AFTER All Movie Clips + Trailer (2019)

AFTER All Movie Clips + Trailer (2019)

truth or dare no no isn’t this a kids game not the way we play it is a truth to bear truth crazies play see patsaks fast why it’s an easy one wait are you a virgin I’ll do dare I dare you to make out with heart she won’t do that do you want to do this having fun Molly I’m done playing this game I like God got his first rejection [Music] it’s masterpiece who in here has already read Pride and Prejudice and what did you think of it on the first read let’s hear from our newcomer mr. Scott Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet needs to chill hmm she gave Darcy away less time than he deserved are you saying that Darcy was not in love with Elizabeth love is just a transaction we’re all hardwired to desire we present the correct set of desirable traits and boom we can turn it on and we can turn it off yes miss young Tessa I think that it was the most revolutionary feminist novel that I’ve ever read that a woman of that era would have the strength to reject Darcy when he treated her poorly it’s a load it was Darcy’s very attitude that attracted Elizabeth to Darcy’s attitude was rude and mocking I think that he was lucky to be with a woman with as much integrity as Elizabeth the only reason he even asked her to marry him was because she wouldn’t stop throwing us he was pursuing her he’s clearly not satisfied with her life and is looking for excitement wherever she can get it well I think that it’s obviously all in his head that she had any feelings for him at all well there you have it that’s the power of good down you could draw me to fire you could draw me to water you could draw me to the gallows you could draw me to any death you could draw me to anything I’ve most avoided this and the confusion of my thoughts so that I’m fit for nothing is what I mean by your being the ruin of me where’d you start we should go [Music] I just wanna be someone I just wanna be some [Music] [Music] we’re going straight down to the housing office right now and we’re progressing around what are you talking about that room wreaked on you please don’t make a scene I’m not we have worked too hard for this and I don’t want you to be distracted by anyone mom this is me that we’re talking about can you please just trust me it’ll be fine I promise promise silence it’s peaceful anything that’s weird no not all [Music] who is hardened Scott call and text everyday moments College it’s not a survivable course it’ll be fine okay are you a virgin I’ll do Jer I dare you to make out with her I’m done playing this game oh I like this girl deep question who is hard and Scott I think that it’s better if we keep our distance [Music] welcome to my favorite place [Music] thought that you just wanted to runs I don’t think we can never be just friends [Music] cuz I just I can’t stop thinking about you you are stunning [Music] nothing could ever change the way that I feel about you just be careful what happened it has to do with hard something’s going on but it’s not what you think making a big mistake just gonna break your arm what are you dreaming about there are moments in our lives that seem to define us chooser there are you a virgin I dare you to make out with her I’m done playing this game but isn’t it really about what lies beyond those moments what are you doing I think you owe me a dad so what’s his story be careful hardness complicated why are you dreaming about [Music] [Music] my life before him was so simple and now there’s just after [Music] you [Music]

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  1. This movie in one sentence.
    Spoiler alert.

    Hot Girl refuses to makeout with hottest guy of school as a dare , guy makes her fall in love as a revenge but turns out he actually loves her.

  2. AFTER (Romance) 2019 film:

    Leurs états de santé

    respectifs les empechent

    de s'approcher trop

    pres l'un de l'autre.??

  3. Okay tbh, after watching the movie and reading the trilogy I want the damn toxicity of their relationship in the movie. I mean, that’s the whole point of the book. It would have been WAAAAYYY better and an eye-opener that being blinded by a toxic relationship will make you lose yourself.

  4. I read the original on wattpad ,that isn’t how it happens ,which made me sad and angry ,they left out soooo Many important details and also… THIS BOI DOESNT LOOK LIKE HARRY STYLES AT ALL

  5. Hey did anyone see that he looks like lucas from NCT and a little bit from park solomon ( that guy was acting in revenge note s1 ) .

  6. check out my story Yesterday’s Encounter, It’s an ongoing story on wattpad @ MackelaCM on wattpad…read as I journey to the finish ❤️

  7. As someone who hasn't read the books I liked the direction of the movie and can't wait for the (confirmed) second one! I'll read the books too just to have a little glimpses of what the future movie can offer next.

  8. After (2019) film:

    Une jeune femme tombe
    amoureuse d’un homme au secret obscur
    et les deux se lancent dans une relation houleuse.

