Al Jolson Blackface Minstrel Show

Al Jolson Blackface Minstrel Show

♪ Oh, I come from Alabama ♪ ♪ With my banjo on my knee ♪ ♪ And I’m going to Louisiana ♪ ♪ My true love for to see ♪ ♪ Oh, it rained so hard the day I left ♪ ♪ The weather it was dry ♪ ♪ The sun so hot I froze to death ♪ ♪ Susanna, don’t you cry ♪ ♪ Oh, Susanna, don’t you cry for me ♪ ♪ I’ve a-come from Alabama
with my banjo on my knee ♪ ♪ Oh, I had a dream the other night ♪ ♪ When everything was still ♪ ♪ I thought I saw Susanna dear ♪ ♪ A-coming down the hill ♪ ♪ A buckwheat cake was in her mouth ♪ ♪ A tear was in her eye ♪ ♪ Says I’s a-coming from the south ♪ ♪ Susanna, don’t you cry ♪ ♪ Oh, Susanna, don’t you cry for me ♪ ♪ I’ve a-come from Alabama
with my banjo on my knee ♪ ♪ Oh, Susanna, ♪ ♪ don’t you ♪ ♪ cry for me ♪ ♪ I’ve a-come from Alabama with ♪ ♪ my banjo ♪ ♪ on ♪ ♪ my knee ♪ (audience applauding) (upbeat ragtime music) ♪ – [Band] Boom! ♪ ♪ The bell is ringing ♪ ♪ Boom, The time for singing ♪ ♪ Merry minstrel men ♪ ♪ Boom! ♪ ♪ The time is coming ♪ ♪ Boom! ♪ ♪ The time for drumming ♪ ♪ Merry minstrel men ♪ ♪ Way up, way off around the bend you ♪ ♪ Way up, a lot that you can sing to ♪ ♪ Boom! ♪ ♪ The curtain’s calling ♪ ♪ Boom! ♪ ♪ The show is full ♪ ♪ and merry minstrel men ♪ ♪ (Upbeat music) ♪ ♪ Boom! ♪ ♪ The curtain’s falling ♪ ♪ Boom! ♪ ♪ The show is starting ♪ ♪ Merry minstrel men ♪ – [Al Jolson] Gentleman. (horns play and stop abruptly) Be seated. (band plays sustained note and stops) ♪ Way down upon the Swanee River ♪ ♪ (Quiet orchestra music) ♪ ♪ Far, far away ♪ ♪ There’s where my heart is yearning ever ♪ ♪ There where the old folks stay. ♪ ♪ All up and down the whole creation ♪ ♪ (Choir oohs) ♪ ♪ Sadly I roam ♪ ♪ Here a-longing for the old ♪ ♪ plantation ♪ ♪ And for the old folks ♪ ♪ at home ♪ ♪ – [Al Jolson and Chorus] All
the world am sad and dreary, ♪ ♪ Everywhere I roam ♪ ♪ Oh darkies, how my heart ♪ ♪ grows weary ♪ ♪ Far from the old folks ♪ ♪ at home ♪ – Everybody sing, everybody ♪ – [Audience] All the
world am sad and weary ♪ ♪ Everywhere I roam ♪ ♪ Oh darkies, how my heart grows weary ♪ ♪ Far from the old folks ♪ ♪ at home ♪

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  1. dear everyone saying that this should be deleted off youtube: please go and get a life. Al Jolson helped black music be accepted into a white people society. and he was NOT trying to be racist at all! Can you people even think of how much hate he would have received from doing this? A lot!!  and he was doing it to HELP them. so shut your mouths and actually think! 

  2. That's the dumbest shit ever. Whites also thought slavery was the best for blacks. I bet you also think the civil war wasn't about slavery lol

  3. You people need to stop assuming things and need to actually do some research before hating on Al Jolson. He was against segregation, and he painted his face black to help African Americans get accepted into the white community. You people  make life harder to live.

