Amar Akbhar Anthoni (Amar Akbar Anthony) 2019 New Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Ravi Teja, Ileana

Amar Akbhar Anthoni (Amar Akbar Anthony) 2019 New Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Ravi Teja, Ileana

This is the picture
of my sister Nancy. You were her brother for so
long and now I will be her brother. Good to hear that. Mr. Amar, I hope you
will commit no more crimes. – I cannot assure you.
– Promise me not to come here. I might come here for the snacks. Give him his belongings. Mr. Amar,
this is your father’s belongings. You are the beneficiary
of your dad’s life insurance. ‘Dad, you have passed
away and yet you help me?’ ‘Thank you, Dad.’ ‘May your soul rest
in peace.’ I am leaving now. ‘If a broken man finds hope..’ ‘..then he can do the impossible.’ – Yes?
– Nancy? James has sent me to you. – Take this money.
– No, I do not want this. You may keep it.
Think of me as your brother. – How are you?
– I am fine. This is the lounge.
This is the kitchen. This is the view you get. ‘Binoculars give me
quite a view over here.’ ‘I may be living in cold
but vengeance burns within me.” ‘Whose green card should
I get revoked first?’ Here is your meal. Put it on the table and leave. ‘- Yes.’
– Doctor. ‘- Mr. Rajbir.’
– It is the allergy. Please come here at once. Who are you? I can help you, not a doctor. Do you remember who
gave you that ring? – Amar.
– Amar. And you did.. To make you suffer,
I added fish oil to your meal. How do you know that
I am allergic to fish oil? No matter where a woman hails from! She hates being molested. Come here! – No!
– Give me a kiss! Trust is paramount in a bond. Give me the ring. Right now. You do not need this but this. Is this the antidote to the allergy? With this dose of
antidote you might die. Please do not do this. I am getting married next month.
I do not want to die. Let me tell you a secret. I am not a healthy man. I am not sane either. And now you will suffer by my hand. I killed your family.
Please forgive me. My dad is kind and he may forgive.
You may apologise to him. Stop this! Forgive me! You are the first patient
that dies by injection. One must always
vaccinate their kids. Do not worry.
Let me give you antidote. Relax, you will be fine. – Check his pulse.
– Oh God! He is dead. What is the cause of death? Nothing unusual. It is food allergy. – What would that be?
– Seafood. Why will he eat seafood
even when he knows of allergy? We don’t know. Think well before
making a statement. What is this mark? We do not know. Send the body for post mortem. Who put a jab on the foot? The ring is missing from his finger. Why was he killed? Even a kid knows why. For the ring. That wristwatch
is worth ten million. If it was for money,
the watch could be taken as well. You shave at home to save money. So why such an
interest in this case? Dad says that doing
good brings good. You ae doing good for someone else? Yes, Chandu. Helping someone for
money is a good thing. – So a deal.
– For 500 million. We will enjoy that money. Come with me. Sir, do not drop me out. – You think of me as a fool?
– No, sir. I can estimate my profit
before I get to work. Come with me. ‘I have killed one of those guys
who killed everyone in my family.’ ‘Aishwarya, give me back my book!’ ‘No! You have to catch me first.’ ‘See, this is magic.’ ‘This magic ball turns
things upside down.’ ‘Hey!’ ‘Trust.’ ‘Nothing matters
more in this world.’ ‘But there are many people
who breach trust with ease.’ ‘This is tory of trust,
betrayal, love and vengeance.’ ‘Fedo. It means trust.’ ‘Two friends started
a small pharma company.’ ‘They turned it
in a buisness empire’ ‘by their hard work and courage.’ ‘Fedo Pharma group.’ ‘These are the founders.’ ‘Anand Prasad and Sanjay Mitra.’ ‘They studied together
and went to America together.’ ‘They cared a lot for each other.’ ‘And fortunately their
wives became best friends.’ ‘Anand Prasad had a son named Amar.’ ‘And Sanjay had a
daughter named Aishwarya.’ ‘The families wanted
their friendship..’ ‘ turn into an
alliance by their kids.’ This is a decision
of the Gods and not yours. ‘Jalaal was very
happy by this alliance.’ ‘Jalaal was an important
man in their lives.’ ‘He was not equal to
them in education or status.’ ‘But these two had
brought him to America.’ ‘Amar and Aishwarya’s
bond was blessed by time.’ ‘Do you want to know
of their chemistry?’ What happened?
Why are you so worry? I cannot understand my homework. – That is it.
– Thank you. – Will you keep helping me always?
– Yes. – Do you promise?
– Yes. ‘Those families were happy.’ ‘All they knew was joy.’ Sabu, he knows about the
drugs that we steal from factory.. ..and sell it to the mafia. Had you brought him early,
I would have roasted him. Let us roast him now. Then who will eat this? Whosoever is born has to die. Be it man, animal or bird. When parents give birth to a child.. ..they think the
kid will serve them. But they forget to teach
them not to be a tattler. It may cause death. Good shot. Roasted fish. It will taste good. And our fishes will
enjoy eating him. From this day on,
you would not be our employees..’d be our partners. We have decided that you
four will hold 20 percent of shares. Each one gets five percent. – Thank you, sir.
– Thank you. By making us your partners,
you have helped our dream come true. By making deals with your brain
and testing people by your heart.. have proved
to be a great person. It’s okay. Tomorrow it is my son’s
birthday and we have a party. You all have to come. Happy birthday to you. You like Aishwarya
more than your mom? Tommy! Tommy! Stop! Tommy, stop! ‘Aishwarya,
will we ever get to meet?’ Javdekar, WATA is an
association for Indians in USA. What next? Ones who join WATA
have a lot to gain. They will have all they need. – Stop it now.
– Shut your mouth. I am sorry, sir. Whenever I am speaking
of something important.. start fooling around. I try to cool you down. WATA does not charge
a buck and gives free meals. They think of guests as
deities and thus they do so. For a long while I have
been paying for it all. But now I cannot work
so hard in this old age. I need someone to help me. – Dandekar will handle it.
– Not a chance. If he finds a stray puppy
he will sell it for money. – You there! Look down!
– My shoelaces! – I got these for you.
– Thank you. – Lelekar will deal with it.
– Not that guy! He is an idiot. He mocks everyone. Greetings, sir. Pardon my pants. There is no bathroom in the room,
you have to pay extra. A 100 dollars per minute
and you bring your own tissues. The lady is worried. Looks like you will
be spending all in the bath. Flush before you leave! And Ghatotkach! He is trouble incarnate! Great moon! Descend on this earth! Here I am. Get away from me! I was not calling you. Now I must get my hand cleaned. I am allergic to you filthy people. You are big filthy man. His style makes him
appear like a rich fellow. His father was a masseuse. And Chatekar,
he is a good guy but he is stupid. You are wasting time.
Who would get to work? Your left hand is wounded.
How would you clean yourself? – I will manage, get this out.
– Dirty. – Javdekar.
– Yes. Keep an eye on them. I will.
Take a pill, it is time. I will show the world how good I am. Stop fooling around. WATA program starts from today. What is the mark of real man? One who is scared of his wife. One who does all
chores in his house. In this age of machine,
I will give you wisdom. People earned less
before but had peace. Today they have money but no peace. We have food but no time to eat. We got money but no peace of mind. A person dies trying
to reach all desires. And after they die,
they seek heaven. We may still be living in
America but once we get a leave.. ..we go running to India. America may have more
facilities than India.. ..and we may not get
power round the day.. ..and that terrible summer heat.. ..but there is the true joy. Since my Bharat is great. Rise. Clap. Leave. Mr. Bharat,
thank you for coming here for free. Indeed. All free rooms are booked. The parking lot is free. Give him a dirty pillow
and put him to sleep. I did pay for the ticket
now pay for me to go back. You can take an unreserved
ticket in the plane. I speak of plane!
Do you even understand? There is one bus to airport. I have an idea. We will pack you up
and send you as cargo. You dare mock a priest. I will curse you and
your kids will be born naked. That works in India and not here. – It is a blessing.
– Roaming in his innerwear. – We apologise.
– Come on. – Sorry!
– Do they have a motel around here? – Ranveer and Deepika are here?
– Yes. – They are in parking lot.
– What is going on here? What is it? Ask one by one. Reddy never took a
buck from us for program. I entered for free as a kid. Earlier we used animal
hides and now we use clothes. – Things change in time.
– This is wrong. I asked for some snacks
yesterday and it had a bug in it. And they give us water
from finger bowl as a soup. We washed our toes in it. You will mock me because I am bald? You four are causing great trouble. You are robbing people clean.
You have to answer us. I have the answer for you. – Gayle!
– Yes, sir. – Polard.
– Yes, sir. – Fight.
– Free hit. What are you doing? Leave me! Do not hit my bald head! Come on! What are you doing? Why do
you not understand? Leave me be! Let us give Gayle and Polard
a raise. They are so useful. You do not know
what I can do to you. I will talk to Reddy
and have you suffer. I am warning you. – Javdekar.
– Yes, Uncle. It seems people have a problem.
So we got so many mails. Uncle, have your pill at once. What the hell? It is all blurry. I think you cannot see well now. I am so sleepy. I am falling asleep. Now to heck with the mail. I gave you a million dollars. I need the accounts right now. You know, I run a hundred
public toilets in USA. But I never kept the profit
and I put it all for WATA. Alright, sir. What are you doing? Let us go! Javdekar, that pill is great.
