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  1. I think all horror movies should be short films as they just drag. anyway this was brilliant! no cringe-messages, or horror cliche’s. Love it.

  2. lesson: dont dump anyone whos suicidal and messes with black magic and next time it does happen, unplug the computer before the show hits the 2 min mark

  3. Incredible. Soo good.. I just was like duuude if that bitch moves in that photo im outta here hahaha.. very well made. Perfect actors

  4. Even after seeing the wire unplugged he walks in like it is nothing no wonder these people end up dead.

  5. Les dejo un cortometraje de suspenso que hice. 100% argentino 🙂

  6. Under the photo in min. 7:16, it says: "te tengo zorra sos historia" that means: I have you bitch, you're history.

  7. Hey Guys do watch this Horrifying short film ,I challange you watch it alone at night and with your headphone

  8. Beautifully paced, tense as piano wire, and that special effects makeup is some of the best I've seen. Like, damn.
    Also, the real victim in this is the new squeeze. Poor thing.

  9. Mr. Borghi, I'm sorry if I offended you. And couldn't read your entire response because I'm ignorant on this damn 'smart' phone!…. I meant that I personally find reality horrific enough, and I'm just too jaded to enjoy a certain type of movie. If something could POSSIBLY really happen, I'd be scared. I'm sure you have many fans and don't need me. The acting was excellent, I thought.

  10. This was amazing! Loved it. So scary and so well-told as a story! One of the best horror short films I've ever seen on YouTube. 🙂

  11. A few guys can do it with such a modicum and short time. Congratulations dear, you definitely know how to play the game. But the way, comparing with others genre short films I can tell it’s very realistic which sounds for me perfect

  12. I came here after watching All Hallows Eve 2 and this short is fucking great! Easily the best in the entire film and legitimately had me creeped the fuck out, which rarely happens now so thanks.

  13. Nuevamente me vengo a encontrar un video el cual en el pasado no me animé a ver (en aquel momento flashé screamer y me re cagué xD) y también me vengo a enterar de que es otro trabajo tuyo nada más ni nada menos jaja! Ahora sí me animé a verlo y me encantó realmente, sobre todo esa escena en el baño en la que siento descartaste el susto para generar tensión y te quedó muy pero que muuuuuy bien! La verdad que me hubiera encantado de cerca desde los otakus pero en aquel momento ni sabía lo que era el botón de suscribir, y ya de por si puedo ser bastante despistado. Pero bueno mejor encontrar las cosas tarde a no encontrarlas en absoluto! Sos grande loco!

    PD: es ta vez sí apreté el botón 😉

  14. I always warn dudes I know to be careful of crazy stalker b*tches. The stuff ain't that good to risk ya life. And what's up with dude in this movie…he's pale as a ghost. Step outside and get some sun. Turn off the FB

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