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Daily I can’t take leave. – Chetta!
– Don’t be angry. – Chetta!
– Then? What is it? Is this vehicle for Kochi? No, to Koyilandi. Why can’t you read? In the time of getting tattoo done
like this, why can’t you have studied? Go man! It is like white pig is wearing coat. – Sir!
– Hello! – Sir! Is it actually going to Koyilandi?
– Next one is here. It is not Koyilandi. I’ll tear and throw all this. Koyilandi… Hello, dear! Did she also go to Koyilandi? “Globally noted boys…” We have reached at the right time.
Now what do you say? You need not talk too much. On seeing beverage shop you
were about to get down. I thought I’ll get a bottle quickly. If the beverage queue is made to stand
in zigzag position, it’ll reach Bengal. Before that this bus will reach Kochi.
You come. Right. Come fast. “Globally noted boys…” I think there is not much place inside.
It is full. Don’t feel bad if I say it.
But I can’t remain without saying. – What?
– You control yourself. – You don’t be tensed.
– Haven’t you understood even now? How much experience we have had?
How many times it has happened? If something happens to someone?
You control yourself. – I…
– Unni Kutta! – I won’t say anything.
– Unni Kutta! – Who is Unni Kuttan? Your son?
– No, driver. Unni Kutta! – Where were you till now?
– I was here only. Is this Unni Kuttan? Yes. My mother named me.
How is it? Not bad. Did his mother
know that he’ll become like this? God! Just protect me. Will it start? Let us leave.
Has everyone got in? Ticket… Did you buy ticket? I taken it – Did you buy ticket?
– One Kochi. Only one Kochi is there.
How many tickets do you want? When will this reach Kochi? I think it’ll be night, Father. – Are you going to Kochi?
– Yes. I think he doesn’t talk much. He won’t talk much, isn’t it? Youngsters shouldn’t be like this. You must talk to everyone. – We have to reach till Kochi.
– I won’t talk, Father. If I say anything, that
will become a problem. Why like that? Nothing. You tell. Do you see that? You look at on top. If the vehicle now falls in gutter. Oh God! What are you doing? – Why did you ask him, Father?
– That is right. Did you see? This is the problem. “Tiger by the tail…” Hello! Will you give the number? What? Will you give the phone number? Oh God! He is asking for kiss. Kiss? Shuck! To know this man’s reaction I
cracked a joke. What? If I pay money, you’ll give kiss? Kiss… What is this? She is playing with me. “Across the mountain there is a place.” Good song. Like that… Did anything happen? Let me take out the comb.
There is no other way to hide the pain. It is good that I got side seat.
It is very interesting. You can smile. If the child in the back
vomits now, this smile will go and the interest
will also go. Oh God! Shuck! It is not the child.
But it is mother You! Driver…Stop the bus. He needs a good beating. “Lal is a tiger by the tail.” Move! – My shirt of Rs 2000 got destroyed.
– What did I do? Did that child vomit due to me? It must have eaten something
which didn’t suit. It is better that he talks
for necessity. That time itself I told you.
He is a nuisance. From the time he got in there is problem. The climate is good. I think there will be rain. – Hey, this time there is less rain.
– Going to sub jail. But the rain for the agriculture is enough. – Are you doing agriculture?
– No But I do have agriculture also. To where are you going? For Kochi. Is it to Kuttikanam? – Kuttikanam…
– Is it? Where in Kuttikanam? – Do you know the place?
– Ofcourse! – You are chatting a lot.
– Be silent. After doing wrong act he is talking.
Walk. – Can’t I even talk?
– I’ll make you talk. I’ll hit you.
Move that side. What is it? Oh No! I think tyre has got punctured. He… Is there only puncture? What is it? It is as he said. Tyre got punctured. Oh God! – It is all due to this rascal.
– This is nothing. Did the vehicle get repaired? All of you get down.
