Americans Are Scared of the Wrong Things – The Jim Jefferies Show

Americans Are Scared of the Wrong Things – The Jim Jefferies Show

See something, say something. It’s the 21st century’s
golden rule. Because we’re told danger lurks
around every corner. But in general, doesn’t fear
at least help to keep us safe? Barry Glassner is a sociologist
who wrote a book called “The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid
of the Wrong Things”… and hosts a podcast
called “Fear Not.” So after patting him down
thoroughly for weapons, I asked him… What’s wrong with
being afraid of things? It’s not good for your health.
It’s not good for the world. It’s not good
for your country. It’s bad in every
possible way almost. Give me a list of a few things
that we’re afraid of that we shouldn’t
be afraid of. Terrorism in the U.S. But what do you mean? We saw it happen.
9/11. We saw it. You’re much more likely
to get killed or hurt in all kinds
of other ways. You should be more afraid
of your slippery bathtub… rickety furniture
in your house. [ Laughter ] They’re much more likely
to kill you. So, is the furniture
being put together by Muslim
fundamentalists? [ Laughs ] The [bleep] Swedes have
been trying to get us. It’s IKEA, isn’t it? It turns out Barry’s right. There’s loads of things the U.S. should fear more
than terrorism. Lawn mowers mow down
way more Americans each year than Islam. Driving, icicles, getting struck by lightning,
sharks, choking, the flu. But if logic tells us
we should be less worried about ISIS and shoe bombers, why do we hear
so much about them? I mean, the reason is because
there are all sorts of people making a lot of careers
off of this — cable TV news,
social media. And the crazy think
about this is, this is about
the safest time and the safest place in the
world in the U.S. right now. What else should we
not be afraid of? We should not be afraid
of almost anything that Donald Trump
tells us to be afraid of. But do you think he believes
any of the things that he says? I know one thing
he certainly believes — it’ll get him votes. Donald Trump’s formula
is this, right? Gets you afraid
of something… American carnage.
They’re rapists. …and say that
he can fix it… This is so easy.
We’re going to fix it. …and oftentimes that
only he can fix it. I alone can fix it. That’s a great thing to do
when crime rates are going down. -Right.
-Because guess what. You can say you fixed it. Now, sure, it’s easy
to call Trump out, but he didn’t invent all this. And it’s a vicious cycle with each side
feeding off each other. What’s a more Democratic
sort of fear-mongering thing? They try to get you
to write checks by sending you these scary
pictures of Donald Trump. That’s fear-mongering.
Yeah, I feel like the left fear-monger
a lot more with the foods. They get Whole Foods on you. There’s tons of fear-mongering
about food from the left and from
liberals, absolutely. Some trans fats
comin’ to get ya. So politicians do it for power, the media does it for ratings, and then there are the people
doing it purely for money. The security industry,
which is huge, is constantly coming up
with new products. Now you can monitor
your home, watch your kids from
every angle on your watch. What that does is
make you more fearful. Yeah, and then when
they get to 18, you don’t want to see
your daughter being fingered on the couch or anything. Or maybe you do.
[ Chuckles ] We don’t know each other
that well. Um… And fingering may not
even be the worst of it. In fact, when this fear thing
really takes hold, It can have some
pretty dire consequences. -Can you die from fear?
-Oh, yeah. Vaccine scare is
a great example. People stop vaccinating kids,
and people die, yeah. You’re so obsessed with the
thing you’re fearful about that you’re not paying attention
where you should be. What’s the easy fix?
What do we do? I mean, you have to learn
who’s selling you the fears. Why are they doing it?
What are they getting out of it? Then once you recognize those,
you can tune it out. Right now at the start
of the presidential election, there’s probably
nothing more important than learning to be skeptical
of anyone who stands to gain from making us all
scared shitless. But since Barry here
is the expert, I need him to rule on
a few things once and for all. Okay, I’m gonna
rattle off some things. You tell me if I should be
fearful of these groups. -Mexicans?
-No. “Mexicans storming
the border” Mexicans.
No. -New Zealanders?
-No. Canadians? -They can be —
-Yeah, they can be scary. Can be — Sneaky little
dopey bunch, aren’t they. Weren’t even thinking about that
when I started my day. -[ Laughs ]
-Thanks, Barry.

