Alfie Allen Made a ‘Nightmare’ of a First Impression on His ‘Game of Thrones’ Castmates

Alfie Allen Made a ‘Nightmare’ of a First Impression on His ‘Game of Thrones’ Castmates

Thanks for being here. This is your very
first time here. Very first time on “Ellen.” Thank you so much, Ellen. You’ve spent a lot of time
out of the country I bet? Yes. I live in London. Oh, you do? I do. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you really, mainly,
from “Game of Thrones,” as the person who had
the little thing– Todger– todger
chopped off, yeah. You had the thing– yeah. Is that what it’s called? Todger. Yeah, that’s what we call it. The todger was chopped off. Me todger. Now, when you read
the script, and they are going to chop off
the “todger,” what do you think about that? I mean, I remember
when it happened, the read-through came through. And I think there was only
read-throughs the first two or three seasons of “Thrones.” And then after that, we
didn’t do them much more. But it was great. I was just happy to be given the
opportunity to tackle something so interesting. Right, yes. That’s a good way to look at it. Now, what was it like? Did you know any
of those people? What was it like when
you met that entire cast? It was funny. I think, the first time
we all met each other and had a big dinner
together was– it was coming up to
Halloween, actually, I think. And so I presumed that everybody
was going to come dressed– it was the first time
we’d all met each other. So I assumed that
everybody was going to come dressed in Halloween outfits. So I turned up with
these people that I’m going to work for, for
about eight years with, dressed as Jason from
“Friday the 13th,” with a hockey mask and plastic
knife coming out my ribs. I see. They loved me, from day one. Maybe that’s when they decided
to cut the “todger” off. Maybe, maybe. Yes. Maybe. He’s the guy. And you nominated
yourself for an Emmy? I did I submitted myself. Yeah, it was crazy. Yeah, it was– thank you. Thank you so much. One person– thank you. So yeah, it was
rather odd having to– I mean, it was, like, a
10-minute deadline that I had to submit myself for. And so, I think, when I heard
about the actual nomination coming through, I was in
a shop in the West End. And I thought it was,
like, a group nomination for Best Drama or something. And my agent said, no, it’s
an individual one, for you. See, had you not submitted, you
wouldn’t have been nominated. Dreams come true,
which is great. You made it come true. All right, and you have
the cutest little dog. I saw a picture. I was going through all
the pictures of your life today, because that’s what I do. What’s this dog’s name? His name is Atta. And I mean, what
a beautiful color that little French bulldog is. He’s a gorgeous boy. He’s a gorgeous boy. He’s got the same
birthday as my daughter. Oh, really? Yeah. And so how old is your
daughter and how old is he? My daughter’s one,
and he is two. Oh, well happy birthday
to both of them. Thank you. And do you celebrate
both birthdays, or do you ignore the dog? I ignore the dog. I ignore the dog. And yeah, we just do FaceTimes
because he’s back in London, and I’m back here. So FaceTimes with the
dog for his birthday. He gets a right treat. Does he understand when
you’re doing FaceTime? Does the dog actually
see you on there? Yeah, there’s, like, I
think they have these– you know, these kind of
doggy hotels that they have. And so yeah, I put him up– Oh, that’s where you see him. –in one of those. And it’s, like, a 24-hour feed. So it’s not really a FaceTime. Not really, no. I was kind of
exaggerating a bit then. I was making myself look nice. Right, yeah. You’re just watching him on
a camera, and he’s in a room. Yeah, he can hear me though. Right. Yeah. I can’t hear him,
but he can hear me. Right. Because I’ve tried to
FaceTime with my animals, when I’m here and my
animals are in Montecito, and they don’t really
fully understand. What kind of dogs have you got? What animals have you got? Oh, we’ve got a lot. I don’t have time. OK. But while you’re here,
there’s some available right down the street. I’ll tell you about– Amazing. Rescue dogs, yes, lovely. Yes. Lovely. Swing by, because there’s
a drive-through window. Let’s talk about “Jojo Rabbit.” It is a very
interesting concept. Explain what this is. So it’s a story, essentially,
about a single mother who’s trying to raise her boy in
a, kind of, horrific situation. I mean, it’s kind of
a universal theme– single mothers trying
to raise their kids. But this is set against the
backdrop of Nazi Germany. And really, it’s
her son, who’s been brainwashed by these people with
their crazy political beliefs. And so she tries to show him
what it means to be, kind of, human and to empathize and
to love– because that’s what makes us human. Yes. That’s a great way to put it. That’s what it is. “Jojo Rabbit” is in
select theaters Friday. And we’ll be right back.

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  1. I loved it when he said "tackle something" and Ellen didn't get it cuz: America. lol Watching all that British TV is paying off! 😉

  2. Honestly,
    Alfie Allen deserved emmy award…..through the whole show, his character was well written…. We saw theons uprise and fall, Being a victim and his braveness…he portray his character so well.yet he did not get any award….

  3. Ellen i really admired you…

    Love you so much
    Want to see you
    From India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  4. To the 1% of you that see this comment I hope your biggest dream comes true. Anything is possible! You just have to set your mind to it!! 💪 Trust you hustle, and never give up. My dream is to hit 16k ☺️ have a lovely day. 💕

  5. Theon still the GOAT for doing a mean soccer kick with Ser Roerick's head. And he had the GOAT locker room pep talk speech of the entire show & it came true 6 seasons later. GOAT 🙏🙏👑

  6. Alfie totally deserved an Emmy for playing Theon/Reek.

    Side note: my Frenchie's birthday is also the same as my daughter's! My daughter is 15, and my Eggsy is 3 ☺️

  7. This person very inspired me to jumped out of my comfort zone and im on target to make change on my life. I’ve even just created YouTube channel to follow my progress. Im start make my own vlog.its really awkward but with this inspired person’s advice,i can make it.i would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out.

  8. I have two dream in my life, one to meet ellen, two to enter in stamford bridge stadium, i love cfc and ellen too, If there are 100 people like ellen, poverty will be no more

  9. LOOK PEOPLE ON THE COMMENTS, one day ONE DAY I’ll be at the Ellen show remember me because , ILL BE THERE 😎 (btw I know noBody cares)

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