Adults React To Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies Of All Time

Adults React To Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies Of All Time

– They just own this list. (laughs) Marvel made so much money! – I don’t know how
James Cameron does it. How does he create these movies
that just explode at the box office? ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we wanted to put
your pop culture movie knowledge to the test with a top 10 challenge.
– Ooh. Okay. Bring it on. – Sometimes I do decently at these,
and sometimes I’m so wrong that I feel terrible. (chuckles)
– (FBE) We’re gonna be showing you the trailers for the top 10
highest grossing films of all time, not adjusted for inflation.
And we’re gonna see if you can correctly place them in order.
– Okay, cool. I think I have a feeling
of what’s the top three. But I don’t know if
it’s changed recently or… no clue. – This will be interesting
to figure out how to rate them based upon the money
versus how popular they were. Yeah, this will be kind of
interesting to do. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – What? Oh, Fast and the Furious?
Not gonna lie, I wasn’t expecting this one. – What? I’m honestly surprised.
How many of these are there? 10? – All right. This might be real–
this looks like– if you guys are starting like this,
this looks like it’s gonna be tough. – What is it? Fast 5?
– This is the last one with Paul Walker,
which was a good movie. – Okay. Oh, god. Furious 7?
Since I know nothing about this one, I’m just gonna guess number seven,
because it’s Furious 7. – I’m not a huge fan of the series,
but it was really good. This movie was solid.
I’m gonna say number seven. – Let’s go with number seven.
Very fitting. – I’m gonna go with seven,
’cause it’s seven, and I’m feeling lucky.
– I’m going to– I’m sure like many others,
I’m gonna place Furious 7 at seven. – Ohhh, Black Panther.
– Okay. This broke a lot of records, though.
– Ah, I knew the stats when it first came out,
but it’s been a year, so I don’t know. – Yes!
– Wow, these graphics. Amazing. – Okay. I saw this when it came out,
but there’s so many Marvel movies now, you’re like, “What
freakin’ year is it?” – This movie freakin’ slapped.
Kendrick soundtrack on it too? Oh. Michael B. Jordan looking
like a straight up dime. – I’m gonna say four.
– Number two, but I might change it at the end.
– I know Black Panther killed it, so I’m gonna put it at number two.
– Oh, Avatar! I just watched this the other week.
I’m like, when is the second one coming out?
– (man) ….mixed with DNA of the natives.
– I love this movie, too. God! I love all of these.
– (Norm) …looks like you. This is your avatar.
– Okay, this movie was number one for a long time. But I know it’s not
number one anymore. – Why did everyone go see Avatar?
I saw this movie twice. I don’t even remember why.
I think it was because it was the first movie
that had 3D, like really good 3D. – I wanna watch it again.
Aren’t they coming out with multiple more?
There you go. James Cameron
making that bank. – I am a little biased.
I actually used to work at Disney. I worked Pandora,
the land that they opened up for Avatar. I was there.
We had to figure out how do we get people to remember this stuff.
It’s interesting how big it got, but how little we sometimes will
remember the things from that movie. – I’m gonna put it at two.
– Number two. I know where that is for sure.
– Number two! ‘Cause Avengers literally
just passed it. – (Fury) There was an idea.
– Oh. Is this Avengers? – Which one is it, though?
‘Cause that’s the thing. I’m sure there’s probably
multiple of these. – I saw this movie, like,
five times. Oh. Hawk Eye. Aww, look, they’re just little babies!
– I fell asleep watching that. Literally. I’m not a Marvel person. – Avengers… The first one?!
– I remember watching this. Oh my god. I was so hyped
over superheroes at the time. I remember just my little heart
was like, “Ah, this is so epic!” – Put that at number six,
’cause we know it’s good, but it ain’t that good.
– I put it at four. – It was a big one.
People really were excited to see these worlds collide.
I’m gonna place that at number six. – There’s another Marvel movie!
– Oh, surprise. The Avengers again. – Dang! Marvel!
They’re really killin’ it. – Oh! The Hulk basher. Let’s go. – See, I didn’t see this one.
I don’t even know what number this one is.
– Oh. Oh! Age of Ultron. (chuckles) That’s the one Avengers movie
I forget about completely. – That one was exciting,
because everybody was in that one. – I’m gonna put that at nine.
– I’m gonna have to put it below the original, I’d assume.
So, I’ll put it at eight. – Since that’s after
the first Avengers, it would get more attention
and more people would start hopping on the bandwagon
to go see those movies. I’m gonna put it above Avengers,
just number five. – You gotta be kidding me.
It’s my boy, though. Oh, I wish I was wearing
my Thanos jewelry today. – Which Avengers is this?
– (T’Challah) Evacuate the city. – Is this Endgame or Infinity War?
This is Infinity War. – I loved Infinity War.
The snap heard ’round the world. – They just own this list. (laughs) Marvel made so much money! – Such a good soundtrack. Okay.
Oh, gosh. Avengers are everywhere. – Hoo! Hoo! Damn!
I wanna go see it now. – I’m gonna put it at number four.
– It’s number four, but I’m gonna have
to change these around. – I’m gonna go with number two.
But this is really tricky, ’cause there’s so many Marvel movies. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– The song every time the clip starts. – (chuckles) The same song. – Avengers, Avengers, Avengers. – (Steve Rogers) I keep telling
everybody they should move on. – Oh, gosh.
– (Steve Rogers) Some do. But not us. – This was iconic. – Ant-Man! – Oh, this was
the [bleep], this movie. Everybody was in it. – Even people who aren’t
into superheroes or Marvel or anything went to go see it. – This movie was really good.
I haven’t even seen all of the Avengers, obviously,
but I was like, “Wow. This is a great movie.”
– It’s so good. I got goosebumps
all over again. – Didn’t get to see
the extended version, though I really wanted to.
I think it’s still in theaters. I could probably still add to this.
I watched Endgame three times when it was theaters.
I’d definitely go watch it a fourth. – Number two. I feel
like that’s an easy one. – Number one, baby!
Number one! – It’s number one.
And if it isn’t, I’m gonna feel very bamboozled.
– I already filled up my top four, and clearly that’s number one,
because I’ve been watching the news on this movie, but I have
to put it at number five. But I’ll switch it at the end. – (scientist) We have learned more
in the past decade from… – Jurassic Park?!
Or is this Jurassic World? Ah! I wish it was Jurassic Park.
– I guess if it’s just box office, a lot of people were excited
for the nostalgia. – I saw this in theaters,
so I pitched in. – (Owen) You just went
and made a new dinosaur? – Yeah, they did. – Yeah, this movie was a big deal too,
