Amazing Mini DLP 4K Pocket Projector with Android – DIY Projector Screen

Amazing Mini DLP 4K Pocket Projector with Android – DIY Projector Screen

Hey, what’s up guys this Roy And welcome to a brand new video on this channel And today We have a smart projector a pocket-sized is my projector on this box And I get you from So today this video will find out what you get inside the box and find out how good or bad? This bigoted is so does Let’s get started and the positive term is really good design package and the top is written a is ninety-six V I think it is the model number It’s a DLP mini projector so guys. Let’s open it Inside this was in this lab will require. This is the projector itself There’s the ace 96 be protector It’s also support 4k Ultra HD On the top we have glass and on the back we have plastic and this side are metal finish and on this side we have a card reader slot then on the front We have okay and some name informations bottom back and menu button another side We have HDMI DC input two USB ports and a power on/off button and front side This is the speaker grille and this is the projector light at this is for the air ventilation now Let’s find out what we have inside this box Inside this box you get a remote get a nice remote power supply It’s a high bowl 2.5, and it’s 12.5 ott adapter, and we have a nice Tripod and then there’s a pause for carrying the projector and then put the projector like this My spouse awesome And we have our HDMI cable And here we have the user manual The projector has a good build quality and it’s feels really great on the hand is feel like a Premium device on the hand and the projector is near about same size as my 5 in Swami Mi5 phone on the top all of these buttons are capacitive touch buttons So this is the remote and inside this remote you get Our USB connector dongle you need to put two double A batteries This led is blinking It’s been trying to pair with the connected device on the top of the rim of Hebei on/off button Yet is up-down left-right arrow for negation oh Okay, and this is the mouse pointer back button volume down volume up And this is the menu and that’s it you get on the remote Then I made a DIY simple projector skin on my table, and it sounds not pretty good Mini is smart projector The positioner is self powered by Android 6.0. Which is pretty amazing? Also came with some pre-installed apps like YouTube Netflix top lip ears office Even you get Google Play Store, so you can download any app supported by the device It also has a 12 and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 So you can connect with any wireless device like Bluetooth speaker mouse bluetooth headset etc and Transfer speed over five gigahertz Wi-Fi network is near about pipe six Mbps Lewis is good enough for this kind of device This projector also support miracast, and I successfully cast my phone is screen on the projector without any issue My Delilah is screen brightness set to 50% I was trying to increase the brightness using Android menu But in order to increase the projection brightness go to projector settings set projection and here we can increase or decrease the projection brightness this projector also can project any device is key that has an HDMI out like the extra laptop mobile phone camera etc Now I’m connecting my macbook pro HDMI out with the projector HDMI IN on a 80 inch screen It’s just a piece of cloth. Just I hang over my table Select HDMI in to project from the MacBook. I think a good quality projector escape will improve the picture quality a lot I will buy one then make another video about the projector screen Using this projector you can browse through four generation Oz movie or YouTube whatever you want in a big screen anywhere anytime This is the raw sound quality you get from the projector the sound quality is not loud enough But you can connect a bluetooth a speaker or an external speaker with 3.5. Mm audio out This particular is available on your desktop from simple detected link is in the description below There is two variant of this product on his own GB RAM and 8gb term which is around on $84 and another one is 2gb RAM and 16gb ROM variant which is priced around $200, and if I have any coupon code I will give it in the description below. Hey guys. That’s it for today Hope you’ll like this beautiful like it make sure is mic a big thumbs up on this video And if you have any question any solution, and if you want me to review any product Let me know in the comment section below. I try to do that for you guys and as always thanks for watching the video till the end and also can see address calm for sending in this review in each test being said my Name is Bridget Roy. I’m signing out little tip on my next video until then bye bye

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  1. एडमिन की तारीफ करो उसको वो लाइक करता हे, लेकिन जिस जिशने सवाल पूछा हे, बकचोदने किसीको रिप्लाय नही दिया.. व्यूव का भूखा.

  2. اريد واحد من هاذا ممكن اعرف وين يباع هاذا الجهاز

  3. Great idea however when will.the bulb go and how much does it cost for maintenance? 16 gig is not much

  4. Hi it shon Hamou I got a question can you hook up a DVD player to it and can take we’re you what too and be easy to hook it up again

  5. इसकी कीमत कितनी है और कहाँ पर मिलेगा। इंदौर में

  6. Puxa que legal não entendi nada o que o cara falou mas disse tudo! Vou comprar só pela explicação já valeu apena.

  7. This isnt an 4k or even Full HD Projector its just a normal HD 720p projector maybe even an 800x600p. So no Native 4k or even native Full HD.

  8. Not 4k, I have a pico projecter bought years ago something i liked used once now's collecting dust ,this is 800×600 at best.

  9. This device is not worth over $300, battery life doesn’t last 3 hours as they advertising, I played video for 90 minutes and need charge again. Remote control or touch screen didn’t work when play YouTube. Sound quality is poor too, AirPlay or Screen Share disconnect every few minutes. Also the power plug is not even for this country, you will need a wall plug adapter. Not reply my return request email, worst online shopping experience ever.

  10. कहिए फोन जो दिखा रहे आप स्क्रीन वाला दीवाल पर देखने वाला इसकी कीमत मेरा फोन नंबर है 80 8551 28299

  11. This is NOT a 4k projector. It is a "Native Resolution: 854 x 480 " projector that can accept up to 4k videos But it will down scale it to 854 x 480.the native resolution is the actual pixel count. Do not be fooled by the title. Sure this product can be useful and has its applications. But don't buy it thinking you are getting a 4k projector.

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