Amazon Echo Show 5 Review

Amazon Echo Show 5 Review

– Is it a little weird to be so excited about a bedside clock? ‘Cause I’m a little excited
about this bedside clock, the Amazon Echo Show 5. All right, yeah, it’s a little weird. Not the clock, me. I’m a little weird for being
so excited, I think, anyway. There are a lot of things
out there now, right? You’ve got the Lenovo Smart Clock. We’ve got the Google Nest Hub. We’ve talked about both of those. We’ve even got the old Amazon Echo Spot. I did a video on that a long time ago. But I tell you what. I’m gonna totally throw that
out of the conversation here for a couple reason. One, as cute as it is, it’s
got a tiny little round screen that’s just bad for video, really bad. The other thing is, it costs $129 still, and that’s just way more
than everything else we’re gonna talk about here today. So, here we go. This is the Amazon Echo Show 5. Let’s go do it. (upbeat music) All right, this is it, the Echo Show 5. Now it’s $89 when it’s not on sale and as the name implies,
it’s got a five inch screen. All right, it’s actually 5.5 inches with a 960 by 480 resolution, nerds. It’s also got a one
megapixel camera on the front with a physical shutter for privacy. And I’ve said it before,
and I’m gonna say it again. If you’re gonna put a camera
on a device like this, this is the way to do it,
with a physical shutter so you can make sure nobody can see you. Now you’ll set it up
with your WiFi password and your Amazon login. It’s pretty standard stuff. And after that, it’s a
standard Echo Show experience. It’s really familiar. And I’m glad to see that Amazon has taken care of some of the gripes
that I’ve had over the years. You can get rid of the tips and take better control
over what’s on the screen. But I tell ya, this much is clear, whereas say the Lenovo
Smart Clock is a clock first and kind of everything else second, the Echo Show 5 really
doesn’t fall too far on either side of that scale. It’s very much just a
smaller Amazon Echo Show. It’s still super easy to do all
that clock stuff, of course. And the home control buttons
are front and center. It’s all pretty intuitive
and very easy to use. And Amazon has done a
really good job here. And because it’s an Echo, it’s got all the Alexa stuff on board too. Voice, video, all the
skills, all the controls, smart home stuff, games,
Amazon Prime Video. You can do all the Amazon
Alexa calling stuff including drop-ins which
I was never a fan of and I don’t do it now. It’s not something that I’m gonna use, but it’s there if you do want to try it. Now the one thing it’s
missing right now is, of course, YouTube. It’s got Amazon Prime Video and
Amazon Prime Video is great, but I’m not gonna like sit
back and watch Mrs. Maisel on this little five inch screen. I’m just not gonna do, especially if it’s right next to my bed. Doesn’t make sense. YouTube, kinda casual watching, all right, that makes a little more sense, I guess. But Google says YouTube is coming back. The problem is it’s just
not here yet so, we wait. So what’s to like here on the Echo Show 5? Well I tell ya, the
screen is fine, all right, at five and a half inches,
whatever, it’s decent. But where I’ve really been
impressed has been the speaker. Now it’s only got a single four
watt speaker in this thing, but it has a surprising amount of bass. I mean, I played music and it’s like, wait a minute, no. This is not supposed to sound this good. ♪ I got the horses in the back ♪ ♪ Horse tack is attached ♪ ♪ Hat is matte black ♪ ♪ Got the boots that’s black to match ♪ So how’s it stack up? Absolutely is better than
the Lenovo Smart Clock, hands down, no contest. Now I figured it would be a little closer with the Google Next Hub. I mean, they’re more similar in size. In fact the Next Hub is bigger. So it should sound about as good, right? ♪ I got the horses in the back ♪ ♪ Horse tack is attached ♪ ♪ Hat is matte black ♪ ♪ Got the boots that’s black to match ♪ Oh, the Echo Show 5
absolutely wins this as well. I don’t want to say it’s no contest, because, you know,
they’re both small devices and it’s not like having
Sonos in your room. Either one of them will
play music just fine, but the Echo Show 5
absolutely sounds better than the Google Nest Hub. I keep mentioning in the price
here, and for good reason, because when the Echo
Show 5 was announced, it was immediately clear Amazon was going right at everybody, right? In fact Google has had to lower the price of the Nest Hub from like
$130 all the way down to $79, and we’ve even seen it on
sale for even less than that. And that’s made things really interesting so let’s break down the prices again. The Echo Show 5 is $89
when it’s not on sale. The Next Hub has been discounted to $79 which is also a really good
price for a really good product. That’s also the same price
as the Lenovo Smart Clock, which I feel like I should mention just ’cause it’s kinda in the
same product category. But it’s got a smaller screen, it’s just not as good, so just no. No, it’s gonna be between the Nest Hub and the Amazon Echo Show 5. And guess what. It’s the same old story. I’ve said it before,
I’m gonna say it again. It really comes down to
what ecosystem you’re in. If you’re all in on Amazon
and you’re all in on Alexa, or if you just don’t care or you wanna avoid Google or whatever, this is gonna be the little
smart clock you want to get. Now if you’re all in on Google Assistant, the Google Nest Hub makes perfect sense. I love it, I use it everyday. So pick your poison. They’re both really good and I’ve been super impressed
with this Amazon Echo Show 5. Oh and by the way, it’s got a little stand
that you can put it on, so you can change the position of it. That’s kinda neat. It’s got the same rubber
foot that’s on the bottom of the Echo Show 5 so it
won’t go sliding anywhere. $19, totally optional. Pick it up if you want. Cool little accessory. So that’s it for the Amazon Echo Show 5. On one hand, it’s all new. On the other hand, it’s a
smaller Echo Show experience a lot like we’ve had
for a couple years now. And you really can’t beat the price of $89 unless Amazon puts it
on sale for even less. Or there’s the Google Nest Hub. Anyway, you get the idea. It’s not all that expensive
for a really good device. So if you’ve got anymore
question on the Echo Show 5, fire away down on the comments. Come find me on the socials. Drop me an e-mail, [email protected] That’s it, see you next time. (gentle music)

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  1. I have uses for both systems as I going out the get the SHOW 5 now as I do have the Google Nest Hub is great next to my computer screen so I can check up on the newest tech video's on YouTube and Alex I prefer as my bed alarm clock as I have 2 Spots as they have way more choices in clock styles as I wear glasses so it's hard to make out what time it is when you wake up in the middle of the night without my glasses on.. I hopping Google Nest hub will add more clock faces in the future. Sound is OK on both of them but I prefer other speakers as I even have a 10 in sub in my bedroom.

  2. Good to go man and a tip! Thanks and good video. Did you know if hold down the (+) volume while pressing (thumb press) in the middle of the screen you can enable the FR (Facial Recognition) function available in 2020. It's in beta and pretty cool. You will enter developer mode. It uses the front camera and does facial mapping. Once you do that (enter developer mode) it will guide you through the setup. I am letting you know this because your review is the best.

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