AGE 12 TO MARRIED – I Took A Photo Every Day

AGE 12 TO MARRIED – I Took A Photo Every Day

Age 12 Parents kitchen/living room, family computer Age 13 Parents basement Age 14 Santa hat at 0:33 for Xmas 2009 Eyebrow piercing Age 15 First part-time job Age 16 Graduating High School First day of College Age 17 Age 18 Got my full drivers license (slight smile) Graduated from John Abbott College Vacation to Cuba (pics on the beach or resort) Age 19 Age 20 Moved out (first apartment) 6 months without shaving Trip to the Maritimes / Met Juliana Got engaged! Juli moves in with me in Montreal Age 21 Moved to Fredericton (new apartment!) Trip to Cape Breton! (pics on lookouts / while camping) Married! 30/08/2017

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  1. Put closed captions on what ever language you can read and it will tell you the age and events that happened in his life

  2. The ultimate message? This young woman probably doesn’t have to worry about commitment issues with her new husband!

  3. He should now take pictures as a married man. The baby face may not be so baby after the stress of married life. But I cannot speak for all and hope his is wonderful, even though many do age internally and or externally with the stress of bills, kids, etc. ✌

  4. Я офигела от столь количества английских комментариев на русском видео

  5. oh god xd i find the incredible photo that he took with his girlfriend after something had done at the hotel.

  6. What kind of a weirdo takes a picture of himself in the same position with the same expression every single day until they are married…

  7. His hair : ↘⬇⤵↗⬅↙↕↔↖⬅⤴↔⬇↕↘⬆↗⬅⤴↔↖↙⬆↖⬆⬅↙⬇⬅↖

    My hair : ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ or ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

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