AMERICAN Visits $5 VIP Movie Theater in Mexico ! 😱🇲🇽

AMERICAN Visits $5 VIP Movie Theater in Mexico ! 😱🇲🇽

What is going on members of the Barrio? It’s Jon and tonight I have a date with Adriana. I’ve been hearing all about these VIP Movie theaters In Mexico that cost a little bit over 5 dollars For admission And you get this crazy cool experience With the leather couches I’ve seen photos, I’ve actually never gone Until tonight And Adriana and I are about to go Let’s see what she has to say about this Have you gone to these theaters before? No it’s my first time I heard about it to But it’s my first time And i’m ready for the couches and the popcorn And what movie are we going to be seeing? Thor And that was totally your choice not mine I love Marvel The next step is we have to call an uber Uber is such a cheap option in Mexico We are going to be going about 20 minutes away For approximately four dollars A very cheap night is about to begin And the uber is here So let’s get in We have arrived at this mall Which has the movie theater Interesting story from the Uber ride The driver actually asked me to go to the front seat Because he said the police would hassle him otherwise Have you ever heard of that? No.. not about the police About taxis or something Like that. but never the police Yeah apparently there is some sort of a grey area With Ubers in this town Anyways we’re at the mall It looks like a pretty upscale place They even have a Fuddruckers here I never thought I would see a Fuddruckers in Mexico Let’s get inside this theater I don’t know if they’re going to care about me having the camera I’m just going to say I’m Jon the gringo.. Good idea? Great idea. There’s actually two types of movies you can get here You can get the VIP which we did Or the regular ones Can you see the difference Have you ever been in a movie theater like this? You know what seats we are? D5/D6 This is pretty sweet I’m not going to lie This is exactly what I thought it would be Your table Thank you And to top it off We’ve got sushi on the menu You can even order martinis while you watch a movie What are you going to order? I don’t know i’m overwhelmed I think i’m going to order some sushi for sure Just for the novelty to say I ordered sushi during a movie in Mexico Okay This is the button you press When you want the waiter to come Right there The waiter was telling me that you can order Food even during the movie And you can even tell them to break it up If you just want to have your beer come first And your sushi come 30 minutes later They do it however you want Hey guys they started the previews So I have to stop filming We’re going to catch up as soon as the movie is over Alright the movie has let out It is after midnight And a couple of final thoughts One the customer service could have been a little bit better They forgot one of our orders I think Adriana didn’t get her popcorn for a while I don’t know what did you think? Yeah it took a while And also it was a little bit distracting. I was distracted by the people asking for food And the waitress coming and going I don’t know, i’m not sure What about the movie? I’m not a huge science fiction fan Thor I thought was okay I’ve never seen the other movies in the series I think it’s important to watch it so you can catch some of the jokes Of the movie But it was good I would do this again It wasn’t to expensive At least by U.S standards $11 dollars for sushi and beer Was a pretty good deal I thought Yeah definitley, if you have been in New York You know how expensive it can be Alright guys hope you enjoyed this little fun vlog We’ve got a lot more coming out from the Yucatan The mall is closing you can hear all these crazy sounds Around us Make sure you’re subscribed if you are new here Thank you so much for watching Until next time

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  2. American? Funny because ALL Mexicans are American. In Mexico they say "Estadounidense" not american. .

  3. que lastima que tengamos un presidente y gobierno títere que no le impone visas a los gringos por que nosotros para entrar nos cuesta uno y la mitad del otro ojalá y gane AMLO para que mínimo pida la devolución de los estados del norte robados a la malagueña

  4. Da la impresion que se burla de lo que un uber cobra en Mexico. En Mexico todo es libre flotacion excepto el taxi a los pobres taxistas el gobierno los tiene agarrados de los huevos, por la fuerza.

  5. I honestly do not like Cinépolis VIP because I hate being distracted by the waiters during the movie. Also, VIP movie theaters are always overcrowded (or at least they are in my hometown-Aguascalientes, a medium-sized city in central Mexico), and service is not as good as it used to be a couple of year ago. Regular movie theaters are just fine to me.

  6. Well almost everything in Mexico it's cheap because our minimun wage it's really low, but still the VIP or Platino movie teathers really are worth the price

  7. And everyone commenting that in Mexico everything is so cheap…

    When you pay with dollars of course it is… Just think about that in México the average salary for day it's about $5dls…

    So only few people can afford that kind of things.

  8. Yeah mexico is cheap ehen your earnings are un US dollars, for mexicans who actually work and earn in mexican pesos it is pretty expensive

  9. Hey SO quick question. I am confused about your tittle. "American visits $5 VIP theater in Mexico" where America? South American? Central American? or North American?
    or you mean "U.S guy Visits $5 vip Movie Theater in Mexico!"

