Always There Short Film 6 Years Later

Always There Short Film 6 Years Later

Today I’m going to be talking about the short
film Always There which is my most viewed video on my YouTube channel. It has over one million views, which is absolutely
amazing it’s beyond what I could have expected. It was basically my final film which was ten
minute long film for my university course which I did when I was studying at Royal Holloway
University in 2011. So it’s been six years since we made that
film and there was a team of us that made it. I remember thinking back about it that the
initial thought when we were looking to make that film the thought in my mind was, I wanted
to make the things that are unseen, seen. You know I believe that the things that are
unseen are more real than the things that are seen. Then while I was watching a program with my
producer and with my script writer, we watched a film about bullying, where a child was bullied. We really liked the idea of taking the narrative
of the story and putting it around someone who was bullied. I think everyone has experienced bullying
in their life to some extent. The idea was to show that God could help in
this situation and so the story developed where there was this mum who had broken up
from her husband and the son had lost his faith because his parents hadn’t stayed together. So he was like praying that God would keep
his parents together, they didn’t stay together so he was like, God doesn’t answer my prayers. He was suffering being bullied at school and
his mum was interceding for him but the boy didn’t have any faith of his own really to
walk in the freedom that God could have given him. The film wasn’t completely within my control,
because there was a script writer who added her own style to the story which was, I think
she did a really good job of writing that of writing the story and getting the narrative
down and getting the different characters and the tension in there. There was also our teachers who had input
into the script so during the script writing process we went to them back and forth. I wanted the angel to actually save the boy,
to save him when the bullies came that the angel would come along and he’d actually scare
the bullies away but the teacher was like, thought that didn’t have enough drama and
that there should be more tension, he should try and fight back and it was a back and forth
process, so the film wasn’t exactly a hundred percent as we had envisioned it to be, but
what we’ve come out with now in the end I’m happy with. I’m happy with that film you know six years
on I think that it’s a good film and I think that if I was going to do it now, I would
do it differently and I could do it a lot better as well even camera’s and equipments
have moved on a long way since then. Yes so like I said there was a lot of people
involved in this film and we used a lot of different equipment we had old Sony camera’s
which had lens adapters, big lens adapting kits which we used to film this film and almost
all of the film was filmed on tripod, with a big boom and sound person capturing, someone
holding a sound boom and someone recording on a separate sound recorder and lots of people
around. One shot that we did handheld with this big
old camera was the shot where there was the fight scene where Steve tries to fight back. He goes to fight back and he gets knocked
to the ground. That’s the only scene where we did a bit of
handheld. In terms of editing the whole process was
really mixed it was really interesting because when it came to it we were in a class Directing
Screen Fiction class and there was only maybe about fifteen people in the class, twenty
people maximum and when the films were finished we weren’t allowed to edit our own films. So I edited a friend of mines, i edited one
of my friends film, Bo’s film and he edited my film, but we had creative input into that
process so they’d edit and I’d go I like that or I don’t like that oh no lets move that
around that’s not what I had in mind. So there was, it was really done to try and
emulate what they do in the industry where you’d have, where you wouldn’t edit your own
film usually in big Hollywood films and big movies. Obviously this isn’t a big movie but we tried
to emulate that process. The whole film was shot on one camera and
so when you see different angles for the same scene those angles were shot with the scene
being repeated. So we would repeat the scenes and shoot it
from different angles. One of the things that was amazing about studying
media at Uni was I got to work with a couple of actors a few different actors that some
of them were famous already and had done some big parts and didn’t have any work at the
moment and were able to help with student films and some of them were actors that were
not known yet but now are more well known, famous. For instance the main bully in the Always
There short film his names Oliver Stark and his acting in a series on Amazon at the moment
which is called Into the Badlands. It has surprised me a lot what the reaction
has been to the movie. All the comments theres been over three thousand
thumbs up so far and about a thousand thumbs down. I mean it’s good to get a reaction and I’m
glad that theres more thumbs up than thumbs down and theres been a lot of comments. Theres been a lot of negative comments but
also a lot of positive comments as well. Sometimes I found the comments to much to
be able to answer all of those comments or get involved in those comments sometimes there
just completely ?!? When I have had the chance to I have really tried to answer some comments
the ones where people are sincere and people ask serious questions then I’ll try and reply
and I’ll answer this questions. I really appreciate every comment and every
thumbs up and even every thumbs down and every view I appreciate them all. Well what I’m doing now on Youtube it’s been
a developing process since the last six years. Originally my Youtube channel started out
and it was channel i used to put up videos for my church where I was working and where
I still attend now Harvestime Church in Virginia Water in the UK. Then when I went to Uni I started using my
channel, I started a new channel for our church FOWM on Youtube if you search that. But then I started putting my own videos from
the University the ones that I did at Uni and then when I left Uni I started doing some
short adverts and little short pieces. Going forward this year I’ve been really trying
to push my Youtube channel a lot and my main aim of the Youtube channel this year is to
do adventure documentaries which I’ve been doing using the Mavic Pro drone and also using
a Nikon D3200 and a Nikon D3300. What I’m recording on right now is my new
camera which is the Lumix GH5 which I will do a review on soon because I’m really excited
about this camera. Secondly the other thing I’m going to do on
this channel is we do reviews on products and also I want to do some more short films
as well especially seeing as the most popular film, the most popular video on my channel
is a short film. if you’d like to see the equipment I use you
can look in the description below and if you’d like to support the work that we do you can
go to the Patreon link which is also in the description below and help support this work
and until next time please remember to like, share and subscribe and I’ll see you again
in our next video.

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  1. The short movie was very troubling but inspiring. From my experience, I can relate to the main character in the movie. The ending was realistic though I was expecting for a different ending . Anyways, thank you for sharing the movie.

  2. This is the second time I watched the Short film "Always There" , 4 years ago and I came back to watch it again. Thank you for such a great short ! God Bless !

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