because all the people who loved Jurassic Park were like,
“Oh, we’re coming back. Chris Pratt’s in it.
Even better.” – Okay. I remember this one.
– Ah, I remember when this trailer came out.
It was such– they were just grabbing
the nostalgia to bring all these people
to come and see it. – I would’ve expected
the original to make more, but… sequels sell.
– I have to put it at eight. – I’m gonna put Jurassic World
as number nine. I’m sure it made a lot of money,
but not as much as the Avengers. – I’m gonna say
it’s number three. These are all crazy
big box office hits. It’s hard to place anyone anywhere. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– I was waiting. I was like, “Where’s
Star Wars in this mix?” – Okay, I’m gonna have
some serious rearranging to do, because I did not account
for Star Wars. I don’t know why. ♪ (dramatic music continues) ♪ – So epic.
– I’ve been a big Star Wars fan since I was a kid,
so I was really excited when they were finally
releasing Episode VII. – I don’t even–
I’m not even into Star Wars and I saw this. – Despite what people say,
I really enjoyed this movie. And I’m really enjoying
the entire series, you know? I’ve really been enjoying
the new trilogy. – There were so many people
excited about this movie coming out, and it was just like
a new casting and different. – I’m gonna put it as eight.
– I have to say number nine, because I think it’s up there.
I’m gonna have to really adjust some of this.
– It hurts me to have to put it at number nine.
I don’t think it’s there, but we’ll swap it up later.
– I’m gonna put it at five. Hope this last one’s
not that popular. (laughs) ♪ (melancholy woodwind music) ♪ – Ahh, Titanic.
– How did I not think of that?! – I don’t care what anyone says,
I [bleep] love this movie. – Ah, this movie
tears up my heartstrings. – I don’t know how
James Cameron does it. How does he create these movies
that just explode at the box office? – (woman) God almighty. – Wow.
– (Rose) I’ll never let go. – Aww. She did, though.
– Dual VHS release. Gosh. What a weird time.
– When I watched it back in the day,
they had the two tapes. So, I just put the second tape in
just to see the people die. It sounds jacked up.
Lord, forgive me. – They’re gonna watch
that movie 500 years from now. People are still gonna be watching it.
They might not be watching the Marvel movies.
I’m sorry, Marvel. But they will watch this movie.
Even looking at it right now, it’s just, like, goosebumps.
– Now that all these other movies are here, I think it
does go in 10. So, yeah, I think
maybe it was meant for me to just leave 10 open.
– I have to put it at 10, ’cause that’s all I have.
But that’s high up there, and I know it.
– (FBE) So now, we’re gonna give you a chance to rearrange.
– Okay. – Endgame is one.
Avatar is two. I’m gonna say Titanic is three.
And then that’s when I get stuck. – (FBE) So, as a reminder,
you get one point if you’re one off, two if you’re right on the money.
– All right. – (FBE) So, here’s the actual order
going from number ten to number one. Number 10 is Black Panther.
– Oh, no! Got that wrong. – (FBE) And it grossed $1.35 billion.
– Wow. – That’s crazy.
(buzzer) That’s crazy! I really
thought they killed it. Why did I think
they killed it? – Really? I was so–
I almost changed that, but I was like, “No,
there’s no way it’s that far down the list.”
– (FBE) Number nine is Avengers: Age of Ultron.
– Dang! (chuckles) Dang! I’m not doing
very well at all. Wow. – (FBE) That grossed $1.4 billion.
– That’s crazy. (ding)
– Yes! I got that one. (pop)
– Age of Ultron? I put eight. So, I got one point.
– (FBE) Number eight is Furious 7. (ding)
– Okay. Got that one right. Got one. Okay.
– Yeah! Got that right! Yes!
– (FBE) That one grossed $1.516 billion.
– Yes. Dang. Unreal. – So, I wouldn’t get a point.
I move everything one off. I had Furious 7 as seven
and I moved it to six for the furious six,
’cause I’m a frickin’ idiot. – (FBE) Number seven
is the Avengers, the original. – (softly) Oh.
– (FBE) It grossed $1.518 billion. – Holy crap. I– yeah.
The original Avengers, I put that at 10.
– Oh, I put that at number nine. – I changed that to number eight.
– I put Avengers 1 at eight. Oh, man. I’m missing
all these by one. (ding)
– YES! That’s so crazy! Dude! Keep going, keep going!
– (FBE) Number six is Jurassic World. – Ah! So close again!
– (FBE) That one grossed $1.67 billion.
– Dang! Okay. (pop)
– I put that at five, though. So, do I get a point?
– (FBE) Yeah. – Yes!
– I had that one as number nine, lol. – It was a good movie,
and a lot of people went to go see it,
but I just expected it to be so much further
down the list. – (FBE) Number five
is Avengers: Infinity War. (pop)
– Dang. What did I put th– Oh, I put that was four!
– (FBE) So, you get another point. – Nice!
– (FBE) That one grossed $2 billion. – Oh my gosh. Just hearing this.
That money. Wow. (pop)
– I did that as four. – (FBE) Well, you get
one point for that, ’cause it’s one off.
– Okay. – I had that as number three.
So, again, one off from everything! Ah!
– (FBE) Number four is Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
– Okay. – (FBE) And it grossed $2.1 billion.
– Wow. That’s so much money. That’s crazy.
– Oh, I got that right. Yeah!
– See, that’s what I had for five. I was one off there.
– I said at five! Ah, I’m missing
all these by one! – (FBE) Number three is Titanic. (buzzer)
– Really? – (FBE) And that one
grossed $2.19 billion. – It was a love story
for some people, so I could see that.
– I am shocked. After all this time?
I thought because it was so old that it would be down on the list.
– Boom. Right on the money. – Yeah! I got
that right too! Wassup?! – (FBE) Number two is Avatar,
grossing 2.78 billion. – Yup.
– WOO! I got that right too! – I feel like that was because Avatar
was such a monumental movie in the film industry,
all the effects and everything. Everyone was just
so enamored by it. – (FBE) Meaning the highest
grossing film of all time is Avengers: Endgame,
which just recently took the number one spot,
grossing over $2.79 billion. – (softly) Wow.
That is so crazy. That is insane.
– I got that one right. (laughs)
– I was so surprised that so many Marvel films
were on this list. I didn’t realize how many of them
were just absolutely just wrecking the box office.
– It’s amazing to me that Endgame had to basically, like,
“Oh, excuse me, James Cameron. Oh, James Cameron,
I need you to get out of the way” both times and then took over.
Wow! That’s crazy. – Thanks for watching
this episode of Adults React. And shoutout to Anna.
– If your heart will go on, make sure to subscribe
and hit the bell. – What movie do you think
deserves the top spot? Let us know in the comments.
– Hey, everyone. Lauren, producer here at FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode of Adults React.
If you wanna see more content from us across all the generations,
we have plenty of episodes. So, check it out.
Links are gonna be down in the description.
Bye, everyone!

