Alex Wagner – Assessing the Fourth 2020 Democratic Debate | The Daily Show

Alex Wagner – Assessing the Fourth 2020 Democratic Debate | The Daily Show

-All right, let’s, uh,
jump straight into it. -Sure. My favorite question to ask,
because it’s not a real thing, -who won the debate?
-(laughs) You know, I-I feel like -Elizabeth Warren survived
the debate -Okay. -and she was taking on
a lot of incoming fire. -Right. So I’m gonna say she won it. But there– I mean,
it’s hard when you have– That Democratic field,
you’ve made note -of how many of them there were
on that stage. -Yes. Right. It was like, you know,
when you pour water on gremlins and they just start,
like, multiplying. It was like that.
It was hard for people to get a word in edgewise. -She came prepared to push back.
-Yeah. I thought she got a lot
more fire than she would, given the fact that,
technically, Joe Biden, up until a few days ago,
is the guy -that’s been leading
in the polls. -Right. What was amazing
about the debate is how little he seemed to
matter to the rest of the field. Joe Biden didn’t get any of the incoming fire
that Elizabeth Warren got. He-he almost got no attention
from the rest of the field. -Is that– is that a bad sign,
almost? -Yes. -I think, if you’re Joe Biden…
-Because that means– -Yeah, ’cause that means the
other people don’t think -Yeah. you’re a threat, which means -you’re not a threat.
-Not a threat. Yeah. I mean, I think there is–
It is a gift and a curse– uh, to paraphrase Jay-Z– -to be– to be in the hot seat,
right? -Right. Uh, Elizabeth Warren likes being
acknowledged as a frontrunner. She doesn’t like taking on
all the criticism -that she got, I’m sure.
-Mm-hmm. Joe Biden, I’m sure, wishes a little bit more of that fire
was coming his way. It was a remarkable turn
of events, -given where we were in
the last debate. -Any standouts? There’s always a debate moment
where someone goes, wow, this was the moment
where you got that little two, -three percent bump that
could be the difference -Sure. -later on in the race. Anyone?
-Between being -a one percent candidate and
a four percent candidate? -Yeah. -It makes a difference.
-Which matters at this point. Um, I think, you know,
with Biden’s dissent, I think, at least narratively, there is an opening for
a centrist moderate candidate. And you saw a lot of energy being put forth by Amy Klobuchar -and Pete Buttigieg tonight.
-Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. They came with a lot of–
I don’t know– -maybe paprika on their oatmeal
today at breakfast. -Right. -‘Cause they were ready to go.
-Well, yeah. And they kept on saying like,
“The Midwest. -As somebody from the Mid…”
As somebody, like… -Yes. -They kept on…
-Centrism. -Exactly. I am middle.
-Middle of the country. -Middle of the road.
-Yes. -“I’m not crazy.”
-Right. And that was basically
the subtext of every one of their answers. Like, “They’re cray, I’m not.
Vote for me. ‘Cause we need someone
who’s not cray and gonna win.” -Right. -And I think that
they had added momentum tonight precisely because
Biden is bruised at this moment. When you watch these debates…
I mean, it’s three hours of all of these people on stage
putting forth their ideas. They’re going back and forth.
What was interesting is, everyone was going
back and forth. And every time Cory Booker
would speak, he’d be like, -“Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys,
we shouldn’t argue…” -I know. “…because the president
like this, and it’s bad.” But I was like,
“But that’s a debate.” -That’s what a debate is.
-Right. I thought that hand-wringing
was so weird. People were getting like… It was very strange,
’cause he kept on saying it. …so faux, faux-ffended.
-Yes. Like, they were just like,
“This is…” -Like, “Don’t-don’t speak to me
in that tone of voice!” -Right. And it was like, “Did you get
the memo that the point of this is to speak to each other
in that tone of voice?” I mean, I do think that there is a… an emotional battle happening, unfolding inside
the Democratic Party today, -which is, how do you lead
the country forward? -Mm-hmm. What does this party stand for? And it’s a big playing field
between the center of the party and the left flank of the party. And that needs to be litigated. And that’s what
this primary is about. So, yeah,
people should disagree, because, at the end of the day, there needs to be someone that
represents the Democratic Party, and we don’t know
where the party is right now. It’s interesting that you say