I am so sleepy. Give it to me every day. Who killed Robert, the guy
who tricked you in California? I did that. Rajbir had promised
me 500 million for that. Who would pay me now? Mr. Balwant, who is Robert? So you smoke opium
worth a lot of money and when it is time to
pay up you say it is all gone? Sir, what are you saying? Stop prating! I have a surprise for you. What do you think?
That Rajbir died of natural causes? He was killed in a planned
manner and he was made to suffer. Look at this post mortem report,
you may read it. It brings great pain
when a friend dies. And if he dies in an accident,
it brings fear. It could incite fear within
you as you could be next. Just as the female serpent
reaches the killer of her mate. So will the killer
reach you as well. What do you mean? What should we do? Now we are talking. I am a man all about money. Now tell me, who all threaten you. They will make me rich. We tricked Vellum for
fifty million in buisness. We killed D’Souza’s wife Suzie. We had Charles made
a cripple in lock up. We have a long list of enemies. We cannot leave them be.
We have to kill them all. It will cost you. There is one guy
but not a big threat. No matter how small,
never underestimate a threat. Tell me who it is. I will find him. What if the plan fails? We will kill them in a manner that
no one in their family survives. Okay. Who is behind all this? I will find him tomorrow. Then the deal is a go. – Chandu.
– Sir. I know the answer but
will the deal be final? Do not mind but it will not happen. If you had not been in FBI
you would be a snack vendor. Come with me. My [parents taught
me not to trust anyone. I stopped trusting my parents
when I failed High school. Call devil. None of our enemies should survive. – I had nothing to do with this.
– Do not lie. – Charles, you killed Rajbir, right?
– No! ‘Devil, do not worry about money.’ ‘I need the work done.’ – Will you help me?
– For money. – Tell me the truth, D’Souza.
– I do not know. ‘Well done, Devil.
Only Amar remains.’ Can you tell me
something About Amar? Sorry. We do not have a man
named Amar in records. – Impossible.
– What? David, do you have
Amar’s data in your system? Let me check. Check the list starting with A. No, sir. We do not have it. Impossible. It has never happened before. You there! Ghatotkach. We can get a better
chicken back home. Obama and Trump come to eat here. But they have lunch on a stall! – He does not know that!
– Quiet, I have placed a bet here. There is a boundary now. ‘That one is caressed away as well.’ ‘That was over..’ How do you know
it will be a boundary? This shows it first
and comes on TV later. – Do not tell anyone.
– Show me! I am placing a bet online. I am here. Begin the bets. Sit down and then place a bet. What a shot!
It seems he had quite a meal! – Anyone willing to place a bet?
– Count us in for that. Tell us about the next ball. There you go. A sixer. I say he gets bowled out. What? Have you ever placed a bet? I put a grand right here.
Place your bet. I got a score. Put this. He is doomed. What about next one? Three runs in the next one. – Is that so?
– Yes. He will take a double in this heat. Another grand. The first. The single. Stop! Do not go for it! Stop! I am done. It has been played as an attack. – Wow!
– What did you say? Put all your money
in and get what you lost. Give me an offer now. A good offer. If he is not run out,
you get all the money back. It is a jackpot for me. Here is my credit card of the bank. Give us all you have. Your gold chain, rings as well. Even the Rolex watch.
– He will be doomed. It is a heavy chain.
I’ll give the rest later. You have my life
in your hands. Easy. ‘There is goes again’ Stop! He has the ball! You are out now. He is not out. Who is it? The master of Cricket. Akbar. Who this guy with Hyderabadi accent? New client. Come and sit on the chair. – Sit!
– Get lost. Earn some and then
come for a gamble. Sit down. Sit for the match. You will enjoy. What are you doing?
We got a new mark. I cannot open it. What is going on there, buddy?
Trouble? It does not matter. You may begin. He is going for sixer. – I bet my clothes.
– Let me do it. – I will defeat him.
– Put a grand. What is it? Think well. Dhoni just started. He won’t hit a six
right out of the bat. He will make it big. ‘That one gets away.’ You said it and he hits it! You are nice. They have robbed me clean.
Now take all from them. Put a better one. What are you doing? – It is not opening.
– What are you doing? Place a bet. Mobile is locked. Sir, you may place. I bet a good one
that now is a boundary. He is fallen. – I will now recover the sum.
– Good luck. Nice one! God has heard you. I will pray for you. – Wipe this clean.
– Okay. – I have a good offer.
– What? – One that makes you rich.
– Really! The next ball will be a six
and if not you get half the city. If you lose then what? I will give you the
golden Hukkah of the Nizam. I will give you all of it. – I’ll take the coal.
– Silence! You are an ominous guy.
We lost due to you. Dhoni cannot hit offside six. My father always said
that gambling is great. He bought four casinos
and gave them to me. And we will win. Put this on. You are going way out of line here. If you lose, I will suffer. Why do you worry?
We have God on our side. [indistinct commentary
on television] We have won. Did you have any
clue about the cricket? We lost because of you. What made you push us for this bet? Dhoni was not even playing
in the era of your dad! – Shut up!
– Shut up! – I lost my underwear in the bet.
– What are you saying? Stop this act or I will thrash you. Gather all you can and leave. I can gather it all.
There will be nothing for you. You would suffer
a shock if they lost. I look great in glasses,
my wife always said so. Let me take it all
and put it in the bank. – Atleast order tea for us.
– You lost it all why not the phone? Open it and you take it. Cheating! You tricked us! I have got skills as I grew up. And my mom married a great gambler. You are still amateurs at this game. He gave us the spin and the line. He tricked you just
as you tricked others. He had a scanner in his eyes.
He learnt the score. – Did you see him do it?
– Yes, I did. – Why did you not tell us?
– He would have heard. – You should have sent a text.
– He had the phone. I am sorry. Forgive us! I think the one who killed
Rajbir is not one of them. Tell us something we do not know. – What are you saying?
– Who is it? That newbie. One that was not in your list. – Amar?
– Correct. Amar. Is he out from prison? Yes, what a knowledge. As company affects others,
the same happened to him. A simple kid who knew
only to act straight. If he lives between criminals
for 14 years he will learn. All the tricks from all criminals. He learnt from the
greatest of criminals. And think of it that he
learned all the tricks from jail and he comes out as a deadly man. No one knows where he lives. How he looks and what he does. I am telling you a great
threat hovers over you. Death is coming to you
like a pizza delivery boy. Now tell me. How much will you give
me from your black money to keep your heads? Name your price. You should know how
much your life is worth. 100 million. You are so cheap. You must be alive and
healthy to enjoy that wealth. Think well before you say. Why do we pay him?
We can kill him ourselves. Why do you not understand? He has come as a man
who will pull you out? You have to dance or make him dance.
Think well. You can make more money if you live. But if you die, well.. A sum of 500 million. That is it. I will kill him in a painful way. I am telling you, it is done. I lost the money I kept for wedding. – Right.
– How will I get married now? You are.. I am Pooja. Event manager. – This is my team.
– I am Sulabh Chatekar. I am the treasurer. Greetings. What a decor!
Just as beautiful as you. – Moni did it.
– Greetings. Quite a paintjob here on the wall. Do you like it? Sony did it. Greetings. I gave you this job
seeing the work you did in the last year festival
of Ganesh Festival. You may not know that
this is my first event. I read in your details.
He must have made a mistake. – He always does that.
– Hello. If a guy better than me
tries to hit on you, call me. I will serve you round the clock. – So sweet.
– Let us shake hands. I think not.
I’ll be right back. – Do it well.
– Stay right here. She will be tainted if I touch her.
She is made for me. Reddy has ordered such food. You there! Are you enjoying? Squeeze me, ladies. Come here. I told you to serve a plain
meal and you give away a lavish one. If we suffer a loss in profit,
who will pay for it? You are all doomed. – Quiet.
– Listen to me, dear. People work for money. If you wanted to serve a
better meal you could have asked me. She is not so poor to
ask permission from you folk. She has booked deluxe
rooms for guests by his money and she brought
everyone a good meal. One who is working a
job cannot afford such things! Excuse me!
Pooja has always been a rich girl. Now go get a meal. Let’s go girls. Come now,
let us go and enjoy a meal. We will eat a lot. What happened now?
You are nothing compared to her. – What will you do now?
– It is very simple. I will take a loan
to be richer than her. Is that bulb fused? Ms. Pooja. You do not know the guests
and yet you bought them a meal? You are a kind person. People are jealous
of each other but not you. – I like you.
– She is getting warm towards me. One thing is bothering me. He could have killed Vikram
easily after he left prison but he did not do that. Why did he kill Rajbir
and not Vikram.. Fedo.. Rajbir had a same ring? – Yes.
– Yes, he did. It was this ring that
was taken from Rajbir. It is clear. The ring has a link with the case. I want to know all about the ring. I got it all now. Soon he will kill all of you. I am sorry to say, Mr. Vikram
Talwar that he will kill you next. What? From now on my focus is on you. Sir, we should focus on killer. We have to keep the client happy. We have to take money from them. What do we care? He may as well die. – Got that!
