Amazing ABOX T22 HD Ready Mini Projector Play PS4, Watch Movies on 176 inch HD Screen

Amazing ABOX T22 HD Ready Mini Projector Play PS4, Watch Movies on 176 inch HD Screen

What’s up guys I’m Chigz and you are
watching Chigz Tech Reviews today I’ve got my hands on the latest T22 LED
Projector by GoobangDoo so this projector is a brand new model and
upgrade from the very popular T20 which I previously reviewed so let’s go
through the specs I’ll put the specs on the screen so you guys can have a quick
read so this is of course an LED projector the native resolution is 800
by 480 so this projector is HD ready and has
HDMI inputs the contrast ratio is two thousand to one this has an ultra bright
2,000 lumens the projection size is 32 inches to a massive 176 inches it’s very
energy efficient at 50 watts. Lamp life is 50,000 hours I’m quite excited to
test this projector out as it is the latest model and the projection quality
of this is going to be much better so this is everything you get in the box
beginning with an instruction manual HDMI cable a UK power adapter so this is
a composite AV connection in case you’ve got an old camera or PlayStation 2 on
some old device that you want to connect to this you’ve got a tripod screw to get
some elevations and here’s the remote control standard remote control that you
see in most TV boxes actually last but not least the a box T 22 projector if
you’re familiar with a box then you already know what the a box a3 is that’s
an Android TV box I previously reviewed it’s one of the first octa-core boxes
that I reread it’s still an awesome box so do check that product out so coming
back to the projector you’ve got some nice chrome buttons here navigational
okay power button back system and menu you’ve got over here logos over here you
have two dials one is to adjust the focus and one is for Keystone correction
here’s the lens cover and you can see that nice design this is a mini portable
projector and as you can see it’s nice and small and quite light too
so let’s have a look on the back you’ve got some vents that could be a speaker
you’ve got a power socket there and more vents which is great keep going here are
the connections you’ve got full-size SD card slot a 3.5 millimeter headphone
jack an AV port VGA port one USB and one HDMI input that is about it very
simplistic and nice design actually really like this
so with this projector you’ll be able to watch movies from SD card USB to also
via the HDMI port you’ll be able to connect your PlayStation 4 your ps3 or
xbox whichever game console you like you can also connect the latest Android TV
box to this Nintendo’s switch so the possibilities are endless you’ve got a
HDMI input here and that will output 1080p on the wall will be trying all the
functions out and we’re going to find out how good this projector really is
let’s get this all set up and I’ll be right back so just set up this projector
and I’m about one meter away from that one in front of you the image size on
the wall is right now roughly 32 inches I’ve got the lights on at the moment and
the image quality is very clear it’s very nice it’s very bright because 2,000
new mins is probably the brightest projector I have tested so far so I
could use this right now with the light on
so quite impressive I’m going to turn the light off now and show you guys a
difference so as you can see the light is off it made the image even clearer it
looks even better so so far I’m really impressed the first thing I want to do
is show you guys how big the screen can go in this room I’m in my hotel room
right now so I’m lacking of space ok so let’s just go ahead and make this screen
bigger so from 32 inches we’ve literally
covered the entire wall there we are now roughly three meters away from that
walls and the screen is a lot larger I would predict that above 80 inches
easily the screen quality is brilliant so far so now just sit back and let I’m
going to play a few movies games and video clips and you guys can see how
this looks on the big screen what is this place who are you people quite simply ten is one of the biggest
site so there you have it guys that was the ABOX T22 LED projector this is the highest spec projector I have reviewed
so far. The 2000 lumens and the 2000 to 1 contrast ratio helped produce the most
amazing projection image I have seen from these type of devices the projector
has 2 speakers built in giving you stereo sound and the sound quality was
actually very good you also had the option to connect your own speakers or
headphones by the 3.5 millimeter connection I can confidently say that
this is the best projector I have ever used so far and when you see the price
you’re going to be pleasantly surprised that being said I’ll leave the links in
the description so you guys can check this product out and if you like it you
can of course go ahead and purchase one for yourselves I hope you enjoyed the
video and found it useful thank you so much for watching and I hope you all
have a brilliant day

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  1. Looks really bright… even in daylight… another top review.. thank you… you unboxed one the other day.. that was 3200 lumen. waiting to see how they compare.. i know price wise it will be day and night.. but interested to see if you can see the differance between 2000/3200 lumen… 🙂 nice one.

  2. apart from the Nvidia Sheild what's the best box looking for oap's the cable and sky prices are affecting my inheritance lol

  3. Yet another great review Chigz…keep up the good work mate.
    Quick query- can I connect an android smart phone using a MHL cable?

  4. I could see the best 4 different projectors on amazon, could you please tell me which one I should need to buy

  5. All set up last night, a couple of problems with bottom corner blur, sorted that with keystone correction. An excellent buy 😀

  6. Chigz- currently using this projector and pretty happy with the performance…thanks to you for your review of this product…one query- How do I know that a new firmware/ software version is available to flash in the device? Is there any site/ forum wherein I can check for the same?

  7. I wonder why China manufacturer keep release new led projector but the native resolution still at 800×400?? why can't they release 1080p ?

  8. amazon ad says 50,000 lamp hours but when you get the item the box says only 30,000 hours. that is a 20,000 hour loss going by the ad with amazon compared to what it says on the box. another thing can you get a replacement lamp for this device and how much would it be? i hope the rest of the specs in the ad match what is on the box. i just got this 7-18-17 so i have not been able to try it yet. i am waiting on the screen i ordered. hope someone can explain why the difference in lite hours between the ad on amazon and what is on the box. 20,000 lamp hours is alot of light time to loose. just wondering.

  9. thanks for great reviews , i need your advice , I need a portable one because i am always traveling and want o watch movies in my hotel room I need brightness ,and at least 2h battery time and as well very portable and cost less than 200. what can you recommend . thank you

  10. I just bought one today. Already have a 100 inch screen. Question: Will I/Should I get an external speaker. If Yes, suggestions?!

  11. What was the name of the film from that first trailer? I've been googling and an't find a result. (thank you for the review)

  12. hi mate iam interested in this projector, your honest opinion, is it worth buying in terms of color sharpness. for watching movies and youtube in comparing to crenova projector xpe460, iam on a budget????

  13. Thank you for a quality review. I ordered one and am so excited! I got it for my bday present after returning a fancy ice cream maker. My bday is on December 23rd! I'm gonna show my papa (grandpa) when it's Christmas Eve or Christmas morning because he always does a slideshow on the tv! But he will be able to do it on the projector! It will be here on my birthday too!

  14. Hey man, cool review. Is there anyway to adjust the screen size without moving the projector? There is only one location in my apartment where I can place the projector, so I need one that can adjust screen size regardless of distance. If not, do you have any recommendations on projectors that can? Thanks!

  15. Great review Chigz I am looking to purchase one of these shortly would you say this is the best budget one you have reviewed so far?

  16. cant find a way to hook up an android (Samsung S6) to it. usb doesn't recognize it. what sort of cable is needed. when using external HD, movies have no sound either. annoying.

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