There is a puncture. It didn’t get punctured. By telling it was
made to puncture. What is this? It is philosophy that
I told in common. You need not tell any philosophy.
Go and sit there. You told to get down. Who told?
Will anyone talk to you? Go and sit. Don’t utter anything.
Go and sit. Don’t I have freedom to talk? What a thing! Unni Kutta, it is the tyre below you.
I have my doubt. What? You move a side, Unni Kutta. It is difficult to make out
which is you and which is tyre. Not only tyre.
Even the axel got broke When will it be ready? The man from the depot has to come
and repair it. Depot is not here.
It is in town. Do you understand? – The man has to come from there.
– How long will all this take? It’ll take nearly one hour. Hey, the tyre has got punctured.
It’ll take more time. My dear! Will you go inside?
Will you remain silent? Both tyre and axel is gone. What is this? Even if he didn’t say it
would have punctured. It is you who is driving. – What?
– I’ll call in the depot. You call. What are they doing? If some other bus comes,
we can send them in that. Was he like this from before? Enough. Shut up. When others are tensed he is doing act.
Go and sit in the bus. Don’t I have any freedom? Sitting inside you can do all this. Father! You ask. Father, one for me. – One more.
– No. Enough. Father, if you eat this too much,
there will be problem. – You take it.
– You eat. Make it fast. What is it, Father? I think the trouble has started. – What is it?
– Nothing. What happened? The stomach is upset. I told you.
He needs to go to toilet. Without delay you go to the toilet. Sorry…toilet. You are the one responsible. Am I responsible for your feeling
like going to toilet? That is good. Father, do you want to go? Yes. Without delaying you go fast. What is there to feel shy in this? We can see light there.
I think it is a house. We’ll go there and see. They won’t allow you
inside like that. Come let us go and see. Come. I’ll also come. – Then come fast.
– Stop…stop… – Don’t create hurdle.
– Who? I don’t understand. Like that they’ll ask. Then I’ll say that my name is Lijo.
At home I’m called as Lal. This is Kezhakepadam Govindan
Master’s son Gopi Krishnan. – We can also call as Gopi.
– Okay. Father, when we go to a stranger’s house If we don’t introduce our self,
how will they know who we are? Tell the name. – I’m Father Baby John.
– What John? Baby John. What about house and family? House is in Eranakulam. At home there is wife and a daughter. Does wife have a job? I don’t know. Don’t you know
whether your wife is working or not? Come on. All Father’s are not like this.
Some don’t marry. You belong to which congregation? You ask. I won’t ask. Who are you?
What is it? I’m Gopi, No. My name is Gopi Krishnan. I’m called as Gopi.
This is Lal. He is… – I’m Father Samy.
– Samy? My wife is in LKG. My daughter… Not wife. Daughter is in LKG. That is what I said. What are you saying all this? The matter is, we are on the way
to Kochi. Father ate something and his
stomach is upset. Our bus also is in repair. – So…
– Is that all? Simple.
Very interesting. Is this confusion for this? Now what do you want, Father? You want to pass bowel. Isn’t that the matter? Oh No! What is there to laugh? – Don’t you all do it?
– That is… But there is a problem. The toilet is inside the house. There is nothing to worry. Is there any matter that can’t be solved
in this world? Isn’t it? No problem for High range people. Wife! Rajappan’s wife! It is me who is Rajappan. It is comedy, isn’t it? What is it? What is it? They must have got fed up, isn’t it? Hey, what is it? What is it? The one I met in train. Let’s teach him a lesson – Do we have to?
– Yes – Come.
– What is it? All are women. – Make it fast.
– Tell them. There is a small problem. What is it? The toilet inside is not free. The place is filled with women. – So you come some other day.
– Is this parliament meeting to postpone? Find some other alternative. Tell me what it is quickly. – Send them to the orchard.
– I know. This man…! I remembered when my wife told. On the right side there is a big orchard. Oh jesus! You go and sit there. Everything will go off smoothly. There is enough water there. – Hey, give them a bucket and mug.