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  2. Realistically speaking, number 1 most grossing is Titanic and nr2 is Avatar if we account for inflation, as the dollar was much stronger back then.


  4. Titanic third is incredible because inflation is not considered here and it's significant who is the only love movie ranked; anyway if we talking about movie AND money I believe that it should be considered everything (merchandising firstly) and people would understand why George Lucas has much more money than anyone in hollywood.

  5. Highest-grossing films as of 2019 adjusted for inflation[31][Inf]

    Rank Title Worldwide gross

    (2019 $) Year

    1 Gone with the Wind $3,728,000,000 1939

    2 Avatar $3,273,000,000 2009

    3 Titanic T$3,099,000,000 1997

    4 Star Wars $3,061,000,000 1977

    5 Avengers: Endgame film currently playing AE$2,795,551,402 2019

    6 The Sound of Music $2,564,000,000 1965

    7 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial $2,503,000,000 1982

    8 The Ten Commandments $2,370,000,000 1956

    9 Doctor Zhivago $2,246,000,000 1965

    10 Star Wars: The Force Awakens $2,215,000,000 2015

  6. Here is the top ten adjusted for influation:
    1. Gone with the Wind
    2. Avatar
    3. Titanic
    4. Star Wars
    5. Endgame
    6. The Sound of Music
    7. E.T.
    8. The Ten Commandments
    9. Doctor Zhivago
    10. The Force Awakens

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