  4. It doesn't matter if Al Jolson was the white MLK, this is extremely racist! He's painting his face in a clown like way and acting silly. It implies that African Americans are a joke rather than a culture. There is also the fact that he does it when he's entertaining whites which reinforces the stereotype that blacks are only there to serve us. Harassment is in the eye of the beholder so it wouldn't matter if Al Jolson was a racist or not, this is offensive to the African Americans.I'm not saying Jolson is racist, but the concept of black face and his portrayal is incredibly offensive and should not be excused or even applauded.

  5. Like it or not, Jolson was a part of American entertainment history. So many people try to re write history, and that's just silly. If this video offends you…don't watch it. I'm glad it was posted, as Jolson was one hell of an entertainer.

  6. basically they painted themselves black because the white people were too unconfortable seeing actual african americans perform

  7. The world's first superstar, unchallenged. Imitated everywhere. First voice heard in the movies. Entertained troops in three (count 'em) wars). Loved by the soldiers. Gave his life to entertain them and was given a medal posthumously for his service.

  8. I still think Al jolson was a racist for dressing up in black face, i dont care if he was against segregation, this is all the research i need to prove that Al jolson love to mock black people by trying to embarrass them by dressing up in black face, you idiots dont get it, you dont paint yourself black and make fun of the people that you want to help get accepted into the white community. 

  9. I am  amazed at how ill informed the youth of america is now a days.  Someday, the music you like will be thought of as explotive of women and full of racist hatred.  Al Jolson had one of the great voices of all time.  HE was the most popular entertainer for 30 years.  HE IS EVEN REFERENCED in the film, "Silver Streak" by Richard Pryor as he is black facing up Gene Wilder.  Believe it or not, there were black people who put on black face.  IF you are going to comment, at least look up the history. 

    When traveling with black acts on the road, he insisted that they be allowed to stay at the same hotel he did (not allowed at one time).  You can even look up comments by some of the great, I mean really great Black Musicians of the time and they all had praise for Al Jolson.

    Looking back a century or so it is easy to  put on current thinking.  Well, when you kids are 100, people will look at the so called music and traditions of today and shake their head too.

  10. Very interesting. So Mr. Jolson, a white man chose to put on blackface to entertain while Michael Jackson, a Black man chose to put on whiteface. What is really the deal with race in America?

  11. This is great stuff.  Minstrel shows were the most popular entertainment for 100 years.  Now the stinking commies won't let us do them.

  12. I remember Bing did the same impersonation as a minstrel  and  people loved it  …  just as they adored Bing. There is no racism here or any offence intended . Bing as I remember  had many coloured friends. Thank you so much  ikachina for allowing us to see these.  Best Wishes.

  13. Michael Jackson did it because of he hated his father and did not wont to look like him, these people did it because they hated people who looked different

  14. Im being honest when i say this, this was not degrading to AfriAmericans. Wat i saw was a guy singing his best and portraying a very gifted African-American singer. But DONT get me wrong the other stuff is racist.

  15. Eddie Cantor always maintained that
    Bert Williams gave him his start in the Follies by teaching him all he knew about performing, which was both invaluable and voluminous…btw, Joe Laurie, Jr. wrote that Bert Williams was the first black man to be interred in the Masonic cemetery
    in upstate New York. Jus' sayin'…

  16. It's funny how this so called art began in 1828 by Thomas Dartmouth Rice (Jump Jim Crow) to make slavery last longer, look at Birth of a Nation on Netflix. Most whites do not know real history.

  17. 2:23 I sang this song in choir long ago. It is simply lovely. It plays harmonies on my backbone, witen ye what I say?!

  18. So they enjoyed killing the Blacks, but enjoyed dressing up and painting their faces dark and singing with a Black accent as entertainment. Serious psychological issues going on in White society. Still the same today with Rap and R&B music. Hate and discriminate against them, but copy their styles, slang, and music. Crazy.

  19. I know most people were racist back then, but its also so stupid.. seriously! painting their faces instead of hiring black people!? That is so stupid.

  20. I'd be curious to what objective, Golden Rule Principles this man was or action was racist, to those who believe it is?
    I read some reasons why below, but they just boil down to feelings over facts, evidence.

    1) No malice or painting blacks as inferior in the performance. He actually supported black equality.

