Alicia Keys Reacts To New Music Videos (Rod Wave, Griselda, Ama Lou) | The Cosign

Alicia Keys Reacts To New Music Videos (Rod Wave, Griselda, Ama Lou) | The Cosign

What’s up y’all? This is Alicia, and I’m about to watch some
new music videos and see which artist gets my cosign. When I was just starting and I was a new artist,
I remember having to really show people who I am and that I wasn’t going to move from
that girl, that that’s just who I was. That’s what I like. I like when I see a certain individuality
or a personality and you can automatically tell, like, “Man, that person is behind their
thing.” You know? So it’s fire. It’s a lot of great things happening. Okay, so the juice box is everything. She has a dope voice. She has a New York vibe to me. Juice box, North Face, not super tight jeans,
kind of boyish, girlish, my vibe. You thought she was going to rhyme, but then
she started to sing. She’s got attitude, but she’s cute. I really like her. Even if it’s a mellow melody, you can tell
when somebody can sing, and so I can hear that she has a voice on her too, so I loved
that. I love the simplicity. I like the feeling of, whatever, I woke up
like this, this is my vibe, you know? Nobody really wants to see anybody trying
too hard, I don’t think. That was a while ago. So it’s good. I really like it. This person pays attention to a lot of detail. This is crazy. Got the egg with the face on it and then the
face became the egg? The level of detail is insane. He definitely created this video. Yeah, I heard this on TikTok but I never heard the
whole song, I only heard the whistle. TikTok is quick, so you literally only have
time to hear the … And that’s it. Something about a whistle in a song works
every time. Mark my words, any song that has a whistle
in it works. You can just tell he has a crazy personality. It feels like that he makes people crack up
all day long. Hm, I like this. It feels like what he’s feeling, what he’s
singing about. He’s feeling and it just put … I felt like
he wants us to be in his world, he wants to bring us to a place that’s familiar to him
and it feels like wherever he shot this is somewhere that means something to him. That’s what it feels like. The melodies are fire. He seemed like he’s been influenced by the
church. You know for me, growing up in Harlem, growing
up in Hell’s Kitchen, it was always this mixture of hard and soulful. The hardness that came from the hip-hop that
I loved, also had this soulfulness to it. Similar to like I feel like what Rod is experimenting
with, it’s hard but it also feels very soulful, it feels very like, something that gets down
inside of you that you can feel. It feels like he’s talking about his experience
and that soulfulness is all in there and it feels like he’s really … He means what he
says. I love somebody who means what they say. To me, that’s the best thing about music. Okay. Skully on. Scarfs on. Chains out. Sweatshirts. The vibe is dope too, because it’s hard, but
she has a joy with her. I think what struck me immediately is all
the cars. I love seeing women in cars because that’s
one thing that drives me bananas. I’m like, why does it only have to be the
guys in the fresh cars? That makes me a little bit annoyed, so I loved
her in the throwbacks. You could tell that they’re fire. The flow is fresh. She has again, like, a rhyme style, flow but
a sweet voice. Her energy is bright. Like we are definitely leaving behind these
old standards of what a woman is supposed to look like. We look all types of ways, we have all types
of style. You can see that she likes sweatshirts and
baggy jeans and skullies. And then her homegirls have scarves. All different styles, they’re just all different
styles. I love seeing different styles of people all
together, you know? Hmm, the Sonic is sick. Rae might as well jump on this. I mean, this is exactly… Ghost might as well be on this. Ooh and then the colors came in crazy! Sick visuals. I see Hype did this. It mixes almost the concept with the CGI,
and the real life black and white, and then your favorite video shit, where the chicks
have to be in their panties and shit, all that. But you got everything! Buffalo produces a product, it’s crazy. You don’t expect it, but it’s like enough
people that come from Buffalo. It’s super throwback to the ‘90s, for
sure, and I’m with it. Like, it’s going to go around and around and
around forever and ever and ever. Because like I said, great things, are timeless. First of all, she’s gorgeous. Second of all, she’s on a beach with a microphone,
and like a foldout table, and her laptop that she just finished doing this beat on. I love that it’s very imperfect. I think that’s a really beautiful thing. Like, the headphone wires are like super tangled
and not perfectly laid down on the thing. Super expensive microphone she’s singing on,
by the way. So she ain’t slack on the sound. I love her just sitting on the beach like
this. So good. I think we finally get into a place where
we thinking about this, like actually thinking about what does it mean to care about yourself? What does it mean to take some time for yourself
and not feel guilty about it, and not feel like you’re not supposed to do it? So I love that. And for that to be something that people get
to sing and listen to, it matters. I loved watching these. I loved the diversity of the artistry,
all the different styles, all the different energies. Ama Lou, what I got from her is like a playfulness. I was really actually excited to hear her
sing. LoveLeo definitely, super hysterical, totally
made me kind of like, I already wanted to laugh. I already actually wanted to get to know him. He seems like the most amazing person to hang
out with. Rod Wave, I really like a lot. Again, a soulful style, felt like real life. He’s about what’s happening for real around
him. Kaash Paige was fire too. Like, she painted a world for you, in Texas. Like, you could feel the energy of her. It was fresh. It was hard. Griselda is ridiculous. Video is outrageous. Savannah Cristina, I love the ease. I love the effortlessness, and I think she’s
bold. I like it. So, I guess the artist that gets my cosign
today, because this is how I’m feeling right now, I’m going to go for Rod Wave. He’s fire. I loved the real life energy that I got from
him. I’m interested in studying even more of his
lyrics. I’m interested in knowing more about his story. It felt good to me. But that was really hard. That was really hard. For me, I think what struck me, is just the
individuality. It feels like each person actually occupies
their own lane, and you can feel, I felt, like a piece of them in each of these visuals. Can I get a runner up? All right, then my runner-up would be Ama
Lou. All right? Rod Wave gets my co-sign today, but I guess
they both do. Rod Wave and Ama Lou get my co-sign.

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  1. Wow niceeee video and salute to rod wave , crazy that a st. Pete nigga is getting recognition but deserved , salute to Alicia Keys

  2. I appreciate how she was positive about everyone! I watch too many comedians that do this kind of stuff and just shit on everything. Positivity is harder to do but ultimately lifts the world up!

  3. Good to see a female artist not wearing skin tight cloths, bending over, tongue sticking out, seeing the first artist ama was like a breath of fresh air.

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