– Get that bucket. Don’t have tension.
Here it is. – Bucket is here.
– Give that torch too. Torch. – Shall we go?
– You carry on. How can we say when and to whom
this will happen? Come, Father! The matters of human. The matters of human. Without delaying come fast. Now it is me or Father who is
having urgency? This place is enough. You go under that coconut tree. For light you keep this torch. – You move to a side.
– Go. Father, would there be any
snake or something here? You leave. – Come, Father.
– His snake… Father, that is the right spot. You sit here. – Would there be any snake as he said?
– Nothing. You take this water. Go, Lal! I don’t know whether you have attended
school and college. But I would like to hear as no. – Why, Father?
– There is a reason. For those who haven’t gone to school and
college, there is a college. But we have gone to school and college. – It is true?
– Yah! I swear on you! We have attended college. Not only that. Our college life was
highly exciting. This is our college.
Parallel college! What is the definition of
equivalent weight of… Do you know? Say like that. This is Jithin. – Isn’t he Lal?
– Yes. Do you know how he became Lal? If we delay more, there will be problem.
It might rain. The fellow who went to buy the things for
doing last ritual hasn’t returned. – Who has gone?
– The grandson of here. Is it, Lal?
Call him. (Chanting) Clap man Pavitra, it is a son’s duty To do the last rites of a father. But the idiot called Manapalli
Madhavan Nambiyar… Hearing about Mohan Lal he’ll go crazy. That is how he became Lal.
The one who now entered is Nirshad. It is to meet him that we are going. Now he is working as engineer with
Kochi water supplies. We call him as Paintu Bichu. Where is Bichu? Instead of roaming around like you he
has gone to take tuition for poor children. Tuition? He? Pay attention to the glass. First you take the alcohol like this. Pour the required amount. Then close the bottle carefully. – Okay, sir.
– Then water. Take only the required. It is valuable.
Don’t waste. I won’t waste even a drop. Then take the pickle packet.
Press it like this. You apply it to the side
of the glass like this. Same way, don’t use too much touching.
Now you pay attention. Sir, are you going
to drink this fully? If you want, you buy another one. That was bought with our money. All of you get up and leave. I thought them a good thing. They are questioning me. – Sir, give a small peg.
– Get up and leave. This is Saam. He needs to be introduced in a
detailed manner. We were known in college as
role models. Useless fellows! Is there any worse gang
than this in this world? It is my fate that I became a
principal here. Look at your face. Extend your hand. Oh God! – Sir!
– Oh No! “Globally noted boys…” Govindan Master, he is my father also. Father has some greediness in my case.
Don’t laugh. He wants to make me an IAS officer. What to say? He is English professor. My problem is also only that.
In the past and in present. Pour more. Inspite of being a parallel college
I got these facilities for you. It is because I want you all to progress. Hey, here! Move your body and do it. Don’t change. Saam, what are you doing?
It is not like this. You must use only 30ml. Give it to me.
I’ll show you. – Don’t give.
– Give it to me. No. – Give it to me.
– Don’t give. – Now what to do?
– We are in trouble. It is gone. Oh God! Pay attention. Shuck! Sir… Oh God! Do you have to do this atrocity in front
of this great man’s photo? – Why are you studying in college?
– I also don’t know that. You are insulting the freedom that he got
for India by drinking in class room. Extend your hand. – Extend.
– Oh god! Oh God! Get out of the class. Go. Go away. – Being 1st today we won’t get liquor.
– The liquor that was caught – We sure to be in office room.
– That is waste. By borrowing money I bought it. We’ll try to get it back.
Sorry! – You come.
– No need. – Don’t you want?
– You drink. If he doesn’t
want, we’ll drink. Once we get it, don’t ask. Sir… Is this the freedom
that Gandhiji got? – Carry on.
– Go and call everyone. – All of you come.