    2) IF… you see people as belonging to either an "oppressed race" or "oppressing race" AND they should have different moral standards;
    THEN…..if a white guy lives in a black community, or is surrounded by blacks, is he then oppressed?
    3) Nigerian Americans don't seem to have the problems or worldview of those who grew up in a Victimhood Culture.
    I DID grow up to be a victim (not with race, only a very little), & my experience is that it is very destructive self-fufilling prophecy, esp if not much commitment to logic in it.
    I don't think people recognize that. But if someone does, they may be going against their own culture &/or peers.

  21. And to think that I used to sing this song back in the 1990s when I was kid while reading from a collection of song books r. America is a VERY SAD place (except Colorado) to live in, indeed.

  22. Interesting thinking about this, why did they make themselves black when they could do all the singing and dancing without the paint but eh good singing they did

  23. white people on here like it’s just entertainment ya ok be honest by saying not a chance in hell white people would stand for this white people absolutely hate being mocked made fun of no sense of humor imagine black dudes in white face singing surfing USA with no pants on lil tiny button on a coat for dicks re-enacting school shootings your whiny ass kids just love doing for the closer shit would get shut down in 2 seconds 😂🙄

  24. That was weird as hell. Lol why were they so obsessed with black people? Made a whole routine, mimicking blacks for what 🤔 smh.

  25. 😀😀😀😀😀😀Absolutely HILARIOUS 😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  26. This comment section is very ill informed. Al Jolson wear black paint to advocate for black rights, not to be racist. Look it up

  27. The World's greatest entertainer self proclaimed….but still looks impressive to me too and the great Steven Foster songs

  28. Whatever they say next and then you hear, "who are they?" As If you are accused, or didn't you know? Your not supposed to do that.

  29. They fear genetic (GENETIC ANNIHILATION) as Dr Frances Cress Welsing said. The ROOT of RACISM. Their existence is a consequence of GENETIC MUTATION, ALBINISM, and some INCEST due to their isolation and limited population during the (WURM GLACIATION) Ice Age and due to their RECESSIVE status this is why (RACIST) white men try to rationalize their twisted views

  30. I love reading the people justifying racist entertainment and getting triggered because people are calling it out for what it was intended to do, BE RACIST. Lol. “But but but the blacks did it to! But but but he was one of the greatest entertainers of that time! But but but without this we wouldn’t have the pop culture today?(wtf no no no who the hell taught you that bs)”….make your excuses and justify all you want, they were all ignorant and racist, taking advantage of the fact that black people were powerless. Don’t bother replying either, because as soon as I see you try justifying anything I am just going to call you out on your ignorant racism. Thnxs byeeeee

  31. People need to ease up on the racism and virtue signalling, if you are offended by blackface go watch Hillary speeches and stay away from Al Jolson. Many/most of the musicians were black and Al Jolson was instrumental in his role of getting black musicians exposed to white audiences. Prior to this, blacks did not appear on stage very often. No one can deny either how amazing the renditions are that Al Jolson performed. And when he got the audience to sing, well you can see that's a magic moment. He got people to sing these old songs together and remember the old way of life that was dying at the time. I think a lot of the problems today, especially with the fanatical extremist left that are intolerant of every little thing, would be fixed if we all sang together and drowned them out.

    By the way, best Oh Susanna version ever. Swanny river is also the absolute best ever.

  32. Anybody who thinks Jolson was a racist should read some information about him. The black community viewed him as a friend at the time. Jolson was one of the first broadway performers to include blacks in his musicals, and was instrumental in desegregating the medium. He also fought for equal rights. His blackface plays didn't demean blacks or imply that they were inferior. Most historians agree that he did blackface to draw a parallel between his people (jews) and blacks, to raise public awareness of how both groups were historically oppressed.

  33. I’m confused, whit people be saying he was supporting black people , but my people be saying he was a racist b*tch , mocked them and stole their talent

    Who do u believe ?

  34. Ive always been a fan of jolsons music , he was a man of his times ,but that shouldn't take away from his artistic talent . He was utilizing an art form that was dominate to promote himself but was a talented singer and performer without it …. Born a poor immigrant of Lithuanian Jews ,I don't think personally he had anything against black people and k heard many black people attended his funeral….

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