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Our extraordinary democracy, which continues to make
us the envy of the world. Iowa caucus chaos. Precinct chairs reported
glitches with an app. “I gave up on the app,” someone writes. “I’m not using the app.” Ours is the greatest
democracy in the world. Precinct caucus chairs
were making mistakes by not properly understanding the rules. So they’re just starting
to tweet out the results. This is starting to look like a debacle. The phone backup system
that they had in place, according to one source, is a disaster. The world’s greatest democracy. It’s a coin toss deciding
an apparent delegate. Around the world they’re
probably saying to themselves, “What’s going on?” Democracy works, America. Chaos, confusion, meltdown. Uncertainty and embarrassment. So awkward, so embarrassing. This is an unmitigated disaster. Dumpster fire.

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  1. American voters who voted in, and continue to entertain this hell they call "leadership" together with Fox News & Co. deserve a indefinite 'quarantine' by North Korea and friends where their worldview and tactics would fit perfectly. U.S. has never been more messed up.

  2. Pete Buttiggieg has his hands in on the company that created the app they are using to count ballots. I bet he comes out ahead in Nevada too, where they will also be using the app. Rigged? Oh god yes. Anyone care? Nope. 4 more years of Trump instead of someone decent like Yang? It's the only way Americans know.

  3. Since when is the United States of America a democracy? It has been a republic from day 1!
    Don't know the difference? Then you are a true American!

  4. America's democratic system is seriously behind the time. You think the world envoys your democracy but the reality is different.

  5. Welcome to Democracy! Democracy? The United States likes to accuse other countries of rigging elections. But ever since the U.S. Supreme Court Reverses Recount Ruling in Florida…I think it’s best that the U.S. shuts up forever!

  6. Putin boasted that he would topple our democracy. And with the help of his orange ass-puppet, it appears he is correct.

  7. America technically is something called an incomplete democracy , which per Definition is not actually a democracy.

  8. US is NOT a democracy, it's a republic. "American democracy" is a manufactured fiction for internal brainwashing n external regime changes.

  9. I'm so fucking upset right now I just was watching the vote live Mitch McConnell is my representative and I think I'm going to throw up

  10. The American democracy… a train wreck happening in slow motion. Horrible to look at but you can't quite keep your eyes from looking either.

  11. USA = Country
    America = A continent with 37 countries

    I know you're from Africa Noah, but please, at least, check a map

  12. I mean, it's possible that someone becomes president, while the majority of the voters voted for a different person… Why do you even vote then?

  13. So why you think you have Trump as president. Even the ones who voted republicans know they are trying to fuck Bernie. How they will vote fore Pete, if they know he won by rigging the game.
    Now say is the Bernie bros… mates you guys didnt give all results, america went for Bolivia for the same reason. Now you allow the DNC to do this. How ridicules is your fail to freedom and democracy. How you guys will stop the endless wars if you guys cant controll a simple election, where the people want to chose their candidate and the system is trying to cheat that. HOW GOD, HOW?!

  14. "our extraordinary democracy, which continues to make us the envy of the world"…..
    *laughs in european*

    I hope none of you believe that bullcrap, your whole political system is screwed up, we laugh at you!

  15. Yep, undeservedly patting their own nation on the back is as USamerican as american football. I would say 'as apple pie' but, considering that apple pie did is nit something distinct for the US, I chose something more accurate.

  16. And now Perez is asking them to have a recount and they're about to screw it for Bernie. #MSDNC, #CorporateGreed, #GoBernie

  17. As someone from a third world country I look at the US and think: may be it is for the best that we DON'T have a democracy.
    We should learn from the US and think of better solutions for choosing our leaders and running our country

  18. “Bonkers”, is the word!!

    Here’s the thing though, if you think you’re the ‘greatest’ at everything, ‘the best in the world’, it leaves no room for improvement.

    Then you’re left in a situation where looking to the devastating effects of the coronavirus on the Chinese economy as a spur to yours. You are using bullying tactics to undermine the technological advances of another because you’ve been caught napping.

    But you do what you do 🇺🇸.

  19. When whites were found not guilty by an alt-white jury during Jim Crow…thus making the Senate a (word that rhymes with bright and ends in trash)

  20. 14 mistakes made in favor of Pete and hindering bernie humm. Pete cancels entry poll and funds the app that fucks up the results…. Tom Perez calls for recall after already recounting the votes for 2 days…… better not let sanders win Perez or u are out of a job.

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