Americans Don’t Understand English – The Jonathan Ross Show

Americans Don’t Understand English – The Jonathan Ross Show

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  1. Don't forget this was a nation that nearly had German as their official language. They still translate from German to English

  2. Americans don’t say eye glasses, we say glasses, and we don’t say waste paper basket. We say trash or trash can. Dude doesn’t know shit 😂

  3. Americans call it horseback riding to distinguish themselves from horse riding English sexual perverts.

  4. I'll give them this one.. but the english dont understand hmm, What's that word, uh, oh yeah, freedom. It was freedom. 😂. They still haven't figured that one out. Maybe theyll get it one day.

  5. My favourite one is skiing. Normal english speakers say “skiing” American needed full explanation and they have gone with: “mountain slope snow skiing” just so they know it has to be on a mountain, and not water skiing (which is reasonable) but then they had to make sure people where actually on the slopes because too many Americans used to be skiing on the tops of mountains where it wasn’t sloping. And to make sure people weren’t skiing on grass down a hill they had to add in ‘snow’

  6. 😁 I'm English and married to an American and he still doesn't understand a lot of what I'm talking about. When I first said I was taking the piss he thought I was actually taking a piss. Then when our son was 8 I told him to put his jumper on my mom in law was you cant put him in a dress.🤦‍♀️ oh my favorite thing to do was teach my mom in law English words without telling her the true meaning. Rule number 1 out in public shout the word till you get it right. (Wanker) 2 don't tell her the meaning till get home. 3 instead of telling her what it is say goggles it.😂😈. She is my best friend and always takes my side when ny husband and I are fighting even when it's my fault. Oh and after 15yrs of marriage he still can't pronounce my home town or Hampshire. Its HampShireeeee🤦‍♀️ but I still love him.😁

  7. Brits are so butthurt about so many things with americans… It's embarrassing.
    By the way, british accent in general is very unpleasant, as are the brits.
    Fuck you, your "original English" and, of course, your queen.

  8. In Australia we call it a foot path!!! In Australia yes same with everything else! Horse back riding, etc! Aussie Land is more proper English then the fucking yanks! They’re morons!

  9. I think the simplification of English in US might came from the fact that it's a country built by many non native speakers therefore it was easier to communicate/explain to each other stuff this way(?). Just a thought. I'm not an American nor a Historian and not a native speaker myslef:) By the way the joke is hilarious!

  10. Let's not forget ' Fortnight', Americans think its only a game! They prefer 'two week period'. I think they love to hear the sound of their own voices.

  11. He's a COMEDIAN, therefore no offense 😉
    The comments made by him were also made in d " KAZANIAN" household =}
    " Havej akhel" I would hear this all d time…no comedians in that house though 😉

  12. The vocabulary difference is
    American English: More simplified and Germanic (sidewalk)
    British English: Unnecessarily more complicated and less Germanic (pavement)

  13. Actually we call it squash here in the U.S. as well. And for a country that calls the room with the toilet a "loo" you've got a ways to go with your own word "magic".

  14. I dont really know. I live here in america but i don't see anything wrong with words being different here. Dialects and languages form through word variations and stuff like that. Like dutch and afrikaans. Theyre mutually intelligable but have different grammar and uses in some scenarios

  15. Squash & Racquetball aren't the same thing. Pavement is paved and made of asphalt but sidewalk have forms, are poured, and are made of concrete (at least where I live in Canada).

  16. Four years later, we have President Donald Trump, you have Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
    Debate's over, everyone lost.

  17. Pronouncing the word 'buoy' as boo-ee is hilarious. It's pronounced BOY. It's simply an abbreviation of the word 'buoyancy'. And we don't say boo-ee-ancy, now, do we?

  18. Jonathan Ross…so handsome and check this…his adorable kis are Honey Kinney, Betty Kitten, Harvey…what a lucky wife he has

  19. This is part of the reason why I have so little respect or regard for the British: their constant need to ride down Americans at every opportunity. Get over it. The Revolution was over 240 years ago. You lost. Suck it up.

  20. First of all I live in America and there is no such thing as a waste paper basket Second of all it is called I trash can 🗑

  21. And stop talking trash about how Britain can talk in a different way then America and everyone knows that Americans are always right

  22. I'm American and live in the UK now and this is so true but I've never said waste paper basket not sure who was telling him that?? We say Trash Can or just Trash

  23. The harsh truth is that American english is spoken and understood worldwide. British english is just a dialect they can only speak and understand.

  24. Wastepaper basket is an indoor trash can for things such as (you guessed it).. paper. The term wastebasket seems to be more common now as it's less specific

  25. I kinda find it interesting that there always more comments about butthurt americans than actual butthurt americans.

  26. To all of the people in the comments who complaining and or just being assholes please remember Micheal is only joking, don't take this so serious because in reality it doesn't fucking matter. So get over yourselves.

  27. They also completely messed up with quote marks. In American English if you have a quote followed by a comma or full stop (i.e. "woof", said the dog), you put the comma inside the quote marks ("woof," said the dog). What is this lunacy? Is the dog saying "woof comma"? Are quote marks some kind of punctuation black hole, and anything too close to the event horizon gets sucked in? It's horrible, and makes things so much harder to read.

  28. I've lived in the US for almost 14 years (about two-thirds of my life) and couldn't remember what they call a conservatory.
    It's literally sunroom. A room that gets sun is a sunroom. Wow

  29. Reading the comment sections the Americans have taken this really well lol fair play to them! Just British banter

  30. As a Texan that knows how to ride a horse I take a little offense to the horseback riding comment. I just say I'm going riding

  31. Unlike your isolated little island we have cowboys and Indians so we often have to distinguish the style of riding. cowboys ride in the saddle, and Indians ride horses ''bareback'' Hollywood wrongly shorted it to riding horse back. We see with glasses and we drink from glasses, yes we do need to make a distinction sometimes. We also say reading glasses, and for a good reason. Only offices have waste paper baskets because they're only for PAPER not rubbish. They watch our TV a little and they think they know somethingAmerica is like Goliath and every little David piss ant, think he's ten feet tall if he can find fault!

  32. Michael McIntyre is fantastic. the most polite comedian in the world. the horse riding was his most impolite joke he has ever told in his carrier.

  33. I thought racquetball and squash were two slightly different activities? And pavement is not the same as the sidewalk, either. Pavement is the asphalt stuff roads are made of.

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