the left flank specifically, because, um, just today, like,
there’s news that’s come out -that AOC plans to endorse
Bernie Sanders… -Yeah. …and appear with him
at a rally in Queens, New York
on Saturday. That is pretty big.
AOC is one of the rising… I thought it was gonna be Lizzo. He was like, “There’s gonna be
a special guest!” I was like… (laughter) -No?
-Um… I mean, AOC is cool, too, but… -But she does not… Yeah.
-Who’s gonna move those votes? She doesn’t rap.
She doesn’t rap. I get it. Um, it does seem like-like
a major mini moment, you know? -Sure.
-Because at the… You know, because Bernie Sanders
is one of the big players -in AOC’s life,
her political life. -Mm-hmm. And so, now, her coming out
for him does sort of put him on the pedestal as the left wing
of the party, yes? Yeah, it’s… it’s a…
it’s a blow to Warren as much as it is a boon
to Sanders. I mean, the fact that Warren
is the one with the momentum, she’s a woman– not that that
needs to be who women endorse. -But the fact that she didn’t
get that endorsement… -Right. …is gonna be
as much of a story as Bernie getting
the endorsement. But let me ask you this, though. Do you think
it could actually help Warren? -Because here’s something
I’ve noticed is… -Mm. Mm. You’ve got AOC coming out,
saying, “I’m with Bernie.” -Right. -You’ve got Fox News
and Republican outlets -who have been trying to paint
Warren as Bernie. -Right. -Lefty Liz.
-Now you have AOC saying, -“No, Bernie is my person.”
-Sure. And AOC is painted
as the crazy left of the thing. And so now,
you’ve got Elizabeth Warren who has a space where
she’s carved herself out as, “No, I have a plan,
but I’m not as left as Bernie. I’m also going to give you
progressive policies.” Does that actually help her? That is like a seven-layer ninja, like,
mind jujitsu sundae. And I appreciate it, Trevor. I think she’s probably more
just, like, bummed that she didn’t get
AOC’s endorsement. But, I mean, I think
probably there’s some, like, -residual aftereffect that is
positive for her. -Right. I-I think it bears mentioning
in this moment that AOC worked
on Sanders’ campaign in 2016. Um, the reason
she ran for office in 2018 is ’cause she was recruited
by a group -that grew out
of Sanders’ campaign. -Mm-hmm. So she clearly feels
some affinity there, and maybe– I don’t know– he promised her
a vice presidency? I don’t know
what was in the bag to sweet… I’m kidding about that.
I don’t have any reporting to suggest
that they’re running together. Although, he would have to pick
someone pretty young. Um… -(laughter)
-Uh… so… So, all of that is to say, um, I think it’s a good
and important thing for Bernie to get that endorsement
as there are a lot of doubts about his staying power
in the race right now. So the debate is done. We just
watched the fourth debate. Are Americans learning anything
from these debates? Is the needle being moved
in any particular direction? Or has it just become rhetoric? Like, when you’re watching,
just as an observer who is both, you know,
in the world of news, but also as somebody
who’s just involved in politics and as an American,
are you watching that going, “Huh. that does change my mind,” or “That actually
would move the needle”? You know, I think
this debate gets… or these debate series
are getting dinged for being, you know, the too many gremlins
on stage, etcetera. I’m dinging them myself.
But at the end of the day, I do think
that there is some sub… there is some substantive debate
about health care policy. -Yes.
-We didn’t see anything on the environment
or immigration tonight, but we’ve seen that
in previous… previous debates. I mean, I think you have a bunch
of people on stage who very… care… care
very deeply about policy… -Mm-hmm.
…and want to talk through it, and understand this moment
for the Democratic Party. So I do think
there’s meat in there. I think there should be
fewer questions like, “Hey, old person,
are you too old?” and “Young person,
are you too young?” I mean, nobody up there
is gonna be like, “You know what?
I am too young for this.” “I am too old for this.
Take me out, Coach.” -Like, no more
of those questions. -Right. Overall, I’m giving this
a strong B minus -in terms of substance. -Well,
it was a pretty good debate. -B minus from you is an “A” for
many people. -You’re welcome. Thank you so much for joining us
on the show again. -Thank you.
-Great having you back. The Circus airs Sundays
at 8:00 p.m. on Showtime. It’s a really fun show.
Alex Wagner, everybody.