– Yes. By taking a hit for the people. By saving the world from world war. By lighting a broken lamb. Four times welding award winner. Paul’s 21st child. Portable welding machine. A big hand for Paul Stitch. Amazing! – Give it to me.
– You have to give it back. Congratulations. We took this from a funeral. We have to give it back. – What is that?
– He is blessing her. – May I go and bless her?
– One for a day. Paul is great. I bow to my father. No politician can
win without my blessing. And if you think I am lying,
check every news. You will find my pictures. Even on the pleasure portals. Paul is great. When I spoke to my
father via telepathy father told me there
was a dent on Howrah Bridge. I was shocked. What could I have done in that? He told me that I did
well as a welder as a kid. So he wanted me to
save the Howrah bridge. Since I am the saviour of the world. When a plan ran out of
fuel my dad told me to save it. But my friends, I made a mistake. I added CNG instead of fuel. Let us hire him to work for us. I thought the same.
But there is trouble. – What is it?
– He is very cunning. He will cut us out. He is a terrible man. Why is he dressed like a preacher? It is Godmen who ruin the people. He also has stand-up
comedy on Saturday. Life is full of troubles
and politicians are corrupt. Chant this line a million
times and there will be no trouble as you will be dead. I am telling you, Dad. My father went to USA for
pilgrimage and he gave me a berry. He then took it back
and became the president. Then Obama wanted a taste
so my dad gave him a groundnut. Obama becomes the president. Hillary refused the gift. My dad was so powerful
that he can get anything done. He loved milking.
No I will not tell you. If you wish for aroma, try incense.
Stop this nonsense! – It works just fine.
– A big hand. Listen..
My name is Ghatotkach. – Try to learn my name!
– I will. If we have to get
Reddy out of the picture.. ..then he is the man to do it. Stop. You go over there. – Where?
– To the toilet. His father was normal
but he is quite something. Two shots in one go. Seeing him it feels as if
he is invoking his animal spirit. Talk with respect. If he hears you ranting
he will burn you. A pyromaniac? I will turn in a ghost
and have my revenge. He does small voodoo tricks. He uses animals parts
to perform his sorcery. He dries once he sits under a tree. He goes to the cremation
grounds and the souls cry in pain. He gets his power from his dad. Is his father a power bank? He father ate a lot of
tobacco and gathered tobacco. He used to smoke a lot. His mouth ran like a chimney. – Why is he dancing?
– It is his battle dance. His father trained with Bruce Lee. Why do you meddle with us?
Why are you here? I am not here to meet you. The old flea from the
old banyan sits atop that man. His mind is wandering. Aunt Rehana is the aunt of witches. I am Akbar.
I wear shoes made of devil skin. I thrash my enemies! You there! You are useless! Mere words and no action. – We doubt your character.
– What did you say? – Is that so?
– Yes! See that bush over there. – I see.
– Meet me at dawn over there. What did you say? We must act at once. – If we want Wata..
– Silence! He must be asleep after
being up for all night. So he was watching
videos on his phone? What? [blabbering] You called me names! – No, you are not.
– No, you are not. Write the ingredients
required to kill Reddy. – Begin.
– We’ll ned some Okra. A gallon of mustard oil.
A cabbage. Two radishes. I’ll go and get
these from the market. – Not going to work.
– Why not? If you get it from
market it will be ominous. You will die instead of Reddy. We need okra from Belgium in a cart. We need mustard oil from Raigad. The cabbage must come from
Pakistan and radish from Multan. We’ll deduct the
expenses from your fees. – Do not shout!
– Sorry master. I will kill Reddy
by internation ghost. – Can you do something for me?
– Yes? Make a girl fall in love with me. Where should she fall from?
From an altar or from a cliff? – Master!
– Did I say something wrong? I want her to love me.
Do you not know that? I have a latest answer. Fall in her feet and beg for love. No one gives a dime
in alms let alone love. – I’ll turn you in a hamster.
– I am sorry. Only the ones who bow
to a woman can get a woman. – You have blessings from my dad.
– Hail of your father. Whose pictures are these?
Indian Hockey players? What are you saying?
People don’t know of them. They are the pride of our nation. So I thought of telling people
about these great personalities. I praise them before prayer. Since they did so much for industry. He also bows to them. Keep your hands off me,
for the girl! I am reminded of my friends
when I see these pictures. They all my Facebook friends. Hello. Do you know them? It is good that you are here.
He was making wild guesses. You there! They are my friends. I know all about them. You were born in India and
now in USA, you forget them all? – Tell me his name.
– Go on. He is on a horse! Side by me and you
will survive! Or die! I remember! He is Akbar-E-Azam
from Mughal-E-Azam. Amazing knowledge! I love Indian movies!
I always go for the first seat. – This guy sells tickets in black.
– No, I’m not. – You stop it now!
– Who is he? He has no clue. I am a priest. I do no evil, I let no evil happen. I remember. He is Allu Arjun. I have seen DJ – A priest and a criminal.
– So smart. So the stars will assume
the legends over here in history. That makes Ajay Devghn
as Bhagat Singh? He is done. You must be knowing this one here. An earring and a radiant face. A nice beard. He does not seem to be Ranbir.
He is Ranveer Singh. That is not it. You are in great trouble,
you know that, right? Stop laughing. The great warrior.
King Krishnadevaraya! The lion of the battlefield. He created history. That man over there
is Alluri Sitaram Raju. A great warrior of South.
He tortured the British. – This man is almost done here.
– Quiet. This man is great Shivaji Maharaj. – Known as Chhatrapati.
– So it was his railway station. – It is named after him.
– It was Victoria Terminus earlier. Names are being changed
in India very often. Calling a waistcloth as
a towel does not make it a towel. Calling him wise
will not make him one. – Pooja, I’ll catch you later.
– I don’t think so. – We have a lot to do.
– Not the way I see it. Let’s go otherwise I’ll kill you. Thank you for saving
me from this lunatic. I am a bit crazy as well. Eyes up. Thank you. – Welcome.
– Welcome. Thank you. Where is Reddy? – He is resting.
– In peace. – Move aside. Move.
– Honk Honk! Vice chairman of Fedo company. Mr. Vikram Talwar.
He is a famous man. He is here as a cheif guest. Come, Mr. Talwar. Greetings, I have heard
you are quiet a man here. Yes, he is quite famous. Speak well to this man. I care not for how I speak. Tell Reddy that this
is going to be a robbery. – WATA will make people
lose dearly. – Quiet! He will take your green card away. I will take his life. You will not understand. – Polard. Gayle.
– Yes, sir. Listen to me. Just as fire brigade
comes during a fire. – If there is trouble, there is me.
– So what? Unlike the season rains,
I come and go as I please. I do not understand. I will strike you down. I was just joking.
It was all an act. – I am an artist.
– Okay. What do you think of my act? No matter how much
of arrangements we do.. ..what if the main act fails? These people do not
work without money. They are no artists
but money grabbing fools. Aliya refused and she is
in South Africa for web series. – Even Malya has refused.
– So did Ranbir. How can that be?
We gave him a check post-dated. He would perform
once the check clears. Someone must me casting
an evil eye on us. You are doomed.
You got paid back for your actions. Quiet now! I will burn you up. If there is not a proper
dance on the final day.. ..we will have to dance. – Let us call Vidya Balan.
– Go ahead. I’ll dance.
It is fine if I do not get paid. I shall dance with her. You may go and pray. She had danced well
in Jamnadas’s event. I have quite a name in dance. This show is super hit. Dandekar. What is the profit? Let me tell you.
A sum of 1,00,000 USD. We will be so rich. – Cheers!
– Cheers! This alcohol paid for with
black money and it will not be fun. It will. I praise you all. Welcome! Welcome! Here for free drinks.
Tell me what you seek. – A large peg.
– Give it to him. You there. You said you will have
us caught and arrested. Now you come to us
and share in our joy. I would not get heaven
if I tell on you. Only the weak tell on others. That fatso does not know
that you are in our team. He kept the guests for free. We charged guests
for 500 USD and GST. Did you see that, Javdekar? You called him as uncle
all the while deceiving him! And you ruined him. You were a true kid, right?
Why do you do so? Nothing matters more than money. I give him a capsule everyday. It can ruin an elephant’s kidney. Once he falls, he dies. Actions have consequences. Important thing. They are all fools. They will easily trust people. The bank has robbed them so much. They want to be robbed. They will not know
even if take their clothes. The English robbed
them and now we rob them. One more secret. We charged them for English liquor but we get these bottles
from scrap and.. You are here for free drinks?
Get lost! Gayle! Polard! They are gone! You switched sides. I am an Indian politician. I keep changing sides. I punish the liars
and make them suffer. I need the accounts
for the last three years. They siphoned off money
from you to start a ladies gym. They bled you dry
while taking your money. I need my money back
in my account in a week. – Chatekar.
– Sir. I am about to get a stroke
due to their betrayal. If I die,
you are the president of WATA. Thank you. I am doomed! I am ruined! It hurts, right? Even you were thrashed
because of us. I do get beaten a lot in this trade. When you were being thrashed
your dad must be watching you. – So did he not save you?
– It must be scared. My dd may not come
to help but Reddy will die. You may kill him later.