– Call them. Come and see sir quickly. After that we became
Principal’s targeted students. Whatever might be the case in
college, we used to be caught. The way police carried some
permanent criminals. For a matter in which we were innocent,
Principal kept a meeting and beat us. I think it is Lal, he undressed his
dhoti and ran, we followed him. We didn’t know that Principal
wasn’t wearing underwear. He was standing in stage. With that our college
life came to an end. I have taken a selfie of yours. I knew you’ll take.
Then you post it in facebook. Give a caption also.
You’ll get lot of likes. For this photo of ours? You’ll get. Useless fellows! Are all your friends
of this type? How can I say that? Hearing our
story you come to a conclusion. – Why didn’t you go in bus?
– My bus hasn’t arrived. When will it come? It’ll come soon. Why didn’t you
go in that bus? You only said that you
have to go to the town. My bus didn’t come.
It’ll arrive soon. Your bus is here. – Didn’t he go?
– Get in. Are you not going? Don’t you want to go to town? Without money what is
the use of going there? Idiot! Teacher, if you had
uttered a word, I would have picked you up from
home and dropped you here. Go away.
The class is about to start. Let me tell you. Daily we see each other
in this route, right? Don’t use chalk. Life is filled with
only these problems. You’ll get infection. – This saree colour is good.
– Go away. It is time for the
college bell to ring. It is God who
made me see you. Don’t talk like
talking to a stranger. Haven’t you understood my
feelings even now? Don’t you remember
what Lalettan said? I have just started to
realize what is love. – Teacher…
– Teacher… Whatever it is, he’ll
talk about Lalettan. Why are they
behaving like this? The present trend is
to woo the teachers. If you want any by to chase you,
study well and become a teacher. Come, come. Otherwise also I’m not
fluent in English. Without eating that you cut
the vegetables quickly. I’m doing it. – Did you get that over?
– Yes. If you wait for some more time,
you can have feast and go. That is what grandness is. If I wait for this, our
journey will be delayed. – So I’ll come some other time.
– Okay. Thank you! Praise the God! Then I altered this. – I’ll leave.
– Let us go, Father. I didn’t like that colour. Mummy got another one Don’t go. Hey! – You are called inside.
– Hey! – Go there.
– Go. – Come on.
– So much Payasam and Sambhar. After preparing this
if it gets wasted? Oh god! – What is it?
– Come on. Let us go. Due to the aroma I
don’t feel like coming. How could he do this on
the previous day of the marriage? At this time where
to go and search? Did we know that he’ll elope
with his lover at this time? The marriage is stopped. – What will we go and tell there?
– Oh Jesus! – That…
– Don’t utter a word. – Don’t open your mouth. Come.
– But, Father… – We’ll go and…
– Come on. – What a betrayal is this!
– You walk. – What to do?
– Shouldn’t we wait? My daughter’s marriage
got stopped. What will I tell her? – Don’t hesitate, tell.
– Stop! We all together have taken
a decision. What? Till we reach Kochi, you
must not utter a word. If you talk,
I’ll throw you out. Sure. Is it sure? I agree as
you are giving guarantee. Get in. – Don’t talk.
– Praise the lord! – Get in.
– Slowly. Is it okay? I knew this is
what will happen. – Has Kochi arrived?
– Yes, it is Kochi. Will you allow to
reach that stand? My God! Kochi has come. Is it my mistake
that Kochi has come? I’m in hostel.
You can call. My Goodness! Now the range is good. You sleep, man! Stand has come.
We have reached Kochi. – Wake up.
– We’ll meet again. I’m glad. – This is my card.
– Okay. If there is any
need, you call. Should I drop you anywhere? Our friend Bichu… He’ll reach soon. – He’ll…
– No need. You need not say anything.
I have understood everything. – Don’t make him talk too much.
– Okay, Father! – I’ll leave.
– Okay. Okay, Father! He said that
he’ll come here. – Where is your bag?
– Oh God!

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