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  1. This movie is actually called Algiers and it was filmed in 1938. Boyer is not a Casbah thief, but a French thief. This is why the French police came to Algiers to try and nab him. However, they were not accustomed to the culture of the Casbah. Which is what Casablanca was — a haven for thieves and people who wanted to disappear.

    It's also the film that inspired its writers to make Casablanca with Hedy Lamarr — but that didn't happen. Curiously, you can see the "Rick" in Charles Boyer, the police chief of Claude Raines in Joseph Calleia's role, and Peter Lorre in the Gene Lockhart role. The dialogue itself, quite the same as Casablanca.

    This film had so many character actors and famous familiar faces. But it also had the incredibly beautiful Sigrid Gurie as a Casbah girl who loved Boyer, the very intelligent and attractive Hedy Lamarr (look up the intelligent part and be surprised). Hedy looked like a more "luxuriant" Sigrid Gurie, they appeared almost the same and I often wondered if the filmmakers did that on purpose for the sake of conflict. In Casablanca, it ends with a plane taking off and in Algiers, a ship sailing.

    Leonid Kinsky who is in this film is also the bartender in Casablanca. A wonderfully written dialogue in both of these films.

  2. No. This is the American remake (of the film with Jean Gabin that was made in 1938). This film, a verbatim remake from 1948 has the original footage in the Casbah preserved but Boyer replacing Gabin and all the dialogue redone in English. It's actually quite odd. See the infinitely better original!

  3. There is a 1948 film entitled "Casbah" based on same novel as "Pepe le Moko" (1937) and "Algiers" (1938). This is not it. As stated below, this is "Algiers."

  4. Very nice movie.Begining era of gangster movies in Europe.Based on true story of notorious criminal if France in 20th century.Charles Boyer,Heddy Lamar n rest of cast acted superbly.As good as Jean Gabin starrer masterpiece movie Pepe le Moko.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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