  9. Wow,I didn't expected that movie would be so bad 😒 book is some different level and waay mature and better,but with or without book this movie is so baaad,so cringe😖ugh

  10. bruh…
    I thot after died in 2013 why is this happening also I need someone to see this with to satisfy my 14yr self

  11. This movie was terrible. They left out important parts from the book, and in my opinion harry/harden was way to nice in the movie. It also should not have been pg13. The book is so raw which is what makes it so good.

  12. I loved the movie ♡ but the book was more amazing 🙂 I don't blame the actors though. This is their debut movie and they did well . You can't put all the emotions of a book into a single movie though.

  13. O kız annesinin sözünü denlicekti. Baksın babakalım hikayenin sonunda ne oldu. Erkek değil mi hepsi aynı bunların.

  14. So to sum up it's about an unfaithful piece of shit who cheated on her boyfriend, who she knew her whole life just to hook up with a dude she barely even know for a week. I don't know why this movie so pisses me off.

  15. loved the book but I felt like they tried to fit way too much into one film and the characters (except for the main ones) seemed like they were all given the script on the day and didn’t know how to act at all🤣 personally think it was ruined from the start with the PG-13 rating considering the book itself was so dark and intense with graphic scenes, that was definitely missing from the film.. wouldn’t even bother watching the second one

  16. If u ever read the actual book and idk if this is just me but this movies a joke. There’s so many important events that take place and they just tried to rush every event in and didn’t include important ones I feel like. I’m so surprised this is actually a movie this was not entertaining at all and just wouldn’t make sense for people who didn’t read after. They didn’t have sexual scenes or have Hardin go crazy a couple times or basically all the time like he does in the book. They should have made this a move series. Seriously and I’m not sure if this movie was made for the fans of after but all I can say is this disappointed the fuck outta me. I think the actors they chose were good but some of them should have been in the movie more like in the book ESPECIALLY ZAYN. Also when Noah is talking to Tessa and Hardin comes how the hell does Noah already know she cheated just by him being there??? Like yea obv ur gonna be suspicious but u just alr know she cheated? I expected Tessa to tell him like how she did in the book. In conclusion this movie was a flop and I’m pretty pissed ab it Bc it’s so cool to see a fan fic become something u can actually watch:( but y’all just flopped it

  17. No one is talking about Pia Mia?
    Remember her hit with Tyga and Chris Brown "Do it again"?
    Now she is staring in this (bad) movie…

  18. Why are y’all applauding this movie? It’s so bad! It started as a fan fiction and it should have stayed that way!

    The plot is generic. The script/ dialogue is so cringy doesn’t sound natural at all! The acting is horrible like are you robot trying to be humans? Like what’s going on? I literally cannot take it seriously after 5 mind into the movie and it just got worse from there. It’s like Riverdale 2.0 but movie version lol

    If you wanna see a good love story movie watch Call Me By Your Name, don’t watch this shit!

    Edit: Some of y’all be like the movie is rushed so the characters didn’t have the chance to develop like what’s there to develop? They are both planks lmao

  19. Dude what?? I remember reading like half of this on Wattpad like a month ago before it got too cliche and repetitive for me. How in ten hells does it have its own movie? I’m actually so confused that some one direction wattpad fanfiction got both published and its own movie. This gives me hope

  20. First of all she need to stop play a victim. She the one who cheat, she does not deserve to be sad at all, she so needy,selfish, she was just pathetic to me

  21. I have never read the Wattpad story or watched this movie. And I probably won’t. Idk Wattpad stories should just stick on Wattpad in my opinion. But I can say the actor that’s playing Hardin (idk how to spell it lol) is really attractive 😂

  22. Uhm.. The after book was already terrible. My friends forced me to watch it with them in the theaters and what the hell did I expect? It's just like some cringey wattpad stories created by 12 year Olds. This… Whatever you call this, doesn't deserve fame. Just as said by Trin Lovelle, it's just another twilight story with a different soundtrack. But, at least, the movie is better than the wattpad version, it's not toxic.

  23. This looks good but rushed as hell like 50% of the book is missing … And like wtf change the names i highkey wish they could legaly use names that are in the book like cmon

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