Americans Remain Divided On Impeachment, Polling Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Americans Remain Divided On Impeachment, Polling Shows | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Half the country cares about democracy and the other half supports corruption, bigotry and a dictatorship. Simple as that. Also, stop paying attention to polls. Polls said Hillary would win. That was wrong. Also, I don't take part in these polls. Most people I talk to don't take part in these polls. They are not accurate.

  2. Americans are too busy with there lives to care about this. And that's a damned shame. But the Repubs
    know this and count on it.

  3. 20,000 at Trump rally last night. That is all you need to know, Dems , it ain't workin. What kind of BS are they feeding you? MSNBC ratings dropped another 12% in September. But they will not report their slow death spiral. If they didn't have Trump to bash daily they would have No ratings. They better hope he wins because no one will be watching.

  4. RepubliKKKlan voters are not moving because Trump and Fox News have them 'kettled' in their un-reality bubble. You should focus on the approval rating for the process. The Senate will not convict, so keep the validity of the report in front all the way to the election.

  5. "All these Republicans complaining about Hunter Biden serving on the board of Burisma, when we have Jared and Ivanka sitting in the West Wing, doing what, exactly?" NYT reader comment, 27. Nov.

  6. How many times are you Americans going to be deceived, don't you know that trump is being backed up by foreign cyber masters, the polls are made up and fixed up by them. Do not pay attention to those but to the undeniable evidence that screams He did it, this president is a TRAITOR

  7. To all those who keep supporting this president regardless of "on your face evidence" including all those republican senators, you all are nothing but a consequence of Ignorance, Disinformation and most importantly you all are a tool for Russian propaganda, you are being used by other than your own as well…..

  8. The Republicans are still drinking the Kool Aid believing Trump could do no wrong, despite overwhelming evidence that Trump is guilty of many of the things that he is being accused of. They are like the followers of Jim Jones, believing that one man could do no wrong despite the corrupt things that he's been doing and willing to drink the poison Kool Aid and die for it.

  9. A new Emerson poll finds … support for impeachment has flipped since October from 48% support with 44% opposing to now 45% opposed and 43% in support.
    The biggest swing is among Independents, who oppose impeachment now 49% to 34%, which is a reversal from October where they supported impeachment 48% to 39%.

  10. Do these polls in purple states, where swing voters make a difference. This country doesn't have any national voting, so national polls aren't very useful. National polls are a form of clickbait, to get viewers to waste time watching the chattering class.

  11. The lady in her red dress, she looks really downtrodden in this video. Guess she knows, what we all know: According to Emerson, impeachment has no majority among black voters. The whole impeachment effort is coming apart.

  12. Hey dopey Joe. A steady trend against the popularity of impeachment is not "remaining divided"; it is called growing tired of.
    I think you are smarter than dopey joe. KAG

  13. As Chief Law Enforcement Officer President Trump can investigate corruption where ever he finds it !!! this Democrat impeachment is nothing but another pathetic attempt to over throw an election before it even held.

  14. DOJ Is Investigating Biden For Conflicts of Interests and Corruption……….

  15. That's a funny take away let's see the pollsl show the people are moving away from impeachment
    And by the way the margin of error applies to both sides so yes the people are moving away from impeachment but nice try PMS NBC

  16. Trump will be re-elected and you demorats know it. DEMORATS have done nothing for the American people in the last 3 years. You are all scum. MAGA 2020

  17. Public opinion polls don't matter. All that matters is whether or not what he did is impeachable? I think they won't be able to anyway. He will be removed by the people November 2020.

  18. Of course he will be impeached. Should he be? There is a PREPONDERANCE of evidence. Yes, he needs to be and should be impeached and removed.

  19. The media needs to quit their narrative giving Republicans in Congress the cover to deny what our Constitution says they SHALL DO. Their Oath of Office requires it. Everybody is so fond of saying the end of (Article 2 Section 4 Para 1). But, the beginning is just as important, if not MORE important. For starters, the title of the paragraph is DISQUALIFICATION!!! Doing Treason, Bribery, High Crimes, and Misdemeanors actually DISQUALIFIES a person from office!!! Republicans cannot say, "Yes, the President has done BRIBERY, but it is not impeachable!" The definition of what constitutes impeachable "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" can be debated. However, Treason or Bribery being impeachable cannot!!! Quid Pro Quo means "This for That" and therefore, it has the same meaning as Bribery.