First let us kill that man. – Someone is taking revenge
on you folk. – Quiet boy! I will deal with
them both in my own way. Do it. One more thing. – Tell me.
– It is about Pooja. I am a sorcerer. Do not call Pooja. – I am talking about the
girl that I love. – Then? Then have a drink and tell her. She will die but never accept her. You may hold a rank of
boss but you are a fool to us! Lower your head. You gave me this rank. I will push you. You. Keep talking. Dad, stay on line. Tell her at 7:36 a.m. Priest. The one treadmill. It is her. – I will go and tell her.
– It is not time yet. Hey, Baby. You are looking great. Will you come to liberty garden?
Let us have some. Having it right all night. – Trust me.
– Trust me. Trust me. It is about one night! – Trust me.
– Trust me. – Don’t say no.
– Trust me. We’ll ensure privacy. – Look behind.
– Trust me. – Trust me.
– Trust me. Trust me. – Trust me.
– Trust me. – Trust me.
– Trust me. All right. Bless me. – We’ll enjoy together!
– Trust me. Trust me. Dear God! Let us go! Priest! Priest! He is gone! No! What have I done? Take me with you, Dad. Why did you run from there? I was going to pray for you. You told me about the right time. It was the Indian time.
This is USA. – Why did you not tell me earlier?
– Well, I told you now. You are right. – She is troublesome.
– Give me a way. Find another one or people
will have to find you. I want her. I will not ignore nine
good habits for one bad habit. I will turn her violence in love. I will have gym in my heart for her. Let me go and pray for you. – Yes, priest.
– Blessings to you. Dear God! I thrashed them so badly. – This is scary.
– Go to a doctor. I checked at asylum, and at google. I asked the beggar and everyone. – Cut to the point.
– Yes. I have found the best psychiatrist. There are his flyers
in all metro stations. He has helped aliens. I have not slept for five
days to get his appointment. Why such an effort? Marry me and repay the favour.
I will not mind. Come now for check-up. He will be going to
Mars to see a patient. You will be fine with him. Jesus is always with you. Happy Easter. Happy Easter.
Tell me what are you doing? I am Anthony. Dr. Anthony Marlo. Marlo, I know you are Akbar.
Stop this act. Who is Akbar? I am Dr. Anthony. Ladies special. A degree from Bangkok.
It is on the board. Is it Marlo Anthony? A double role? – Does it really happen?
– I’ve seen that in movies. Okay. He seems like a twin. Sit down, dear. Her name is Pooja and
she has someone in her mind. Nice name.
What is the problem? I feel something when I see you. Have you been to market? I have been there. He is trouble again. I have some trouble. Do not worry. Speak freely. No secrets between
a doctor and his patient. If you keep it from me.
You would be dead soon. Relax. He is a doctor. I feel the same. He is not Akbar. Truly said. Had it been Akbar,
his tone and manner would differ. His body language
and language has changed. – Doctor. I am fit.
– Yes, my child. – She is the patient.
– Nice. She looks so calm and
she fights all of a sudden. Pooja, show him the video. Sir no one can fight like that. Look at that. She beats everyone to pulp. Dangerous. – I need to talk to patient.
– Okay. You all may wait outside. – How long do we have to wait?
– Go and ask them. You are useless. – You also.
– Move the leg. I am sorry. It is a lost case. Dandekar, the doctor is calling you. She has a grave problem. Dissociative identity disorder. The same where people
have more than one persona? Exactly. Yes and not. She is not completely taken in two. The other half does come to light. The day she met me
she will start healing. – Thank you, Doctor.
– Doctor should thank me. And why is that? I brought you a patient. You have a great illness. He has eczema? Pooja is a bit crazy
but he is insane. Send him to asylum. He used to take a rose to college
but ended up in friendzone. He has lost a lot
of money for the girls. I knew he is stupid. I am fine. My child, you too are ill. There you go. – What is it?
– He is a dimwit. Right you are. Why did it catch him? Bad company. People who are fraud. He also goes to the bar. Quiet. Tell me, how will Pooja be healed. I will treat her in solitude. To ger from violent to silent,
she has to fall in love. – She has lost it in my love.
– One way street, pal. It can both ways.
She is under influence. So please spray two
drops of cow urine on her. I will do anything for her. I am here for her.
I’ll heal her in two days. I am strong and mighty. We are all strong. Happy Easter. Pooja, doctor told
me the way to heal you. If you refuse him, you will be lost. I have to tell you something
I told not one. Even my parents. Even I have something to say. Amazing. You may go first. Ladies first. Tell me. I love someone else. – Who is he?
– I do not know. – Where does he live?
– I have no clue. Nonsense! This is America. We can find food easily
but not true love. Do you know the meaning of love? One who gets you warm
water for your bath. One who massages your feet
discreetly after you sleep. This is love. I will give you true love. I will be your chef. I will prepare dishes
for you all week long. And I need one thing in return. Your trust. Yes, trust me. I beg you to trust me. The world relies on trust. Trust is divine. One whom you cannot trust
is not worthy of being a man. So first, you must trust. I trust you. I trust you. I love you. I love you. In the meditation hall,
you need medication. What happened? The doctor will ask the same. You may hear it then. You were beaten by a girl. Darn you. You seem to be enjoying. I do indeed. – I will thrash you once I am better.
– No.. May the Lord bless you. Did you run into a truck? Where did you learn your skill? I never saw you act serious. Let me begin. When I went in.. Success! How is that success! I am beaten badly. No, Child. You have got nothing. One does endure a lot
of pain on the path of love. She will be impressed
seeing you in pain. So if I marry her, I will die. No, dear.
People also have to go in coma. Think of it. If a mosquito
bites her, will she kick her out? Or will she thrash the bug? I do understand what you are saying. If you wish to marry her in a day then you have to brace for impact. I am powerful. You are mighty. – We are all strong.
– We are all strong. Happy Halloween. Look over there. Today, I will offer the withered
flowers of the park on your grave. Easy there. What are you doing? You are the same
man that I met in WATA? – Akbar?
– Yes, I am Akbar. What is going on? Balwant,
there was a blast at the park. – What?
– I barely survived. Akbar saved my life. – The one from WATA?
– Yes. – Come here at once.
– ‘I am on my way.’ – Is this yours?
– What is this? You put the bomb there. ‘You killed my family.’ ‘You breached the
trust of the family.’ ‘You took Aishwarya from me.’ ‘Goodbye, Vikram!’ ‘Forever.’ ‘Two have been killed.
Two more to go.’ Chandu, look over here. – He has lost the ring.
– Yes, sir. The CCTV footage shows
Akbar saving Vikram. You are right for the first time. Vikram told me of
this over the phone. ‘There was a blast in
the park and I was running.’ ‘I lost my balance
but Akbar saved me.’ If I reach Akbar
and find another clue.. ..then your salary will be doubled. Dear, those people are scary people. You have to very careful. I know. That is why I am
not the old Aishwarya. I call myself as Pooja now. I am still alive, dear.
Do not worry. All right, Uncle. – Hello, Rose. Marley.
– Good morning. – Doctor! Doctor!
– Relax. – I am in trouble.
– What happened? Pooja is at Times square. So why are you worried? She said she will
be home late at night. – I see.
– She will be there with her lover. – Come with me. – If I go with you
it will take even more time. You know she can
turn violent anytime. – Sedate her and calm her down.
– I had forgotten. Maybe you should see a doctor.
Come on now. Stop staring. She is right there. She looks like a statue. Someone put some milk on
her thinking of her as a deity. – You are right.
– Make her love me. She must think of me all the time. That she should
fall in love with me. – I’ll try.
– Good boy. If you do this for me,
I’ll give you a hospital. ‘Dad!’ ‘You four will hold 20
percent of company shares.’ ‘Each one gets five percent.’ ‘Tomorrow it is my son’s
birthday and we have a party.’ You all have to come. It will not be easy for
us to kill them all together. I write the end
before the beginning. We held 20 percent of shares. Soon we will hold all. How is that? In the birthday party tomorrow,
that family will die. Happy birthday to you! You like Aishwarya
more than your mom? From this day on,
these folk are our family. Just as you had given Fedo
rings to Mr. Sanjay, and Jalaal you may give them the rings as well. Okay. May you live long. Tommy! Come here! Where are you going? Stop! Tommy, stop! Tommy, stop! Tommy, what are you doing? I want you back! Tommy, stop! It cannot be! Mom! Dad! ‘I went to WATA
to 17th of September.’ ‘I stayed there till 21st.’ ‘I killed Vikram Talwar on 22nd.’ ‘I do not know what
happened on 23rd and 24th.’ ‘I have no memory.’ ‘Tomorrow is the 25th.
Dad’s birthday.’ ‘I’ll go to meet dad tomorrow.’ ‘I miss him a lot.’ ‘My dad likes rose.
I will take it with me.’ We gave such money and yet you fail. He has tasted blood.
He will kill us all. – I will kill him.