  10. I make three times less money in Mexico but the fun is three times greater: can still drink a shot of tequila while driving (responsibly), IRS, cops, and medical insurances: fck´em all together, I don´t lose my sleep over them life sucking institutions.

  11. So your telling me they dont have this theaters/cinemas at the fucken United States of America?????? No wonder trump hates us lol

  12. Yeah, living in Europe or US and visiting any place in the world with a lower currency, will OBVIOUSLY be cheap for you.
    For us mexicans feels like the regular price.

  13. Omg I always take for granted these movie theatres. Just realized by reading the comments that they are not very common

  14. These have been around for over 15 years, and at least in Merida $5 doesn's sound bad at all, in Mexico City they are a bit more expensive. And sure, the food is certainly better but also more expensive. Tickets plus food can lead to a $50 USD experience for 2 people, but it is a great experience indeed, the proper way to go to the movies, I'm surprised the concept hasn't catched on worldwide.

  15. Fuck just 5 dollars haha, Américan should think everything is cheap as hell in here hahah, but that 5 dollars, would be like 18 dollars for you

  16. Wow, no shit, uber is cheap if paying with dollars, lmao, no shit.
    Btw, the uber driver bullshitted you with the seat, lmao.

  17. It kind of reminds me of Studio Movie Grill, and yes sometimes you do get distracted by other people ordering food and all lol. But overall, this place looks very nice in my opinion.

  18. Ain't that some shit? There's more VIP movie theaters down in Mexico than here in the USA even though 90% of the total population struggles everyday to put food on their table. Freaking Mexicans lol

  19. I'm from mexico and i am american also , because america is not a countrie is a CONTINENT , so i think you should change the name of you video , AMERICA is CANADA , MEXICO AND UNITED STATES OK THANKS .

  20. When the Gringos come here to Mexico they can give themselves those luxuries with the power cash of us-dollar against the peso-mx … Those luxuries come out cheaper in the backyard.

  21. como me caga que los gringos se vengan a dar la vida de lujo a México,mientras que para muchos mexicanos es imposible ir ay. Y todo por que el puto dolar es una mamada.

  22. The title says american visits mexican thetaer….México is located in América!!!! Not África or Asia learn geography mexicans are american!

  23. America is a continent not a country, therefore from the southernmost tip in Argentina to the northernmost Alaska can call themselves Americans. Please people, study your geography.

  24. Noticed it was Merida before reading the description. And to answer yes, Merida has issues with uber since the first month, the Taxistas are idiots that think Uber is illegal or something, they literally have almost beaten to dead uber drivers. Best thing is the police is on their side and help them make the Uber drivers life miserable.

  25. Here in Conepolis Las Misiones from Ciudad Juarez you can order from menu just until movie starts… Once movie starts ordering stops.

  26. Although seat in the front, when you take a taxi in Mexico is very normal, In some areas UBER has problems with Mexican taxi unions, like airports, propably thats why the Uber driver asked him to seat in the front to look like a normal car, anyway most of the time its very safe to take an UBER.

  27. been to a couple cinemas in Mexico but haven't to any VIP yet. But they are nice to go to. in the malls there is a restaurant called comicx. it is a super hero based restaurant mainly hamburger s and American style food a bit pricy then normal Mexican restaurant but way cheaper than here in the states.

  28. Movie theaters, buses and malls better in Mexico than U.S. something good is happening in Mexico. Modernization is taking place at a very fast pace. U.S. unaware of that except hearing negative news about Mexico and most people in U.S. getting the idea of a very poor and forgotten country. I feel sorry for the gringos missing all the good parts of its neighbor in the south.

  29. American???? De que país de América???? Algo de información, el continente Americano cuenta con 35 pises.

  30. Segundo 0:30 sentí como si fuera empezando una película porno con la entevista y "firts time " 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Uber’s tell you to go in the front because in some Mexican states Uber’s have to pay a large amount to the state government so they act like they aren’t a uber

  32. Ubers in Mexico are kind of illegal public transportation services and the taxi cab drivers have beef with uber drivers… savage beef to the point that many uber drivers have been killed and or badly hurt by taxi drivers lol crazy but true

  33. HI I lived in Mex city for a bit wanted to let you know why you were asked to move up front – what the guy didnt tell you is that the uber drivers are actually getting beat up !  yep! They(taxi drivers) dont want them at all are furious that the government did not ban uber. so they do their best not to be identified as an uber. lol crazy! The taxiistas also follow them(uber drivers) and vandalize the cars also. Just wanted to fill you in. BTw – I just binge watched about 13 of your vids. fun. loved the Jackson Heights food one cause thats where I live 🙂

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