    Article 2 Section 4 Para 1: "DISQUALIFICATION
    The PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT and ALL CIVIL OFFICERS of the United States, SHALL BE removed from Office on impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, BRIBERY, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors."

    According to this Article, The Constitution doesn't give ANY special Treatment to the President!!! There is no "Executive Privilege" afforded to the President that isn't afforded to the Vice President and all civil Officers. They are to be treated the same.

    In America, you can't be CONVICTED of a "High Crime" without going through a criminal trial according to law. And, (Article 1 Section 3 Para 6) says: "…but the Party convicted [of Impeachment] SHALL NEVERTHELESS be liable and subject to INDICTMENT, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to LAW."

    It says to INDICT NEVERTHELESS!!! It never says we must Impeach anyone FIRST (Congress fires someone). It says they SHALL be subject to INDICTMENT according to law NEVERTHELESS!!!

    The DOJ Rule is not even a Law, it is a lawyer's opinion and it goes against the CONSTITUTION! Indict according to law NEVERTHELESS!!!

  20. Regardless of the polls "What the American People Think" and or politics, criminal activity requires prosecution. Trump has participated in criminal activity his entire adult life.

  21. I suspect some of the opposition come from the fact that the election is so close, and thus it should be decided at the ballot box.

  22. John Cusack calls for a boycott on MSNBC, disparaging and unequal to Bernie Sanders because he's not a establishment Democrat that will keep money in politics and keep medical and college out-of-the-loop which Bernie Sanders wants to make it available for everybody and have everybody have an equal playing field boycott MSNBC they want an established Democrat that will change nothing and make nothing stay the same

  23. In comparison to the population, the amount questioned in this survey was very low.
    Around 1300 ppl in comparison to 300+ millions.

    If we had a survey laid on a 5 digit number it would be way more valid, and probably show somewhat of a different result than this showed..

    This is barely plausable statistics tbh 🤷🏾‍♂️

  24. So basically 50% of Americans are ignorant morons, whatever your stand on Trump is…nothing new to the rest of the world.

  25. All polls require your personal information and no one wants to be single out for voting yes for impeachment for fear of retaliation in some form or another. Which is why it should be determined by the voters at the Ballot box.

  26. The facts are that Donald Trump has been chosen by God to rule America as our king of kings.

    We are his subjects, and it is pure treason to resist or act against his Godly Rule.

    God's intent for America has always been for America to be a homeland for the Superior White Race and Donald Trump is fulfilling that Godly Vision.

    God Bless Donald Trump, and God Blesses America through Donald Trump, for he is Christ Reborn.

    MAGA 2020


  28. Americans have never seemed more strange to the rest of us than you do right now. That babbling oaf shames and humiliates your country before the rest of us on a daily basis – and truly, you’re a fool if you think Anyone out here respects him, or your nation in lockstep with him, as we coldly listen to him babbling like some old soak in a pub somewhere, making a mockery of his High Office – and is at the very centre of a corruption scandal, and Still half your people think he’s great, and that there’s nothing wrong. You truly are lost to us.

  29. President Donald Trump visits an Apple computer manufacturing plant, with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Trump pointed out the benefits of manufacturing in the United States.“When you build in the United States, you don’t have to worry about tariffs,” Trump said. “It sort of helps people make a decision to come in,” Apple announced in September their plans to manufacture the newly redesigned Mac Pro in Texas after initially planning in July to shift the production of their newest high-end computers to China. After President Trump threatened tariffs on the computers made in China, Apple decided to have the computer built in the USA. The Mac Pro will be assembled by Flex — a manufacturing company in Austin, Texas.

  30. it is not about impeachment, it is about treason, bribery, murder, blackmail, mutiny, you name it. Yes, make it a bigger crime! Nails the guy and all his constituencies….