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  1. That's not what a debate should be like. They should explain their ideas and plans and then debate them so that the people can choose which of the ideas are the best ones. Americans have this weird idea that nominees need to attack their opponents. You should just tell people what you would do if you were president and why its a good plan and then let people choose the best option. That's what informed democracy is and the USA does not have that.

  2. It’s interesting that the media is so anti-Biden. He’s actually still leading in the polls but there’s a clear agenda to try and take him down by liberal shows and media. 🤔

  3. Bull SHIT.
    You’re doing it again, Dems. You’re guaranteeing another trump term. Really, seriously, fuck this.
    Bernie is the best candidate, and Yang won the debate. Or did you watch another briefing?
    We’re gonna burn the party down if you force another moderate on us. Democrats are still right of center. Centrist dems are mid right. The left WILL be heard, and this Corporatocracy atrocity will die violently.
    Gratz on the sellout, Trevor.
    I hope it’s a nice hot tub.

  4. How do you lead the country forward? Vote in the most forward thinking candidate! It’s not Left, it’s not Right, it’s Forward! ✌️🇺🇸

  5. Nothing about Tulsi calling out smears by CNN and NYT article? Nothing about Hillary's smear? BTW, no one I know wants a centrist… attention, we are moving LEFT! I'm voting for Tulsi or Bernie!

  6. I have trouble taking seriously the many American hot girl political reporters. You know they only got their jobs on TV for their looks.

  7. This is how the corporate American media try and fix elections. By projecting centralist candidates that do nothing as favourites so their rich owners are not hurt by policies. All polling shows Americans want more right wing and left wing candidates which means their conviction lead to more radical policies. This is what happens when the media and politics is run by money. Even Foreign nations can buy more influence than the American people.

  8. Alex Wagner the "cra" candidates are the ONLY REAL candidates and NOT "CORPORATE PUPPETS" the "Centrists" candidates are the ones the wealthy elite prefer because they are NON-threatening to them and people like you who are "better off."

  9. I hate this fake no lib, I hated her on MSNBC, I prayed she'd go into a sink hole somewhere and never re-emerge, but like The Clap for some people, this bitch came back…

  10. I still don't understand why Bernie Sanders is consistently the butt of a joke in the media. Especially on this show. I don't think TDS has a beef with Bernie Sanders, but I don't think they really give him fair coverage. Either way Bernie Sanders 2020!

  11. Democrats are going to screw themselves, without a condom again, by cheating Bernie. Sorry to say, but we are repeat offenders.

  12. AOC was obviously always gonna go to Bernie. Who ever was surprised has their head in the sand. Warren isn't upset, she knew she wasn't gonna get it.

  13. This Clown has no clue! AOC’s endorsement has Nothing to do with loyalty. It’s about policy! Also, a centrist has no chance. Btw, what the hell is so “crazy” about wanting healthcare for Americans, a clean environment, uncorrupted representatives etc? These corporate centrist D-Bags are in for a rude awakening. #Bernie2020

  14. Alex is smart, cute, articulate, witty, charming, but out of all that to (I suspect due to her bosses), she avoids and steers away from Bernie Sanders, and even gives him a back handed smack. Another tool. The question is recruited or an unwitting fool.

  15. I like to see Hillary on the podium… Hope she got psycho right there lying and bitching as never before. Fun to watch this loser.

  16. Nope. The debates are a mess. They should not be hosted on any main stream outlets and they should be available to all Americans on a public broadcasting network. The questions were asinine and the time allowed to each candidate is all over the place. The goal should be to give each candidate roughly equal time to make their case. CNN and MSNBC are way too moderate so they don't give candidates like Bernie, Yang and Tulsi a fair shot. It is so anti- democratic.

  17. Alex Wagner is such a Yuppie. Not one mention of Andrew Yang?!!?!! Not one opinion on policy, just posturing and identity politics. Eww!

