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  1. Aw this song hits me in the feels, I cried the first 20 times I heard it because it’s so relatable but it’s also very personal to Alessia

  2. Omg at the just show up show i said i love u and i love ur singing and u said I love u too and ur a good singer I love u so much!im ur biggest fan!😍😍my fav song is scares to ur butiful bc it helps me through depreciation

  3. I love ❤️ Alessia for the person she is and how she inspires people to be true to themselves and not change anything

  4. This song isn’t even two months old…people are making it seem like it isn’t a good song.. not everyone knows about it yet. I love my Alessia ♥️

  5. Alessias' Hair: I wanna sing I wanna sing. (Wind blows) alright I wanna sing this part 😋. It's getting too cold out for this performance to be so chilling. Major kudos. The song is amazing and so is the band.

  6. I just wanted to hit straight on guitarist face . There was no fucking sync with song and Electrical guitar.
    Alessia deserve more than this..

  7. 마이크소리가 작은건가 했는데 알고보니 내 음향이 많이 낮다는걸 발견… 알레시아 카라 목소리 너무 취향저격이야💕

  8. It’s so sad to see this audience! She deserved so much better – Alessia is literally the most talented person alive!!

  9. Love how we all can relate with this song in our own little different ways! Thanks for sharing your heart with us, Alessia! ❤️

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