Alien 40th Anniversary Short Film: “Containment”

Alien 40th Anniversary Short Film: “Containment”

shh… We need get out, we need…
It’s OK, relax. We are safe Can you remember what happened? No, I was…. I was knocked out I eh I woke up on the escape deck. There was an outbreak this morning. We thought we had it under control. What were these fucking things?
Hold on… an outbreak? Have we been exposed? No way to be sure. The…..oraginism IT Has a unique replication cycle. Confessed
Calm down
No, you’re not listening. Check it Now! I have never seen anything move like that. They They the crew?
No! Not us Those fuckers had something. and it broke out It doesn’t make sense, an outbreak couldn’t have destroyed the ship We had to try an reestablish containment. They blewed it up. You said the destruct. We didn’t have a choice. It spread remarkably fast. He’s got it! Hasn’t he? We have to kill him. No What are you doing? What the fuck are you doing?
You didn’t see it! If you had seen it, you… Anyone of us could be a carrier. We think it affects memory. Then I’d better keep an eye on you as well then. Stop, we’re not going to kill eachother You didn’t see what I saw. You didn’t see it Breathe Help me Help me No! No, don’t! Look….. it’s incredible Open the door! I can’t We have to hold it You fucking bitch!??>lifeboat! We are bringing you in Prepare for docking…hold tigth

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  1. Anyone else notice the clothes they're wearing don't look used or worn in? Like they pulled them off of a costume rack

  2. The other short films seemed like the beginning of an Alien movie, this one seemed like the end of one. My first thought when seeing the colony ship blowup was we just missed an entire Alien movie.

  3. Guaranteed that guy at the end putting the mask on said to himself "Oh F this, I'll just pretend I'm still out" and he probably lived the longest because of it.

  4. Great work!
    A couple constructive points:
    2:17 When he comes too, she should've reacted. Looks odd that she doesn't even flinch
    2:51 He gets cut off but never changes his gaze

  5. the most realistic egg cake

  6. Why is this the only short of this series which isn't downloading so easily? I find this one so super arkwards to download unlike the others.

  7. According to these shorts, space 90% female – but then it is safest to stay on trend
    (By "on trend", I of course mean "cucked to the vocal minority")

  8. We all know anybody who gets knocked out and doesn't remember has a chest burster and a robot babysitting the survivors.

  9. As soon as someone says "woke up" you know they're infested. Great short film! I hope they put out a film that had the same angst and suspense of the originals, some with the plot twist of the Aliens 40th Anniversary short film "Harvest".

  10. Bloody excellent work guys. Beautiful set up. Would love the world being left in your hands for a feature film 🙂

  11. 7:31 waitwhat?
    The black lady was behind a closed door, and on the next shot she is trying to get under the same door, that is now half open?
    What the hell happen there?

  12. i get the feeling the its base on the video game, I swear the ship looks like its end up at the big space station in the video game with Sigourney weavers doughter

  13. Hey, les fans…! Vous êtes déçus d'avoir été trompés…? Allez vite lire "Alien 5 Eternity" de Greg Orson, la vraie suite de la saga et retrouvez une Helen Ripley plus impressionnante que jamais…! Une bombe…!

  14. This was the MOST "Alien" of the Fan Films so far! Perfection!!!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  15. She had to write that message in her own blood, damn. Pretty sad ending tbf, like she knew she was done for, and had to warn others.

  16. Absolutely fantastic. I loved all if these short stories.
    Great suspense and tension. Well written and played out. Just as an Alien movie should be.
    A triumph, all of these short stories are better than all Alien movies after Alien 3.
    My only complaint is their not long enough though…!!!

  17. This and "Specimen" may be my favorites of the lot. This does a great job of setting tone, especially with it's visual style. "Ore" was also one of the best, but I'm noticing too many of these shorts feature cliche, antagonistic androids, with little reason besides "they're androids". The only exception being the dog in "Specimen".

  18. No sé inglés , pero aún así lo entendí muy bien, estaba muy interesante su cortometraje , me gusto mucho y como diría Ash Williams : Groovy!!!

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