Ali Wong Once Bombed in Front of Eddie Murphy

Ali Wong Once Bombed in Front of Eddie Murphy

You didn’t happen to bring a
copy of your book with you, did you? I didn’t. No? It’s just– does
someone want to come? We’ll get it. They’re going to the– they’re running to
the store to buy it. As soon as they get
back from the store. Anyway, the last time you were
here you posted a video of you backstage doing something. Oh! You remember? What could it be? Geez. Could it be me– I’m doing– participating
in an ancient sacred Chinese tradition– Oh, is that what it is? –of stealing snacks
from the dressing room? Yes. Thank you, Claudia. I saw that video, and
I felt a lot of shame. Uh huh. You posted it. I posted it. And I felt a lot of shame for
not taking the whole basket. I see. I see. Yeah. Why didn’t you take
the basket as well? I should have. I should have. Well, I brought
a tote bag today. Oh, good. Yeah. That’s what they’re there for. Yep. There you go. They didn’t all fit in there. Oh, is that why? I brought a tote bag
to make my mom proud. OK. Next time I’m going to
bring a furniture mover. All right. Bring some of this–
whatever you want. It’s yours. Congratulations. You just did 13– was it 13 nights in a row? Or just 13 sold out nights? 13 sold out shows
at The Wiltern. At The Wiltern. Congratulations. Thank you. That’s amazing. Thanks. It was so nice to be home. I had come a long
way from the comedy condo days, from sleeping
with my keys laced between my fingers at night
in the first floor of a Travel Lodge. Yeah. It was wonderful. And so many wonderful
people came by. I heard. There were a lot of celebrities
that went to see you. Who went to see you? Let’s see. Chrissy Teigen and
John Legend came. I’d never met them before. Wow. That’s cool. Charlize Theron came. She was just here. Yes. I didn’t believe that she came. But she was like– yeah. That was Chrissy’s idea. She was, like,
sit on John’s lap. I was like, are you
sure this is OK? Who else. Keanu Reeves came. Wow. Yeah. He owes you that. Yeah. I kind of owe him for
being in the movie. But it was so
crazy that he came. And he came to the
dressing room afterwards. And then I was like,
do you want to go to the other dressing room
now and say hi to people? Or you know, you can go. And he was like, oh, I’m
going to go buy merch. Because my husband mans the
merch table after the show. People think is a joke. This is not a joke. It’s for real, real. Not for play, play. My husband, who graduated
from Harvard Business School, really is, like,
standing in the lobby after the show
slanging Ali Wong tote bags, shower curtains, posters. And Keanu was like, I want to
see your husband selling merch. And I was like, you’re
going to get mobbed. And he was like, it’s fine. I mean, you know,
he’s like, I’m Keanu. Who cares? It’s fine. And he went up there, and he
bought a ton of merchandise. What did he buy? He bought– I think
the only T-shirts left were these maternity
T-shirts that say, I’m busy making an eyeball. And I think he bought, like,
two of those hot pink T-shirts. I think he bought some
posters and some records. That’s so sweet. I know. It’s so sweet. He bought maternity shirts. Yeah. I hope he wears them. I hope so too! Now it’s not in the book. But– and here is
the book, by the way. Dear Girls. Yes. But you performed somewhere
where Eddie Murphy– Oh my god. Right? Yeah. So when Dave Chappelle comes
to town, every once in a while, he does these, like, secret
pop-up shows that make– the tickets vaporize,
like, last minute. He puts them on sale
maybe like an hour before the show goes on. And they’re these really,
like, secret special shows. And I love doing them. And I usually use them
to try out new material. And it’s hard enough
going and opening a show where people
are trying to see Dave Chappelle, because all
they’re thinking the whole time is, like, when is Dave
Chappelle coming on? When is Dave
Chappelle coming on? Get off the stage. When is Dave
Chappelle coming on? But then Eddie Murphy
was in the audience. And I could see him. Where was this? What town? Was it here? It was in LA. Yeah. It was at this club
on Sunset Boulevard. There was only 100 people. And quickly, everyone’s
like, the feeling in the room was not, like, when is
Dave Chappelle coming on? It was like, oh my God. It’s Eddie Murphy! Oh my God! Eddie Murphy is here! Oh my God! Eddie Murphy is here! Oh my God, Eddie Murphy is here! And that’s all I
could think too. And so I was planning
to do new material, but instead I did 10 minutes
of, like, my very best material at the time. Sure. And I ate it so hard. No! No! Yes. Because all I could
think about was, I hope Eddie Murphy is laughing. But everybody knows
when Eddie Murphy is or isn’t laughing,
because you could recognize that signature geese honk. Yeah. Oh, I can’t do it right now. I can’t do it! But you know Eddie
Murphy’s laugh. Yeah. I know. I can’t do it, but
I know his laugh. Yeah. And there were no
geese to be heard. Oh no. Yeah. It’s terrible Oh. But that’s the
thing about standup. You bomb all the time. And that’s part of the process. Yeah. This is not even that long ago! This is, like, two years ago! First of all, I can’t
imagine you bombing. And I can’t imagine people– even though they were there
to see Dave Chappelle– saying when is Dave Chappelle coming
on, because you are awesome. And you’re hilarious. So there’s no way. But I know we have these
memories in our head of where that laugh should be. And if it’s here instead
of there, we’re bombing. So I don’t think you did bomb. We’re going to take a break. We’re going to talk about the
book and why you wrote it. And it’s a beautiful reason. Thank you. We’ll be back.

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  1. Side note, does anyone remember her saying in one of her comedy specials (possibly baby cobra) that she wasn’t in this to be famous? Well she is now

  2. I'm not a hater… But did you here the strange silence when she tried to do Eddy's laugh? Even Ellen knows you dont try to impersonate someone when your not an impersonater. Its not being negative. Its being respectful to all performers. She could Never do eddy Murphy's laugh convincingly. There are a lot of people who can though

  3. That's not actually Eddie's real laugh. He does it because it's funny. Eddie actually giggles. Watch any interview, especially the Riding In Cars series

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