  31. These online polls are pathetic. Stop it. The only damned thing that matters is when this trumptonian administration is removed from Capitol Hill and none of them allowed to ever run for office again.

  32. Nickname for Extortion, Biden’s, Taxpayers money to Corrupt Ukraine, back to Hunter Biden via Burisma.
    Nickname for Quid Pro Quo? Clinton Foundation, the Democrats Washing Machine, Money Laundered Clean for all the Democrats. Cash Cow> Obama’s Cash payment to Iran, Cash Only, no Paper Trail, Obama’s cut 30%?? Or more.
    Obama, Biden, Clinton, the Three Amigos.
    Governor Bill Clinton’s Friend, El Chapo, Drug Running.

  33. It's not that Americans are numb to impeachment news, it's that so many Americans get their news from Fox. All night long Fox spins news reports to make the impeachment look confusing, unfair, and pointless. If Fox went off the air for a week those poll numbers would explode.

  34. Repeating debunked conspiracy theories is kinda the Repugs thing – along w hypocricy, lying, having no shame nor moral center, trading their values for political power & wealthy, and holding Repugs to a far far lower standard than Dems.

  35. It would be interesting to find out what the rest of the world thinks about impeachment. Wonder what the numbers/percentages would be.

  36. Lookup the most reliable poll and look at their numbers. Fake News!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their trying to shame those opposing the impeachment. Like we are children

  37. Polling Republicans about Trump being impeached would be like if you had polled Capone's Mob about Capone being arrested for Tax Evasion…

  38. Started with Hillary getting the debate questions prior to the debate. Continued when Trump asked on live TV for help finding her Deleted Emails and got some, meanwhile Obama's Biden goes to Ukraine. Somehow a Dossier full of made up lies (paid for by DNP) on Trump departs Ukraine and ends up in Comey's hands. Comey takes that verified trash to FISA – gets warrant to Spy on Trump – oh, and by the way Hunter uses the internet to find an energy company in Ukraine, Oh, it's ologard Barisma, and "presto" he's an instant Millionaire. Why? Just shut up – the Obama people checked it out – it's fine – and don't bring that subject up again ….ever.

    The events look fishy because THEY ARE. Stopping Trump or trying to apply some irrelevant to the subject at hand constitution clause as the means to disrupt Trumps Presidential Duties WILL NOT WORK. The Tribe Has Spoken. Gather your Torch – Put it Out – and leave now.

  39. never trusted pols they are fiddled & vague to say the least. Its more like social conditioning using media to influence views.

  40. A view from a foreign country is that Americans are DUMB Lemmings. Removal of Trump ONLY 45% agree!!! It's like the Jay Leno Show – Jaywalking: Who was the President during the Civil War? American Answer: Kennedy. Not surprising how easily manipulated Americans are by the Russians.

  41. The American people are waiting for the take down of the democrat's criminal empire. Ukraine is just the beginning. Obama's whole administration was corrupt. Now Pelosi's son is in hot water for corruption. All roads lead back to obama.

  42. I just watched a special on CNN and it shows how much of a lying pig trump really is it’s called All the Presidents Lies and it’s very eye opening . To all the people out there that don’t know which way to vote come 2020 I’d say this programme would change a lot of minds

  43. GOP is totally rotten now. They won't do the right thing anymore, ever! We shouldn't count on it at all. They've sold their soul, and the values of this country. It's done.

  44. This guy is insulting US and our intelligence!!!! I am really incensed by his rhetoric that "the American public" doesn't have an attention span!!!!!!!! You are a JERK!!! DON'T HAVE THIS A-HOLE ON YOU SHOW ANYMORE!!!!!!!! I am seriously offended!!!!!!!!!

  45. You realize they can put impeachment up for a vote AT ANY TIME? What are they waiting for? Independents are sick of 3-year russiagate hoaxes and investigations and paranoid delusion. Democrats going to get creamed in swing states. This is Trump's dream come true! Please proceed and put impeachment up for a vote! I want to see the Bidens testify!

  46. This is whole impeachment circus is such waste of time. The Democrats will NEVER get the votes required in the Senate and they know it as well. A lot of noise over nothing.

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