whole different–
yeah, it was good times. It’s just a shame that
the drive-ins have gone away. Yeah, it’s not as comfortable.
You can’t sell as much stuff, ’cause you gotta walk
to the snack bar and stuff, but it was kinda fun
just to be with your family in your car. – (FBE) So next, we’re gonna
have you guess the median cost of a home in the US.
The current median in the US is $318,600.
– It’s obscene. – That house does not look
like it only cost $318,000. That looks like a two and a half
million dollar house here in L.A. In 24 years, I think going up
a third is reasonable. – (FBE) So how expensive
do you think it was when you were born?
– When I was born, I feel like that’s gonna be
cheaper than half. I’m gonna go with it was
really low and I’m gonna say around $100,000. – I’m gonna say $200,000. – I know what year
they bought the first house and I remember them saying
that they paid $14,000 for it. – (FBE) Who?
– My parents. He bought the house in 1948. – I’m trying to remember what
my parents paid. I’m thinking they paid
somewhere between eight and twelve thousand
dollars, so I’m gonna guess the median was probably
around– let’s go with 10,000. – (FBE) All right, let’s see.
– Okay, I was a little off. A couple thousand. – Damn, that [bleep] was cheap.
That’s pretty crazy. That’s not a lot of money.
Not that I [bleep] have $131,000 to spend on a house. – Wow, well making as far
as average, so 14,000 makes sense,
’cause it’s just 1400 square feet. It’s a little, tiny California
bungalow kinda house. So $14,000 considering now
that some of them out there are worth almost a million. – 17,500.
Okay, they cheaped out on me with that first home.
All righty then. Well, we weren’t exactly
living in Beverly Hills. It’s just sad, ’cause of the dream.
You have to move to a lot of times places
you don’t wanna live in weather conditions
you don’t wanna live in just to be able
to afford a house. If you wanna raise a family
a lot of times that means moving away from family
just to be able to afford a home. – (FBE) So finally, we showed you
multiple mediums that allow us to look back into our past.
What are some of your favorite ways to capture what life
was like growing up for you personally?
– Well I’m really big into photography and videography.
I love to take photos and capture the moment.
I think it’s gonna be crazy for our kids and future generations
to see exactly how we looked growing up in these
high definition photos and videos. – My mom had a lot of
homemade videos. My mom was like a vlogger.
She had a whole bunch of these little videos
and then just pictures. We took a lot of them,
so it was really– I feel like having all that
just keeps it safe. – We used to ride out bikes
eight miles to a friend’s house when we were 12 years old
and no one worried. We didn’t have helmets on.
We were going down main streets. No one worried about
your kid getting kidnapped and all that stuff.
Not that it wasn’t happening, but it wasn’t in your face
because of media and now there is so much
anxiety because of media and wanting to look
a certain way and wanting to be this
or wanting to be that. We didn’t have that.
We didn’t care. Our entertainers were on
the seven stations we had on television and we listened
to our sports on radio, or I did, and listened
to news on radio, but they’re just–
it was so much simpler. – I had a lovely childhood.
Most all of us that were born in our area of the world
back then, we had what we called the last
innocent childhood where you didn’t have to worry
about your kids. Everyone on the block
knew everybody and I like the fact
there was less technology in a lot of ways.
It was quieter, life moves slower,
it was pleasant. It was a very pleasant youth
and childhood, but to have those conveniences
now, all the technology with the phones
and the computers and everything.
I never thought I’d say this but I would be miserable
without them. – Hey guys, Vartuhi here,
producer at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. Make sure to check out
more episodes like this one across all generations.
Link down in the description below. Bye, guys. ♪ (upbeat outro) ♪

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  2. $2.49 per gallon… so, let's see: a gallon is 3.79 litres, so that makes it $0,66 per litre. at present day (15-08-2019) 1USD=0.9EUR, that means in the US gas costs 0.59 EUR per litre… now, here in Italy, gas is around 1.70 EUR per litre, that makes it $1.89 per litre, that makes it $7.15 per gallon… and you call that expensive? damn you all 😛

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