– What did you do till now? Sir, I told you to do
good and not just look good. Quiet now! Tomorrow is 25th September. You may have forgotten
but I have not. Tomorrow is Anand Prasad’s birthday. You think of me as
a simple cop but I am not. Tomorrow he will
be there to offer a rose.. his father’s grave
and I will catch him. I swear on it. ‘Guys, when FBI
is hunting someone..’ ‘..they gather all key
intel and use all connections.’ Over there! No! You! Cut him off! Do not let him escape! Do not let him escape! ‘Only my family knew that
Mr. Anand liked roses.’ ‘So Amar..’ ‘Happy Birthday, Uncle.’ ‘Bless me that I find Amar.’ ‘May Amar be safe wherever he is.’ – Balwant.
– Tell me. – Did you get him?
– I am chasing him. I need a video call
after you kill him. I wish to see his face. – Where are you?
– Alley behind the white house. He survived! I survived! Had it not been a bullet
proof car I would be dead! – Go and kill him.
– Do not leave the car! – Doctor.
– Who are you? What are you doing here? You are Akbar? No, he is not Akbar. He is Anthony. Dr. Anthony. – Are you sure?
– Yes. People do get confused.
They look the same. I am Pooja and I am his patient. Just a minute.
Doctor, may I speak to you? Akbar and Anthony. Amar, Akbar and Anthony. Can these three be the same person? Doctor, when I take the
pills at night, I cannot.. Doctor! Doctor! ‘Who placed the second bouquet?’ ‘He survived yet again.’ ‘I must make another plan.’ ‘What is happening to me?’ ‘Who brought the second bouquet?’ ‘Can it be Amar? Akbar or Anthony?’ ‘Are they the same
man or different people?’ ‘I must find out.’ ‘Why do I keep blacking out?’ ‘After hearing a glass
shatter Amar turns into Akbar.’ We are all very strong. ‘Seeing a mental patient,
he tuns to Dr. Anthony.’ What happened, Amar? I am not Amar. I am Dr. Anthony. Where is my coat? Are you wearing it? ‘By hearing an explosion
he turns to Amar.’ ‘Dissociative Identity Disorder.’ ‘There was a terrible
reason behind this illness.’ ‘That lady thought I was Dr.
Anthony.’ ‘FBI called me Akbar.’ ‘Who am I?’ ‘Criminal may be cunning and brave.’ ‘I will put him in prison.’ ‘Dad used to say that
when we are on trouble..’ ‘..then nothing in
the world can help us..’ ‘..except our own courage.’ ‘If one has courage,
one can reach goals..’ ‘ even crossing mountains.’ Come over here. A couple of burgers.
Some noodles along with it. A couple of Pizza slices.
And what he is having. – He will eat it all.
– I’ll bring all we have. May Devil bless you. – What did he say?
– He was worried for your digestion. – He did not say that.
– He say that. I would have turned him in a snake. – We got it.
– Care for some ‘Jaljira’? Why do you need that? I need something to help me digest. – Hello. Good morning, sir.
– What about my money? We are here with financer. We will give you the money
after we take the kidney. Send it today. This is the last warning. You had four days. You said he would die in three days. – He is enjoying.
– What should I do? – Jump around now.
– What do you mean? You got me the wrong stuff.
Your fault. What do you mean?
We got what you asked for. Tell me what was that again? We got Okra from Belgium
in a truck as we had no money.. Stop right there. A peacock will not hatch
from the egg of a chicken. – Yes you are right.
– Try to understand me. Listen to me.
Record what he says and send it. Or else the magic won’t work.
Make haste. It is not easy. – Fool.
– Where is the meal? Dear, I have always seen
you smiling since you were a child. And seeing you sad, I feel so bad. Since I had found
out that Amar is alive.. will to live has risen. Whenever I remember that foul day,
my soul shivers. Jalaal, give me the drink. You are already drunk. Please stop. The kids are playing for now.
Just for today. Please get it, Jalaal. Tommy, stop! Amar, wait for me. Tommy! Amar! – Sabu, begin.
– Yes. The time is right. One explosion is enough. Heaters do blow up in this weather. I have placed the gift over there. It has four slabs of RDX. One is enough to
burn down the house. Today, both the families will die.
Trust me. The entire line will be done.
Trust me. We shall own Fedo. Trust me. Dear God! Mom! Dad! Amar! Amar! Mom! Dad! If you tell them we will kill you. I miss my parents.
How will we live now? When we are bound in trouble
and nothing seems fine.. ..only one thing can help us.
Courage. The house where there
was joy all around. A house filled with laughter.
Now it reeks with death. We are sorry to hear that,
Mr. Jalaal. They had always helped others. They never hurt anyone in life. We do not understand
why this happened to them. – Dear, do you watch Doraemon?
– Yes. Would you like to meet him? Why should I? Since Doraemon lives
your parents over there. They wait for you at dinner. Truly, sir? Trust me. Go over there. Aishwarya! – Aishwarya!
– Aishwarya! – Aishwarya!
– Aishwarya! Did you see Aishwarya? I saw her going to the woods. She said her parents live in there. And that they wait for her. Mom! Dad! – Aishwarya!
– Aishwarya! – Aishwarya!
– Aishwarya! – Aishwarya!
– Aishwarya! Mom! Dad! Are you all right? Let us go. Why did you come here, Aishwarya? That man.. If you say anything,
I will kill them all. We did kill their parents with ease. The kids will take some time. Well said. You have to admit. Quite a move. These kids will soon die. And pass their property to us all. Once the kids die,
Fedo will have no owner. And then we shall
take over the company. Amar! Aishwarya! Amar! Amar! Open the door! Amar! Aishwarya! Amar, wake up! Wake up! Amar, wake up! Wake up! Aishwarya! Aishwarya! Wake up! Oh God! Come with me! At once! Come on now! Hurry up! Stop! Darn it! Go get the car! Aishwarya,
are you telling the truth? Yes, Amar.
They said they will kill us all. If I tell anyone. I will not spare
them when I grow up. You must not spare them.
Let us wait for the right time. I have to protect you both for now. We will go straight to Detroit. No matter what happens,
we tell no one about us. Neither our name nor our background. Uncle, Coffee.. Your coffee. I have to run in hiding
as I owe a lot of money. The girls cannot see me. It seems that have come together. What is it? Did you recognize me? I will tell you.
He has mutton shops in the area. He will chop you
up and feed them all. – Move your hand.
– What do you think of me? – I was born here.
– This is my car. – What?
– You think of me as a poor man? I have paid for it
in full and in cash. So why did you not pay us back? Why do you worry? This is my car. – You may sell it and take the cash.
– Now leave. Not like that. Give me some money. – Why is that?
– Do you expect me to walk back home? Give me the keys. I’ll take the car. Stop! Take the fare. It had quite a mileage.
I just had it tuned. What a pain!
He will not give us the money! It’s impossible. Correct! This is not the key! Bobby tricked us again! I am saved today. I must buy a coat. I have to run now. Who are you? Sir, we are from same land. – Please help me.
– Who were they? People that I owe money to.
My name is Bobby. I live here without visa. – That is my strength and weakness.
– Tell me. Once I meet someone
I take loan from them.. ..I think that I can double
it gambling, but I lose. I owe a million dollars. I won’t even live that long. My passport is held. My life is worse
than a struggling actor. I am penniless,
homeless, hopeless and jobless. I will give you a job. Thank you, sir. What is the job? – Babysitting.
– Who is the baby? It is me. Stop fooling me. You have to keep an eye on me. I am not exactly sane. I am very rich. I will pay you a huge sum in salary. Listen to me now. You will tell me
what you have to do. I start working from now. I can see that you are driving now. This must have a high rent. What do you work for? You may roam around
everywhere in this house.. – ..but not in this room.
– Is your wife in there? Sorry sir. Freshen up, let us go eat. Can I get something
to drink before I eat? I’ll give you a lot to drink. He is a rich guy. I’ll take money from him as well. I’ll poison him one day. Then I will sell his
house and gamble with it. I never win so I
will be homeless again. Please come. Be seated. How would you like your drink, sir? – Large?
– That is it. Had I been this rich,
I’d never drink water, only alcohol! How do you control? Cheers! We are friends now. Get to the point. It is my first day at work.
Tell me something about you. – Ask me.
– What is your name? – Amar.
– Past life? No clue. Let us begin from
your favourite food. Dal Tadka,
Baigan Bharta and cupcakes. – Favourite movie?
– ‘Badle Ki Aag’. Action movies. – Favourite actor?
– Sunny Deol. I like Bobby Deol. They are great actors. This is the problem with glass.
It shatters. It is good that I know how to clean. I have worked for
housekeeping for four years. I owe the some money. You did not even drink? – Who are you?
– The same guy! You mock me? Try to understand. I am Bobby. Who is Bobby? Where are my robes? Why am I in a vest? He is drunk, it seems. How did I get here? – This is your house.
– ‘What is he saying?’ ‘It seems he is drunk.’ ‘He forgets his house in two sips.’ ‘What if he forgets
me when it is time to pay?’ You there. Tell me. What is our bond? – We are friends.
– Friends, you say. So why did you address me as sir? I said I was sorry. You may not have heard me. You are drunk so soon.
I am not drinking alone. – Pour one.
– Go ahead. You must make one. Go ahead. What is wrong with you? Making a neat. He is doomed. Take it all. I will take this house. – Where is the pickle?
– Why is that? I need it with the drink. The pickle jar shattered. Do not eat that.
It will have glass shards. I lost my chain.
