Ambition the film

Ambition the film

Enough. Walk with me. Perhaps we should find you something a little less challenging. I don’t understand, I planned everything. Let me do it again. Once upon a time…
Really? This is a good one, I promise. What is the key to life on Earth? Water. Water. For a long time the origins of water and indeed life on our home planet remained an absolute mystery. So we began searching for answers beyond Earth. Where could all this water have come from? In time we turned to comets. One trillion celestial balls of ice, dust, complex molecules, left over from the birth of our Solar System. Once thought of as messengers of doom and destruction and yet so enchanting. And we were to catch one. A staggeringly ambitious plan. Are you talking about the Rosetta mission? Throw me the probe. We harnessed whole planets and their gravity to chase down the comet So many things could’ve gone wrong A failure at launch, an error in the calculations, collisions, so many unknowns. With the technology we had back then, we may as well have been shooting from a slingshot. And tell me, what was it all for? Knowledge. Yes, but we also wanted to show what was possible. I know all this from the archives. There were bigger missions after. Yes, it was the first one to catch a comet. Ambition. Stubbornness. Nothing has changed. We fall, we pick ourselves up again, and we adapt. I was watching you earlier, you actually did everything right. I destroyed your rock. I needed to see how you would react. You’re ready. Reset. Nicely done. Let’s begin. *whispers* Water.

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  1. Koncepcyjnie film poniosl porazke. Zamiast promowania nauki dostalismy skojarzeniowke z dzedajami. Konia z rzedem temu, kto tam na poczatku widzi nanoboty zamiast ewolucyjnego czlowieka-kosmite z przyszlosci. A to pustkowie, jalowosc? To zniszczona Ziemia? Tworzenie obiektow o takiej masie mialoby wplyw na otoczenie, grawitacje… Troche szkoda, bo pomysl mieli fajny, wykonanie ladne, ale calosc dosc absurdalna i nie robiaca takiego wrazenia jak powinna, bo wspolczesne kino juz nas przywyczailo do pieknych hologramowych symulacji na ekranie i cyfrowego kosmosu oraz planet. Na tym tle ten uklad sloneczny wypada dosc bladziudko. Nigdzie nie ma slowa o zaangazowaniu Little fingera, ktory po GOT pewnie w piorka porosl. Ale stylizacje ma koszamrna, ta fryzura na cukier i szmaty szydelkowane z serwetki. Czemu zawsze musza tak udziwniac i smietnikowac styl przyszlosci?
    Jestem zainteresowana newsem, tym wydarzeniem, chociaz malym w skali czasu i osiagniec – to wciaz zabawy mrowek, a nie prawdziwe odkrycia i odpowiedzi na cokolwiek, ale jednak wolalabym to nie udziwnionej przekazowo formie z wykorzystaniem dobrych animacji.

  2. and now we know this comet 67p does not have the right Isotopes of H2 to have made a contribution to the earth's oceans(in full) so we look some more?

  3. This would be so awesome as a TV-series! I know it's crazy expensive to just make this short film, but just imagine a Game of Thrones in space with this quality of production? It would be the best TV show ever!

  4. This could be humans in 200 years, if we don't blow ourselves up, cook ourselves alive, get wiped out by a pandemic or otherwise destroy civilization in the next 100.

  5. Panie Tomku!!!
    Ale ODLOT!!! Dziéki Tobie i każdemu zaangażowanemu w ten projekt. Za tà piéknà przygodé po trzykroć wam DZIÉKI!!!
    Ciekaw jestem jakby wyglàdały komiksy Ericha von Dänikena, Bogowie z Kosmosu lub Thorgal, w Pańskim wydaniu 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Pan mògłby temu podołać!!!

  6. I see why he says "stuberness … we fall we picked ourselves and we adapted" In case the mission was a failure. I like the humbleness of the movie. 🙂

  7. I would like to contribute to this video by adding an Arabic translation
    could you please help me so to make it viral in the Arab world as well
    because it is great movie

  8. Actually is such a motivational video, you will always fail over and over again but only you decide if continue fighting, standing up, or live crawling on the ground. Ambition makes us stronger and there is absolutely nothing we cant reach if we just have the strength and the guts to carry on with it.

  9. Looking back in time into this vid – Baginski actually managed to represnt Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet surface with exquisite accuracy!

  10. 0:56 "Perhaps we should find you something little…" …Finger
    2:19 "A STAGgerigly ambitious plan"
    3:08 "Knowledge" …is power

  11. Bagiński and Aidan Gillen? How on earth haven't I seen this before? Fantastic, I'm also happy to see that baneposting is still alive and kicking, the meme rises!

  12. This should have been titled 'Rosetta Official Trailer', then it would have gotten so much more views than this.

  13. Nice, but when we stopped looking at the stars? Where is OUR ambitions? New cellphone, two-hundred-inch TV, comforts for the body and lack of loads for the mind… Where is our curiosity, fascination, hunger for knowledge, OUR, not only these "crazy, wearisome geeks" from labs with monkeys, flashing lights and other weird stuff 🙂

  14. 69P is still a very unusual "comet". The plans to reach it were for reasons beyond normal or basic scientific reason. This was the first time, a celestial object got our attention, because of how unique and unusual it really was. Not only was labeled a mission, to collect samples and possibly prove that we could control these objects and steer them into other planets. Since we bringing a large amount of water directly to the surface of another planet. That was a great explanation, however things were left out… This "comet" seemed to change shape. If you look back on models and actual photography. The model and photographs have an immense problem of lining up. Also this "comet" had very anomalous radio activity. Some astrophysicists and Observers noticed a hum or unusual radio frequency that seemed to come from 67p.

  15. if only we could work together to go forward in the work that should be years ahead of where we are now, squabbling like spoiled children over that one toy, that toy is where we live, I hope I live long enough to see such journeys come to life, the Universe is vast and fiercely mysterious, but she waits for us to calm out aggression towards each other, then she will open her arms, and let us embrace the knowledge we have so long awaited for

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