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  1. bloody aussies and their flash way of talking, always putting down the humble New Zealanders. taking all our best stuff and that. n stink bro.

  2. I love it. That's why I stay off Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & be on TikTok, no news just fun. 😉👍🏽

    Oh and I don't watch the news, I watch comedy shows for what's going on in the world. 😉👍🏽

  3. It's a statistical fact that Americans are far more likely to be killed by an American right-wing nut than by any other demographic, including Islamic terrorists.

  4. Everyone needs a bull shit detector upgrade for 2020. Some people are still using dial up brains. Temporary patches can be found at Jim Jefferies. com.

  5. Hey fuckfaces! "I alone can fix it" is not the same as #NotMeUs . Here is a fact for your elit ass: 30000 people die each year due to lack of healthcare, & 500000 medical bankruptcies each year. Should we not be scared that if we get sick we are fucked? Then again, millionaires like you wouldn't know about that kind of fear, would you?

  6. Another thing I talked someone and he's against LGBT. Why? Why worry what people do, believe in? You might learn something or you mind your own.
    God will spin it on you, LGBT- end up with one in your family, racist, your kid will date the opposite race for spite.
    You really could learn something if you open your mind instead of your mouth.
    I do both mind my own business, can't stand drama and I'm willing to learn other cultures.

  7. I agree. Shit is going to happen. Being afraid will not change anything. Being worried won't change anything.

    And fuck you, little hillbilly inbred morons, being over prepared won't do anything.

    Fuck it. Shit's gonna happen. Live your life. If shit really does go down, and I mean SHIT going down… nuclear war, zombie apocalypse, your prepping is gonna buy you a little time at most.

    Alien invasion? lol were all completely fucked. They could annihilate our planet without even leaving their solar system.

  8. Ever heard the expression

    " Truth is real power, not money ". Well this is a perfect example of real truth and the reason why hatred and ignorance will never triumph against real, hard, inevitable truth.

  9. I fear people who aren't able to distinguish between the commandments in their religion and the constitution.

    I ask them "do you obey the constitution or the bible?"

    To the ones who say both, i inform them the bible and constitution aren't compatible: The constitution is an amoral document expressing freedoms and protections from the gov individuals possess as citizens. The bible says "worship only the bible" whereas the constitution says "worship whatever you want as long as it doesn't interfere with another's freedom"

    To the ones who say "the bible," i tell them to reconsider as the bible contains many immoral commands the constitution did away with (such as slavery or regulation of rape and treatment of women as cattle).

    When they tell me they refuse to recognize the constitution, i call them Confederate scum and demand they go live in Jerusalem 🙂

    I fear they'll try to harm me, but I'll just laugh it off later

  10. Guys, i recommend being careful with trusting Jim Jeffreys and his team for reliable information. Its come to my attention that interviews are chopped up and questions and answers mismatched to distort things to portray the narrative of their episode rather than represent truth

  11. If you want to see unrestrained fear on display, read the comments on any YouTube video that has anything to do with guns.

  12. Media puts focus on topics like terrorism which results in 0.01% of American deaths when a massice 40% die from heart conditions. It's atrocious.

  13. If the population is scared enough, it's much easier to control, and when they are scared, they pretty much let the government do ANYTHING they want to do. 9/11 was a program of Shock and Awe.

  14. Years ago British psychologists already stated that overall more kids were damaged by the fear of their parents that something would happen to them than that really something happened.

  15. Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

  16. Even documentaries of Americans are focusing on how deadly wild animals can be and how quick a snake's venom can kill a man.

  17. Makes me sad he is quiting this show for his own sit com 🙁 very soon. prefer news over sitcoms..

    Oh man, he forgot about our own white nationalist christian terrorists, mass shootings and shit..

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