Give it to me if you find it. – I’ll go find it.
– Sleep well. He lost his memory. I will put his rooms for
rent and I will take the money.. ..then I will go
to Vegas and gamble. I will keep playing and losing. Vegas, I am coming. You went to sleep. Why are you back? – I doubt something.
– What is it? – Did we get along as friends?
– You want us to play? Seeing you laugh like
that I sense a doubt. – What is it?
– You are a bad man and liar. I was your best friend. Now that you are rich,
you forget me? Is that so? You know all about me. I know more than
you do about yourself. Why did I say that? What is my name on my pan card? Amar. Akbar! Tell me my complete name. Complete name? Jalaal Akbar. Usmaan Jalaal Akbar. Mohammad Bin Usmaan Jalaal Akbar. Your name keeps growing
like the debt I owe. Kingdoms change, names do not. It shall be on my tombstone. What should I do now? I will wear a shoe
made of your skin. Go ahead, it will be taken.
Do you know my debt? This is my house. – My house!
– It is Amar’s house. – Who is Amar?
– What do you mean? You were Amar before you drank. I should not have
given him a neat drink. Take a break and have a drink. Come. “May our enemies see us well.” “May our enemies see us well.” ‘We are very strong.’ ‘He is smiling after a peg.’ ‘Did he turn again?’ Let me play safe. Akbar, how are you feeling? Who is Akbar? You are back after the break. Welcome back, Mr. Amar. Amar? I am Anthony. Anthony Marlo. ‘Changed again? Is he an actor?’ Whose house is this?
Are you compounder? Compounder? No! This is your house.
We live together. We are roommates. I have come on a
home visit it seems. Happy Easter. Is your liver filthy? Are you planning to clean it? Stop drinking. Amar does drink and so does Akbar. – Who is Akbar?
– It is you. Prosopagnosia. – What is that?
– Your illness. I am not ill. You are. You are in trouble. You see the same person in everyone. I do feel that watching
a Chinese movie. – How to treat it, sir?
– Suck on a clove at night.. ..and stare at the sun at dawn. – Your eyes will be fine.
– It is good. ‘I must make a report to till Amar.’ – Your favourite food?
– Chicken. – Favourite movie?
– ‘Tan Badan’. It is a biological movie. – I am a doctor.
– You are a great actor. Bobby, I am feeling sleepy. Then fall asleep right here. Sleep well. Do not be worried. He said it was a
simple babysitting job. Had I known it is so difficult.. ..I would be gone in the wind. It seems they are
celebrating in America. – Why do you dance?
– Mr. Amar. – Do you doubt?
– I know what is wrong with you. How will you pay me? In Cash? What is wrong with me? You change all of
a sudden and switch again Then you are no longer Amar. You change persona. One likes chicken,
one is vegetarian. One likes action movies,
the other likes romance. – One is drunk and other does not drink.
– What do you mean? – An alcoholic.
– Is that so? Let me show you. Try drinking this. – I change after drinking?
– I am telling you. Drink it. Go on now. I greet you, Akbar. Who is that? Good morning, Doctor. Doctor? You said I go crazy
but you have lost it. One more minute. A Southindian girl fall
in love with Punjabi boy.. Come on, change. Come out. She was my favourite actress.
I still miss her. This did not work Someone else?
Madhuri? She makes my heart beat faster!
Listen to me. I am a crazy person. You have to find a way to help me. See a sorcerer. You are all that I have. Are you not trusting me too much? I assure you. You are broke now. Help me through this
and I will make you rich. Dad was right. It is difficult to earn money. Excuse me. We are FBI. Yes, sir. We are here to meet Dr. Anthony. Please come in. – You are Dr. Anthony?
– Yes. I am Dr. Anthony. Then who is he? He is Amar. A very nice guy. – How can you say that?
– Words! Doctor, Amar had suffered a lot. I am investigating that case. By your help I can
bring criminals to justice. Sure, officer. How do you know of Amar? It was about 14 years ago,
I was jogging in a park.. ..on a winter morning. There I saw two kids in trouble. They seemed to be
from a rich family. When I came back
they were still there. Hi. Who are you?
Why are you sitting here? Are you waiting for someone? It is not safe here. All right. Dear, the girl has a fever. She needs treatment.
Come on. Let’s go. Why do you worry?
I am a doctor. Jack, kids are here for admission. The forms will be filled later. Is the nursing staff here? – Yes, Doctor.
– Thank you. Who here thinks of
themselves as He-man? Good, right? Who amongst you think
yourselves as Cinderella? Unbelievable. It is nothing wrong
being sad and ill. Kids, always remember this. We are all very strong. And a few days later
I saw a strange incident. – Aishwarya!
– Aishwarya – Come out! Now!
– Let us go. – It will be fun! Trust me!
– Trust me! Trust me! – Trust me!
– Trust me! – Trust me!
– Trust me! – Trust me!
– Trust me! What did you say? Do not worry! I will not spare you! I studied Aishwarya deeply. She has a problem called
Dissociative identity disorder. What do you mean? Tell me. Multiple personality. Living as different people. Do not worry, Aishwarya. Amar cared for Aishwarya
more than I did. But one day,
I saw another strange thing. Hi, how are you all?
I am happy to see you. I want to ask you something. Who is the strongest here? Some people. But we are all strong. I am Dr. Anthony. I am very busy.
You may call me later. Amar. What is it? I am not Amar. I am Dr. Anthony. Do not disturb me. Okay. What do you mean by that? I knew it. Amar tool suffered from DID. I tried to analyse
the cause of the trouble. And it was their love. Seeing me trying to heal Aishwarya,
affected Amar. They have different tendencies. Aishwarya gets violent
but soon turns normal. But Amar.. He starts living it. He becomes a different
person altogether. Sometimes he acts like Akbar. It takes him a lot of time
to get out of that persona. No one knows what
he is and when it is. How can this be, Doctor? This is nothing. There is a patient Billy Milligan. He lives with 24 people within him. It could be someone
he read about, he met.. ..or he saw them once.
It could be any reason. It is a famous case of this country. Some specific triggers
that changed hm. What triggers? Like a certain sound,
certain face, aroma. It could be someone’s touch. And many other reasons. Before we could tell Akbar of this.. ..a paper published an
article of our charity trust. It had images of Amar and Aishwarya. That day a mental
patient came to us. He was no patient but a hitman. Hey! Hey! Aishwarya! Aishwarya! – Aishwarya!
– Stop! Let me go! He is over there! Amar chased after him
but he never came back. Years passed and I thought
the hitman killed Amar.. ..but after 14 years when I was
in Europe, my assistant told me.. ..that Amar came to rehab centre
and told us why he went missing. Do you know? I chased that
hitman who killed Aishwarya. I made him run. I was so angry. I then killed him. The cops took me to court. And we knew that he was imprisoned
for murder for 14 years. He donated a million
dollars to our centre. I wanted to come
here and meet Amar.. ..but I could not meet
him due to prior commitments. It is unfortunate. My assistant told me
that Amar acts like me. Amar had left till I got back. I felt bad seeing
Amar in CCTV footage. And I feel really bad
as I could not heal him. It hurts me deeply. If you are Anthony,
then who is Akbar? I was told that a man named
Akbar often came to rehab.. ..asking about Amar. But I never met him? Did that Akbar ever
ask about Aishwarya? No, he always asked about Amar. Can you tell us about
something else that happened.. ..the night Aishwarya died? Yes. The guy who lived across
Aishwarya’s room had run away. Can you tell me about him? I am sorry. He was an orphan. We do not know of him. Thank you, Doctor. Ask for me if you need any help. God bless you, my son. – Chandu.
– Sir. We will solve this
case once we find Akbar. Correct, sir. ‘There should be
a lamp post over here.’ ‘It is clear that Amar
killed Vikram Talwar.’ ‘So why did Vikram
say that Akbar saved him?’ ‘Who put a bomb in central park? ‘Now I understand.’ Sir, can I get a half day? I am sorry, sir. Today, I will tell the doctor. Doctor! Doctor! Why is he not listening? You there! Doctor! Do you live here? ‘Is he on the job as well?’ ‘What if he asks for money?’ Doctor. – Is he Akbar?
– ‘He knows Akbar.’ ‘Is he going to replace me?’ I better test it. Let me test him. He is Michael Jackson. A patient? No, he is Bobby. My assistant. It is confirmed. He is a doctor. Does not look like one. Doctor, please treat Pooja. Once she is fine, we’ll get married. Pooja? Who is she? Pooja, the one I love. I brought her to your clinic. How are you linked to her? Doctor, I love Pooja.
What are you saying? I remember it all. I am testing you. – Do not keep anything from me.
– Okay, Doctor. – I am telling you all.
– Yes. Look over there. Can get a DVD? This is no age of DVD.
Why will they give us the footage? Convince Pooja. She will help you. – Okay.
– Let us make it for tomorrow. – I can get Pooja and the footage.
– Amazing. Uncle, what do you think?
Will Amar be back? The Lord works in mysterious ways. Madam, where is Aishwarya? Uncle! Uncle! Aishwarya! My Aishwarya! Aishwarya! Dear God! Tell me, where is Amar? Amar! Amar! Aishwarya, why do you go there? – It is allotted to me.
– Forget that. It is my room now. – But..
