After Effects tutorial | Make Pictures Talk

After Effects tutorial | Make Pictures Talk

Hey, what’s up? I am here with another after facts tutorial in this tutorial I am going to show you how to make picture talk that is pretty easy For this we will need a picture and audio or you can say recorded voice. I have a picture of leonardo here And a recorded audio file to start with go to composition New composition change its duration if you want I have set it to 3 seconds equal to the length of my audio file and change its background color or leave as it is and press OK Now drag picture to composition and scale it fit to comp. Now go to effects and presets panel Here it is. If you are unable to find this panel then go to window. and make sure effects & presets is checked. now go to effects and presets and type CC split It shows us two type of splits Cc split and CC Split 2. There is different between these splits. Let’s first apply CC Split by double-clicking on it now set its points to end of lips oops Now if we change its value, you can see it is moving both lips equally. But as you know upper lip of human moves less than lower That’s why I am not using this split. So delete it and add CC split 2 Now set its points to end of lips properly. As you can see if we change spit 2 value it cause movement in upper lip only. And change in spit 1 value cause movement in lower lip only. This is helpful, I will show you how. Now go-ahead and drag audio file in comp. And right-click on it and go to Keyframe assistant and to convert audio to Keyframe This will create a new layer named audio amplitude by converting our audio to Keyframes Now select audio amplitude layer and go to effects and then both channels this will show you it’s slider Now go back to cc split 2.
Hold alt and press split 1 stopwatch. This will show you split 1 under your images layer.Then pick wipe this position to the slider of audio amplitude. Now repeat the same for split 2 And that’s it Now go to preview and Click play You can see it’s working, but there is one problem upper lip is moving same as lower To deal with it. Go to split two expression And add negative sign and 15 at the end of expression This will decrease the keyframe values for the upper lip you can change this value as you want so now click play To make your dreams true work harder to make your dreams true work harder Now It looks like better Thanks for watching. I hope this tutorial is helpful for you Please comment if you have any question and like this video and subscribe my channel

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  3. how can I do this in a video. Making someone say something like this. William shatner saying monique thats added in.

  4. Hey Crescent tech. About making two characters having a dialogue ( a question I see asked a lot in the these tutorials ) – I have made a new layer with the second character, and have to different audio layers with each their voice. Ive pick wiped each mouth-layer to each their audio amplitude, but still I have the problem that when one character speaks, only his mouth moves, and when the other voice starts, both mouths starts to move. Can you explain why?Cheers, Sebastian

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