  18. Only Elizabeth Warren is the only Candidate that Actually Has Done, Continuous to Do, and have plans to help the American working class.
    All other candidates have absolutely nothing to show for, except for speeches.
    Any Candidate who has not done something for the people before running for the presidency, is not qualify for the office!
    See Elizabeth Warren in action:

  19. "Alot of doubts about Bernie's staying power…" I have nearly a million and a half reasons to disagree. They're called donors, and he is the only candidate from any party with more than Trump.

  20. That bitch stupid…Sanders won that debate hands down…Warren is" Bernie Sanders Lite "…no one wants Lite we want it all…

  21. Automation and UBI were given center stage, Andrew Yang killed it. Even his rebuttal to Wealth Tax and Fed jobs guarantee was worth mentioning.

  22. When Andrew Yang spoke to Warren about automation and the fact that the wealth tax she favors was repealed in many countries that tried it. She like the rest of the field is stuck in the 20th century, with little knowledge of technology, AI and automation. #Yangang.

  23. The is no debate about sander staying power. This entire election is shaped by him. He works harder than any of us and gets half the credit. Nor is AOC compelled to back him based on some homage. They're 100% aligned on POLICY. I like Alex but she's been in the bubble for a long time. Even if he doesn't win, he is and will be the most important political figure of this century and people like him will shape the coming century.

  24. There are only 2 relevant candidates.
    The question is do we get the candidate for the people (Sanders) or the candidate for the status quo (Warren)

  25. So, the guy who had a heart attack 2 weeks before this debate, was still the same guy as before and is still campaigning, who is the benchmark for the debate in the party, who got not only AOC but Ilhan Omar, the first Muslim woman in Congress' backing, AND completely outdid the field in the last quarter in money, donations and cash on hand with no corporate backing, only gets a passing mention? Yeah, this is why corporate media is having a hard time understanding and analyzing what's going on in Presidential politics.

  26. Absolutely moronic keep-the-status quo drivel. Biden is losing because people don't want a centrist (which really means neo-liberal). Trump won because people don't want a centrist (well that and the electoral college). People in general don't know what will fix things but they know that the system we have now isn't working. The Democratic party for once has a solid vein of truly inspiring progressive, but all the corporate media and many from the DNC themselves can only call them crazy and claim that they're too out there to win. Despite polls showing that they are the most likely to attract back Trump voters who previously voted for Obama.

  27. Trevor, please endorse Bernie fairly as he’s been fighting for the American working class for over 40 years. Every chance you get you minimize his significance. I know your mom has taught you better than to bow down to the elite. Treat him fairly. He is deliberately ignored by the corporate media. Don’t buy into the elites group think.

  28. When I saw Alex I was pretty sure she will go WARREN or push a centrist. This moron wanted hillary in 2016 all because she was a woman.

  29. dude wtf was this. Literally you could swap Alex out for a random person off the street and get similar analysis. This whole thing was literally her saying "I think that candidate x is probably thinking y" What an absurd waste of a guest. That line about AOC maybe being Sanders running mate is pretty hilarious also considering she's not even old enough to be eligible.

  30. Remember when Trevor Noah showed a video of Bernie apparently saying "You're dumb" to a kid?
    Turns out, Trevor manipulated the video, cut it off to hide the rest of the conversation, which went on to say "… if you dont sit down and learn how to read and write. – Kids says "but I'm too stupid" – No you are not."
    Shame on you, Trevor.

  31. The moment you position centrism as a saving choice, you have no credibility. Centrism is what got us in this mess in the first place.

  32. This woman is clueless ..aside from that….3 minutes and 17 seconds- nearly half the segment before a word about Bernie…. nah, they aren't ignoring him…smh… btw… the center has moved so far right in these last years that the "far left" in this country is pretty centrist in other countries…. so take that crap back to the corporate handlers . It's clear that corporate media in general is afraid of Bernie because he isn't beholden to any of their big money cronies….. I stand with the man who has been on the right side of history and fighting the good fight for decades. Bernie Sanders !! #StillSanders #AlwaysSanders

  33. Centrist candidates don’t make change! We don’t need more of the same, Republican light candidates in charge. There is no forward with them- only stalemate.

  34. It is simply unwise to get Any political commentary from mainstream media. A mini big moment? The mental gymnastics required to downplay the historic actions of Bernie Sanders is laughable. Where is John Stewart when ya need him? Trevor is nowhere Near the activist John is.

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