– I will take it! That is it! Get lost from here! He kicked me out! I do not know where Amar is. Let us go and look for Amar. Amar! – Amar!
– Amar! Amar! ‘Amar had come to
look for Aishwarya!’ ‘Was he killed by the hitman?’ ‘I hope I am wrong!’ Amar has an illness where
he forgets his character.. ..and takes up another. Now we know about Anthony. Who is this Akbar? – Jalaal Akbar.
– Who is he? A close friend of family.
Think of him as Family. So that is it. That is why Amar turns into Akbar. There is one more trouble. Akbar comes to rehab
only to ask for Amar. Why does he not ask about Aishwarya? And second thing. Who placed the second
bouquet at Anand’s grave? If we think,
these questions are very different. But they could be linked
and we get the answer. I am sure that Aishwarya
is still alive. Our hitman burned Aishwarya
to death years ago. And Amar was jailed
for killing that hitman. Mr. Sabu Menon. I am an FBI Officer. You may not know but the body was
burned beyond any identification. The student in opposite
room was missing. I am certain that
this is no co-incidence. As per your intel. The 80 percent shareholders
of the company are alive. Find them at once. – Chandu.
– Sir. Put the intelligence
department to look for Akbar. – Immediately.
– Okay, sir. We are here. Careful, Pooja. – Pick her up, will you?
– Shut up! Control,
this is where the doctor lives. – Hi there.
– Hit the road. Cook some for her as well. – Pooja.
– So what should I do? – We are here to meet the doctor.
– The doctor? – Yes.
– His clinic is shut. – We met him yesterday.
– But you cannot meet him. – Is he Akbar today?
– I do not know. When will the doctor be here? He is never punctual.
He follows the situation. – May we wait here for a while?
– You got a lot of time? He is a patient as well.
Living with the doctors. Since when does thing get so red. – Pooja.
– Yes. This lunatic cooks for the doctor. Poor doctor. What is his name? Bobby. – Brother Bobby.
– Call me Bobby. You are free to rest.
Let me cook for you. – If you get hurt, it will be septic.
– How do you think? Bobby, you said doctor
comes as per situation. – I do not get it.
– Even I do not. – Try it once.
– Quiet! Even your parents
should have thought well! Dear God! I am bleeding. – Turmeric may help.
– Watch out for sepsis. Did you cook all this or order it? Taste it, will you? It is so tasty. It can bring a dead person
back to life. Trust me. The gravy is great to
go with the crepe. Trust me. Potatoes, here in America. Amazing! Trust me. Why are you getting so angry? Trust me. A girl would kiss
me after such praise. I said nothing wrong to you. Trust me. Trust me. Trust me. Trust me. Trust me. I suffered the same. It hurts badly. Let us go her. I am not going. You may go ahead We’ll keep our distance, – Come on!
– Come on! Is she relaxing or recharging? What happened? Did I thrash someone again? Darn it! What happens to me? Why do I keep doing this? I should be the one
crying and not her. I am sorry, Bobby. It’s fine Pooja. It happens. – Good morning, Doctor.
– Tell me. You look great in a t-shirt. Hi. Pooja. – Did you get the footage?
– I could not. I wanted to meet you and tell you. Not an issue. Bobby, who did that to you? Just like I was thrashed that day,
today Bobby had it. You flirted with her. I praised her food.
She bruised me good. Doctor will help you. Pooja has cooked for you. That is enough. Cupcakes. – ‘Mom, these are so tasty.
– Aishwarya made these.’ Splendid. I ate a lot of things
but never tasted such meal. The cupcake was great. It reminded me of my family. I will pray that you
find your family soon. Ones that we truly miss
do come to us, in life. I am not that good
to summon from afterlife. I am sorry. Time heals the greatest of wounds.. ..but some wounds only stop
hurting when the person dies. I pray to God that
you find the one you like. He had promised me. He never breaks his promise. And I live on that hope. ‘This case seems very complicated.’ ‘Using a remote gun,
Senator Sabu Menon was killed.’ ‘FBI is investigating the case.’ Cause of death is not determined.’ ‘We will keep you posted.’ Sabu lives here. ‘Sabu Menon will die here.’ ‘He will die right here
in the middle of street.’ ‘People die due to heart failure.’ ‘He will die due
to a closed street.’ ‘He will die for certain.’ There is trouble up there.
stay calm. What if I lose it? The man upstairs
loves his sister a lot. So what? It is good. His sister had four
breakups and seven divorces. She is his life. – What if we upset her?
– They will kill us. – Why are we here?
– Toys. Get me a toy. Such security at a toy shop? Get inside. – Drugs are being sold here.
– Silence. – Michael.
– You are Amar. Johnson, told me. What do you need? I need a toy. – Peter, take him down.
– Okay. – I’ll be going.
– Come. It has garlic in the soup. – Remember what I told you?
– I do. I must not look at the sister. This is for 10 grands.
This is for 50 grands. The huge one for a million. – May I try?
– Sure. – The one with the stand?
– It is an automatic weapon. – And this gun synchronizes
with gadgets. – Is that so? Do you like it? – You there! What is your name?
– Bobby. What will you do if your name is John? This name does not suit you. What should I do now?
Change my name? Bobby, look at her
when talking to her. He told me not to look at her
while he wants me to look at her. It seems she is still not married. Who will marry her if she
dresses like that in knickers? – What did you say? What is it?
– What did I say? You said the N word.
How dare you said that? I said knicker! That is what it is! What did you say? Sir, he is the one
we have been looking for. Who? Amar? I am not Amar. I am Akbar. Save me, sir! Why do you hold the gun?
Just shoot him. You came for guns.
Buy them and get going. You wanted to buy toys
but they sell guns in here. It is illegal to sell guns.
I’ll call the cops. Akbar, save me. Leave him. He is Johnson’s friend. He has some trouble. Let him go. You there!
Tell your mom to change your name. No way! Are you insane? I do not want to dress in knickers! You dare mock my sister.
You! Change his face! He is an evil man! Kill him. You brought me here
and now you leave me to die? Leave me be. I do not know him. Open the door now. Akbar! Please stop! I ask you! I do not want to marry her. I will end up having black kids. You are not going anywhere. You dare mock my sister! Bobby! Don’t worry, guys.
Someone was testing guns. Relax! You! Stop! Michael! – He is my friend.
– I will kill him here. I said knickers
and they misheard me. Shut up, Bobby. Michael, this is a misunderstanding.
He is my friend. – Please let him go.
– It is this time. – Because of you.
– Thank you. – Are the goods ready?
– Yes, are you sure. Certain. I need to send a birthday gift. Listen to me. I am useless now. I give you the hill behind Pentagon. What is wrong with you?
Giving away land grants! Get the car. Sorry, sir. We got a flat here. I’ll take time to fix it. Let us take another. This is risky.
The car is not bulletproof. Not an issue, Balwant. I have to catch a flight. – I do not have much time.
– But.. Hurry up. Amar! Amar, he is leaving! Shoot! What happened? Amar! Amar! Merry Christmas!
I am Anthony. Anthony Marlo. Where is my coat? You have forgotten yet again.
Come with me. – Dear, no bedroom.
– Please stay right here. You want to begin
new year in a great way? You there! – Why did you stop the car?
– Because I hit the brakes. Why did you hit the brakes? They were being naughty. Stop this nonsense and move the car. I cannot move it before 12:12 p.m. I have to wait for the right time. The target is fixed. I am telling you to move
the car or you will suffer. Do you believe in astrology?
Is that why you say so? I will not move. What will you do? Kill me? Slap me? Shoot me?
Go ahead! I am right here. Wow! Good shot! What happened? – Oh my God!
– I have hit the target! I have hit the head! I have won! Did you fire the shot? I have been trying for over a year. Today I have succeeded. I have won the game. What are you saying? The video game. Kill the senator,
kiss the secretary. I have been plying
this since I was a kid. Today I have succeeded. I was speaking of that murder. What? This is no game but remote.
It fired the shot and hence he died. What? You killed him using the
remote and confessed the crime. Sir, I have not even killed
an ant let alone murder. I will never play any games. I am going to back to India. You! ‘It is strange, all officers
investigating senator’s death..’ ‘..hail from India.’ ‘We now know that he died
by a remote operated gun.’ I am dead! – Tell me, where is Amar?
– Beat me all you want. If Mr. Amar goes to prison
I will not get the money. Tell me. Answer me or I will thrash you. I tell you sir. I tell you. Every morning, in harsh sun,
play your mobile game.. ..while basking in the sun.
Then you will be married for sure. Senator Sabu’s murder
is being investigated. We will let you know
once we find something. How are you? Mr. Lelekar,
why have the FBI called for you? – I am going to help the FBI.
– What? – Be seated.
– I will. What is all this? You needed my help
so you should send a car. He is Lelekar. He will save us. Looks serious. He has put up quite a show. He has a presence. What if he gets thrashed like us? It will be fun. He is very tight lipped.
He will stay shut. Tell me, why did you
puncture the senator’s car? I do not care whose car it is. I fill the tyres of the car 77. It is 77. Abdul did a great work. Seven is lucky for me.
I have a tattoo. Take a look. – Are you wearing a sweater in there?
– No! – I named him.
