Albtraum in Pink – Chris Tall moderiert den Deutschen Comedypreis – Der Deutsche Comedy Preis

I will not wear that! It sucks! What is your problem? Pink looks great on you! Look, how cute… Forget it Mum! Mum: Chris come on. Chris:”Chris come on.” Just wear it yourself! I don’t what’s his problem. It looks so modern and hip! Moron. You really wanna wear it this way? No… It does not fit. I do not like it. And you have to fix your… … eyebrows. Could you please stop to fuss over? Where is he going at? Grandpa I’ve already told you that for like a hundred times. To the German Comedyawardshow. Aha! And who is hosting it this year? Atze again? No our boy Chris! *laughs Really? You’re not kidding? Yeah, for real. I am not kidding… Could you please stop that know? I am grown up! Yes, of course Chris. You are grown up and I will ask you your jokes now. Okay? What is sad and rarely dry? David Hasselhoff! No… Summer 2017! What’s broke and has a heart made out of chocolate? Air Berlin? No, Boris Becker. Martin Schulz. Has less percent than a Spritzer. But that’s not funny at all. No one wil laugh! Okay listen: You are going upstairs and learn the text. I will ask you the words in a moment again. Yes? I love you! I am living in a nuthouse! Chris! Honey! Wait. I got something for you! Look I made that just for you! But there will be catering. What kind of ring? Well… Whatever! I am so proud of you! Have fun! Bye! Drive carefully! Muuummmmmmm! Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome the host of The German Comedyaward 2017. Chris Tall! And here is Chris Tall! How do you do? Hello! Welcome to The German Comedyawardshow 2017. I think I have to say it again: Welcome… … to The German Comedyawardshow 2017. Last year I was honored with the price for the best newcomer 2016 And I can’ believe that I am hosting the show just one year later! They are so dumb…

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  1. Der Typ ist so lustig und redegewandt wie 'ne alte Scheibe Toast.
    Mir schleierhaft, dass sich zu diesem Event kein Besserer bereit fand.

  2. Haha sobald Chris etwas laut Drehbuch von RTL machen muss hörts sich auf mitn Spass, war null Lustig, normalerweise scheisst man soch an bei CT

  3. Dank den Komentaren have ich dir ganze Zeit auf Cindy aus Marzahn in ungewohnt gewartet, obwohl sie die ganze Zeit auf meinem Bildschirm war. Oha.

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