AGAIN (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 79)

*upbeat music playing* Girl: Hey, Emanuella! I went to and I saw the video, you people did, you said I am fat. Emmanuella: Hmm… Okay. *laughing in background* Girl: Forget the video. Look at me. Am I fat? Emmanuella: Again? Girl: I’m talking to you. Am I fat? Emmanuella: I don’t know. But SLIMTEA is nine thousand naira. Girl: Why are you telling me? Emmanuella: No, I am just marketing it. Girl: Whether you people like it or not, I am not fat, I am only plumpy. Ah! Me as a model. See shape. Babay oku (cute girl). Slim fit. I am not fat Fine girl Woman: Kidnappers! Kidnappers! Run boy, run! They’re here! Run for your lives! *bouncing noise* Emmanuella: I think I told you to drink SLIMTEA but you told me you’re not fat. Don’t worry, you are safe! The kidnappers did not come with a trailer. So if they kidnap you what will they use to carry you? *laughing in background*

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