– Good. Do you know?
It feels great when he is beaten. I can see that now. I am doomed. – Did you puncture the tyre?
– At 6:00 p.m. Lelekar.
You will be in trouble soon. Find a car which
is registered as 77. And puncture the tyre. The next suspect comes walking. Can you tell me,
why you have been called? I was hurt to come here. No one in my family ever
entered a police station. Do you know that? Officer, tell me.
How can I help you? Why did you block 7th Avenue road? Did your father name it for you? I pay road tax. The government fined
me and I paid the fine. End this matter here. Once he gets hit he will be quiet. – I named him.
– And he named you. Due to the route being
diverted he was killed. Is that so? Where is he buried? Look what he is saying. Why did you kill the senator? What senator? Which murder? Do not trick me. You planned this with
Dandekar and Lelekar. My friends could do that
but I come from good family. My ancestors worked for the Mughals. Now you will suffer. I am from a reputed family. He is the son of a masseuse. What is wrong with you?
Did they trouble you? You will know trouble soon. Tell me, why did you block the road? I loved blocking since I was a kid. – Is that so?
– Yes. Who is Mangal? I am not telling you. If you pay me then.. Did you not see
‘No Entry’ over there? I did. – Don’t hit. Go back Simon. Free Indian.
– Hit him hard. He is big fat skin. Hit him hard. – I am sorry!
– Tell me the truth! I am telling you. You want to have good luck,
am I right? So clean the Shephard road
and put the step in a truck. And put the truck
in Alley 7 in the middle. Now comes Paul for inquiry. He sways as he moves. Even evil witches are scared of him. Why have you been called?
Did you kill him? What is this? People call me to ward off ghosts.
Some call me for pest control. I cleanse sins. The cops have called
me for the same reason. Lelekar, they have mocked me. Stop it! You have insulted us all! – You called me cheap.
– You do look like it. Calm down, you will be at peace. With some company. Quiet, Dad! She will surely come. An officer tried
to harm me before you.. ..and he suffered from
an illness as he touched me. Why did you do such a thing? I always go for major deals. I have given widows new husbands. Gave the old, the power of youth. And performed last
rites of all old men. Why did you kill the senator? What are you saying? I can bring bad luck
on people but not any murder. If you do not trust me, hear me out. Ugandan president
called me for help. Since I left,
they are suffering in poverty. ‘His eyes are scaring me.’ Tell me! Tell me! He is very strong! So was his father! Never gave in! – What is it?
– I named him. He should not escape!
He should suffer as well. Who are you?
Why did you come from India? – I am a totem vendor.
– What? Black magic, sir. Who were you planning to kill?
The senator, right! The senator! Stop it, please. Had I known back magic
would I be beaten by you? – He does not know magic!
– I only look dark. – He tricked us!
– I know nothing of dark arts. Sir, he must have
used some other magic. Do not say anything. I cannot kill someone.
I can barely do any chore. It is someone else. – Tell me his name.
– Akbar. Akbar. It is all his doing. You there. I do not know what
your skill set is. They follow you and
you will follow me. I will give you 50 grand. Take it. I would never let go of such money. Fool. Chandu. Come I need some massage. – Let me help you.
– Shut up! Do you not know any dark arts? – I do not know.
– So how did the tree wilt? I poured acid. What? – Chandu.
– Sir. He used these pawns well. They are tools for him. He played it safe causing
no doubt on anyone. He did a perfect crime. Now we will reach
the killer by their help. Will we be beaten again? Do you know now about the truth? – Yes.
– Good. Now get him to us in 24 hours. You do not know me. I can make even the
dead confess their crimes. You all will end up dead. Amar! Amar! Amar, stop! Where are you going? Doctor! Hi! – God bless you, Baby.
– I was coming to meet you. My friend is hosting a party. I would be happy if
you come to the party. – Sure. Happy Easter.
– See you there. – You said the doctor looks like Akbar.
– Yes. They look the same
but act different. Bobby, he does not
know about Amar and Akbar. Even I do not know. I have an idea.
Let Akbar go to hell. Let us get the doctor
and hand him over. Simple. You said a wise thing for
the first time. I appreciate. Pooja has sent a text. ‘There is a party
tonight at 7:30 p.m.’ ‘I will dance with you and
Dr. Anthony will be there.’ You there. – Say my name!
– Listen up. This is the best chance
to get the doctor. Oh my God! I must save the doctor
to save my lover Pooja. I must save Amar for the money. Once I get it, he may die. – Please come and dance.
– It is fine. I’ll be watching. He is not Dr. Anthony.
He is Akbar. – Lelekar. Call the FBI.
– What is it? Hello, sir. We have found Akbar. Sending location. Nab him quick. You! He is running! Get him! Stop! Welcome, sir. We risked our lives
to catch the criminal. – Where is he?
– Here we go. Hi, boys. Who is he? We suffered a loss
while catching his boss. We tried to get his
boss in dark but he came in. So where is his boss? Amar is his boss. Give me number of your boss. ‘If I give him the
number I lose Pooja.’ He does not have
the number of his boss. So who would have
the contact of his boss? Give you phone. I don’t have. – Password.
– Face ID. Do not say my name! I got our address from
FBI and I apologise for delay. I killed your friends
but you survived. We found out why you came back. That Aishwarya is alive. Balwant. There is no room for doubt anymore. It is proven now. Aishwarya is alive. The fear in his eyes says it all. And I have seen fear
of death in your eyes. When Vikram died,
I thought it was an accident. Sabu’s death made me believe
that something is hunting you. And it is confirmed
that Amar is alive. I wanted to see this fear on you. He will finally have
his revenge on you. Pray to your deity. Your end has begun. The weak seek God. Tell us about Aishwarya
and I will spare you. You stabbed your
friends in the back. I would gladly die for them. I will never tell you where she is. – Kill me!
– I do not need an answer from you. This is a digital age. Aishwarya baby. We have the number. Balwant. – Hello, Uncle.
– Your uncle had an accident. What happened? Where is he now? He is feeling better now. Tell me your address. My men will be there to pick you up. – Who is it?
– The friend of your dad. I am Karan Arora. He was a good friend
of mine but I killed him. I ruined your family
and destroyed it all. But I am sad that I could
not reunite you with family. But soon I will do it. Let me tell you a
good news before you die. Aishwarya is alive. One more thing. Your uncle Jalaal is
alive and here with me. Want to see them? Come to me. Where do I have to come? 99-75 Shackleton. Balwant. I will kill them in a manner
that will be so terrible. Do not make this mistake. You will suffer if you try
to kill them before each other. He is very dangerous. Shoot him once he arrives. We have Aishwarya and
he will come to save her. But he will not leave alive! No, Balwant!
I have to make him suffer. Arora, thanks for being alive. Had you died, I would
come to kill you in afterlife! I will bury you. You can never kill me. I have a long life. Fate decrees it. Be that as it may
but I will end your life. I told him to shoot this
man at once. He is insane. Are we to play baseball here? Shoot him! Shoot him! What are you waiting for? Give me the ring. Come on now. Take it. Leave me! Give me one reason why
I should let you live now. You killed my family. – You burnt my house down.
– No! It is because of you
people do not trust others! Do not forget that
I hold Aishwarya captive! Let me go or else you will suffer! A bound pet cannot roam wild. Chandu, if Aishwarya is
here why did Karan not take her? I am not Aishwarya! I am Nancy! You traitor! Sir, tell me.
How do you feel being hit by a girl? What else will she do? Idiot! Why did Nancy turn out
here instead of Aishwarya? Nancy, where are you? – Near the bridge.
– Thank God. Reach the 9/11 memorial. Wear a blue jeans and white shirt. Make it fast, Nancy.
I’ll stay in touch. – Aishwarya is in trouble.
– Okay. – Hi, are you Aishwarya?
– Yes. – We are here for you.
– Okay. – Darn it!
– Sir, what about our trip? Rajbir made me kill
journalist Robert. I got no penny and they all died. One reason for all that. That Amar! I will rest when I have killed him. He will not escape me. Aishwarya’s birthday. – Doctor.
– I am sorry. I am no doctor. I am Amar. This is my house. Amar. Pooja, what is it? I am not Pooja. I am Aishwarya! Aishwarya! Your Aishwarya! Their search ends.
They will heal in time. They will be fine. Your Honour. Amar is no criminal. He suffers from DID. So it all happened. Your honour, the patient
does not know his character.. ..while suffering from this. They carry different persona. He doesn’t know what he is doing? It was not him when
he killed those four. God is great. This court sets Mr. Amar
free as an innocent. Why did you speak in his favour? ‘I had killed seven people
and I will kill you as well.’ Amar threatened me using this video, If I did not help him,
he will have me jailed. I think we should get
the camera phones banned. Then you will have
to speak to the president. WATA committee welcomes
the new chairman, Chetan Chindi. Greetings. He has washed hands. – How are you?
– I am fine. Good. And you? Dandekar, why are you crying now? – Welcome.
– These are tears of joy. Get me some water. Yes.. Yes, sir. What are you doing? – I was fooling around.
– Get back to work. – Quiet, Dad!
– Let me call your dad! No need for that. Stop this act at once. I lost all the money
Mr. Amar gave me. This is Loss Vegas not Las Vegas.

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